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Product & services pricing 1.25/10
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Customer service: 1.88/10
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They take your money and do NOTHING!!!

"Dex YP charged up $8,800 a month for 1.5 years promising results and getting none. The website they built for us looked like a middle school student made it, and the google ad words they ran for us never worked. I truly believe they were just pocketing the money and spending a small portion of it. TERRIBLE experience, if you want your company to be successful DO NOT go with Dex or thryve or whatever they are calling the company this month. Lastly, when you go to cancel wait till you see how NASTY they get!"

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HORRIBLE!! Stay away!

"These guys are a total SCAM. They are forcing us to pay $150 a month for advertising we NEVER approved, never said we wanted. And the pictures and information they printed in "our ad" is all incorrect. And there is nothing they will do about it. If you see daxmedia calling RUN!!!"

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"avoid like the Black Plague! We signed up for a one year contact for a half page ad with this company.

11/14/2017 - Our restaurant Signed Contract with Dec Media YP with Tracy A. Murray, Senior Business Advisor. We went over changes needed on our ad, and she stated that we had until Dec 6th to submit any changes before it goes to publishing.

11/28/2017 - 1st Request, Our restaurant contacted Dex Media-YP to ask for Ad Proof prior to printing and publishing.

11/28/2017 - Tracy from Dex Media replies back that she has been on holiday and will check and let us know about the proof.

12/04/2017 - 2nd request to Tracy with Dex Media, 2 days prior to final revision date, Our restaurant has still not yet received the Ad Proof.

12/10/2017 - 3rd request to Tracy with Dex Media again regarding the proof, no reply.

12/23/2017 - 4th request to Tracy with Dex Media again regarding the proof, no reply

12/26/2017 - 20 days past revision due date, Dex Media replies back with first Ad Proof (also final, since printing for publishing has already been completed). Errors and issues with the Ad are found:
New restaurant hours not updated on 1/2 page Ad
Full Page Ad has an error on the opening times and buffet hours.

This is also the first time that Dex Media states our business account is no longer handled by Tracy A. Murray, and they do not bother to let us know who our new point of contact is.

Immediately on 12/26/2017, Our restaurant replies back to Ad proof with incorrect times and errors on the Ad. Dex Media-YP replies back stating the issue will be brought up to their Client Card Dept.

12/28/2017 - Jason A Fleming, 855-388-8238 replies back to email and requests to speak over the phone.

01/02/2018 - Our restaurant calls Jason A. Fleming to discuss the issues.

Issues discussed:
Ad proof was not received on time. First ad proof was sent and received on 12/26/2017 Our restaurant made it very clear that the new business hours had to be correct. The main reason for the updated business hours is because we wanted to open up earlier for the customers that show up early. If they show up at 11am and see the restaurant does not open for another 30 minutes, they walk away. However, if they see the restaurant opens up in 15 minutes, they stay to wait.
Jason raised his voice and stated he tried to contact us multiple times on Dec. 26th. He offered to give 10% off of the agreed upon price due to the error. He also stated that the error was not that big of an issue because we are still receiving business from their published Ad.

01/22/2018 - Reached out to "Robin" at Dex Media by phone and instead "Stacy" picked up and stated she was unavailable. Left a message with "Tracy" to tell "Robin" to call Our restaurant back.

Due to the lack of communication from Dex Media's part regarding the change of contact for our business account (who has still not yet been confirmed) and untimely submission of the Ad proof, 10% discount is not sufficient.

The public should also be made aware of the unprofessional business practices of DexMedia-YP and the lack of professionalism from their "business analysts".

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Terrible Results. Provided absolutley no service.

"I contracted with DexYP to have them increase my presence online. Instead of increasing it, they decreased it by providing erroneous information about my company. They did not keep up their end of the bargain but I still have to pay for them for the rest of the year. Worst experience ever."

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Refuse to Cancel. Megan Schmidt is the worst

"Signed up for them to market my business. WORST CHOICE EVER. After 3 months of scam inquiries that wanted me wiring money once a check cleared and other various b.s. I decided to cancel. My account rep who is supposed to handle everything send me to Amanda Schmidt who is useless. She said they had to "transfer" accounts, obviously they didnt as they were already transferred out because I'm well aware of hostage tactics with companies like this. Had to call in and speak with 6 people to put in a "cancel" request which could take 7-10 days.

Worst company, they do ZERO marketing and ZERO promotion. You're better off spending your hard earned cash on another service.

