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Product & services pricing 0.44/10
Chance of future purchase: 0.25/10
Shipping & packaging: 0.39/10
Customer service: 0.48/10
Return/Replacement policy: 0.44/10
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Terrible service

"I ordered some items from Verizon

I ordered some items from Verizon. They were shipped FedEx (2 day). After the package was late I checked with FedEx online and the package was sitting in their warehouse 90 miles away. Just sitting there. It was listed as "not scheduled for delivery". FedEx couldn't tell me when it was going to be delivered to me. After another day I cancelled the order.

I told Verizon of the issue and they refunded my money for the items.

Then I ordered the items again and paid for Next Day delivery. The items are sitting in their warehouse 250 miles away and it is almost 10AM which is promised delivery time. It will have to travel 160 miles to their warehouse and then travel another 90 miles to get to me all in 90 minutes.

When I talked to the representative I had a very hard time understanding her.

I am done with FedEx. Unfortunately Verizon uses them exclusively.

I can get UPS here in 2 days when I order from Amazon.

Helpful Cool


Like a sloth

"I don’t know how a company makes money off of how slow they deliver packages. Legit move slower than a sloth. My package has been close to my home for two days now and still not delivered. And it’s not “scheduled” to be delivered for another three days. Personally just **** experiences. The last box they were the carrier they box was soaked luckily there wasn’t to much damage to the book."

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Super helpful

"Just wanted to say thank you to Noah, Chad and James at the (3300 South 700 East) location in Salt Lake City, UT! They were super helpful, friendly and efficient. They greeted customers as they walked in and within less than 1 minute I was acknowledged and asked twice if I'd been help yet. I am a person who appreciates great customer service, which is why I am writing this, hoping they will get some type of recognition. Most people write reviews only to complain. Just wanted to say, they are doing a great job and it is appreciated"

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Not delivered as promised

"I paid for overnight delivery, and it was not delivered on the day promised despite the tracking saying it was attempted. I was home all day and my husband was home in the afternoon. The tracking said it was attempted at 6:02 pm, and we were sitting 10 feet from the door watching the evening news at that time. No one came to the door, our dogs didn't bark alerting us that someone was here, and no door tag was left. Three more attempts were made and door tags were left, although the back of the tag says 3 attempts would be made. I was not home for the other 3 attempts. I called the shipper and they said that they couldn't help me because delivery was attempted, and told me that I needed to call FedEx. I called Fedex and that wouldn't help me because they received their payment from the shipper, even though I paid it to the shipper. They also told me that it is possible that it was attempted at the wrong address on the day promised. Evidently, that is now my fault because they won't help me at all. Now I am out my item ordered and out the shipping expense because they couldn't deliver it on time! No wonder FedEx is making money! DO NOT use them for shipping if you have a choice!!!"

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"I paid for 3 day shipping. On day 4, when my package stillhadn't arrived, I contacted FedEx to find out where it was. The answer was they had no record of my address on file. Because I needed the package that same day I explained I would drive to the dropoff point and pick it up myself (120 miles away. ) I drove two and a half hours to pick up the package only to be told it had already been delivered. I asked how it was delivered when I had been told that very morning they had no record of my address and their answer was "we researched it and found it." Well, congrats on your research but why not do your research BEFORE telling me it can't be delivered and AFTER me telling you I'll pick it up myself? "

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They can’t leave package at Door.

"On the 28th I purchased a wine product in order to give a surprise for my girlfriend from the website wine.com and guest what? They always schedule the delivery at the end of the day, they first attempt I wasn’t at home either. I left a not giving them instructions to leave package at my door because I was at wok. Now guess what? They didn’t, also they ruined my surprise for my girlfriend, they customer service are the worse I ever experienced for a currier company without to mention they charge me $17 for all this nightmare? They maybe too big, maybe they don’t close any time soon, but I will never get anything from then again."

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Utter Failure!

"It was supposed to be a 1-2 day express home delivery.
I got a notice by mail the second day it would show up at 6 PM. It never did and I waited frustratingly 40 minutes only to call their customer service and find out they close at 6 PM.. Finally I get a number with takes me to their robot customer service. Which after 15 minutes of hassle tells me the package is on route for delivery. So I continue waiting. Of course no one shows up.

By the third day I get a new notice that it will be delivered by 11 AM. Home from work, waiting in the kitchen, in good hearing distance from the front door. Together even with my doberman(guarddog) who - if I against all odds would've missed it - would bark and run to the door at any sounds. After waiting 2 hours I head back to work only to find the delivery man has left a notice claiming to have called - this obviously ain't so. By the fourth and fifth day I get two more notices by mail that it will be delivered by 6 PM. No one shows up. Both me, my dog and my two flatmates have been home.

After writing to their customer service I've gotten to know it is apparently impossible for them to make a phone call before delivery or give any more precise delivery time than between 9 AM to 6 PM. As a normal, working man I have NO possibility to wait around for 9 hours on a week-day to wait for a delivery-man that might not even ring the doorbell.

