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"BUYER BEWARE!!!..Gately's has filed for bankruptcy and is now operating new sites. DO NOT purchase from these sites!!!
Or any other site with the same design.
This company was run on poor business ethics and lies. They are crooks of the worst kind. If you have purchased from them before and still have not received your money back call 866.443.0867, this is a new number for their new sites. I suggest calling your credit card company and filing a chargeback and possibly consulting a lawyer!!

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"I cannot provide an invoice number because the trundle bed I ordered in April 2007 has not been shipped. They are virtually unapprochable. If every internet business followed their model, there would be no internet business. They promised to ship on three different occasions. They charged my order to my credit card as soon as they received it. Yet they won't even respond to the dispute issued by the card issuer. They don't return emails or phone calls. It is virtually impossible to get through by telephone. They plead bankruptcy but continue to be evasive. BUYER BEWARE! "

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"File a complaint to, your finacial institution or credit card company, and the Internet Crime Complaint Center. The more the better. This company defrauded me out of $799.99 and has yet to refund my money after cancellation of an order they never bothered to ship. More information on this company may be found on the Better Business Bureaus website( There are hundreds of us that have been milked out of our money. Please...file those complaints!!! They plan to reorganize and stay in business when they need to be put out of business!!!"

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"Sleek Spaces is a FRUAD. Same story as everyone else. Large order $5k, nothing. If you have similar story...file criminal complaint with Colorado Attorney General. Then file complaint with Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3). There is currently a criminal investigation going on with Gately's. File a lawsuit against them also in civil court. Get a judgment and then a Writ of Execution to collect. If you have any luck let me know. Good Luck for all the victims of this FRAUD."

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"I ordered an Eileen Gray table through last year and was extremely pleased with the speed of delivery and quality of the table.
I was shocked after placing a much larger order that I have received NOTHING for over a month, my e-mail inquiries have gone unanswered and their phone number claims to be "experiencing difficulties". I see from the other comments that this appears to be their normal operating procedure.


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"On April 11, 2007 I ordered online from Gately's 4 pairs of white leather dining room chairs (total of 8 chairs), a dining room table and a Platform bed. The dining room table is the ONLY item which arrived correctly and not damaged. One pair of the chairs arrived damaged and the wrong size bed was shipped. I contacted Gately's Sleek Spaces about the damaged chairs and the wrong size bed. It took three (3) months of constant emailing and telephoning to get the instructions and return authorization for these items. On July 7 the bed was returned via Yellow Freight and the chairs were shipped UPS July 24. I was told after the furniture was received by Gately's, I would be issued a refund of $1862.98 back to my MasterCard. It took another month for me to get information about the refund due me. I was told by Monica that the money could not be refunded to my credit card as MAsterCard has a 3 month limit on credits back to the card. So then I was told by Monica in writing and on the telephone, that a check would be mailed on Aug. 17, 2007. After not receiving the check, I followed up with a call Aug 31, 2007 to be told the credit manager was in a meeting and as soon as it ended, I would be contacted about the refund. No call or email came. I sent 2 more emails with no response. I have 44 emails in my file all attempting to resolve this issue since April 2007. The order number is SLK13419. "

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"I can't believe this company is still doing business on the Net!!! I placed an order from Gately's DBA Sleek Spaces. The website indicated that the item was in stock for immediate delivery. After several days, I was told that the item was back ordered and not to expect shipment for at least 4 weeks. No real delivery or ship date, just greater than 4 weeks....

I cancelled the order and recieved confirmation. This is where it really gets good!!! Sleek Spaces of course charge my credit card upon placing the order (over $900.00). It took repeated calls, emails, and a fraud notice from my credit card to get my refund. It took over 3 months!!! Don't do business with this company.

