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    Product & services pricing Rating 1.94/10 1.94/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 1.31/10 1.31/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 1.38/10 1.38/10
    Customer service: Rating 0.83/10 0.83/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 1.81/10 1.81/10
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Rating 2/10

Watch for extremely high prices at .ca versus amazon.com

"I have seen several items way overpriced on Amazon.ca compared to the .com site. Exchange currently is about 25% and one item is 250% at amazon.ca/ They like to rip Canadians off."

Rating 2/10

Worst customer service in the world

"I lost over $200 CAD because they locked out my account. Their "account specialist" more like their retarded monkey specialist team have no clue on how to solve a problem. It took them over 7 days to reply with a half-assed **** response. I will just call it a day and lose my $200 simply because I have no intentions of losing IQ points talking to amazon.ca's support."

Rating 2/10

Very very angry

"2nd time in less than 2 months did not receive the item ordered. Intercom Courier was used by Amazon. Both times they said item was delivered but I never received it. Both times no doorbell rang. Just get apologies from Amazon and a refund to reorder. The item today I needed for my machine embroidery orders and now I am delayed at least 3 days. Totally frustrating. Amazon was aware of the issue in December but still insist on using this carrier."

Rating 2/10

not good in any WAY!!!!

"HERE I AM, WRITING ABOUT MY FIRST EXPERIENCE WITH amazon.ca. It was truly, that convinced me not to amazon again .

one hour fifteen minutes attempting to buy a case for my IPHONE and at the END!!!!!, was advised AMAZON cant sell the cases to
CANADIANS!!!!! W T F !!!!

Why the HELL are you advertising the case for on a Canadian Site for?????????

Never again!!!!!!!!

Rating 2/10

30 emails back and forth and didn't even come to consencous

"First of all they are racist. I got asked from a rep "why are you native"? Ummm what kind of question is that.
I was a loyal customer but when I asked for the taxes off because of my status I got grief about it... multiple managers and reps. Hang ups... you name it.... they lost a loyal customer. I gave up.

Rating 2/10

My credit card was charged by Amazon.ca without any permission

"Today I checked my credit card statement and found that 5 days ago my credit card was charged by Amazon.ca for the amount of CDN$ 88.48. I've called to the Amazon customer service and they explained me that the payment was made for Amazon Prime membership. For my question "How can you charge my credit card without my permission"??? - The answer I received: "It could happen for many reasons"...After the conversation, they sent me confirmation that Amazon Prime membership has been canceled per my request and promised to make a full refund in 3-5 days. Currently I am waiting for a refund, then I am going to delete my account on Amazon. Interesting fact: my last activity on Amazon was on September 2017, since this date I didn't visit their website even. And found that my credit card was charged on January 25, 2018 just by chance."

Rating 2/10

Guarantee my A**


Bluetooth with NFC Smart Watch Wrap Wrist Watch Mate for Smartphones IOS Android Samsung S3/s4/s5/note 2/note 3/note 4 and Iphone 5/5c/5s/6/6 Plus(sliver)
Sold by: WaZZoS
CDN$ 32.70

A copy of this email was sent to WaZZoS and Amazon.ca on 21 January 2018:

1) The instructions do not say anything about how to setup or use the NFC.
2) The menu's on the watch do not say anything about how to setup or use the NFC
3) There appears to be no online instructions about the NFC.
4) Despite downloading and attempting to use 6 different NFC programs with this watch, it shows no signs of having NFC.
5) The watch icons do not match the ones shown in the picture advertising this watch on Amazon.
6) The strap was defective. After just 3 wearings, one of the pins on the snap disc broke off. It is now obviously not safe to wear as it is being held on with only one remaining pin, which now will have 2x the stress to bear. Combine this with the fact that the snaps are made from some cheap pot metal and are weak to start with, and this watch is ready to fall off. As it cannot even prop itself up as a desk clock, it has no actual use.
So... some questions:
A) How do I check/turn on the NFC function? This function was the only reason I bought this watch.
B) If it actually has a working NFC function, can you send a replacement strap with a normal hoop and steel pin closing mechanism? Unless you have one of those discs made of actual stainless steel, replacing the disc/strap with an identical faulty one would only result in a 2nd failure.
C) If we can not get this watch to work with a functional strap and NFC, can you replace it with one that will work as advertised?

