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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 2.50/10
Chance of future purchase: 0.00/10
Shipping & packaging: 2.08/10
Customer service: 0.00/10
Return/Replacement policy: 2.00/10
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Very poor quality, grossly overpriced!

"I bought a pair of shorts very recently. Color was a very faded blue as if they had been washed dozens of times. Fabric was the thinnest, cheapest cotton, very fragile. Front pockets were very shallow so change, keys, etc. got easily lost. I threw the shorts out! Never do business with this company! You will regret it!"

Helpful Cool


Will steal your money

"So let's review. Checked out a cart full of items, took almost a week for them to decide not to fulfill two items (poor inventory control?), was promised I would not be charged, was charged anyways and no refunds were processed, customer service was rude and unapologetic, and then instead of processing a refund for items they never sent me but charged me for anyways, told me to go dispute the charge on my credit card with my bank. Basically they made no attempt to recognize or fix their own error. Maybe because they're profiting from it.

Also the quality of their clothes are terrible. I had one previous order from them where two shirts had holes in them after the first wash and another shirt had a ruined collar after the first wash.

Express.com will never get another penny out of me, and I will make sure as many people as possible know how dishonest of a company Express is. I guess they're trying to make up for the failed Canadian business venture by stealing money from their customers instead.

Helpful Cool



"Never answer on my return request! Size xxxl really fits l-xl. Bad quality clothing, lots of treads! Ugly!"

Helpful Cool



"• They sent me a size WAY too small. No refund policy. Coat was 4-5 sizes too small, their mistake. Cost of shipping to "return" my coat back to China was greater than the cost of the coat. Sized aside, the coat was pure garbage anyway. DO NOT BUY FROM THESE THIEFS."

Helpful Cool


My order was never even shipped

"They blocked the amount for order on my credit card, and weeks after it is still not shipped. Customer Service says they don;t know why, and that they can't do anything. So when shopping online, bear in mind that this company thinks that this is up to them if they ship your staff to you or not. "

Helpful Cool


Online shopping experience ****

"Two things that are a major deterrent to me continuing to purchase from Express online (and I don't do malls/stores).

Firstly, two points. I purchase when their stuff is on sale, because it's simply not worth the full price when compared to the (quality/price of) competition. Secondly. I'm the same size in everything and every other player (Guess, AE, etc) allows me to easily shop online, not the same with Express for two reasons.

1. The last several times I ordered, they have canceled an item because it's suddenly "out of stock." yet it was in stock when I placed the order. Also, for some strange reason, it takes 4 days for them to realize it's out of stock. This is the only company this happens with ever, possibly the worst stock tracking system on earth.

2. The sizes are completely inconsistent. Wear a size 32 X 32 pants? Good luck, one will be long, one will be short, one will fit perfectly.

So the hassle of having items you're looking forward to canceled along with having to return items that don't fit correctly makes this a headache not worth it.

Helpful Cool



"Warning: two employees of the Express.com recently joined the ISIS terrorist organization, swearing in black flag, the symbol of the self-proclaimed Islamic State: their mission is to form ISIS sleepers’ cell of like-minded individuals and to follow the path of Allah. One day these sleepers might use radical weapons such as cutaneous anthrax powder to poison the clothes ready to be delivered to the customers. When anthrax spores get into the skin, usually through a cut or scrape, a person can develop cutaneous anthrax. The first symptoms are: a group of small blisters or bumps that may itch and a painless skin sore with a black center that appears after the small blisters or bumps. Most often the sore will be on the face, neck, arms, or hands. Without treatment, up to 20% of people with cutaneous anthrax may die! Be careful and try to avoid buying from Express.com, you’ll never know when the anthrax powder will be used."

Helpful Cool


Charged $6.99 to return items without any knowledge of fee and won’t do anything about my issue

"Bought a few clearance items that turned out to be too small. Didn’t have the next size up so returned. Got an email showing partial return and when I expressed my concern they basically said sorry you didn’t know. I told them I would have kept them and resold on eBay or given as a gift but don’t appreciate spending $7 on “nothing”. No resolution. "

Helpful Cool


Shipping promotion proved false

"Express.com promotion on home page was order by 10 am Dec 21 and get it before Christmas: free 2 day shipping. I ordered on Dec 19, shipped Dec 20. YET, item wasn't received till AFTER Christmas on the 27th! It's 2017! POOR impression will be shared all my family."

Helpful Cool


Worst Customer Service ever

"The managers in store do not care about you when you make a purchase and you have a question. We also tried to make a return but couldn't because we forgot our credit card, so we went back to get it and when we got back the store had been closed for 10 minutes, but there were still people paying inside. They would not let us return the one t-shirt we needed even when we asked them and they remembered us from earlier. "

Helpful Cool


EXPRESS No More Loyalty!!!

"If I can give a “0” rating, I would. I’m a regular Express customer and just the past couple months, I’ve placed orders totaling almost $2K. Not only shipping and delivery times were slow, but also my orders arrived with missing items from each order I was charged for. One of the representatives I dealt with was helpful, but turned out, most of the items were completely sold out and some would never be back in stock. That’s what I hate about shopping online, you’re always competing for the size. One minute it’s in your cart and gone the next. There’s no first come first serve basis. You get this item firsthand and just trying to spend more money on them so you’re just taking a bit more time to check out. It’s total bullshit! But that’s not it, they advertise coupons online that would not work and send out coupons in the mail that would not work either online even if it says so, and when you call customer service, they cannot do **** to help you out! Can’t apply the coupon you’re trying to use and do any adjustments to the order because it has processed when I’ve been on the phone waiting for over 40minutes! They even say to your face, “you just gotta know how to shop!” This is definitely gonna be the last time I’m supporting this company ‘cause it ain’t worth my time and money!!! I’ll see your stores to return everything ordered and take my business elsewhere and spread the word about how rude, incompetent, and less-than-poor-quality-service ripoffs that you are!"

Helpful Cool


No longer Canadian friendly - items will never arrive

"Warning to those making purchases from Canada. The items are no longer shipped out of Canada and company did not migrate the Canadian shipping properly.

Their customer service is extremely slow and unresponsive.

Items were ordered 2 months ago and it took them 1 month to provide a tracking number and finally I was unable to wait any longer and asked for a refund. (They still charged a 10 usd international processing fee)

Almost 3 months in and I do not expect anything to arrive

Helpful Cool


Utterly disrespectful

"This business is the most disrespectful business I have ever heard of. Don't shop there. Don't work there. Don't even give them the time of day.

If you walk in and ask for another size not currently on their display shelves; a size they advertise online, they will laugh at you. Right at your face. They will laugh because you asked for a larger size than what is out. I've never heard of such a disgracefully company.

They laughed the person who had asked, right out the door.

Helpful Cool


Do not trust

"Do not trust this credit card. Customer Service will deny to help you even if they over charge you. The are Liars. They charge a late fee of $38 even if you submit your payment on time. This is about cashiers getting their extra $2.00 when they get a good loyal customer to get the credit card. They don't care about how much they will scam you. BEWARE!

Helpful Cool


Quality of the product

"Bought a couple of shirts from Express, 4 shirts I bought got torn by the elbow. Very disappointed, and when reporting about the issue they informed about the return policy. Very impressed. "

Helpful Cool

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