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"I purchased a ping pong table from Gatelys D.B.A. I ordered the talbe on July 16th and was promised delivery by July 28th. I have yet to receive delivery and have been given the run around each time I called or e-mailed customer service. The standard response is to blame the vendor. They refuse to give a new delivery date and always says they are calling the vendor for follow up. Each time they give a different story about what the vendor has said. One story was that it will ship next week, this was 7/27, and then said they would try and get it on the truck that afternoon. The next story was they were awaiting a shipment from oversea. This went on and on. It's now 8/28 and I have still not received the table nor been given a delivery date. What's interesting is that if you went online to purchase the same table today, they are still promising delvery within two weeks. They are a total fraud. The CEO is buying a million dollar home in San Diego per google research. The Better Business Bureau site gives them an unsatisfactory rating. Stay away from this company. 9/20/07- I cancelled my order 8/28/07. They have still not refunded my credit card. Now they are no longer answering their phone. I suspect they are going out of business and stole my money. I think they could not deliver on the table was because the vendor will not deal with them, i.e., they owe the vendor money. I can't seem to get help from anybody with this company. We need more controls on internet fraud."

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"If, like me, you are reading the negative reviews AFTER you ordered, I sympathize with you.

I ordered my product in May of 2007. I have not received my product to date. I have contacted Gately's multiple times, and still no product. Here are the highlights:

1. After 6 weeks of not receiving the product, we called and emailed. We were told that they were sorry, they didn't know what happened but the order didn't go through fo some reason. However, rest assured it would be sent out "ASAP."

2. Flash forward 3 more weeks. Still no product. Call again and email. This time, Bobby, a manager, again apologizes and says he doesn't know what happened, the order didn't go through, but that he would personally get the order out that day and have it shipped "ASAP."

3. Another 2 weeks, no product. We call again on a Friday. This time a CSR, Monica, says the vendor is closed for the day. She says that they will call us on Monday with the info. I tell her straight up that I suspect she is lying to me. She assures me that she is not.

4. Monday comes. Guess what. No call.

5. By the way, multiple emails are sent to the company in the mean time. Gatelys bothers to respond to less than 50% of them.

6. Also, when you call, you'll be on hold for 20 minutes, after which you'll get a message saying, "Due to an unusually (yeah right) high volume of calls we cannot take your call at this time, please leave a voice message." How considerate...they don't want me to have to wait on hold any longer. Oh wait. Then you hear, "Mailbox full; Goodbye." Just wonderful.

6. I call them AGAIN and they tell me they have just sent the order on that Friday (this despite being assured that it had been sent by a Manager on THAT DAY two weeks before). I threatened to sue the company and subpoena them for the name of the CSR I was on with that day so that I could personally sue her if I didn't get my product. We'll see if it works.

In short, if by chance you haven't yet ordered from Gately's and are considering it, DO NOT DO IT. If you already ordered, well, do like me, and spread the word. This company is an absolute fraud.

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"i feel very foolish right now. i normally check cust. reviews for online stores b4 i purchase product. the one time i don't and i get screwed. i placed an order 7/3/07 for fitness equipment, they said it'd be in 8/13/07-backordered. they offered another product, but i didn't want it. didn't recieve 8/13. i emailed them and asked for status. they said they'd let me know when they have it in. i asked for a time frame, they said hopefully early next week. i waitied the next week(this week), still nothing. i contacted gazelle themself and asked if the product was on backorder-they had it in stock. i emailed gately's and told them that if i didn't recieve a tracking number by the next day that i'd place stop payment. i didnt' get reply. wasn't able to place stop payment through the cc, but they're doing an investigation. i told them about the comments on this page. the reason that gately's is in business is people like me, i ddin't do my research on the buyer first. It was a first and last for me!"

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"Gately's debited the purchase from my card and I have since been unable to contact them. I have received no info as to when or if they plan on shipping my $1600.00 purchase. Every time I call the phone just rings and nobody picks up, or I get a message saying it's after business hours. I am in the process of trying to refund my money through the credit card's fraud protection. I would not be surprised if Gatley's is committing more serious credit card fraud (selling credit card #'s, etc.) as well."

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"Absolutely horrible service. They charged the credit right away. 4 weeks later I still don't have the product. The order status always shows "processed"

And email inquiry returned a response that they would contact me in 48-72 hours. Never happened. A phone message was never returned.

I finally canceled (hopefully) the order through email and contacted the credit card (Thank you American Express) to withhold the payment. They are launching an investigation.

DO NOT ORDER HERE. Sure, they seem to have slightly better prices but what good does that do you if they don't deliver and all the problems they will cause you.

