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Product & services pricing 0.83/10
Chance of future purchase: 0.00/10
Shipping & packaging: 0.83/10
Customer service: 0.00/10
Return/Replacement policy: 0.00/10
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Worlds Worst Customer Service

"Ordered new embroidered shirts! Asked for a shipping date estimate and got a lot of bad attitude! These jack wagons don’t give a hoot! Gave them a bad feedback on the customer service survey and got me bad attitude! Done with these morons."

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worst service

"I would not give this 1 company star. This is the worst linen service we received dirty towels, wrong linens and were over charged for things that were never brought to us. At one point we had drivers yell and get angry with us. Horrible customer service. Don't sign a contract with this company or you will surely regret it. "

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Very frustrating when you give clear instructions for Personalization and they still get it wrong!

"My company has me order uniforms for them and we have specific sheets we use to send over to them. These sheets have very clear instructions as to what we want for personalization. Every year we have at least 3-4 of our orders come to us with the wrong personalization. I don't understand how they get this wrong when the sheet CLEARLY states what each item is supposed to say. It is a big inconvenience to have to ship the wrong items back, and then wait for the new items to arrive. They get mad when you are late on an invoice but we can't pay an invoice when the item we received originally wasn't correct in the first place. When you go to complain nicely about the mixup you get pushed aside and sent off to someone else who then sends you to another department. It is like they do not care about their customers"

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19 year of experience, hands down Aramark is the worst

"Montebello area. Sergio the route driver has to be the worst I’ve ever come by. Pants and shirts wouldn’t make it back to me after washes and he would say I had to pay. And once in a blue moon he’d say I’ll get it replaced and months would go by and nothing. Finally started calling and emailing customer service and it got done but with a lot of bickering from Sergio and the manager Jared about them not wanting me to call customer service. And when I got fed up and started calling every week because it was every week that I was shorted they dropped my account! It was a blessing in disguise let me tell you. After turning wrenches and wearing uniforms for 19 years this area has got to be thee worst!"

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Price cheatings

"This Aramark linen service for 37 rooms small hotels we sign up the service for hotel bed sheets only and hotel restroom and hotel corridor air freshener service. Until jan 29th 2018 Aramark never delivered the restroom product and corridor air freshener service and they still keep billing. also we order only ITEMS PRICE PER PCS 50 Queen Fitted Sheets .68 Cents 80 Queen Flat Sheets .64 Cents 50 King Fitted sheets .76 Cents 80 King Flat sheets .70 Cents This aramark Never Billed correctly and also Charge for $204 every week just for Inventory.We request the Damon Walker Manager to Fixed the billing error and he never correct the bills also never called so I give him a Warning to Discontinue the service because Lack of service of Aramark and Billing Errors. So we During this period They Never deliver any sheets and they still charge us every week $ 385.38 dollars 12/01/2017 12/15/2017 12/22/2017 01/05/18 Above dates they never deliver any sheets I would like to get a Proof if Aramark claim they did it. So on I called aramark head quarter and finally Austin area Aramark manager showed up on Jan 25th 2018 at 9:36am.I request why aramrk never fixed the billed? and why aramrk never deliver any sheets on last four weeks and they still charged $ 385.38 every weeks? and he has no answer so we ended the service and request to pick up there all dirty soils. so aramark delivery and pick up person MR.RIGO picked up some on jan 26th 2018 27 fitted queen sheets 27 king fitted 49 king flat 49 queen flat Mr.Rigo Come again hotel on Jan 30th 2018 109 queen flat 69 queen fitted 88 king fitted 112 king flat Then Mr.Rigo Come to hotel again on February 2nd for last pick up 68 queen fitted 108 queen flat 87 king fitted 122 king flat. So, On February 5th some one came from Aramark and drop the collection notice for $19348.88 include all Liquidation damage cost for early terminations. Aramark has lots of complaints filed in past and i have all proof how many time i request Mr.Damon walker to fixed the billing errors and complaint not delivering any linens.also i have Mr.Rigo count all sheets i have a proof with his hand writings. I been in hotel business last 24 years and i am from Newyork state just recently moved to Austin,Tx in 2016.we are using Morgan textile company for hotel linen service in Buffalo,Newyork area for last 14 years and they never charge any Replacement inventory charge.I told many time Aramark Manager. I would complaints to BBB and i will Knock everything if possible to get Justice for My Business. I hope this will explain the Aramark company reputations.also I know many hotel owners and they have same problems with Aramark and they are all in fear off liquidations charges even company lack of service.also I am requesting to check all Aramark complaints and reviews from past customers on google and other sites.Thank you."

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"Aramark will change pick up day when there going on vacation. But we we snowed in this week on pick up day. But they made no effort to work with us"

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Do not EVER sign a contract with this company...or even do business with them. There are plenty of other options.

"After lying to us for 18 months about finding a copy of our contract with them (so that we could cancel it!!) they informed u (after our contract expired) that we need to cancel it in writing via certified mail 90 days before the end of the contract. We had a meeting with their district manager who was dressed like a street bum and didn't bother to show up on time by almost 45 minutes. I wish we'd never heard of them - their products are the worst I've seen for the highest prices. "

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Completely Untrustworthy

"We have major service issues. they were short items, items were damaged, they did not show up at all a couple times. We complained repeatedly and asked to meet with a manger and got 0 response. We sent them a letter to fire them and they showed up with the contract to tell us they get to stay. As we went through it we found that our current prices were 3x the contract price just 3 years in. When I asked about it I got this response from Jesse Latshaw.

"Without your contract sitting in front of me I would guess you have no pricing language addendum’s. Which means the contract you have has an annual price increase every year on the anniversary date plus the contracts states we can raise prices at any given time. The off cycle prices increases can be refused within 15 days by a certified letter. All this language is on the terms and condition page"

WOW. This stunned me. I deal with lots of vendors and have in 20 years never seen anyone do business like this. It is like a shady used car lot. Stay far away this is not partner you want in your business.

