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Briovarx is a nightmare!

"I was forced to purchase a new health insurance in May of this year. At that time I was told by the insurance company that a preauthorization form would be needed from my doctor for my specialty drug. This was done within a reasonable time so that I would not be without my drug. Unbeknown to me, it was required to only be a 4 month approval and at that time the doctor would have to fill out another form giving my progress (even though I'd been on the drug nearly 5 years). My understanding from my insurance company is that Briova rx would be sure the proper approval was done one month prior to my 4 month expiration and they did not attempt this until one week before my next script was to be filled. When I called Briova to refill my prescription they informed me that I needed to contact my doctor to get the form into them and that they could not fill my drug. I had one pill left to take that evening and would be out for morning dosage. I decided to contact my insurance company to see if this was infact the case and they said they had the form in their system and it was approved and I could call Briova back to fill my script. I called Briova back explaining what I was told and they said they knew it was approved by my insurance company and it was in their computer but they needed their Pharmacist to approve it yet and that would be about 24 hrs. I asked why this all wasn't done a month ago to keep me from going through this process of phone calls and going without my drug and they had no reply. So I get to go without my medicine that I have been on for over 5 years ( I have psoriatic arthritis- autoimmune disease that causing crippling without the drug) until the PHARMACIST makes a decision on whether to approve my drug. Since when does a damn PHARMACIST have the education and knowledge of my disease like my RHEUMATOLOGIST? This is not the first time I've had to have Briova Pharmacy through the years and apparently I have no choice when it comes to my specialty drug and they have caused me so much time and grief for no reason at all. My disease is triggered by stress and I suffer from anxiety. Glad Briova thinks they are in control of everyones life! I'm worn out and burned out from them and insurance companies. I'd like to just curl up and die some days because I'm tired of fighting for my drugs to live. I already have one finger and hand that is partially crippled from waiting for an insurance company to approve and then wait for the PHARMACIST to approve, which normally doesn't happen because you have to go through appeal processes and fight and fight. I didn't ask for this disease, and I do the best I can to work everyday and be productive in society and yet I still have to suffer at the hands of insurance companies and pharmacies. US healthcare ****! "

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Making prescriptions more frustrating and complicated.

"I take Humira for my severe Ulcerative Colitis, and since it's considered a "specialty" medication, my insurance has insisted that it go through a mail-order specialty pharmacy. I have been on two different United Healthcare plans, both of which used a different pharmacy, but sometime between 1-2 years ago it switched from that pharmacy to Briova. The convenience has dropped to a negative: it would be more convenient for me at this point to pick up my Humira at my local RiteAid (I have other stuff to pick up there anyway). When they first took over my prescription, I was without my medication for almost a month because they kept trying to fill an old script from a doctor I don't see anymore; I finally found out because that doctor called me and asked why they were being asked for a refill! Briova couldn't be bothered to call me to make sure everything was in order or go over the details when they didn't get a new script from the doctor. Even after that, it was a back and forth with them and my insurance about what I needed from my doctor and whether I needed a pre-authorization, only to get authorized for 1 month (which may be on the insurance side) even though I'll be on this medication for the rest of my life. I go through this process a couple of times a year, and cannot get a clear answer on the role of insurance and pharmacy as to why sometimes I only get approved for one month, and why sometimes I get approved for 3 months, or once for 6 months.
When it's a regular refill on a still-valid script, the website is slightly less time consuming to use than ordering by phone, but still frustrating. The security on the website is absurd: my bank, google, amazon, ebay, and pretty much every other service I access online with financial or sensitive personal information has an easier and more streamlined process for accessing the website. I've regularly had to reset my password because of the esoteric requirements that result in me creating something I can't remember next month. When my script has expired, however, I'm forced to order by phone for reasons I have yet to fathom. If I don't notice and try to refill through the website, it just gives me some generic error and tells me I have to call.
There are usually some automated calls I receive as reminders, but they're not much help, as they generally come at inconvenient times for me. When I do call to set up a refill with a refill request, there's nothing that couldn't be handled through the website. The people I speak to on the phone are fine--they're friendly, professional, they generally take care of things--but it's a waste of time, since I could more quickly do it all via the website. Regardless of my prescription status, anything I've had filled at my usual pharmacy (RiteAid), I can refill online, and if there's a problem, the website tells me exactly what. If I need a new script, it says so, and that they will try contacting my doctor for it (and if they can't, they call me to let me know); on rare occasions it has told me I need to call them or call my doctor (usually an insurance issue), but I've had multiple medications refilled there every month for about 3 years.
Unfortunately, I'm stuck with Briova for my Humira because of my insurance, but if you have a choice, choose another pharmacy.

