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Product & services pricing 1.67/10
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Shipping & packaging: 3.75/10
Customer service: 0.63/10
Return/Replacement policy: 1.67/10
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"I never do online reviews but... I received a Barnes and Noble gift card and attempted to use it online for a store pickup in Peoria Arizona. The website wanted my name and email which I preferred not to disclose due to prior spamming problems with them from a previous purchase. The Website offered a 15% discount but When I contacted customer service I was told I must disclose my name and email. Contacted the store directly, spoke to a manager who was completely disinterested and said that is the way things are, was completely unsympathetic and offered no resolution to my concerns. Do not do business with Barnes and Noble. This is why they have a 1 star rating."

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Look elsewhere for textbooks

"I placed an order for a Calculus textbook for my son on a Tuesday. The same day I got an email that the book had shipped. Which turned out to be a total hallucination on someone's part. On Friday, I got an email that said I was getting a refund. I emailed: why? Answer: unknown. Perhaps the book was damaged and so they didn't ship it. Or perhaps the correct book wasn't on the shelf when they went to ship it. No one knows. The seller was actually Hippo Books, selling through B&N Marketplace. At any rate, I had to reorder the book elsewhere, so my son didn't have his textbook for the first two weeks of school. I was very irritated and will not order from Hippo Books or Barnes & Noble again. And I suggest that you don't, either. "

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Barnes and Noble school book

"I would not recommend purchasing any school books from b&n and I will never purchase another school book from b&n. I ordered a school book from b&n on Aug. 8th, 2+ weeks before I needed it and come to find out that it is going to take a month or so to get they claim Sept. 5th. I have called twice and I was told by a manager that it was in stock at their warehouse in NJ or NY (Don't remember) and that it should ship well before the Sept. 5th, but she could not guarantee it. I have since then text chatted twice and was told there is nothing they can do for me at all. I saw a news report that b&n is teaming up with google to try to compete with Amazon; that's a joke! b&n will never compete with Amazon with this kind of lead time. "

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Pick another site to order from!

"I ordered a book online from a Marketplace seller. I did not receive any information from the seller. I reached out to Barnes and Noble for the seller information and a general shipping time, and received a generic email with no contact information. When the book finally arrived, it was the wrong book. I now have to pay return shipping to return a book I did not purchase, and then proceed to obtain a refund from the seller on my own. Horrible! "

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Never Rent from Here

"This company is a joke. I rented a book from here, they never sent me an email telling me when it was due back and charged me over $60 for the book. I tried to call them to let me get a one day extension and they wouldn't even work with me to let me return it. This company takes advantage of broke college students, I don't have $60 lying around for a book I'll never use again. **** their customer service, they are not the least bit helpful. I am so **** off and will never recommend anyone from renting here. Would give negative stars if I could!!!!!!!!"

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excellent quality and fantastic service!

"Perfect! Fast shipping and making, excellent quality fantastic service! Well definitely be buying more from here! Thanks again!

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Way to take advantage of broke college students!

"I am extremely upset with these services. I rented a textbook from Barnes and Nobel (and several other companies) as well as purchased textbooks. I never received notification that my rental from Barnes and Noble was due and so they continually charged my card (without notifying me) until my card was expired and then decided to notify me because they couldn't take my money anymore. I responded to that email and never heard back from anyone and now I am getting calls from collections. I called Barnes and Noble today and their worker was not helpful in the least bit and I am extremely **** off. I have never been late on returning textbooks and because of their failure to notify me I am having to deal with this crap!!! Way to take advantage of broke college students. I will never be purchasing books from this company again."

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Textbook rental policies are unethical

"College students that rent textbooks from Barnes and Noble, beware! If you are stressed out during finals and do not get your book turned back in, they will extend the rental, which is fine. Then they go in and charge for the full amount of the book, and will not work with you to get it back to them. If they were sending out notifications that they were taking money out of the account, fine, but they don't. They just charge you then tell you about it after the fact. One of the last thing college students need while trying to get through exams and final papers is their textbook facility taking more money, especially without notifying that they are doing this. Barnes and Noble needs to stop renting texts if this is how they are going to treat their customers. I will never use them ever again. "

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I love Barnes & Noble Booksellers!!!

"I finished reading 20 nasty B&N reviews (some of which belong to Amazon Partners) and I am amazed at the attitude of the lazy, entitled masses. Why would you rent a used $100 textbook for almost the same price in monthly installment & then **** about the cost? Why would you order a gift card on the morning of your best friends birthday & complain because it was late? I understand things happen but if you would get off your lazy butts & actually go into the store you would find friendly, knowledgeable staff that can order a book & actually have it in 3 days and know what to look for if you want a rare book. I have been a member for 10 years & love shopping at B&N."