As of today, 29 January there has been no response from WaZZoS.
The response on 29 January from Amazon:

7:35 AM (53 minutes ago)
to me, payments-mail
Greetings from Amazon.ca.

We have closed your claim for order 702-0248655-9493834 because the A-to-z Guarantee does not cover the problem that you reported.

The tracking information listed at the end of this message indicates that the shipment was delivered to your freight forwarder.

Please note that we can only guarantee the delivery of a package to the shipping address on the order. We are not responsible for the delivery if the package has been forwarded to a different address.

We apologize for the inconvenience of this situation, but we will be unable to assist you further with this transaction.

Rahil Adnan
Account Specialist
A-to-z Guarantee Program

My response to Amazon on 29 January:

For your information: Canada Post now owns Purilator. Any shipments going through Canada Post go through many stations owned by Canada Post. Purolator is just one of them now. Denying a claim because a package stopped there briefly on it's way to the final destination is as valid as denying it because a package from Toronto stops at the Richmond BC sorting station en-route to Princeton BC. I'm sure your customers will be pleased with you to know that you routinely deny claims based on this flimsy loophole that you are inflicting on so-far unsuspecting customers. This product was a cheap rip off, not as advertised, not functional as advertised, and the snap connector immediately broke. If you think demons opened the package and reached carefully in to break a metal pin without crushing the packaging or the watch, you need a shrink. Congratulations. You have just **** off an old nerd with lots of spare time. Every day now for the next month I will dedicate 1 hr to find sites to re-post this Amazon rip-off. You have my personal guarantee on that. And unlike your's... Mine will be real.

*This is my first re-post of this. Many more to come on other sites.*

Rating 2/10


"Do not buy anything from Amazon.ca. Besides having prices that are outrageously higher than Amazon.com (for the same item) they do not stand by the products they sell. If you buy something on their site that carries a warranty, you will not be able to enforce that warranty if something goes wrong with the product, even if the product breaks down well within the warranty period. They tell you their website has limitations that prevent them from doing so. I call that fraud. Now you know how Bezos got so rich - by ripping off consumers and not paying taxes like other retailers. The time has come to crack down on these people."

Rating 2/10

Canada Direct by Amazon is a Ripp Off and Thieves

"Bought headsets from the company. The headsets turned out to be of extremely poor quality. I returned them to Canada Direct for refund only a few days after having receIves them and was charged an exorbitant restocking fee of 50% and charged for shipping. This is despicable practice and Amazon needs to ban then from their network of sellers. Terrible customer service. They couldn’t care less about customer service or their reputation. Don’t get screwed over like I did with Canada Direct. Run as fast as you can from them. "

Rating 2/10

Going, gone to helll

"They simply cannot deliver.Giving wrong tracking number, Indians with bears to the floor showing up on my door and not using a buzzer, one Indian demanding I come down to the reception and he said I said so! I got so far $100 of dollars in make up money but I am getting tired of this.
I used to order once per week, now I didn't order in weeks and today again I waited for that 9pm delivery and it didn't happen. Then I went on their chat line where those (indians again) cannot do anything for you. Called the phone line, the woman says 'there are so many ways to skin the cat'. Whoa idiot, I have cats. That idiom is so grotesque and brutal as it originates in conversation if the cat should be skinned alive or not. And he laughed and laughed. Told her to f off. I am not ordering there any time soon. I am grossed out. I asked for that idiot to be fired.

