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Beware when buying textbooks from Barnes and Noble

"I bought a textbook through Barnes and Noble. It was supposed to be "NEW", but instead I got a used banged-up book that I paid full price for. On top of that, the person that packed it must have been high on drugs, because they did a very lousy job packing the book. It had bubble wrap only on one side and the other was just lose in the box. "sun and moon bookstore" was the store that sold me the book through Barnes and Noble. I found out too late that they have had a terrible customer service history, but Barnes and Noble doesn't care and keeps them as one of their suppliers."

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Dont purchase a Book for shipping B&N may steal your money

"I purchased a book at Fullerton, Ca store and had it shipped to my home. Barnes and Noble distribution canceled the order a month later and processed a check to be sent to my home. 7 days after the check was processed-I still haven't gotten it.
B&N took my money via debit card, canceled the order without even a curiosity call, and then plan on returning my money via a check-not even a debit transaction.
Worse yet-the store manager didn't seem to care too much.
If i had not contacted them-I never would have found out.

Buyer beware!

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Don't Rent Textbooks from Here

"I ordered two textbook rentals on Sunday and paid for express shipping. I was told books would arrive by Thursday. I saw that the tracking info stated books would arrive by Saturday. I contacted customer service Tuesday and was told books should arrive Thursday. Friday night, I called customer service to find out where my books were. The customer rep said that she would refund my money. I said that I don't want a refund, I want my books. She said my account would be credited and if I get the books, just send them back. No help whatsoever. Basically I got the big "Screw You!!!" I have a paper due tomorrow, and no text book."

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Price changing in days after order

"I made an on-line purchase and within nine days the price dropped &10. (Fire and Fury, this month 1-5 order 1-9 price drop). I contacted customer service and was told no refund. I said cancel and they said already sent. Amazon is much better at customer service. "

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Wish I had read reviews before

"I ordered a textbook from the Barnes and Noble website. There was nothing in the description to indicate it was the instructor's edition. Upon receiving the instructors edition, I called their customer service department, and found out it was sold to me by a third part vendor, and I would have to pay return shipping fees, although the customer service rep would contact the vendor to see if they would send me a free shipping label. I was told within three days I would receive and email. Well, after another phone call and a LiveChat conversation, I have still not received any sort of email. I originally called B&N to return the book 11 days ago."

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Not compatible with iPad or iPhone

"Considering how many of their customers use iPads and iPhones, not just for their daily activities, but for use of Barnes and Noble products, it is really embarrassing that the website is not compatible with these devices. Customers cannot even claim their gifted products and sign in properly. "

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Penny Pinchers

"I ordered textbooks for my next semester of college in 2018. They took out the full payment and have continued to bill my account on top of the full payment. My mom called and the lady claimed that my full payment was a "security deposit" and they would just pull money from that. After four days they have taken out an additional $100 on top of my full payment. I will NOT be doing business with B&N again."

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Horrible on line experience

"I ordered a Christmas gift on line December 15. The website showed I was within the window for delivery by Christmas. I received order confirmation and a follow up to track my order. Today I checked to track my order and it shows delivery January 8. There was no indication from Barnes and Noble of a back order or delivery after the holidays.

When I called customer service to cancel my order I was told I cannot cancel the order but have to wait until the book is received then take it to UPS to ship it back. No other option. So I have to float that money until probably the end of January and make a trip to a UPS facility because they have horrible customer service and a horrible system.

In addition the woman I spoke with could hardly be understood. She was obviously off shore in some foreign country.

I will NEVER buy another thing from this company


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Very Dissatisfied

"Ordered a book for a Christmas gift on Dec 3 from Great Book Prices out of Illinois. After a week or so I hadn't received a shipped notice so I emailed Barnes and Noble and was assured my ordered had been shipped. On Dec 18 I received email from B&N stating that my order could not be fulfilled and I was being refunded. Thanks for taking 15 DAYS to figure this out. Now we are a week from Christmas and I am just now notified that I don't have the gift on its way that I was assured I did. I feel like something more than a refund should have been done to make up for what they refer to as an "inconvenience". If you can't fulfill an order don't offer the product, or at minimum don't take TWO WEEKS to notify customer that you can't fulfill it. "

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"I was trying to order a game for Xmas for a grandaughter. First I learned when I was placing the order that it didn't qualify for the advertised free shipping. OK I foolishly proceeded and hit the "order" button. Then I learned it wouldn't be shipped until January 9th. I immediately followed their on-line directions to cancel the order and that didn't work! So I dialed their help line and waited and waited and was told the order couldn't be canceled since it had been placed in the 30 min. that had passed. I now waited on hold for a long time to be told the same thing by her supervisor. I will never, never open their web site again--after using Amazon you know how service should be and this of B and N is pre-historic."

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They Should Close !

"Purchased a book to be shipped to survivor of the TX church shooting. Order transferred to a seller in Waukegan,IL named Great Book Prices. Horrid customer service on both B & N email and/or phone call with someone in Parkistan. The actually seller Great Brook Prices did not ship book just gave a bad USPS tracking number that didn't bring up anything. Please public DO NOT DO BUSINESS with BARNES & NOBEL go to your local book store order and/or purchase the book and ship yourself. TERRIBLE company."

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No wonder their stock is at about 6 in a record market.

"I ordered a special edition of Dark Side of the Moon. I have 3 other different copies. After about a week my order showed up to my joy. Then I opened the package and found that they sent me a version I already had. I was disappointed to say the least. Being an audiophile I was anxious to hear this version.
I called them immediately and after a half hour the customer service person said that all was well. They would send me what I ordered and a shipping label to return the wrong one.
First they had UPS send me a label to my e-mail. My browser doesn't allow pop-ups and I keep it that way. The only way to print it ways to allow pop-ups. So I tried to get them to send a label I could print. Nope, you have to use the one we sent. Then.....
I received the replacement cd. It was the same darn one they sent me before. Now, I'm in possession of three of the same CDs. The one I've owne for 6 years and the two they've sent me.
I called back this morning and told them either want the right product or refund my money pronto so I might buy it somewhere else. Being retired and on a fixed income every penny is important to me. They told me to send back the two CDs and then they will refund my money. I objected and asked to speak with a manager. I was put on hold and I hung up after 45 minutes.
This is one of my top five miserable experiences ordering on line and I'll never go into one of their stores or even contemplate buying anything from them on-line. It seems lots agree with me as there are hundreds of reviews here and they have an overall rating of one star. This was my first and last purchase from them. It seems their product pullers can't read.

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Very slow delivery

"I received a B&N giftcard, and so I was obliged to use B&N to make a purchase. I bought three books on November 24. It's now December 3, and I still have not received the books. The original delivery date was November 29; that then changed to Dec. 2. It appears now, from tracking info, that I will not get the books until Dec. 4.

I guess I'm spoiled by, but I just don't see how B&N can compete when its delivery (by comparison) is glacially slow--especially since its prices are no better than Amazon. I even get book deliveries from third-party sellers (using parcel post) on Amazon more quickly.

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Huge disappointments

"Barnes and Noble has been a major disappointment. I preordered a signed edition of Oathbringer by Brandon Sanderson. The book arrived with no signature. Customer service said the best they could do is a $5 appeasement. I paid $30 for the book and Wal-Mart is selling the book for $20. Not much of an appeasement. #barnesandnoble #brandonsanderson #oathbringer"

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"Good prices, friendly and huge selection. I'm definitely coming back the next time they have a sale but I'm going to dime on the first day they open, not the last, like I did this time. Even though the elections I wanted were depleted, I found some other great titles."

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