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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 2.08/10
Chance of future purchase: 0.42/10
Shipping & packaging: 0.83/10
Customer service: 0.00/10
Return/Replacement policy: 1.00/10
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Irritating Business Practices

"I placed an order in February 2017 for some suspension components, and one item of the kit arrived damaged due to some pretty bad packing. I contacted their support, they agreed to replace it and placed another order for the control arm. Somewhere along the line, they accidentally refunded me again for the control arm. I never noticed, they never contacted me.

Fast forward to July 2018, I place another order with them and get an e-mail saying that I owe them $50.70 from an order I made last year. I figure this is a mistake, contact them and try to get this resolved. Fair is fair, they did accidentally refund me more than they should have, however I didn't hear a word of this until well over a year later. If I had some sort of contact within even the first 90 days, I would have been happy to resolve the issue with them.

I would be embarrassed to ask a customer for money back nearly a year and a half after I made a mistake. It's so far past the point of being reasonable, that it's absurd. While the representative I talked to about it was friendly enough, I don't get the feeling ECS really cares about the end customer much at all. As long as they don't have to be responsible for their screw ups, it's all good to them.

So they got their $50.70 back, but I won't be a returning customer. Between the shipping issues I've had in previous orders, and now this, who needs them?

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Product missing all the time

"I did business with ecs for about a year but that over now. The last order I place was for a timing chain kit but never got the most important part the timing chain. To make matters worse they did nothing to make it right. They also never replied to my email. This company has bad business practices and I currently have a complaint filed with the bbb about this. Do not buy parts from this company unless u enjoy giving ur money away for nothing. "

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Always delayed always missing items

"You will never get your items, there will laureates be delays and they will not do a partial ship, they will not refund your money. You will have to issue a chargeback to get your money back"

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Terrible customer service

"Placed a $1200 order that contained about a dozen different parts. One of the parts was back ordered so they decided to hold the complete order until the back ordered part came in. The problem was this part wouldn't be in for 3+ weeks.

I called and asked them to send everything else Priority mail as I was under a time constraint and I would pay the shipping. They agreed and made the change or so I thought. The next day I receive an email saying my order had shipped. Great I thought. Nope, they shipped it FedEx so it won't arrive until well past the deadline I'm on to have this car fixed. I called CS and was transferred 4 times and had to explain the story each time. I then asked if I could purchase the parts again and have them sent Priority overnight. They said yes but several of the items I had ordered are not in stock. Yeah right, they just didn't want to spend the money to satisfy a customer.

The company has always tripped all over themselves and I don't know how they stay in business. In the future I'll use them as last resort.

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Poor customer service/order processing

"Called customer service to initiate a refund for an RMA. After 2 weeks of receiving an email that my return is processed (and it would take 3-5 business days for my credit card to be credited), I still have not received a refund. I called customer service and they brushed it off as a processing error. They didn't even tell me that they changed my refund to store credit, and I have been waiting 2 weeks for a refund. No apologies given. Avoid ECS Tuning."

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Horrible customer service

"Seems to have good products, however, I wouldn't know as ive been trying to address an issue with a product and the compatibility with my car. Been sending several emails for over 3 weeks and still no response, feels like they have just given up on my case."

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i regret having given ecs a second chance

"My first experience with ECS resulted in my having to cancel my order after discovering that it had not been shipped by the end of the estimated arrival period. I never received an update on the order's status. Most recently, ECS canceled my order without notification. I reached out to two customer service representatives and did not receive a response from either."

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Product was defective.

"I have ordered multiple items with ECS Tuning. Last Spring I ordered an upgraded performance brake kit and had it installed. Within the year the rotors were warped and needed to be replaced. When i contacted customer service the individual blame shifted to anything and everything else. How about stand by your product and keep your customers ordering from your company."

