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They are either a scam, or really just that bad.

"Placed over a $200 order with them first thing this morning. After I input my credit card information I was prompted with the 'please wait' notification; and as it stayed there without reloading or confirming for a number of minutes I finally went ahead and contacted their live chat support. 'Sherli' I think it was? After describing that same basic scenario to her she guaranteed me that my order went through fine and I should have nothing to worry about, and to be expecting my confirmation emails within the next few minutes.

...I didn't believe her. And after a few minutes passed by without any confirmation emails I looked over my account 'orders' which stated they were 'awaiting confirmation' and so, after bringing that to the attention of the same live chat representative after re-live chatting her again, she said I needed to 'confirm' the transaction over the phone with her. And this was almost expected as I read through the Truthpilot reviews and saw others complaining that their orders were not placed due to this, being under the impression everything was fine but then told only after their botched and failed order wasn't delivered that they had to confirm over the phone that they wanted to place the order.

So! I obliged. (Mind you this was still the wee hours of the morning, like 7am-ish. I purposely woke up early to accomplish this as today was a very, very, EXTREMELY important day). After the same live-chat representative called me and I confirmed my details with her, she said - AGAIN everything would be alright and I could expect my confirmation emails to be sent within the next few minutes.

....A few minutes passes by and nothing...

My account orders still say, 'awaiting confirmation.'

...I contact the rep. Again. Her and I argued for almost hour about a 'technical error' and that her and her technical team would have a definite answer for me within the next 2 hours. I almost literally begged and pleaded with her to just tell me if the delivery would be good to go or not because it was REALLY important it be delivered today. And she just kept going on her two hour spiel.

So I wait 2 hours. Still nothing.
Argue again for an hour. Nothing.
4 hours later, nothing.
Try to contact the live chat representative, and was given a 'sorry, nobody is hear at the moment' message.
4 and a half hours later. I finally get the live chat rep. Back on the screen But it's not Sherli anymore.

It's some other woman who surprisingly, seemed kind of down to earth and much more nice and helpful than the last one. After about 30 minutes of explaining my situation all over again and then waiting for another 30... She finally replaces the order for me and it FINALLY works. And so afterwards I ask her one last time if she could confirm and guarantee that my delivery would be ordered on this same day. Her exact words were, "yes, absolutely."

...I wait. I wait I wait.

Still no confirmation emails. I contact the nice chat lady again... She says she doesn't know why, but then she goes out of her way to email them to me. I then also check my account orders and it reads, "under process" which makes me feel a little better?

But here we are at almost 8:30pm EST. (7:30pm where the order was supposed to be delivered; guaranteed before 7pm as that is the cutoff time) At around 6:30pm I try contact them by live chat and phone and just like all the horror stories I read.... Nobody is currently able to help on the live chat and after calling a dozen times, literally nobody answers the phone. It just rings, and rings, and rings and after about a hundred rings, it finally says that nobody is able to take the call.

So now I have 1 pending transaction for the original order I tried to place (which I sent screenshots of to the owner of this company as I was asked to do by Shirli and I would get a response, which never happened). And then I have 1 full transaction for the second time around the order was placed; which would be fine if only my packages had been delivered as promised. But they were not.

And so everyone knows, I did lose my f'n temper and sent that **** (Richard) an email in which I cursed repeatedly and threatened his entire business. And I still stand next to everything I said. There is literally no amount of refunds, discounts, successful deliveries after the fact; nothing at all that he can do to save himself and his business from the **** storm I am going to rain down him.

But yeah. Don't do business with these guys. These bad reviews are not just overly-sensitive people where little things went wrong. These bad reviews are actually 100% legit. Save yourself. Don't do business with Flora2000.

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DO NOT ORDER from this company!

"DO NOT ORDER from this company!
Mother’s Day flower order to my mother in Japan from the US was never deliver on the requested date, the flower arrangement was NO WAY NEAR what they had posted on the picture on their website. JUST COMPLETELY WRONG IN EVERY ASPECT.
My mother’s day as a daughter giving to my mother and as a mother’s Day for myself was THE WORST experience for me.
Wish I can post the picture of the actual vs. website advertised picture.
They used BROWN wrappings to wrap flowers for mother’s day roses. Roses were white and NOT pink when the picture they advertised was PINK.
Just don’t order from here to make your life easier.