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Worst Experience EVER!!!

"This pharmacy is **** and they seem to relish being ****!!!!!
They initiated my refill 5X in 3 days only to have it cancelled by UHC bc THEY disregarded my requests and my doctor’s request as well and changed the dosage frequency from 1 dose at 0 week then 1 dose at 4 week then every 3 mos thereafter (which UHC approved) to every month (which neither my doctor or UHC would ever approve). THEY think they know better than my doctor and UHC as to what should be the frequency of my RX!!!!!!! This is NOT a new RX either so there is NO reason for them to be changing anything other than they want to play God or play games!!!! DO NOT USE THIS **** COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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1 star because I can't pick 0.


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Worst experience ever!

"Every single time they have something messed up, and I’m not receiving my medicine when I’m supposed to. The person I just talked to on the phone was so rude! "

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Getting migraine meds delivered from the is giving me a MIGRAINE!!!

"WOW, after an extremely frustrating day of dealing with this place I am not surprised by the negative reviews I am reading. I have wasted my day trying to get Botox delievered to my doctor’s office. Apparently, Briovarx put my name on the delivery slip with the doc’s address only. Of course he couldn’t be delivered as I’m not at that address! After many calls and what I thought was fixed still hadn’t been fixed. It’s not rocket-science for gosh sakes. Put the name of the doctor and who the px is for with the doc’s address. The original person that I dealt with was putting the fault on me and telling me to go to UPS to pick up the meds. First off, no and I live 35 miles from the UPS office. How about the company tracking down the package and giving UPS the correct information! That didn’t happen even though I was told it would. More phone calls back and forth and finally what I thought was going to be a resolution...NOT! Rec’d a call from a 3rd party delivery service trying to deliver to me at the doctor’s address! The office was already closed and wondering what to do. I’m wondering if the medication is even good now after sitting so long, he said it was still cool. Finally, a nurse was still at the location and accepted delivery! I’m still waiting for a call back from Briovarx. If I can change to another pharmacy I will. I am not going through this every 3-months to get the medication. I agree with others: GO ELSEWHERE!"

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I really dont need to say anything here, because all issues I have with Briova have already been repeatedly listed by ither reviewers!

"One star is far above what Briova deserves! Every time I need a refill of my prescription, they somehow never receive the written script from my dr when it is sent in repeatedly, and I end up going a week or two with out my much needed medication. And they just act as if its nothing! Meanwhile, my condition is getting worse because of the stress of dealing with them and their incompetence! They should not be in operation!"

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Incompetent !!!

"I have been getting my Enbrel from this pharmacy for a long time. My credit card was compromised recently and I had to get a new card. I , immediatly went to the Briova site and put in my new card number. I, then, ordered my Enbrel . I was sent an envelope for payment but I told them that I had already given them my new credit card and that is how I always paid. They said to ignore the payment envelope because it WAS paid. I needed a receipt saying that my balance was "0" for re-embursement, so, I called yesterday and they said that it would be in my email today. It never came to my email. I called again and was finally connected to the Business office and they told me that it was not paid despite the fact that they had my new credit card on file. The woman I spoke to said that this happens all the time. The pharmacy apparently tells people that they are all set and never charges the card. This has happened to me more than once. It is very annoying to have to track this down for 2 days. Very bad system !!!!!!!!"

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It really doesn't get any worse than this company STAY AWAY!!!

"I was giving them thousands a month on a TNF blocker medication and they continuously failed to deliver on time, failed to contact me and always were completely incompetent over the phone. Its hard to put it into words what goes on there, I felt like it was some sort of scam company but evidently they are an approved pharmacy for insurance. I know the pharmaceutical industry well and the games that are often played and these were not really even games, this was just straight up incompetence from one level to the next. I finally have had enough and took all of my prescriptions elsewhere, I just don't need to be working so hard to get a prescription filled. Stay far away from this company or you will end up wasting a ton of time and putting your health at risk of missing doses. "

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Incompetence at the highest level.

"I have no choice but to use this company to fill my husbands medication. Each moth there’s a different co-pay, and sometimes there is none. You send at least a half hour on the phone trying to get them to understand what you’re trying to order, and how many refills you have left. Of course, they don’t have the same information. Their computers “crash”; they put you on hold and switch you to other departments. I do not understand how this poorly run “pharmacy” stays in business. Thank God for my local pharmacist who helps me out in an emergency. Life saving medication (in our case anti rejection medication) should NOT depend on total strangers, via a phone call and some mail delivery service. This is a disgrace. "

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Wish I could give a negative star!

