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"Digital Kings also known as:
www.crazy4digital.com & www.BestStopPlasma.com & www.WorldClassPlasma.com and here is the best one folks: www.TechProWarranty.com

Sold me a refurbed Samsung, advertised it as new. The color wheel has gone bad 3 times. I bought the extended warranty for $300. Turns out they are one in the same company. NY state has no record of any of their company names. The Bureau of Insurance for NY has no record or bond from Tech Pro Warranty and the NY AG's office is now investigating them.

The list a bogus address on the Tech Pro Warranty. Their true address is: 105 Avenue U, Brooklyn, NY 11223 Business office: 718-996-1405 or home number (which when you see the pictures are one and the same !!!)

Henry who answers: henrynwv@yahoo.com


I suggest all of you who bought from them file complaints with the AG of NY. Those of you considering buying: RUN AWAY

Isaac Ashkenazie is listed as the owner.

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"Worst experience ever. The merchandise didn't ship for two weeks. Then they told me it was out of stock although they had said it was in stock. They offered me a better model for a discounted price and I was dumb enough to accept. That TV didn't ship for two weeks. I got an email from their "carrier" saying that they're waiting for final shipping confirmation, while the seller says that it has shipped. On closer inspection, however, they find out that it hasn't been picked up yet. I've been waiting for five weeks now, and I'm still getting the answer that is it shipping "tomorrow".
Save yourself the trouble. It's not worth spending $200 on shipping, invest it in the TV and buy it at your local store where you can take it home or get it delivered the same day for 30 bucks.

Helpful Cool


"Evidently, I am not the only one that has been jacked by these morons. I hope other consumers will take the time to research a company before purchasing online and read this. I have learned a valuable lesson thanks to the "Digital Punks"

I purchased a Samsung Plasma from this backyard company and to my suprise its not what is advertised. They will mislead and advertise a NEW TV but when asked after receiving it they will describe it as a "refurbished" new tv. WTF is this? At this point I new I have been duped.

I got over this and continued with the next problem, which was the speakers. Asked them where are the speakers? "What speakers, it does not come with speakers." they replied. I advised them of their website advertisement and they still made it difficult, when it was listed clearly as included in the description. Finally got them a month later, after calling 2x.

So back to the "refurbished-new deal". It does not end there. The TV is malfunctioning and will continue to shut down by itself. When asked what we could do about this, HENRY the supposed Manager/Owner or whatever he is, said well I offer you 2 year warranty and 125.00usd back to your credit card and we will send a tech to your house to check it out. Sucking it up and not wanting to deal with this any more, I agreed.

A few months pass by and no credit, no warranty certificate and no tech. I call them again and HENRY tells me ok let me check into this, I will handle it. This was not the last of it, I made several calls and was told the same thing. It will be done. Yeah right. Dont bother talking to anyone else there, the rest of the crew is worthless. They know nothing and HENRY is the only one to talk to and he also knows nothing. However, when you are buying something its different, imagine that. After talking to him several times I have determine that he has amnesia or is a liar. "I know you gone over the story many times but it wont kill you go over it again" is his response. Or "Sorry I have been busy dealing with unhappy customers like yourself HA HA just kidding." Right, this guy has an attention span of a flea and give could give a shit.

Eight months later, the situation has changed slightly. Get hold of HENRY and same thing, cannot remember and call back later. I told him no I wanted a results now and was tired of dealing with these guys and their lies. The offer had changed to no warranty, which in some cases a verbal warranty for an inflated price, and a product credit. Yeah, like I am going to buy another thing from these guys. Henry's amensia hits him again and says that he would never have told me this and it was my fault its been too long to warrant but of course he does not remember leading me on for this length of time. I told him I would re-play all the phone calls to him and prove to him, either he is a liar or has amnesia. His repsonse was that it would be illegal to use this as proof as its illegal not to inform the other party when recording,,good one. Notice, that they will not record calls as to eliminate descriminating proof and they could careless about the quality of customer service.