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Charged for $126 for flowers, no response to non-delivery

"On February 7th, I placed an order for Valentine's day flowers to be delivered on Feb 12th. By Feb 14th, I saw nothing was delivered, so I contacted multiple times to flora2000 on their website, left phone messages, and emails. It is now the 17th, and I have been charged $126.68 but now their 1800 phone number is offline and a robo voice message says they are experiencing high volume and the phone will be back open on the 26th. This may be an online scam being run, can anyone else confirm this type of non-delivery but money taken experience? "

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If I could rate less than 1 I would

"I placed my 3 days before valentines day and expected delivery on the14th. When the flowers did not arrive I check my order on their site, there was a message to me saying the flowers I picked were not available. I was not notified in any way about this issue.

They have a chat feature and a 1800 number. I tried chat but found a msg telling they were not available and to send an email. When I tried their 1800 number it told me I could not be connected. So much for customer service and guarantees.

I have given them a chance to deliver the day after valentines but I doubt it will happen.

Helpful Cool


Wrong Product for Wrong Price

"I went on flora2000 to order flowers for my fiancée. I ordered it 4 days before valentines day. It was delivered on time(that was good) but something was wrong. The flowers did not look like the pictures on their website. Here's the kicker, the chocolates were nothing i mean nothing like what i ordered! It was just like they got the order, picked some random flower and chocolate and delivered it. I think they actually thought people won't notice, these are people that actually ordered something based on the picture on the website(like any reasonable person). I don't know about anybody else but i spent a couple of days trying to find the right flower based on the damn picture on their website. So what did i do you might ask, I did what even superman would do, I called flora2000, but the line was busy (hmm why oh why). What did i do next I went on their website, and looked for contact information. Guess what it said we are busy just send an email here and here, so convenient, easier for them not to respond. But i wasn't thinking like then, I was like any reasonable human being. It makes sense that they would be busy then, after all it was valentines day. SO I sent an email to Richard (hmm if that's a real person, real people with a heart would respond, unless he's a member of ISIS) and wait and waited. Today I'm sick and tired of waiting. I paid a higher amount for a lower quality product. It's like paying for a Mercedes and getting a Toyota (noting against Toyota but Mercedes is my dream car). My goal now is to go to every review site in the world and tell the whole universe how flora 2000 is nothing more then an organization of thieves!!!"

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Absolutely the worst arrangement of flowers and experience

"I ordered 4 flowers arrangements for Mother' day, the first 2 orders were never delivered. About 3 days after Mother's Day I received an email stating that the they were unable to deliver the flowers and provided my the option to continue with the delivery or cancel. The 3 rd order was delivered and it was absolutely the worst arrangement I had ever seen. It was nothing like the online picture. When finally 3 weeks after Mother' Day the company answered their phones, I spoke to them about the flowers and even sent them pictures, they did nothing but tell me that the arrangement looks like the picture. This was the worst experience and I will never order flowers from this company again nor would I recommend. Stay away unless you want to be disappointed."

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Happy May 12th Mom!

"They put my order on hold because there were non-English characters in the message. To their credit, they did make a few attempts to contact me. However, they make you log into Facebook to use the order process and automatically use your Facebook email as a means of contact. Meanwhile, they made no attempts whatsoever to call me on my phone. When I figured out that my mother`s day flowers hadn`t arrived, I contacted them and had to fight with them about the non-English characters thing. This is a website that prides itself on being international and yet, they never bother to mention that they only accept English characters...which doesn`t work if you`re sending flowers to your Japanese boyfriend`s mother. Then they told me after all that, they not only won`t give me a refund but cannot guarantee the flowers will get there for two more days! Ridiculous. Don`t buy flowers from here unless you watch them like a hawk and have a loose deadline. "

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"flowers arrived at 9 O'clock in the evening and what would anyone expect about the condition of the flowers ?... in garbage like condition of course. I'm rebuilding my relationship with my wife and it makes things worst.. so disappointed with Flora2000. "

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"Not satisfied with their service at all.
I ordered flowers for my boyfriends mom in Brazil. The picture on the website add was nothing like the actual bouquet.... The website one had many...by many I mean at least 6 or more roses and queen lilies, the bouquet my friend received has 1 queen Lily with something like 6 roses....
I paid 121.98 usd .... for a bouquet of 8 flowers in a country that flowers are so cheap... 1 rose is about 1 or 2 usd...
This was a complete disappointement...How can they charge so much for such crap!!!!!!!!
The only thing they got right was the delivery date...

