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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 2.50/10
Chance of future purchase: 0.00/10
Shipping & packaging: 2.50/10
Customer service: 1.25/10
Return/Replacement policy: 0.00/10
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Still waiting on a refund told twice it was on the way

"Used endicia and dazzle for a few years. Had several problems over the years with their updates. Update links only available by contacting customer support. Closed my account with an 81.70 balance which i was told would be refunded. Called back two weeks later and they told me the check was mailed, I verified the address. Another week goes by and all of a sudden it will take 4-6 weeks to get my money back? Why did the last rep tell me the check was mailed two weeks ago. Here it is 5 weeks later and still waiting on my refund. Terrible customer service. Might not be a lot of money, but it's my money. I want it back."

Helpful Cool


Worst Software Ever

1. Their software is user unfriendly, confusing and inaccurate.....I just spent 2.5 hours on tech support trying to do a mail merge with postage printed---what should have been three settings and print was not.
2. Their database of envelope sizes does not match the database on my HP Printer--since I have used Xcel for mail merges before, I suggest that their database is inaccurate.
3. There is a redlined box that defines the printing area, on a Business #10 envelope the printing area is the size of a letter sized envelope, so refer back to #2. Tech support has no idea how to correct it.
4. The initial mailing I did with this software did work out ok after 2 hours on tech support and maneuvering on my part, and that was a custom sized envelope I had to configure manually.
5. Tech support---techie tried everything he could but it was like the person needing glasses leading the blind---he wasn't trained properly on the mechanics of the program, didn't grasp the problem clearly and had no ready solution on something that should be 123 easy. He uninstalled and reinstalled by program, that fixed nothing. No one in his area knew what to do either, and I was elevated to senior technicians.....
So I have $72 in unused postage that I probably won't get back, three hours of wasted time and totally angry.
Don't even consider this company ever----unless you like your time wasted without a viable resolution.

Helpful Cool


Unbelievable Poor Business Model and Service

"After spending over $250 on postage I received an error that said to list the verification code on the side of the stamp. I purchased the second round of postage online which didn't have this code and they said I can't use them, even though they print just fine. Of course the paper to print the postage is much cheaper online at ebay and Amazon than the retail version they want you to buy, but you can't use them. Consequently, another lost customer. Is it a wonder our Post Office is losing money when it's run by people who don't understand good business??? Adios Endicia! "

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Stole $175

"On 1/12/2018, Endicia took $175.00 out of my bank account without warning or billing me. When contacted, they eventually said they "wrote down 2017 instead of 2018" and that caused the charges. They refuse to return the money to my bank account and instead say they're issuing a check, which is going to take "a few weeks". I have bills to pay, I can't wait a few weeks for them to return the money they fraudulently took out of the account.

Additionally, they promised me three months of free service after I asked them for compensation. They are refusing to provide that free addition to my service, saying I had to call them to "validate" my account - that account has been open and active for ten years, so the sudden "validation" when they made the mistake makes no sense, other than them trying to get out of what they promised. So I did call them, which is very painful for me, and went through answering all their questions. They said the account would be restored. Then they turned around and said that I needed to call them again! They have provided neither the money they "mistakenly" took nor the free service they promised...


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After thousands of dollars spent on their postage, they locked my account.

"I've been using this printer for years, and have spend thousands on online postage through Endicia. First, be aware that you can only use "approved" rolls of stamps to print on. This is separate from the online postage that you have to purchase. The roll of stamps is just a paper, and the value of the postage you print on it is paid-for separately, through your online account. With this in mind, know that the Endicia paper rolls are the only rolls approved by the almighty U.S. Postal Service. You're essentially paying 10 cents PER STAMP, in addition to the postage you'll be printing on it. So long as you're aware of the cost.

Another major issue with this crummy printer is that everytime you go to "tear" leftover paper, it triggers the feed mechanism, essentially feeding you a blank stamp (10 cents wasted every time). We must've wasted dozens of stamps this way. This is absolutely one of the poorest product designs, and probably implemented for a reason, to get you to buy more stamps from them.

Third, be aware that during random times throughout the year, Endicia will decide that you may not be using their "genuine" stamps, and will ask you for an activation code. In our case, this code was simply not legible (see attached photo). Can you read the code on the right side? Neither could we. As such - our printer simply "locked itself" to prevent fraud. This happened on a day when we needed to mail dozens of important legal documents, and had no way to print the correct postage.

Just the kind of dependable company postage solution we could expect.

Endicia's phone support was - of course - closed for the day, and being a Friday, we had to wait until Monday morning to get an answer. Another plus.

The funny thing is, if you're a monthly subscriber to their plan, they never ask you for the activation code. So using deductive logic, their company policy is dictated solely by greed.

I am beyond furious with them, after having spent money on a printer we own, on genuine stamps that we paid for and own, and after years of use and thousands of dollars spent on their online postage, the equipment locks itself out because it thinks we're fraudulent users.