Some of you may wonder, could this be disputed with a credit card co? Well it been over 6 months and there is not much to be done with VISA after this length of time, other than getting some type of warranty coverage thru them. I could of done things differently earlier on, but sometimes a TV is not on the top of the list nor would you think there are such deceiving and unproffesionl businesses out there. I was more than cooperative and understanding with this company and got the royal shaft. Working in a competetive and imperfect industry I understand things happen but no matter what, you take care of the customer till the end and follow thru. These guys are running a scam and I wonder when I will see them under a different company name. Got a suggestion for them maybe aka: digital punks or digital drag queens.

Bottomline***STAY AWAY FROM THIS SHADY COMPANY****these guys are the worst I have ever dealt with. And they know how to play the game, its only apparent. I wish of would have know of this site before ordering, but oh well such is life. Its done.

Helpful Cool


"Below is an email I sent to Pricescan.com for feedback users. I copied it and sent it to Digitalkings.com also. It fully goes over my frustration with this company.

PRICESCAN.COM customer service, and DigitalKings.com customer service (that’s right DigitalKings.com you don’t have customer service on your website)

I always use your website to get the best deals and compare prices on the internet and have never been disappointed by your listings and the star rating for customer satisfaction, until earlier this year.

I bought a DLP Samsung T.V. from Digitalkings.com and ordered it. They advertised it as “new” from a link on your website. When I went to buy it over the phone, they said it was refurbished. First little un-honest glitch, but I gave them the benefit of doubt and purchased it. They said it was in stock, when every other retailer said it was out of stock. I believed them, and ended up waiting over 3 weeks for it to be in stock, second lie to me. I was promised it would be sent with 3 day service, rather than my ground shipping I paid for. They lied! It came in about 7 days, and with two big forklift holes in the box, and the t.v. was cracked. I looked at it on the truck and the shipping company understood when I denied it being taken to my doorstep.

I called and notified Digitalkings.com and they said they would refund my credit card, but it would take two weeks at the most. It took 5 weeks and a second call!

Digitalkings said they could not refund me my warranty, but that I could apply it to another t.v. bought from them, or anywhere else (I’m skeptical about that now). They did not refund me my shipping, and shipping insurance. Ridiculous! So now I am out 499.00 that I paid for that warranty. I am also out on the shipping I paid for, which they never did ship according to their contract (inside my house into the first room), and out the shitty insurance they over charge for, almost another $300.00. $800.00 out of pocket and no T.V.!

I see that you don’t have them on your website when I look up the Samsung 5688 DLP t.v.. I commend you guys for that, and looking at this link I accidentally ran into, it would be a great idea if you don’t ever let them on your site again. Here is the link with people with similar experiences with their company. http://www.resellerratings.com/seller8349.html

Please let me know if you have had other people complaining about them that have found their listings on your website http://www.pricescan.com and dealt with them. I am also C.C. this to their customer support, which doesn’t exist, it’s just an info link.

By the way Digitalkings.com has the Samsung DLP 5688 model for a great price of $2,599.00, but it doesn’t list on your website. GREAT JOB! KEEP IT UP! I will by it from another company for a few hundred dollars more that does list on your website, just to play it safe.

Officer Mario Marez

San Leandro Police Department, California, USA

Helpful Cool


"7-8-05 ordered a Sharp LCD, had to call 7-11-05 to verify,tried to sell extra warranty I declined was told tv was in stock & would ship in 2-3 days for $4399 ,7-13 status showed NTN 7-14 called & asked what NTN was "Need to Notify" was told it was on backorder & would be 2 weeks or more, called 7-15 pretending to want to buy a tv was told they were in stock & would ship immediatly, when I asked why mine hadn't shipped he said they just came in yesterday but they were factory refreshed I told him I didn't want a refurbished tv he said they weren't refurbished that they had bought another dealers inventory & had sent them back to Sharp to have them checked out to make sure everthing was in the box & it worked ok but since that had to open the box they couldn't sell it as new but he would be happy to send me one at the same price but it only had a 90 day warranty and I needed to buy an ex warranty for $499 but he would knock off $100 for the wait said no & the warranty dropped another $100 said ne and it went to $299 their cost,saidI would wait for a new one with a 1 year factory warranty. Hung up went & checked the status online & the price went up to $4652.20 called back & was told that it was for insurance canceled order they are liars & thieves I never was going to get a new TV they don't have any they just pass off refurbished as new & if you don't buy their warranty they stick you in backorder limbo"