Helpful Cool


"I received the same email twice: "We regret to inform you that your order could not be delivered as scheduled owing to a transmission error." I paid and my girlfriend never received the flowers. I was and I am so upset with this company that if I could pay a global publicity I would do it delighted because they don't know what is customer services and responsability. If you want to send flowers and get a stroke use flower2000. My Review is totally true and you can see my order #1264271 with flora2000. I have cancelled the order and I am still waiting for my money."

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"I ordered flowers to be delivered to my wife on Valentine's Day. I wrote back two days later (2/16/12) to ask what the status of the order was. I figured because of Valentine's Day they would be backed up. The customor service reps initially responded that they would look into the matter and get back to me in a timely manner.

There was no reply from them for several days, so I wrote back to them on 2/21/12. The next day, I get an e-mail from them stating that my order was delivered and they were charging my credit card. I checked with my wife and she still had not received the flowers. I email them again on 2/22/12 stating to give me a refund because the flowers were not delivered.

I gave them about 10 days to give me a refund and they still did not. I contacted them via live chat on 3/2/12 and they told me to give them one more day to look into the matter. On 3/3/12, I did not hear from them at all. On 3/4/12 they told me that their local delivery outlet claims that they saw my wife come into their store and pick up the flowers. I promptly reply that no such event occurred and that my wife still does not have the flowers. They also stated that my wife did not communicate with me that she picked up the flowers; I found that a little rude and insulting even though I told them all along that I had been communicating with her throughout all this. On 3/4/12, they send me another e-mail stating that the local delivery outlet saw my wife come in "with another person" and pick up the flowers herself and that they are going to treat my order as delivered.

So my wife doesn't have the flowers and some other random person seems to have picked up the flowers meant for her from their local delivery outlet. I also got charged for someone else to get the flowers!

This company is very slow to respond to e-mails and deal with customer issues. I will never use this company again to send flowers or gifts. I suggest that if you are thinking about using this company in the future, especially to send flowers or gifts internationally, please look somewhere else.

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"I had ordered from flora2000 on multiple times before; they were honest, timely, and customer oriented. Since Mid-2010, i have had continous incidents, that questions their credibility and business ethics:

Incident 1 in November 2010: A surcharge of around 10% was deducted from my account, that was not announced and not mentioned on their receipt. Then my order was put on hold, since i was not answering their phone call intended to verify my identity; i had given them a cell phone number and it never rang! After chatting with them online, and explaining that they never called, they insisted that they were calling me at the same minute, and i am not answering! i gave them an alternative number, a land line, and asked them to try, they replied that i am not answering as well; at that point, i asked them to give me their phone number for me to call them, they refused, stating that their policy mentions that they are the ones who are supposed to call !!! They never suggested alternatives and they were just passing time with my order on hold and the birthday due date was imminent, which prompted me to request the cancelation and refund of my order.

Incident 2 in April 2011: an exact repeat of incident 1, except that this time i was predicting their answers on every step, and did request as of day 1, to cancel and refund my order.

Incident 3 In April 2011: My Fiance, who rejected my advices and insisted on using Flora2000 as she had very good experience with them earlier, ended up with a big mess and missed the "mother's day". Her case was different than mine, as they never attempted to verify her identity by phone call, but just went ahead with the order. At first they sent a very polite email saying that the ordered flowers are not available, and they will switch the flowers with another type; she accepted. Then they sent another email, saying that their might be a delay of 24 hours since they are overloaded. When the deadline passed, she tried to call them and talk to them online, they were out of reach for a complete 5 days. After successfully reaching them 5 days after the delivery date, they had no info nor updates, and suggested to cancel the order and refund the money (their answer to everything), and grant a 10 USD coupon on future orders.

In short, they have serious managerial problems, resulting in an inability of serving us properly. The above incidents, though seemed fun to read, they were a very stressfull experience, and can easily loose a half day trying to correct a situation in order not to miss an important due date, while on the other side, Flora2000 are not that eager to make things work for you.

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