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Well I see I’m not the only one

"I came here to leave a bad review and I guess no need too. I waited all day for my package no one came. I checked the tracking info to see that they said they had just came by and claimed it was a closed business. Which I have been here all day waiting on this very important package for business at my residence. So no closed business. They never even attempted to delivery my package. Here it is Saturday. It’s arrival date was last weds. Now they say it will be tues. OMG!!! This is pathetic excuse of a business. I’m surprised they are still up and running. They are a judge company. They could hire better employees. You would think"

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Internet delivery information is wrong again!

"I called fedex about 4 months ago with this same issue. My issue being the internet delivery date not being correct. It is hard to staff for the week when you don't get correct information. It is now 3:46 in the afternoon and my delivery date is still set for today before closing. (meanwhile it is sitting in another state) I have been on the phone for over an hour trying to get this issue corrected so that it doesn't happen again. I am getting no where. This week is a bust for me again. I hope that in the future my efforts today will make a difference for other small business.
If a delivery is promised by Friday, then put the Friday date on the internet, this is the only information that we as the end customer ever sees. Why put Thursday if it is going to set more than 24 hours at one of your locations???

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Would give -1 if I could!

"I worked from home and I'm in process of returning (heavy) equipment back to company, ex-supervisor told me FedEx guy would carry the box with them when they delivered the labels. I got home and got FedEx slip saying I missed them & the labels were @ the grocery store down the street. I didn't mind taking the equipment back to the store just wanted to know so I could ask a friend. Any who, I let supervisor know and she says they could re-deliver labels & pick up equipment & to call them. So I call them. First guy I had to tell the situation not one, not two, wait for it......3 whole times. I literally explained everything to him and he kept saying "the packages are at the location" to which I replied, "YES I know they are at the store, that's not what I'm asking." It got to the point where I even told him exactly what I was shipping and for who and why. Eventually, I just tell him to transfer me to someone else. He does and I wait for that for a good ten minutes. Woman named "Jenny" answers, tell her specifically, per the slip, (I'm thinking since I must've said something wrong to the first guy) I am calling to "request another delivery attempt." & what I get is "I can get them to re-deliver tomorrow but may not be able to, and the package is at the Randall's down the street"" and when I tell her part of my question, yet again, she proceeds to say "the labels they delivered today are not heavy ma'am." Oh and just for good measure, I ask Jenny if she could tell me the guys' name I was just speaking with, in a very condescending tone, she goes on a lengthy spiel about confidentiality, when all she could have said was "I'm sorry I cannot give you his information." I'm pretty irritated by now so told her thanks for not helping and hung up. This is to the 1800GOFEDEX number. I will never do business with FedEx again. Ever."

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Substandard or incompetent your choice

"If you want your packages dumped on the side of the road instead of at your house so that people can steal them then Fed Ex is the right choice for you. Not just once or twice but 3 times in a row. Calling them is a waste of time as they will claim no knowledge of anything. I now ask every merchant what shipper they use and if it is FedEx and they for any reason cannot use another company I will cancel the order and find another merchant that can use UPS or USPS (how sad is it that the USPS out performs your company?). The ones that have had to replace the stolen goods have told me that this is becoming more and more common with FedEx. Take my advice and demand another shipper or not as you please, some people enjoy substandard performance I have no time for it. Even the replacements were done the same way which shows this is standard procedure and FedEx has no interest in performing differently. "

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Never use FEDEX, waited 5 days and still have to wait until Monday even though I paid $6.50 for 2 day shipping. . I want my money back, fede

"Never use FEDEX, waited 5 days and still have to wait until Monday even though I paid $6.50 for 2 day shipping. . I want my money back, fedex"

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FedEx Home Delivery zero for two

"Awful. First time using FedEx home delivery I got an email that said driver attempted delivery. No door tag, no knock on our door, and we were home all day. Took another three days and I finally had to go pick up at a FedEx location. Second time we got an email that said delivery was "pending" but no date. Next morning we were gone for an hour to come home and find a door tag (Saturday), that said next delivery attempt would be Tuesday. At least with UPS if the driver attempts delivery and we're not home we have the option to pick up same day at a UPS location after the driver returns with the truck. Short answer, FedEx is horrible for home delivery. I will not use them period. "

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"I received a door tag on 6/15 that stated they will attempt to deliver again and also I could electronically sign for the package by downloading the app and scanning the barcode. So I thought that would great to have them just leave it in the mailbox the next time they deliver. Five days later the shipment never came. I called to inquire about it and I was told that the made a delivery 5 times before 6/15 and that was the final one. First of all, It doesn't say that on the DoorTag. Second, I only received one Doortag and on the day they put that in the mailbox they did not ring the doorbell. I was home that day. When I contested with their outsourced team in India I was hung up on. I called back later in the day and the rep was very helpful but she said there was nothing she could do, I have to pick up the package. The location is at least 40 minutes away and not in the best neighborhood. I would just like to know how on earth they can claim to be a delivery service when they seem to go out of their way to not make deliveries? We pay for shipping and now we must pay to go pick up our own packages. Everyone...STOP using this service and use UPS. I didn't even get any email updates about this delivery...they should stick to selling materials and sell all their trucks or fire the lazy bums that ride around putting doortags in mailboxes with no intention of trying to deliver anything. Someone put them out of business please."