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Horrible customer service rep Dan

"I recently called regarding a returned product, I had the unfortunate experience of dealing with a customer service rep named Dan. He was the worst customer service rep I have ever talked to. He was rude and straight out mocked me during the phone call. I have aggravated and hung up on to call back 10 minutes later and have him yet again answer the phone, and when he realized it was me he hung up on me. I would NEVER recommend dealing with this company solely because of Dan. "

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ECS Tuning ****

"Wrong parts, promised return labels and never get them. Shipping is horrible. Customer service lies.."

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"I purchased wheel rims from this company for my 2013 BMW M5. Their web site allows you to enter your vehicle make, model and year then displays products which are supposed to be compatible. These wheels were for winter use so I had the tires mounted and balanced then eventually installed them on the car when winter arrived using the spacers that were packaged with the rims. The wheels seemed to fit properly and spun freely after install and all seemed ok. Unfortunately, after driving for a short time a very disturbing and serious problem arose during mild cornering. The back of the rim spokes were rubbing the brake calipers because the clearance was too small. The spacers ECS shipped me with these wheels were the wrong size. Now my new wheels and calipers are damaged (Picture Attached). The front brake calipers on an M5 are visually prominent because of their size and the fact that they are painted bright blue so now I have an eye sore and a very costly repair scenario.
I made ECS aware of the problem and emailed them pictures of the damage. Upon receipt they asked me what size wheel spacers I had purchased with the wheels. I informed them I didn’t purchase spacers at all as I was operating on the information their website provided which presented these wheels as a fit for my vehicle. In addition, the wheels arrived with spacers in the packaging so I assumed they were correct. ECS was surprised that spacers were packaged with the wheels and it became apparent they had no idea that these wheels shipped with the wrong spacers. They agreed to ship me the correct spacers at no cost. When I followed up later to remedy the other damage all they offered me was a pitiful 10% discount on replacements. The cost of new M5 calipers with tax is approximately $2,064 plus the cost of labor to install them so this was a non-starter. I was willing to eat the labor costs and live with the damage caused to my wheels because it is not visible if they would provide new calipers. I feel this was more than reasonable under the circumstances. Unfortunately, that was all they were willing to do. Totally unacceptable. Beware of this company. They are not ethical or accountable.

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Horrible and offensive customer service

"I've spoke with 4 different representives and the majority of the mm are extremely rude in their demeanor and have no desire to help or make an effort to provide customer service. "

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best service and organized company

"they are very serious and compromized. organized and clean.
www.autoalemana.com bmw parts Colombia

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terrible customer service

"Terrible customer service and shipping. I ordered parts I needed to make my car functional again on August 18th expecting them to be here by the 24th, got nothing by then so I sent an email inquiring about my order. I was then told they would be delivered by the 28th, that date rolled around and still nothing, no money had even been withdrawn from account to show they started shipping. I emailed again very early in the morning explaining my situation, and naturally expected some sort of reply that day, but I didn't. I got an email the next day asking what the problem was and to "please advise." I had already explained my situation, but I explained it again, in their defense I did forget to include the order number. I was then pushed off onto someone else who would tell me they had another part that they could ship for another $25. Surprised they wanted to charge me more money for a part that should have already been here, I asked why this was. I got response from either of these two and only received an auto generated email that told me the manufacturer was at fault and my parts wouldn't ship until September 5th, 5 days after the maximum time allowed. Needless to say I cancelled my order by email and telephone. I received and email later that day asking me to explain "why they failed" by the head of customer service. Funny how only when things went bad do I get to talk to someone who could've actually helped me. I actually emailed the two guys I had been, trying to find out why these parts were all of sudden delayed so much, and got no response from one, and the other told me he doesn't deal with shipping. "

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Slow Shipping (horse and buggy slow)

"Ordered some bolts for a bearing replacement job, thinking Ohio to NJ 2 days max on standard shipping. WRONG, day four and maybe maybe not today. Customer service never asked how they can help just sorry they failed. with the excuse free shipping is 5 to 7 days. But why did the tools I ordered at the same time same order make it in one day. Why because it was drop shipped from a supplier again in Ohio but made it in one day.

Customer lost forever... fancy website doesn't equal good service!

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