Go figure.

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this seller fraudulently charged my credit card 399.00. Never heard of them until i went through CC fraud with Capitol One

"Total scam if there running my card without my approval"

Helpful Cool


The WORST company to deal with EVER!!!!!

"I RARELY write reviews, but I felt compelled to in this situation. I submitted a change of payment method for my account and inadvertently submitted a closed account. They made my account inactive and I corrected the problem with my credit card. I have spent hours on the phone with their customer service personnel and NO ONE is able to re-activate my account. They are BEYOND stupid. Stay away and do not deal with this company!!"

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Had an account 3 years

"Have had an account three years. An issue arose where address printing on label did not match the internal postal service records address for the tracking number put on that label. Issue is brought to their attention an hour with customer service the entire time being called a liar. Once they were able to verify what I was saying was accurate I was told not their problem and that they wouldn't be doing anything about it."

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Scamming thieves

"Continuously billed for a service I couldn't use, not would their customer service representatives help me cancel. When requesting the refund for the 6 months of service I didn't use, I was told it was against company policy to refund for monthly service. It's apparent that is how Endicia makes money. They are thieves!

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They are thieves...

"I signed up for a trial and deposited $10.
We never used it and never logged in and try stamps.com

Then we got a 15.99 charge and the next day we contacted to get that refunded..

They are thieves..

Make sure you chargeback and get your money back.

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Worst Business practice I have ever dealt with!

"So, I tried a free membership trial on ShippingEasy.com, to see if the service was any cheaper/better than manually sending postage/packages manually. So for my free 1 month trial, or should I say 1 day trial to which I only tried their services for one day, I did not use their services nor purchase any postage stamps on the site. The next day, my credit card was charged $10.00 for postage stamps by a company named Endicia.com. I emailed ShippingEasy and they tell me in order to receive your refund I need to cancel my free membership trial, to which I promptly did.
A week later past with no refund, I call Shipping Easy and they tell me I need to contact Endicia, which I did, and they tell me I have an account, which I was even unaware of . Endicia tells me I need to cancel my Endicia account to receive my refund, which I immediately cancelled my account.
A week later past and no refund. I contact Endicia and they tell my my account is still active and that I need to contact Shipping Easy, so I did, and Shipping Easy tells me I have 2 accounts! So I cancel the 2nd account, and a week later has past, still no refund. I contact ShippingEasy and they tell me I also have 2 accounts on Endicia! So I personally called Endicia to cancel my 2nd account, and they would not cancel my account over the phone! I would need to cancel my account online, so I immediately cancelled my account on their site. aSo I am still waiting for my refund from Endicia.
Endicia's business practices are the worst I have ever dealt with, I did not have any legal notice whatsoever in having an account with them, and they never told me I had two accounts during my first contact with them. Do not waste your time and money with both companies, especially Endicia.


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Will not refund a double postage charge!

"Had an experience this month where I tried to purchase a Priority label. System returned an error message saying not all postage was printed and that my account was not charged. Have received same message in the past on occasion so wasn't concerned, simply redid the transaction with success. Received my postage label and shipped the package for the Amazon order. Looked at the postage log from Endicia and the math was not calculating correctly - shorted my account $11.30. Looked at my account online and saw two postage purchases for the same order, same destination - two charges for $11.30 - two minutes apart. Never received two labels, only one. Note - postage log from Endicia and transaction report on site do not agree - yet both are from Endicia. They will not refund. They took 4 days to respond to the case, said there was nothing wrong, and now will not respond to me at all. Tried to call, but wait time for "service" is way too long. Will be cancelling my account and reporting them for theft of funds."

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Down for 4 days without one simple "We are working on it"

"We began experiencing problems when the latest update became available. The program went into an infinite loop of asking to update... downloading... updating... restating, again, again... again...

Contacted support on 1/11/2016. After holding for close to 30 minutes, I was transferred to a non-technical person that said they could only forward my problem. I tried calling again the following day, only to go through the same wait time and getting unqualified non-technical answering service.

They finally emailed me a fix on Friday 1/15/2016. No courtesy call, no we are sorry, no explanations. We were down for 4+ days, no shipments, canceled order, lost revenue. The USPS needs to partner with another more reliable company. How can you conduct business in this day and age with such crappy customer service?

Helpful Cool


"the customer service is the very WORST customer service in any industry -- was on chat for 77 minutes then told to call --- after an hour WTF - simply they DO NOT GIVE A SHIT ( or thye would staff up) it has been like this for the three years we have had the service==
We are going to go back to buying postage from the post office == WOW ===

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"The customer support at Endicia is probably even worse than the support you get from Amazon when you talk to someone in New Delhi. They can't make the activation codes work. They ask for one thing I sent then they came back and asked for something else. And I sent that. Then they came back and asked for something else. They take over 36 hours to respond. If i could select 1/10000000000000000 of a star that would be about all I could give them. "

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