"I have united healthcare that works with this dumb and lying pharmacy! They keep changing their stories! I can not figure out why they lie so much. I need Synvisc bi-laterly. They are demanding that I pay 394 dollars before they will release the injections to my doctors office. I told this wicked witch to bill my insurance because they will pay 90% and the insurance or the dr's office will charge me the other 10%. Sounds easy enough but I told her to do this 3 times and the witch would not listen! I then asked twice for the supervisor and she tried to tell me that she was the supervisor and then hung up on me. I tried to call my insurance but unfortunately they were closed. I am calling my ins. tomorrow and sicking them on this dumba$$ company. As a single person with head to toe (OA), fibromyalgia, and hashimoto thyroid disease (very low). So I bought the highest coverage so that I DO NOT have to pay out of pocket for JACK......ARRRRRGGGGG I pray that I will not have to deal with this horrible company ever again! NEGATIVE 5 STARS!!! USER BEWARE THIS COMPANY LIES!!! "

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"My son called in a refill for his prescription and it didn't arrive. He called to find out where it was and they didn't have ANY record of him calling it in. They also didn't have ANY record of him ever taking the medication. He has been taking the medication for over 2 years!!. We ended up going to Walgreens to get the medication. What would have happened if Walgreens was unable to provide the medication? The MEDICAL COMMUNITY NEEDS TO STEP UP AND SHUT DOWN, FOR THE WELL BEING AND SAFETY OF THEIR PATIENTS the "corporate world" with interfering with the doctor/patient relationship. There is absolutely NO REASON why a third party has to involve itself in the doctor/patient relationship by representing (falsely by the way) that this somehow will somehow make life easier or is the way certain medications should be obtained. My son, as I am sure that any adult human being, is perfectly capable of going to their local pharmacy and picking up their own medication. In a world where it is becoming the "norm" to have items delivered to your doorstep, this should be the exception. WHAT A HORRIBLE IDEA!!!"

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"Horrible the way they treat sick people. They’ve lied about sending prescriptions. They don’t send on time when it’s scheduled. One of the associates accused me of LYING about having not received my medication when fedex confirmed that it was delivered to the wrong address. They are horrible. It’s terrible such careless people are able to work in health care "

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Awful customer service

"The absolute worst pharmacy. My husband had a liver transplant last fall and we've had countless issues getting his meds on time. This time around he ordered 2 weeks before his meds were gone (they run out tomorrow) and they won't even be shipped for another 2 days! When my husband called to see if a local pharmacy could fill a 2 day supply they told him to find a local pharmacy that carried his meds and Briova would override the script. He did that and when he called Briova back they said they couldn't do that. This is not the first time this has happened. At this point I'd like to get Briova on the phone so they can tell my 2.5 yr old and 4 month old that their daddy's life isn't important enough to send his meds when they say they will! He's forced to use this company but they are completely inept to do their job and don't care about their customers quality of life. We've never had issues with other mail order pharmacies."

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"My very first experience with this company and I'm in tears. Unfortunately, I don't have a choice of whether or not to use this company. Medcost, my insurance provider, made it mandatory to use this incompetent pharmacy. The short version of my story is as follows: I was to begin taking a speciality medication on a Saturday. On Friday, My Dr called the script into an AMAZING PHARMACY who planned my deliverybut they were denied and told to call the Dr back to send the script to briovarx. After 1 hour I called briovarx and was told to call back because my script was received but not yet processed and I needed to place the order. I called back 1.5 hours later only to be told to call back in 3 hours because the computers were down. When I called back I was told to call back on Saturday morning at 0900. Saturday morning at 0905 I called briovarx and was immediately told to call back at 1200. I called back at 1230 and was told the computers were still down and I had to call back on Sunday. Since I had difficulty understanding the rep I called right back only to find out that 1. the rep was in the Philippines and 2. I had to call back on Monday. I then called Optum Rx to complain. At first the rep didn't believe me until I called briovarx while she was on the phone. She called and got an override to use the AMAZING PHARMACY who was able to so 2 things briovarx couldn't do......1. get my medication to me on Saturday as planned by my Specialist and 2. give me a wonderful discount. Depending on how much the meds are without insurance will determine if I use briovarx. Like countless others I may have no choice"

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