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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 3.13/10
Chance of future purchase: 1.82/10
Shipping & packaging: 1.67/10
Customer service: 1.82/10
Return/Replacement policy: 2.50/10
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horrible customer service

"Called today about a return that had past the 30 days. The fellow on the phone was, useless, didn't bother to even look at my account to see my history. I told him i would like to return something past the 30 days, and was told no right off the hop.
The product in question was sold and fullfilled by Amazon, so it should not have been an issue.
I will order from Costco from now on, never an issue with returns.

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Worse service ever

"I was involved with Amazon as Prime member for 89.18 Canadian dollars without knowing, because I made many orders I was charged anyway. Some orders came on time some order came in time but one came too late. Another huge problem they have a horrible website which leads to big mistakes always against clients. Also I found many products way cheaper other sources and other websites. Amazon quality **** as well. Be careful with Amazon.ca (very evil company). When I spoke with the customer service lady she just hung up the phone at me because I told her that I will tell to people about the horrible service I was through according to her I was treatening her saying that. Amazon rather than assume their mistakes and try to correct them, they punish clients for their horrible customer service support that ****"

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LIes lies and false advertising !

"I ordered diabetic supplies I needed in a hurry ( emergency) and paid one day ship so I could get them today. They promised by 8 pm today ( Thursday Aug 9 2018). No delivery and its midnight. They tell me to wait until tomorrow ( my dog could die by then) . The again I get an email saying wait until Saturday !! Seriously ! I ordered because and only because it stated on amazon one day ship by 8 pm today. My dog is now in danger because of their false advertising ! I could have used my money to go elsewhere but because of their LIES and false advertising my dog is in trouble ! I needed that parcel urgently ! I am disgusted !"

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Amazon is committing FRAUD!!

DO NOT purchase from JP Deals - he will rip you off and A-to-z Guarantee will let him!

This product was sent to me defective. The product was a rug doctor. As per the advertised product, I paid extra to have expedited delivery of this purchase to me between April 17-20, 2018, however it did not arrive. On April 20, 2018 I asked where my product was and received a bogus reply that he had contacted me already which he hadn't. He then advised that my purchase would be late and arrive within a few days (3) and that he would issue me a partial shipping refund. I told him that was not okay that I paid extra to get my order during a specific time and he would refund the entire expedited delivery cost. He did finally agree. Then I did not receive my purchase in a few days as he said I would. Instead my purchase arrived at the end of April 30/May 1 and he shipped it COD and UPS wanted me to pay them $143.09 upon receiving my purchase. I then had to contact the seller again in which he said that he thought it would be billed to his account but we all know when you send something COD, that's exactly what it is and you know what you are doing when you mail it! Again I made him take care of this cost. Finally I received the product. We first go to use it in July and it doesn't work. I contact the seller and he gives me instructions to follow to troubleshoot that doesn't even pertain to the product I purchased. Finally enough is enough, on July 18, 2018 I contacted A-to-z Guarantee and they advised that their team was investigating my claim. Later on July 18, 2018, they advised that the seller has agreed to reimburse me upon return of the item to his address via USPS. Problem is the address is in Canada and we don't have USPS so I shipped it UPS (the same way he originally shipped it to me) and incurred another $155.84 charge to send it back. I sent this information and the tracking information as required by A-to-z Guarantee within the 3 calendar days they requested. A-to-z Guarantee responded to me to say that if I am not reimbursed within 3 calendar days after receipt of the return is confirmed, please reply to this message and they will be happy to take further action on my behalf. July 29, 2018 would have been 3 days as the seller received the returned item on July 27, 2018. Instead I received a denied claim from A-to-z Guarantee because I did not contact the seller to report the issue within 30 days of receipt or return the item within 45 days of receipt. But A-to-z Guarantee had already directed me to return the item to the seller after they said they investigated this claim. So today I have no product, and no one will return my money for the cost of the product and I'm out the shipping cost for a total of $863.70 and I did everything that A-to-z Guarantee directed me to. This is FRAUD! How can they not understand that I am owed my money. They have cut off communication to me and won’t respond to my messages and amazon says they can’t do anything to help me. This is not okay. Amazon has lost my business and I will br commencing legal action to get my money back, they not heard the last of me!

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Big delivery problems on several occasions, amazon customer service not helping nor competent.

"I'm simply closing my account."