Helpful Cool
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Dex Media is killing their own business

"You would think that Dex would be more willing to provide good customer support given their position in the tech savvy world we live in today where print is becoming a thing of the past. In attempting to merge two separate accounts, I made several attempts to contact my "marketing rep". During these months, the name of my rep changed multiple times and at no time did anyone call me back. I finally quit paying bill, knowing full well I'd be contacted by someone... eventually. Today, I spoke with Durell in the claims department who absolutely refused to discuss the obligation of Dex to take care of their customers but only wanted to talk about my delinquency in not writing Dex to cancel the account, thus being solely responsible for the delinquent status and refusing to remove any fees with the exception of the late charges. Unfortunately, in this day and age - it's common to call "customer service" and receive this type of treatment and given Dex's position in the market today it's really just cutting their own throat. I've cancelled my account with Dex, a dying company and I'm guessing that no one there including Durell's manager, Donna Carmack, will care. A dead response to a dying company. "

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Horrible Company!

"I order Google Adwords, they said it was going to take 3 business days for the Ad to be live, after a month Ads were not live. When I call the company, some representatives say my Ads are live, some others apologize for the delay in launching the campaign. Some of them try to convince me that my Ads were live since day 1, the others tell the truth about my Ads not being launched yet. They told me from the beginning I can sign off any time, when I got fed up of the scam, they would collect the money but you will never see my ads online, then they say I can't cancel the agreement because all their services are on contract. At this point I'm convinced they are a scam.


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I was scammed

"very dissatisfied with the service. I did not even order the service. They got an employee somehow to agree to it. And then I was billed later and they said there's nothing they can do. They sent the invoice to the wrong address they claimed but then somehow the final invoice made it to me. This company is very unprofessional and I don't know how they stay in business. I am very unsatisfied and will never suggest this company to anyone"

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Worst addertising company ever

"Dex Media will promise you the world, but when it's time to perform they're a giant THUD. I foolisly came on board with Dex Media on the word of a sales clerk guaranteeing 10 fold action on the commercial side of my bussiness, i was already doing well in the private sector so sales pitch wasn't going anywhere (even went so far as saying he took a special coarse offered by company to maximize my opportunities comerically) A full year later not ONE lead via Dex Media. I've made several attempts to cancell and to my suprise there's never anyone available disolve contract.
Please do not come on board with this company, they'll take your money and give no service.

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"When I renewed my contract with Media Consultant, Ivan Zayas he made promises he did not keep. He told me, If I upgraded my contract he would be putting my add on the first page of yelp. Up to this day, I am still on the same page on yelp, NOT the first one, but paying more money. My experience with this company is not a good one, every time I try to resolve this matter, and discuss how unhappy I am with this contract no one is able to help give me a resolution. This company promises a lot but will not follow through with the promises they make. I DO NOT recommend to advertise with this company and if so make sure you have EVERYTHING in writing. It is very frustrating that these companies are so good at taking your money but the moment you are unsatisfied with the service/product you get the run around no one is able to resolve the problem to make the customer happy. "

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"What a SCAM! I signed up with Dex for advertising in there yellow pages and a web site. I never got the help that was promised for completeing the web site. They kept telling me the person that was helping me no longer works with the company. They must go through alot of employees. Then after my year contract they AUTOMATICALY CANCELLED MY WEB SITE AND ADVERTISING!
After calling about this when I got my final bill they said I would have to sign up for another year. What a scam!!!

Helpful Cool


"I had called Embarq to place an ad in the Yellow Pages (phone book), and while on the phone with the sales rep was told about their "online" advertising. I decided to try the $150/month package. This turned out to be a big mistake.

My problem with the company is; the explanation of what I was purchasing was explained very poorly, considering they knew I was a first-time buyer. And, after the fact, they would make NO changes, even though it was possible to make the requested changes.

I did not know that DEX would go out and secure a domain name that was VERY similar to the one that I had for my business website, and then setup a one-page website, that the online advertising would point to. It was my impression from the start that the online advertising would point to my own website. Now when someone does a Google search and finds my company, they are directed to this cheezy looking one-page website. I actually think this is "hurting" my business, instead of helping it. Impression is very important. I had asked my sales rep to change this - she in turn asked someone in technical department. She answered me, and included in the email their response. They wouldn't change it because they would loose the ability to collect tracking information, which they use to market their products. It didn't matter what the customer in this case wanted.

I also found out, after it was too late, that I had purchased space in their mini-book too. I was never told upfront that there was a separate charge for that.

Warning: be very aware when doing business with this company. They are NOT customer friendly. You will be told the very minimum on what you are purchasing.

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"Dex Online Media - Yellow Pages

We tried advertising with Dex Online Media and just a note. This company is nice until you sign the papers. We wrote an X mark as a comment that we needed to see proof of the ad. They never sent us the proof and they have the yellow page ad out and requested we pay or they would send us to collections. **Warning** before you advertise, don't sign anything and don't trust this company. Pretty much they are a rip-off! Watch out!

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