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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 1.25/10
Chance of future purchase: 0.00/10
Shipping & packaging: 0.31/10
Customer service: 0.36/10
Return/Replacement policy: 0.00/10
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Less than a star

"Simply a horrible experience.They only sell their products and dsnt care a damn about the customer.I bought a sectional sofa and they deliver a damaged one and after so many complains they didnot care and still the same thing,it’s been almost now one month since the delivery.Horrible company "

Helpful Cool


Worst service ever

"They delivered twice the wrong sofa. Incompetent staff that is unreachable. No one to talk to. 3 weeks waiting and still. DEFINITELY DO NOT RECOMMAND !!!!!"

Helpful Cool


damaged bed set and table

"I received the merchandise already damaged, scratches everywhere on the wood. I Called the customer service twice. They said they That they can do nothing. "

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Sherbrooke, really bad customer service

"item delivered yesterday does not work, started calling yesterday was promised a call back. never happened waited 5 weeks for item!!!!! I have talked to 5 people who tell me my friend has to wait for a call back. One person did say the item is "mort" because all troubleshooting was done. The stovetop works but the oven is "mort". Need new one. I tried to speak to the manager today at the store but the person who answered said my friend would be called today....would not let me speak the mgr. I am really upset because I referred this person to you. I will never refer anyone again We have been dealing with this store for ages!!!! She has a supper on Saturday with her family and has no oven. P.S. the person I talked with this morning in customer service in Montreal, I believe, was fantastic and understanding. "

Helpful Cool



"NEVER buy a computer at this store. If anything happens even on warranty, they will of course honor the guarantee but it will take up to four weeks before you get your computer back. Beware if you need your computer.
Worst, the salesman said that if the computer has problems, bring it back and we will give you another one because I bought the 2- year warranty. Lies.

Helpful Cool


They kept pushing our appliances delivery ! They are a joke ! Unprofessional

"I am now 3 weeks without appliances ! I can't live like this ! They kept pushing our delivery date, Today the day of the delivery I called passed the time frame and they told me the drivers left the last location, 2 hours later I call again because still no appliances and they claim the driver got into an accident and couldn't come and deliver tonight. The earliest scheduling for next delivery was next week ! ARE YOU KIDDING ME !!!! THEY COULD NOT EVEN CALL TO SAY THE DRIVER GOT INTO AN ACCIDENT ! THIS IS RIDICULOUS !"

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Liars and unprofessional

"I had ordered 5 appliances in may and asked them to be delivered on the 4th of July. I called a week prior to confirm the order they said that they haven't received the fridge yet but I ordered it back in may they haven't managed to get the order ready in 2 month spoke to a supervisor and told him if it's not ready by the 4th of July I will cancelling the whole order suddenly they managed to find a fridge in stock. A day before the delivery I dont get a call to confirm the time went to the store and was told I would get them between 930 and 1330 so the day of the delivery I wait and wait and wait no calls no news I call them and they tell me there's a bit of delay but it should be coming soon so I wait by 4 still nothing they're past the delivery time by 3 hours at 530 still nothing call them again the lady on the phone dares tell me if u want to cancel the delivery today we will cancel it bare in mind I was told that the delivery time could not be chosen nor could it be changed but suddenly the delivery can be cancelled at 730 I got fed up went to the store to be told the delivery is still scheduled for today at 830 I get a call that they will only be delivered on the 6th not only was I told that they would be delivered on the 4th and I had to call off work for the day but I was told by the manager if it's not the 4th it would be the 5th max not only was I lied to but I took a day off at my own cost for absolutely no reason. People save your time and energy go to another store that are more reliable and more respectful towards their clients. Oh the best part I was offered a 50$ for the inconvenience on a 5100$ purchase really brault bravo "

Helpful Cool


Brault are stealing money

"They are charging you money, to pick up their damaged items "

Helpful Cool


Step 1 delay...step 5 mold smell??