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Ordered vitamins. They came in good time, but they were left in our street post box in the extreme heat today. One of the vitamins specifi

"Ordered vitamins. They came in good time, but they were left in our street post box in the extreme heat today. I brought the box to my kitchen table to open and upon opening the box a small bug came crawling out. I tried to catch it, but missed it and then noticed there were two more bugs in the box. Vitamins are sealed, but now I have a unknown bug in my house. Hope it was an ant and not a bed bug. Next time I'll have to open all Amazon boxes outside.

One of the vitamins specifically says to keep out of heat and in a cool place. The heat outside was 34 and it would have been much hotter in the street post box. Items that are sensitive to heat should be labeled on the outside of the box.

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What happened to Amazon?

"What was once a convenient way to shop is no more. Orders not shipped, delivery deadlines missed and customer service that can do nothing but apologise without fixing the problem or even telling you what the issue is. They even have the audacity to charge in excess of $80.00 for the Prime membership with no intention of delivering on their service levels. My account has been cancelled and my advice is to steer clear of Amazon.ca"

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Bogus Delivery Dates

"When a guaranteed delivery date is promised you have to adher to it. If it is going to take a month rather than next day put that on the screen. I will start returning anything late.
Also, when you send the wrong / damaged item, even on time, fix the issue, whatever it costs you.

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Lied to many times

"I contacted a seller about my order and they refused to answer my emails (3) properly. All they did was respond with the expected Delivery Date. I contacted Amazon.ca on June 13,2018 and they stated that a refund would be given. I have a transcript of the whole chat. I received no email confirmation that the a to z claim had been filed. I waited a week, contacted Amazon.ca again on June 20,2018 and again was given the same story as the week prior. Now they added that the system was down and the claim could not be processed the week prior, even though I was assured that it would be. Today June 22,2018 I contact Amazon again and was told the claim hadn't been filed until 2 days ago (June20,2018). The only reason being is that I MYSELF filed a claim. So really, their customer service people didn't do a damn thing about my issue! They keep saying "sorry" but that just doesn't cut it anymore. Once my refund is issued, I WILL be deleting my account and NEVER shopping on Amazon again. Very poor service and those who are suppose to do a job to deal with this type of issue, do not! I am royally PO!! "

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Everything I Need

"Myself and my wife are loving our Prime membership. We pretty much get everything other then groceries from Amazon. Haven't had any issues with shipping."

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Stand up for their customer

"I ordered something from Amazon.ca and it did not come by the date it said it would. I knew it could take a bit longer so I waited as it was coming from China. Then I contacted the seller and did not hear from him in the two days so I emailed him again. Still no answer from them. Even if they said sorry it is taking so long, can you give us a couple of days to see if we can find it. Not a word from them. Sold by: koas
So I contacted Amazon and they contacted me right away and it was taken care of with in 4 days. Thank you.

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Good always comes to an end.

"Somewhere along the way corporate greed overrules customer appreciation and service and unfortunately Amazon Canada has fallen slave to the Corp greedy wheel.

There has been a shift in customer care I have noticed since around Christmas 2017. Amazon.ca's customer service has becone nothing but scripted "we are so sorry" email template responses and their lack of care with when or how packages are shipped past to so-called will deliver by date leaves much to be desired.

I can honestly say I'm disgusted by their service and i have been using amazon since 98, way before they came to canada.

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Not one care in the world for customer satisfaction

" $41.15 for "Die Hard" in 4K...you've got to be **** **** me! No wonder why I canceled my Amazon Prime Membership earlier tonight...that along with "SPR" in 4K being overpriced. "

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"My experience with Amazon.ca has been mixed. Lately, however, service has been very poor. Within the last year or so I have experienced many returns due to wrong or damaged products, fraudulent third party sellers and even an empty box upon delivery (they shipped the product box empty inside the amazon shipping box). Although I did receive a refund and I understand that mistakes do happen, it appears quality control and pre-shipping inspections are simply non existent.

Also, I don't believe so much all the positive product feedback that greatly outnumber the fewer and more critical reviews. Balanced and accurate opinions are the most difficult.

Several years ago, Amazon.ca used to be --for the most part and in my opinion-- a much better shopping experience than it is today.
For now, I am a very disappointed costumer forced to seek and favor other alternatives for my online shopping whenever possible, even if it means a less convenient shopping process.

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Amazon Prime is a joke

"Do not waste your money on Prime. I believe I have had 1 of 11 items come in 2 days. The rest have been a week. Based on fulfillment centers, which are not fulfilling anything apparently. "

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