Helpful Cool


"Caution: DO NOT BUY FROM THIS STORE. Purchased a 50" DLP advertised as NEW on website. I called and asked if tv was refurbed and told no. TV came in New Samsung box, not anywhere did it say refurbed. I found out by calling Samsung Tech Support.When I called Digital Kings they tried to Bait and Switch me. After shipping the TV back they tried to tell me the tv was damaged when it got back to them (I took pictures of the box after being loaded by shipper). I called every couple of days trying to get my refund, and it was always some story. I had to dispute it with American Express and received a full refund. I wish I had learned about this site before this."

Helpful Cool


"The LCD TV i saw online on their website was 740, i thought what a great deal! so I bought it with tax,shipping, etc. it comes out to be 830, so i thought i'd get my tv in a week no problem. Their sales person called the next day and asked me to confirm, I said great,that means I can get my tv soon, so I called and somehow my total is $960, 130 bucks higher than my online price, they said it was shipping insurance, and extra cables, that is just great, the guy realized that i was not content, and he offered the final price of $955. I will never do business with this place again. DO NOT buy from this place."

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"I ordered a 61' samsung tv and I waited for over 7 weeks because the company kept telling me they didnt have any in stock. WHAT THE FUCK!!!! obviously these assholes didnt want to send it because i didnt want the warranty along with some other bull shit.


Helpful Cool


"I purchased what was listed on their website as a "Brand New, Factory Sealed" television that was supposed to come with a "1 year manufacturer warranty"...

The product arrived to my house as Reconditioned! Not only that but the warranty was for 90 days instead of one year because of the fact it was refurbished.

When I got a hold of digitalkings, they acted as if I should have known it would be refurbished! After a few days of bugging them to fix it, they finally agreed to refund me a small sum of money to keep the product.

Besides the bait and switch that digitalkings pulled on me, they tacked on over $100 in "insurance" for shipping without my knowledge... NOWHERE on their website does it say that will be charged!

Also, their 3-5 day shipping is a joke - when they say it will arrive in 3 to 5 days, what they mean is it will arrive in your city on that date but then the shipping company has to notify you in order to make an appointment for them to deliver it to you.

Beware that their products are reconditioned and not new as listed... if you have purchased from them, find the serial number on your item and call the manufacturer directly - they will be able to pull the info on it.

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"Put an order in on Sept 9 and paid extra to have it shipped "within 5 working days." Called today, September 22, and asked where my Panasonic Plasma was and the guy said "Uh, we haven't received them yet."

When I asked "Why did you tell me they were in stock?" he had some b.s. reply.

HORRIBLE company and a waste of my time. I would highly advise using them. Going to use another company now, stay tuned for my feedback.


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"Terrible company!!! DO NOT ORDER!!! WARNING!!!!

I placed an order for a DLP television from them on July 30. I received an email confirmation and tracking number for shipping. This was a DHL tracking number that was going to be delivered on the 6 of August. The 7th rolls around and no TV, so I call DHL. DHL looks into the matter and finds that no TV was ever shipped just a label. WTF? So I call DIGITALKINGS (aka. worse company ever to do business with) and they do not have the TV from distributor. Ok, I can buy that, so I am told 2-3 days.

I call back (keep in mind that they will never call you if something is wrong, you have to call them) and they tell me the same B.S. and another 2-3 days. Well this happens another TWO times. Still no TV. TOTAL OF FOUR TIMES*!

I would never ever buy anything from this company. I cannot stress to you enough, how much this company sucks. Pro-Con list might help

-- They were close in geographical distance
-- Website looks neat, and clean
-- They will never call you if there is a problem
-- They do not take responsibility, and they will lie to you on phone. (Honestly, the first time I called he said they would look into right away, I did not think about it but he never took my order number or my name, I called back and they did not even care)
-- It is extremely hard to explain your thoughts to them, as they don’t comprehend the situation well it seems.

Current date is August 16 and it was just canceled. By the way they still dont have the tv and have no clue when they should get one, although when I first called on the 2nd they said they had it and it was shipping.

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