The only feasible way for them to deliver is if I write a note on the door. The package is private in nature and I do not wish to have it waiting in the open to be opened or stolen. I chose express 1-2 days international home delivery and paid extra for it. I needed it for a special occasion, thought that perhaps I could still have a use for it after it arrived late - but not on the eight day and it is still not delivered properly I have e-mailed them that they might as well return it. A waste of 20 pounds, 6 hours of waiting and e-mailing and I've got nothing.

Use anything but FedEX.

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Worst customer service very disappointed

"Worse customer service ever!!! I’m 9 months pregnant. I ordered crib and the delivery person didn’t deliver it to my doorstep because I live on the third floor. But instead they leave it at the office. How do they expect me to carry a package that big to my house? What is the point of FedEx delivery if they don’t deliver the package to your door step because of how lazy they are. I call and make a complaint, I spoke to the manager Alex from customer service and he was so very irritating and rude and didn’t help me what so ever saying that my package was authorized to be delivered to my office. BS!!! Now I’m stuck or not crib and no way to transfer that package to my house. About to give birth with no crib. Neverrrrr everrrrrr using FedEx ever again. UPS is way better no comparison!! 1 star is way too much for them. I wish there was a way I can put ZERO stars. "

Helpful Cool


Can't Find Package

"My package made it to my town and never got on the truck. Nobody can help me. Local office promised to call back and didn't. One rep said "if you don't get it today you'll get it Monday or Tuesday...what's the big deal?" I pay for Amazon Prime and this was something I needed in an emergency and they just don't care and refuse to help. I have been trying to deal with this for 3 hours and no resolution. They don't even know where it is and they don't care!"

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Drivers took 2 days to find my house customer service lied about it

"The app and fed ex both said out for delivery at 10:20 pm no one delivered the package. I saw the fedex truck drive by twice and never slowed down. Next day by 6pm same thing so I called customer service. They lied saying the app says it’s being delivered from the day they get the order but it doesn’t mean it’s being delivered that day. I told the car it had yesterday’s date on it. Yeah it will but it doesn’t mean anything. I think is a language problem because he didn’t speak English as a first language.
Finally after I described the house and huge numbers in 2 places they showed up. New driver I’ve never seen before

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FedEx is the definition of INCOMPETENCE

"My package has been floating around for nearly a week. Every day tracking shows on vehicle for delivery. Customer svc. is farmed out overseas somewhere and is of little help. The drivers have no common sense when it comes to rural addresses even when I provided written driving directions and my phone number. FedEx incompetence is truly stunning."

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One Star because that is the least I can give!!

"I purchased an item and the company used FedEx for delivery. I received notification that the package was being shipped and a tracking number. I live out in the country and have been having a lot of rain lately so I had made arrangements to have my dog put up & for someone to be at the house to accept the package. Initially, tracking showed the package to be delivered on Thursday. About mid day Thursday that changed. Not a big deal, updated info now showed Friday as the delivery date. Again, I made arrangements for my dog and to be at hoe to get the package. Info showed package on the truck at 4:17am Friday morning, all day & no package. Finally at 8:56PM, I get an update "Delivery exception, No Attempt made. Delivery Scheduled for next day". Aggravating but I can handle it. Wake up Saturday and see that the package went on the truck at 3:49am & should be delivered today. Make the same arrangements. Guess what about 8:15pm I get an update. "Scheduled Delivery Pending - No Scheduled delivery date available at this time". Call Customer service. No Delivery even available til Tuesday for some reason and they are going to write a report to see why the contractor isn't doing his/her job. Os basically my package has been riding around the Metro Atlanta area for over 36 hours for the last two days and still hasn't made it to my house!!! I ship quite a few items and give my buyers the choice of how they want it shipped. FedEx will no longer be a choice. This is not the first time something like this has happened with one of my orders and i refuse to give my money to a company that just doesn't seem to care. If you have a package that needs to be delivered and on a dependable timetable, take your Package and money to UPS or USPS."

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The worst delivery system ever!

"Fedex is the the worst delivery system ever and I can't believe they are still in business. They claim to have a tracking system, well it is make believe. When someone creates a label to ship something they automatically send out auto messages via email giving a delivery date. I received an email last week stating my package would be delivered in 4 days, it never came. I contacted Fedex and the told me to contact the Company I ordered from because Fedex never received the package to deliver. Who would send out an email with a delivery date without package in hand? So again this week I get another email stating my package would arrive today, well guess what, no package. Fedex actually picked up the package this time but now they have changed it on the tracking system from delivering today to pending. After talking with them they are saying it hasn't had any movement since it was picked up. What the heck? I chatted with a representative earlier today online and all she could tell me was to wait until 8 pm and if it hadn't arrived by them to contact them again. What kind of Company is Fedex running? I have never had a good experience with Fedex, they always deliver late and the never update their tracking system but this takes the cake! "

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Poor delivery

"They just delivered 4 tires and didn't even bother on ringing the doorbell or knock on the door. How sorry is that pure lazynes on their part.

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