Rating 2/10

Amazon "A-Z Guarantee" worthless - don't purchase major items

"Ordered a wall mounted jewelry box for my wife for Xmas. Ordered in late Oct 2017. Cost $165.00 Received late Oct/early Nov - immediately inspected for shipping damage - none apparent so wrapped it up. Put the cabinet on the wall day after Xmas - obviously defective, door badly warped, once closed, would not open unless pried with screwdriver. Contact seller who said 30 day return policy - no exceptions. Explained it was Xmas gift, didn't become defective sitting under the tree - filed Amazon A-z guarantee and Amazon immediately closed claim saying should have notified them within the sellers 30 day period. They completely ignored the fact this was defective the day it was shipped and only went over the 30 day period because it was an Xmas gift. Seller eventually gave me a 50% refund (at least something) but amazon's absolutely useless. Tried to post review on amazon including comments about their lack of help and they would not include comments about them in the review! Well, they can't censor here!. Buyer beware - Amazon will not help you if you have a problem. "

Rating 2/10

Couch I bought foe my daughter

"I live in Canada and bought a couch through Amazon prime for her for christmas. I thought it would be safe and easy. Well the third party company delivered the couch with forklift damage. Hope right through it. So we have the couch back. I was refunded my money. But the refund didn't include the rate of exchange that I had gotten when I bought the couch. So now I am out $132. Canadian because neither company will refund me the difference which I don't think I should have to eat due to the damage. I will never use this company again! I feel ripped off! To add to that. The furniture company called furnituremaxx said well it would be two more months before we could give you a new couch! Great customer service! Way to help people out. Feeling mad and disappointed!"

Rating 2/10

Bait and Switch - Amazon.ca

I placed an order for 2 Nest Cameras in November - a good deal at nearly $350. No delivery date was set so I figured, I can wait. Jan 2, 2018 comes around and I get a form email from Amazon that the order has been cancelled. Of course I phone customer service (good luck finding the number - its 877-586 3230). I'm told that the order cannot be fulfilled. I'm sorry, but What? I look on the amazon.ca website and find that the cameras are being sold for $488. So I tell customer service I want the cameras - they exist and want them for the price I offered in November. They wont do a damn thing about it.

Next, I escalate it to a customer service leader. Told him the same story. Same results. The story goes is Amazon was selling these cameras, but didn't have any in their "warehouse" (so in fact they were taking orders without actually having any product to sell). Since they had no product (or got rid of the small numbers they did have), they cancel all remaining orders. They claim that the lower price was because Amazon was the seller, but the new price is now the reseller (Nest).

So I claim this is a bait-and-switch tactic. In this case, advertise for one price and switch to a higher price later. Isn't this like going to the grocery store and buying a stick of butter advertises for $1 but when you get to the store say "We no longer have those sticks, but you can buy these for $2 - same brand, same size (same product)."

All I want is to have amazon fulfill my order for the price THEY advertised.

My experience with customer service was poor at best. A "helpful" ear is all I got to hear my rant. No resolution, No action, No help. I wish I could give a zero star.

Rating 2/10

Do not delay, cancel your amazon account today

"Horrible experiences, having multiple deliveries of substandard, offshore junk, at hugely inflated prices.
I will never shop there again and will spread the word to everyone I know.
Cancel your account today and do yourself a favor, stop getting ripped off by these crooks.

No Avatar

Northern Ontario
Rating 2/10

Amazon lets mask and gun bandit thieves sell on their site

"Amazon lets mask and gun bandit thieves sell on their site, such as this thieving outfit: 'Dia Soleado'

I reported these thieves several times over 6 months or more, nothing was ever done about it which tells me that amazon doesn't care if their customers get burned.

Just an example of how INSANE their prices are: A coffee grinder for $524.47 Canadian funds

The same coffee grinder for $139.00, Canadian funds.

$385.47 difference, for a COFFEE GRINDER!!!!!!

Here's another dandy, a $12 lighter that I have bought on sale for $6.99, priced at $70.34 plus $6.59 shipping
Nothing like a 600% markup, huh??

And this is just two examples, there are HUNDREDS.

If they cared they would have done something about this a long time ago, all I ever got for a reply was "We will look into it, but we can't tell you the results"

The results are plain to see, the crooks remain on amazon selling things at mafia style prices, amazon sits back and collects the spoils.
One has to wonder how many more thieving crooks they approve to sell under their name, I bet there are plenty of them and I wish more people would report them here.

I would urge everyone to open the link from the crooked sellers named 'Dia Soleado':
Look at the INSANE pricing and report back here, also if you have an amazon.ca account, cancel it immediately and show them that we won't put up with this thievery.

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