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Wors company in US and in Europe too.

"Be very careful, do not sign any contract with Aramark! They offer overpriced, low quality service. It is impossible to cancel their service. They are charging for service which was never delivered. Worst customer experience ever...."

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ordered two days ago and still has not been pulled

"I own a concession business, and ordered from Aramark. I just checked and still the order has not been pulled as of now.
Very bad service.
If you don't have to buy from this company don't.
They make it sound good but very poor service.
I live 10 minutes from the warehouse and they tell me it would take 14 days to deliver my order.
They need to go out of business or do some house cleaning.

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"I am a Dining Room Manager at a Retirement Community in Dallas Texas. We signed on with Aramark and our first delivery was Friday June 30th. We received half an order and no chef's coats for both properties. However we did receive laundry bags with maggots. We were told they would be back and bring the rest of the delivery but no show. We were also promised we would have another delivery Monday. I waited almost the whole day but nothing. I called a woman and placed an order for both properties and she passed it on. Nothing came. I panicked because fourth of July was the next day and we had many reservations. I had to go to our other property and thankfully they had in house linen.
The next day (4th of July) Our District Manager( Christian Prater) brought us 200 napkins and 300 for across the street. When talking to him he commented we normally don't have new accounts at the end of the period. He is trying to justify in why this happened.......Are you kidding me, why would he even say that to a new customer. I then went back and got more linen If I hadn't gotten the other linen I would have been in so much trouble. I finally talk to Christian Prater (DM) and he delivered some linen on Wednesday . By the way his version of an invoice was texting me the numbers. By this time no chefs coats. All of our cooks were using their own clothes to work in. By Friday we were promised yet again we would have it delivered between 9 and 11. I called Christian @ 12:00 and he said he was working on it. He said he didn't have the full order. We are going round and round and I finally got off the phone. I call at 2:00 still no order. Gave me the same run around and he said he would definitely deliver it. In the meantime I talk to David Null and he said he would check on it. He is our sales person and has no idea what is going on.
By 3:30 or so he finally arrives. This man pulls up in the front of our property and walks in the front door and brings our delivery. Is this his first time on the job??? This is not a regular business. You have many residents with wheel chairs and walkers and he has his huge ugly white Aramark truck in the way of the people who pay a substantial amount of money to live here and because of his truck they are having difficulty getting around him and his vehicle. Needless to say I got several calls asking me to have this truck removed.
I finally meet Christian only to tell me my chefs coats are on back order and we will not receive them. We have only been with them one week and they are already having issues with the order. I ask him for an invoice and he doesn't have one and he said he is keeping track of it. I asked him I want a copy of what he brought me and he asked me for a piece of paper and he preceded to write it on the paper. Are you kidding me??? The first order is half filled, He texts me the next amount he delivered and then he writes it on the paper only because I insisted. And you call this professional??
I can not believe this is how a huge company like Aramark conducts business.
I called the 1 800 number and the customer service women were great and I asked to speak to
the General Manager , he was in a meeting but assured me he would respond. I called three times and nothing. I guess we are not a big enough company to warrant a call back.
Needless to say I do not have a good first impression of this company or its Management.


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Inventory Status is Incorrect

"I purchased pants needed in a rush. Difficult size. Found them in stock at Aramark. Paid for Express shipping, guaranteeing delivery within 4 days. When I did not receive pants or a shipping confirmation I reviewed an email titled "Your Order is in Process" on which it stated the shipping status is "On order, Estimated Warehouse Delivery 2-3 weeks". I lost precious time by their incorrect reporting of items being in stock when not. "

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Horrible customer service - DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY

"Aramark is a very unprofessional and unhappy uniform company. They have poor quality clothes and even worse customer service. Paul Watson is a very angry man. We entered into a contract with them. It took them several months to get everyone sized correctly. They charged us for jackets that we did not use. They lose our clothes and then charge us for them saying that we lose them. They only bring a portion of our clothes back which leaves us wearing our personal clothes. It looks like they hang our shirts up wet and on wire hangers. The result is a "horn" looking peak on the shoulders that does not go away. They took forever getting names on some of our technician's shirts. Our employees complain constantly about the shirts being itchy and uncomfortable. I was told by Paul Watson that if I tried to go with another uniform company that he would go the "legal route" and it would cost me over $5,000.00. They are not concerned with pleasing their customers. Paul Watson tried to make me feel that we had done something wrong. He is clearly used to talking down to customers and trying to intimidate them. They only want to keep them in a contract for the money. I would stay clear of Aramark. If negative stars were and option they would get them.

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Terrible Customer Service

"Placed an order on 07/21 for 3 pair of pants & 3 shirts, ALL IN STOCK. No extras, just plain shirts. As of 03/02, no shipping info. Called customer service. Automated phone system wasn't bad. Got a real person in less than 3 minutes. After providing more information than would normally be needed to type in an order # and customer #, "ahh, your order is still in process. Was anything on backorder ?" Not according to your website when i placed the order. " Ahh, it should ship soon." It should have shipped last week, do you have an estimated shipping date ? "Ahh, soon. Maybe tomorrow or next week." REALLY ??"

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"Purchased a $90 coat for $25 on sale. They marked it as "backordered" for almost 9 months. Now it's "canceled." So I called to see if they could honor my price with a different color of the same coat (all sizes and colors were originally on sale).

Of course not. Why did they not tell me that when I could have swapped out to another color, etc., while it was still on sale.

Will never deal with them again. Customer No-Service did their thing by trying to sell me an almost-$200 coat instead with about 10% discount. They said, "It's close to what you originally ordered."

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