"Stay away - buy elsewhere! Waited almost 3 months to get a couch. When it arrived it had a defect. A month later, only after going to the store to complain about the delay; did I finally receive the replacement couch 4 days later...and it STINKS (possibly mold)!! We first thought it was an out of the box smell and waited a day, but it is very poignant now and making us sick! No customer service, no customer satisfaction, no customer guarantee. Both deliveries were also sadly unprofessional... I was also told I couldn't speak to any manager to get this matter resolved and they disregarded my complaints about the deliveries as non pertinent. Who thinks getting basically yelled at by a delivery person normal? That's just one of the many things they did wrong. No sorry, no we will replace the couch now - nothing. Mind boggling experience! "

Helpful Cool


Horrible ...the Worst Delivery Service!!!

"This is our 3rd failed delivery attempt! My son is moving out of the family home into his first apartment. He bought a couch at Brault & Martineau in Kirkland. The first delivery attempt didnt happen. The second attempt they delivered the couch to the billing address(family home) instead of the delivery address , my sons apartment where he was waiting for them. Unfortunately I wasnt home when this happened, his sister let the delivery happen because she didnt know. My son receives packages from Amazon regularly. Now I'm stuck with a HUGE box in my living room, this has been going on for 2 weeks! Yesterday was the third failed attempt. They said they would be at the family home between 5 and 10pm to move the couch from the house to the apartment. We waited....they didnt show up! Its beyond frustrating how bad their service is!!
My advice: Go anywhere else! The amount of time wasted is not worth it!

Helpful Cool


Thieves misleading horrible service

"Since Feb , I bought appliances and I have missing pieces first they mentioned that they ordered and it would take ten business days 3 months later they said they can’t get the pieces . They mention to return the appliance however we installed and paid for instalation .They do not want to take them down . I askes for peplacement of appliances and they only want to give a credit ...... Ii wanet them replaced . We have been camping for 3 months . And i have been loosing time from work to try to fix this . The issue hear is that customer service has a law ange barrier and cannot communicate with the companies outside of quebec . Customer services is worth zero pleasssssse do not purchase anything at the store . It’s not worth the time you spent fighting. I do not want a credit I want them replaced and installed ."

Helpful Cool


Des matelas de mauvaise qualité

"Incroyable comme j’ai eu un mauvais service après vente concernant mon nouveau matelas qui après quelques mois c’est affaissé aux endroits où les gens dorment. Leur réponse ça prend 2 pouces d’affaissement pour un remboursement... j’ai 1 pouces et demi. Vous devriez favoriser un fabricant locale avec un bon service après vente ... ce sera mieux pour l’économie de votre région. M. Côte de Terrebonne. PS ... En plus c’était 1250$ pour cette scrape ! "

Helpful Cool


Delivered damaged sofa !

"I purchased two pair of love seat , one of them found damaged from the corner after delivered , contacted for them like sending lots of emails with pic after one month of hold they responded me and offered me to repair , my ques is I paid full amount for a brand new sofa why would I repair it ? They simply refused to exchanged it and asked me to continue or file closed ! I even wanted to cancel it but didn’t work out , their customer service is horrible and throw you out once you have bought anything! What can be done ? I feel like someone stealed my money !"

Helpful Cool


UNacceptable quality and service

"We have had a table from them for a little over a year. The chair collapsed right from under my father, a normal-sized man. The worst part about this however is that the store refuses to do anything except repair the chair. I do not want a repaired chair as it can happen again with the chairs or even the table that feels very wobbly the second anyone applies a bit of pressure. Did I mention that I have a baby and toddler to walk and crawl everywhere, including under the chairs and table?? No one would accept this and no one should sell this kind of crap. NEVER going there again. **** quality and shittier service "

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They just dont care !

"we bought a brand new samsung dishwasher and after 2 months it just stopped working. no lights, no power. nothing. a technician was sent and didnt know what was the issue but it started to work again. 3 weeks later no lights, no power. i called brault and martineau, they rudely said to call customer service, i asked if they could set it all up for me as i`m at home taking care of 4 kids alone. the guy said, sure, samsung will call u back within 5 days to set up an appointment for the following week. so, brault et martineau wants me to wait 2 weeks to have this dishwasher looked at ??? if it happened to their mom or aunt i bet they`d do something much more than how they handle their clients.

if its not for us, the customers giving them our hard earned money, they would not exist ! brault et martineau, real scumbags. hope they go bankrupt

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