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Package Never Came.

"They claimed they left package on porch on a Saturday at 11:30 am. I was home. There was no package delivered that day. They denied my claim for lost package based on their records and that I didn't request Signature required delivery. "

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Late Delivery

"Date of package arrival the 14th... Then was told the 16th.... Then Was Told They Would Call Me... No Call.... Its The Weekend... Maybe by the 18th I Will Receive It?? Who Knows..."

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Would pick zero stars

"How diy they stay in business if they are always late? This just happened to me. I looked up my records and see that they did the same thing to me in 2016. Shame on me for trusting their service again. But shame on them too."

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Business Trip

"I ordered a handheld device for a business trip I had overseas and the estimated delivery was 2 days before my trip so I thought I was fine and I messaged support to make sure and they never responded back so I was just hoping it would come on time. Long story short it FedEx never messaged me back and the package came 3 days after estimated delivery time, what I'm mad about was that FedEx held my package at the local facility for 3 DAYS!"

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Horrible Support - Ruined My Package

"I order all of my food online. When doing so, I ordered nearly $150 worth of food. It is fresh meal-prepped food that is frozen. I then pay $15 (premium) price for fast shipping to get it on the exact day I need it. Needless to say, Fedex did NOT deliver it on the delivery date that I paid for. The Fedex delivery guy dropped the wrong package off at my door on the day of scheduled delivery. I ended up getting someone elses package that wasn't even close to my address. I then had to spend nearly an hour calling around to different numbers and pressing different buttons on the prompts to finally get a human to talk to. Fedex really tries to refrain from allowing you to speak to a human at almost all costs, but I finally was successful. I told the lady my issue, and after 15 minutes of being on hold, I got routed to a guy at my local Fedex distribution center. He told me he would watch for the package, and ensure that it got put into a fridge to ensure it didn't go bad. They wouldn't put in extra effort to get it delivered that day when it was supposed to be and when I needed it.

Needless to say, I got my food package the next day, and it was RUINED. The box was soaked, the food was warm and spoiled, and the box was beaten up and smashed. It honestly looks like it was smashed intentionally. $150 worth of food WASTED.

I wrote an in depth claim report to Fedex, along with images. They sent me a letter in the mail stating that there is nothing they can do, and that they are not responsible for it.

Worst shipping company I've ever dealt with in my life. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

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Too shifty

"I had my package delivered three times by this company, not until the 4th time they decide to lie to me about my package being out for delivery. It's way past the delivery times. Can't wait to hear the excuses they'll try to email me back with. Scam company. From now on ill only shop with websites that ship with USPS or UPS. Fedex is a big NO. "

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Extremely rude staff

"Usually my experience with FedEx has been very good and I used to trust the company's service a lot. However, my perception changed with today's experience. I went in to the local FedEx in my neighborhood (626 E Michigan Ave, East Lansing, MI 48823). I tried to print my document and it did not print as there was no paper, but I was charged. When i requested the staff to look at it she was rude to begin with. Next she put in some papers in the printer and I tried again and it did not work again, but I was charged a second time. I went to the same lady and she was super rude and told me how I was doing everything wrong and did not even know how to print. After waiting for a lot of time , I asked her to come and help me with it. This time she came and directed me to print and my document did not print even the third time. She just went off and asked me to wait for as long as I can. After waiting for almost 5-7 minutes I realized it was not going to work out and I asked her about the printing again and she replied that she was not responsible for it without any trace of care for troubling a customer. At that time I really did not know, who to talk to and how to sort it out. So, asked for a refund, and she looked into her system and said my card had been charged only once and she would refund me for that time. However, when I came back home and checked my credit card, it was charged three times. How could they been blatantly cheating like this. When I called about it, she was rude again and made me feel like I was asking for her charity and not my own money.
Name of the staff concerned is DreAna and I fail to understand how has FedEx kept such an incompetent and rude person to deal with customers.

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Website constantly does down

"Since the tracking thing is constantly down, I can never tell if the package is en route. It was sitting in a facility for more than 24 hours without moving then finally gets around to delivering it when i wasn't able to get it since i didn't know it was coming since the website was down. Funny now they say "how to prep when receiving a package and they cant even deliver or keep the website running"

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