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  • Brault et Marti

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Rating 2/10

Horrible service

Horrible experience, arrogant and unrespectful staff. I will never redo a purchase at their store. I encourage you to boycott.

Rating 2/10

Horrible service!!

"Whats the point on paying the extra guarantie 4 yrs so when you actually need someone to service your washing machine, no techs on weekends work.. what a stupid service! never buying there again"

Rating 2/10


"We bought a top of the line washing machine from Brault & Martineau in Lasalle.

When we got the machine installed, it was a complete lemon and did not work fromday 1. We called Brault & Martineau and they were completely rude and dismissive and just told us to call Samsung.

We called Samsung and they have a JOKE of a customer service team, who can barely understand English or French. They keep you on hold, and then go around in circles for 2 hours with you by avoiding questions and then they tell you to call Brault & Martineau. This has happened 5 times and 3 months later, still no functioning washing machine.

I am APPALLED at this company - everyone from the store manager, to the robotic customer service who is completely BURNT. Everyone associated to this company is completely PATHETIC. Save your money and shop somewhere that will actually treat you professionally.

Rating 2/10

Horrible. Truly horrible!

"Very bad experience. Wish I could of picked 0/5. That one star is not deserved! Stay away from this place!!! "

Rating 2/10

Delivery unprofessional

"Ordered washer and dryer, was told free shipping and pick up, would not take dryer without charging money even though there would be no space to put the other dryer, called brault & martineau, tried to speak to manager, said they would call me back, seems like they think if they ignore the problem it'll just go away"

Rating 2/10

Horrible experience - stay away!!

"Horrible customer service. Delivery people bully you into accepting damaged product, customer service avoid calls. Do yourself a favor and buy somewhere else. "

Rating 2/10

They delivered us a broken dishwasher and refused to change it

"I would never shop at Brault & Martineau again neither should anyone else after reading about what happened to me the first and last time I shopped there. We purchased 3 appliances over a month ago at Brault & Martineau in Laval. A fridge, stove, and dishwasher. First, the vendor, Denis, assured us that installation is included and free for all the appliances upon delivery. At the time of the delivery, their delivery team told us that they do not take care of installation and that is not their problem what they told us in the store. They left the appliances and left. When we unrapped the dishwasher fully. The door was all broken and dented on one side. Clearly the dishwasher was dropped pretty severely. That's when our hell with their customer service started. The agent Cristelle, the one assigned to our file, told us that they will not replace the dishwasher even if it was their own fault and that they never said that installation is included even if she wasn't there when the vendor said it to us. All this while being extremely rude on the phone and refusing to listen to us. We had to practically beg to get a normal answer from her. She treated us like we had no right to complain and we're disturbing her peace. She finally said that she'll send a technician to try to fix the broken dishwasher. Because there was no reasoning with her we had no choice but to accept even if the product was clearly heavily damaged and would probably never even work or keep braking every week because some parts inside are broken... Bref, the technician came 10 days later, he didn't have all the part... so he came back another 10 days later and just replaced the door. When my boyfriend asked him if he's gonna plug the dishwasher in to see if it's functional, the technician said it's not his job and left. Without even opening the dishwasher to try and inspect it. I really thought that is the job of a technician but clearly not the one from Brault & Martineau. When my boyfriend tried to instal the broken dishwasher he saw that there was yet another part broken inside so he couldn't... After having a broken dishwasher, clearly not functional for more than 20 days already, that was btw payed in full in the store. We were really disappointed. We called again our customer service agent Cristelle because she's the one assigned to our file so we had no choice but to speak with her apparently. As always she spoke to us like we were disturbing her and she clearly didn't care and won't help us. She asked us to tell her exactly what's wrong with the dishwasher, which part we're broken and etc... I kindly told her that I'm not a dishwasher technician myself therefore I cannot explain to her what exactly is wrong. She then yelled at me that she won't help me anymore and to just send pictures of the problem parts... I told her I can't because it wasn't easely accessible and frankly... I had to deal for 20 days now with them for a product they delivered to me broken! I asked to speak with someone else, she said no ones available and she can't help me... she won't. I hung up and called back this time another person answered, I demanded that she does not transfer me again to Cristelle because she clearly has something against us and won't help us. I explained the situation to the other person and she said she's making a complaint and that someone will follow up with me within 48 hours. I waited 3 days... no one did... I had to call back and speak with Cristelle again... I demanded to speak to a manager and she just put me on hold for 30 min. When I called back she answered again right away and threatened that she'll close my file and that no one else will speak with me and that I was not being cooperative. Basically we were bullied by her for more than a month now with no hope of ever being heard... it's outrageous! I have never been treated so badly. They delivered us a broken dishwasher that we payed in full over a month ago and refused to change it and give us a new one and that... is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how badly they treated us. I hope that people will read this and never deal with Brault & Martineau . Their customer service agent made it her mission not to help us and after so many attempts to try and fix the situation she was just threatening to close our file and not do anything about our problem also threatened to hang up on me many times because she didn't want to deal with us. When I asked to speak to someone else, ANYONE else, somehow I was put on hold for hours and no one was ever available... I made an official complaint!... and no one bothered to follow up. We are left with a broken dishwasher now, already paid, that their delivery service broke and they just refuse to cooperate and fix their own mistake. On top of that we were ABUSED by their customer service. I just want people to know the injustice I experienced dealing with brault & martineau. They screwed us over so very much... "

Rating 2/10

Horrible customer service!!!!