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College Students: never get a rental from this online source (chegg is a lot better....well, anything is really)

"The only reason why I used Barnes and Noble in the first place was because Chegg/Amazon did not have my lab book and saw that they had it. I got it for a rental for my spring semester for what I though was a reasonable price ($76). Then, in March I saw that they randomly charged me $16. I talked to a representative to realize that the rental period was only for two months (original price, now, no longer reasonable). Ok, sure. My bad that I assumed a college textbook would be rented for a full semester, and not half. Then I saw that the new date to return it was in May. Ok fine. That was until I then got an email saying that they charged my card for $127.71 since I never turned it in and it is now non-returnable. k wtf. Went back to find where the new due date stated that it was some time in May so I could argue it, but guess what- that order "no longer exists" so I now no longer have anything to argue it on. "

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Awful e-gift card experience

"I never thought I would have such a huge problem getting an e-gift card from any major company!! I ordered an e-gift card for my best friend's birthday. I normally would want to get a more personalized gift for her, but ended up getting this e-gift card as a last minute purchase. She loves books so I though a gift card from Barnes and nobles would seem a little bit more sincere than a generic gift card. The gift card never made it to her email (sucked already since it was a last minute gift), and when I contacted customer service they pretty much implied there was something wrong on her end. "Did you tell her to check spam? Is she sure its the right email? I get it, this kind of thing probably happens often. Although I was 99% sure all of the info I entered was correct, I'm willing to believe there was a mistake somewhere on my part. What shocked me is that their solution to this problem was to have their gift card department send a gift card to a different email address, which for some reason takes up to 72 hrs? ?????? 72 hrs to send a new email? What year is it? And isn't a huge part of their business online now? I had been texting customer service up until this point because I had a sore throat, but I was so confused by this I decided to call. I called AMD asked if there were any other options, after being put on hold multiple lengthy times, I was told the same thing. Should have asked for a refund then, but I decided it was just a mishap and I could roll with it. I told them to send the gift card back to my email address, so I could just forward it to my friend once I got it. I did this because I had already received 2 confirmation emails from b&n to this email address, so the gift card should get there without any problems. Well 4 days later and still no gift card, I made another phone call. Again I was put on hold for a while, and was then told that the gift card was sent yesterday. I was told my next options were to repeat the same proccess (a 3 day wait to a different email), or to "receive a refund and then place another order with the CORRECT email address." The correct email? I received 2 confirmations from them to that email! All but the gift card were received! I told them that I will be taking a refund, and I will not be purchasing another gift card as there is evidently a flaw in their system. Did some google research afterwards and it seems they have a history of this problem. Made a mistake by not researching in the first place, just didn't expect this from such a well known company. Hopefully I get my refund. Will be sticking with amazon in the future."

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I had a good experience with them

"They were willing to help with my order. Thanks!"

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Never order from Marketplace again.

"I ordered a book 7 days ago from a seller in New Jersey (I am in Michigan) As of today, no book. No confirmation of shipment. And no reply to the 3 emails I have sent the seller. Oh, but they took my money at order placement. I called Barnes and Noble, and they can’t help me. I could have gone to the store and picked it up over the weekend, but I have been under the weather so tried to save some time. Never again. I am likely out the money I paid, but I can’t get a response from anyone to even know if this is true. "

Helpful (1) Cool


Terrible, terrible service

"If there was an option for negative stars, I would have given that instead. I needed a textbook quick. I ordered it online, and waited, and waited. It never showed. I called in and spent over an hour on the phone with a representative. She said that my order never processed and and that they did not carry the book anymore. She said that I would be refunded and get a $25 gift certificate. The opposite actually happened. They withdrew money out of my account every month (for the book I never got), and then they withdrew over $50 for the book "buy out" even though I never got the book. When I called inquiring about the $50 withdrawal, they said that I never called in the first time. There was zero documentation and they did not do a thing to help the situation. I would never tell anyone to shop here. They basically stole over $75 from me. I never received the book, even though I now own it. Extremely disappointing that companies have to scam innocent people. "

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From an awesome company to online scammer

"In brief, I purchased a book for my son, they never delivered, their records shows delivered, when I called, they told me (with out asking any other question) they will return the money in 3 months. I got an email today: "We received your return. We processed a refund for the item(s) below in the amount of $0.00 to your original payment method. Please note, your refund amount may reflect a partial credit. " from a $45.00 dollars book that I never got. Yes it hurts to lose this money, but hurts more to trust a company that I used to admire and get scammed. I bought a dozen other book from other companies, none of them failed. B&N good bye for ever."

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