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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 6.25/10
Chance of future purchase: 7.50/10
Shipping & packaging: 7.50/10
Customer service: 7.50/10
Return/Replacement policy: 7.50/10
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Good Site But....

"I made 2 orders from them, the first one was great as all part was made out of high quality but on the second one the iPhone 5S Screen didn't worked so well but the biggest and worst problem is the shipping price, I made an order of around 40$ and paid 25$ more for the shipping.
the last order was more than a year ago as I wanted to give the part and long term test and actually they are pretty good, I never had any problem like most of the people says in their reviews.
I have sent like 2-3 mails a day and they always responded to me without any problem.
I gave 3 stars only because of the shipping price.
and I'm saying it now, this review is not fake, believe it or not, it's your choice.

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Concealed Information

"Bought an item and paid more than half the items cost as shipping, later received an email saying i need to pay more as it is a new company policy to get the product on the promised date."

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"STAY AWAY!! Do not buy anything of them. Send me a faulty lcd . Seller agreed to take the lcd back and make a refund. Item sended back and collected by seller 3 months ago. Since then wont even respond my messages. Mr anthony c. A thief from that company. Was so nice before i bought a screen of him and responded so quick any question. Now he robbed me and silence. SCAM!!!! BE AWARE!!!"

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Have a good shopping experience at etrade supply

"The product was just as described and delivery and follow up was very well coordinated. I am definitely a regular client no"

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ETrade Supply fail to support warranty claim

"I ordered a replacement screen for the iPhone 5SE, choosing the most expensive OEM option offered, complete with the appropriate tools.
Within the 3 month warranty period, the replacement screen became faulty appearing foggy or cloudy, and losing contrast intermittently.
When I attempted to claim the warranty within the warranty period, after a month of communications back and forth, ETrade Supply offered 70% of the product cost without any explanation why the full 100% cost wasn't offered. As such, I have paid $60USD to be sent a faulty screen.

Others have obviously received working screens, and the product cost was reasonable and shipping was very fast, but buyer beware - if you need to claim warranty, be very strong with your demands.

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"ITS A SCAM! Do not buy your products from etradesupply. They do not supply OEM screens as stated on their website. Everything is from China. Horrible quality of screens, affected my business and was forced to close down from customer complaints. Their ETS point system is a scam. If you spend $1000, they give you $10.00 off as some sort of great discount. The shipping cost alone is $20.00. "

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Good quality.

"Low defect rate. Cleanliness needs a little work."

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SCAM! Be Careful!

"Be Careful!
I don't know who to believe - the lab said the screen I bought was damaged. ETrade claim they sent me a perfect screen. Anyway, after alot of anger they agreed to give me 50% refund.

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Safe Seller, Great Quality & Quick Shipping. Overall Recommended.

"We have done consiterable business with this company. The quality is generally outstanding and we have always had great shipping times, which is rare for a company shipping from HK.

Their US department is friendly yet understaffed, the RMA process needs some ironing out and the price is too much vs alternatives. These are minor problems considering their stable high quality so 4 Out of 5 Stars.

Mikael Mikkelsen

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I believe many people will be surprised with LCD screens supplied by ETS. Their package is the best ever I have seen, quite well protecting the the screens. Such packages are sure to pass their strict test before wide use!

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I 6 lcd

"Recently I met a big problem with my iPhone 6 screen. The problem may be caused by my improper pressing over the screen backside during installation. I have tested the screen when I got it and everything was working well. But it went wrong after installation on my cellphone.
When i checked more deep, I found the back-light was damaged. The screen was R grade quality from ETS, which is much cheaper than original quality. But such quality is just fine for me, so I chose this grade. I have inquired them all possible issues before purchasing, and they have reminded me to be careful with the two corners on top of the back light, which is very fragile and easily damaged. I did not pay much attention to this reminder, so unluckily met such problem. With their fast service and delivery, my cellphone has been back to life with their new screen replacement.
(Hope you can pay attention to my reviews here and avoid such problems during installation.)

Helpful (1) Cool



"bought an iphone 6s lcd screen replacement from etrade, and replace it on my own according to their repair video, it works fine! btw, their video is amazing, very helpful, as to the lcd screen replacement, i bought the so-called s+ grade, they claimed to be just like original ones, though a little expensive, but works good so far."

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Quick delivery and exellent quality.

"Made one order, tried to pay with my credit card. They made a preliminary withdrawal from the card but needed me to send a picture with my ID and card so I cancelled the order. Got my money back in two days, no problems there. Made another order, paid with paypal, got the stuff delivered from HK all the way to Sweden in 3 days. What I ordered was a new screen for my Nexus 6, used their tutorial videos to replace it and have now a new-looking phone. Surprisingly good parts. Have made another order now and if you don't see any complains then that was as good as this one. Many thanks for saving me time and money."

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Cheap counterfeit HTC one M7 parts !

"I just wanted to do as everybody else did, i.e. order from ETradeSupply, to be sure and get an OmniVision OV4668 rear camera module that solves the HTC one m7 purple tint issue!

After more than 24€ of taxes and DHL charges (on top of the 16.59$ shipping fees paid to ETradeSupply), I have received a 13P1BS401 model, known to be problematic ! It did not have the cross-shape like the original module, which was a good thing, though the 401 ending worried me already!

ETradeSupply HTC One M7 rear camera (13P1BS401) vs 2013 ST original

Guess what? This rear camera is a total disaster, in fact, it is more purple than my cross-shaped original camera! On top of that, it produces blurry pictures and is slow to focus! And they dare claim the cameras are tested before, and S+ graded! I am currently starting a fight with them, but bottom line: do not order from ETradeSupply! There is already another comment on their website's page about the camera being low resolution!

Photo taken by ETradeSupply HTC One M7 rear camera (13P1BS401)

As a side note, I had also ordered a black LCD assembly, along with the rear housing. Meanwhile, somebody also wrote a negative review on the LCD assembly. I had kept my fingers crossed all the same, but the LCD assembly is clearly not OEM grade S+, as they claim. There is a large gap, with visible glue between the frame and the glass of the screen. When the phone is on, one can easily see light leaking out near the home and return keys. Regarding the housing, well, the power button was literally cast onto the cover. Although the piece is stamped 2013, I believe this was a brand new copy, apparently unfinished. I had to open the rear case again and break the power button with a screwdriver.

They have basically wasted my time, money, and energy so far,

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Good service but they do not know anything about the quality of the parts they sale!

"I ordered original parts as indicated on the site
But I got poor quality refarbish parts... And have nothing to do with them

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