"My experience with them is way too long to write... the service we got from the sales persone, cashiers all the way up to the managers is simply unproffesional and extremely BAD!!!! save yourself from headaches and a high dose of stress!!!!!! I don't understand why they are still open...that's how bad it is..."

Rating 2/10

Horrible customer service

"Customer service especially a girl named Krystal have No respect for clients. She hangs up mid conversation and does not listen. How can this be escalated? "

Rating 2/10

I regret not having read the comments here before I placed my order!

"Much similar to other stories here. I ordered beds and was told it would take 3 weeks. I waited for 8 weeks and called back and was told it'll take another month.... I had to go back to the store and make another choice because we couldn't continue sleep on the floor.

We then chose another two beds and this time was delivered within three days BUT with damaged parts in both boxes!!! I had to call back again and was told that we have to wait for their callback in 24 to 48 hours and they will send a technician to inspect and take photos!!!

This is still not solved as of today, the damaged parts are still in our bedroom making a mess.
We PAID in full in the middle of April and we still don't have a bed to sleep on today! Bloody lesson learned from this Brault et Martineau!

Rating 2/10

Red sofa

"I ordered a corner sofa. First of all it came 4 weeks later(I took 12 weeks instead of 8). Second, the connection parts are defective as it does not form a 90 degrees angle and the top line of the two parts is not straight. Third, one could say they did not have enough tissue, the cut is defective. Then the technician came, he found the entire unit defective. I am still waiting for some one to fix the connection system. I'am wandering, what they are going to do with the cut.
I strongly do not recommend the Breault &Martineau. I will never go back again

Rating 2/10

terrible after service. Installers cause damage and CS says call the transport company. will never buy again.

"terrible after service. Installers cause damage and CS says call the transport company. will never buy again."

Rating 2/10

Send a technician for NOTHING

"We purchased a Grey Upholstered Sectional Sofa SKU: 00312574, in May, and come October, it is as though the couch spring (on the side that detaches to make the L shape) has been worn and torn for 10 years. It makes such a loud noise when anyone sits or gets up from it, even when the dog moves around on it! I have only had this couch for 5 months!! how could this be??! we barely use that side as it has been deemed the dog's place, and she weighs 50 lbs. there is no way that she could have destroyed a spring. SO i called B&M because i have a warranty on this product, and sure enough, when the 'technician' came, he said, 'oh yes, i have seen this couch 4 times this week... all you have to do is stick something in the middle of where the couch meets and itll fix your problem.' NOT A GOOD ANSWER. this couch wasnt cheap, and we spent over 1799 on it. I would think that they would have a better answer than that. and sure enough, that didnt fix the issue because it is still making the noise...


Rating 4/10

Terrible customer service

"The mattress I purchased from Brault & Martineau is great, but the customer service in this place is the worst there is. They advertise Comfort Guarantee 90 days mattress trial, and even though on their website it says "Comfort guarantee (a no-fee 90-day trial period for mattresses)" the salesman would only enable it if I'd buy a mattress cover from their B&M store. I told the salesman that I didn't like their cover and wanted to buy one at Sears instead, because on the website it doesn't say that the cover has to be purchased specifically from Brault & Martineau. I showed it to the manager of the store, who looked very shady, and he would just ignore it. On the invoice, they wrote 90 days trial is not included, because I didn't buy the cover, even though I bought high quality expensive cover at Sears. A quote from their website: "When you purchase your mattress, you must also a mattress cover of the same size."
I bought the full height mattress box spring, and wanted to exchange for the half-height one. The sales man tells me that because I didn't get the 90 days trial, I'd have to pay the delivery fee, which I ended up paying. Will never buy from this place again.

Rating 2/10

Incomprehensible customer service!!!

"I bought a washer dryer set and received everything in one piece, however for some crazy luck the Stacking Kit they brought with them was missing a bracket to stack the dryer onto the washer. The installer told me they reported the piece missing and now a Technician is going call when they get the piece and come finish the install. I was ok with that, **** happens, but my god it wasn't that easy. No, apparently I am the one who has to call Whirlpool and order the piece myself!!! Can you F'ing believe that. I buy a kit from B&M that isn't complete and I am the one that has to call around to fix it. just got a hold of Whirlpool after 4 days of non stop calling between customer service and the installers and you knwo what the whirlpool people are telling me... I HAVE TO FUCKING GET B&M TO ORDER THE PIECE!!! otherwise, since I didn't order it directly through whirlpool, I have to pay fir the kit... THE F'ING KIT I ALREADY BOUGHT!!!

Needless to say I'm a little frustrated. 100% would never buy anything from B&M again!

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