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"This Company was THE WORST! I wish I had read the reviews. My experience is the same. I ordered, they took only minutes to take my money. I never received a confirmation email. I had to call to get my conf #. I was told I would receive my futon in 3 weeks. I started checking the status of my order about a week later and it said it was processed. I called a CSR to find out about shipping dates. I was told that they would have to call me back "Tomorrow" which was their magic word. So I waited for a return call. Never came. I called back as well as emailed. I received a response via email stating that they where looking into the status and would contact me "Tomorrow". Still no phone call or email, I called again. Each time I called I was on hold no less than 30 minutes. And on occassion, I was even disconnected due to "high call volume". I called back but instead of choosing Customer Service option, I chose the Sales option. My call was answered in less than 3 minutes. I explained that I was looking to get info in my order. I was immediately transferred by the rather rude Sales Rep to Customer Service. Finally my call was answered. The CSR seemed very friendly as I explained my frustration. She said she was going to put me on hold while she talks to her superviser "Drew". She came back on line and told me she was transferring me to Drew and he would help me. She transferred me, but instead of getting the superviser, I get his voicemail! After she had just spoken with him regarding my complaint. I Then began to call every day. Each time, on hold at least 30 minutes. Finally I got a rep who said he would contact the wharehouse, and he would call me back. He actually did call me back and told me that the futon I had ordered was out of stock in the California wharehouse. But he was going to check the Tampa wharehouse and call me back. He did call me back and told my that the Tampa facility had it in stock and it would be shipped out either the next day or the day after. And I would receive a call to confirm shipment. I hung up satisfied for the first time. I waited 5 days without hearing anything. I began to call them once again. Going through the same situations of long hold times, and CSR's that did not have a clue how to handle the situation. I eventually spoke to a rep that actually looked into my file and read all the contact and notes regarding my order. SHe put me on hold..When she came back, she told me the futon I ordered was not in stock in CA. I told her I had been told the same and it was being shipped from their Tampa facility. SHe put me on hold again, and when she came back, she told me that no one from the CA wharehouse contacted the Tampa wharehouse to ship the futon and now the Futon I ordered was out of stock at both wharehouses. I would have to wait a month for them to restock. The story is so much longer than what I have written here. I cancelled my order and was told that I would have to wait 10 days for my cancellation to even be processed. I then contacted the better business bureau. I filed a claim against Gately's. Their response to my complaint was that they had given me a credit to be used with them in the future. I then responded to the complaint stating that I did not want a credit and was very specific about a refund. They eventually refunded my purchase, but there final response was that their refund policy was to supply a refunf in 3 to 5 business days. I received mine only after filing a complaint and it took them 14 days. STAY AWAY FROM GATELY"S. They are a horrible company. The Gately's store I used was Their customer service is horrible. I can't believe that this company is still in business.

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"Speaking specifically about Gately's Shopping Network and the site they run I will recommend to any person looking at purchasing furniture or anything else they sell to STAY AWAY.

I am currently looking into some legal action against them but wanted to at least warn potential buyers of what they can expect.

I ordered a dining room table from them along with 8 chairs. Online they estimated arrival of the products on 6/23.

I waited until 6/26 and sent an email to their customer service address noting they guaranteed response within 1 business day. I got no reply. I tried calling on 6/27 and waited 20 minutes to be patched through.

When I finally got someone I was told they didn't know if it had shipped and they had to talk to their supervisor to figure it out. They then said they would be back in touch with me on my cell number within two business days. I tried to ask them why it took two days to find out if something had shipped - but they kept using the "we have to talk to our supervisor line".

I then sent two follow up emails - to which there has been no reply.

I called again and was told I had reached them after hours despite it being 90 minutes before their customer service lines were supposed to close. (They state their hours of operation on the message.) They then asked that I leave a message - and when I tried was told the mailbox was full and no more messages could be left.

I tried one more time on 7/2 and stayed on hold 30 minutes before the automated message came on saying there were too many calls (high call volume) and they couldn't get to me but thanks for calling and directed me to another mailbox.

I have now been on hold 30 minutes trying to reach them again to cancel my order.

Please do not order ANYTHING from any Gately Shopping Network site as I want to help you avoid the same issues I have had.

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