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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 5.89/10
Chance of future purchase: 4.38/10
Shipping & packaging: 5.00/10
Customer service: 2.73/10
Return/Replacement policy: 3.33/10
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Excellent company with first ONLINE purchase; Read deeper into any bad reviews

"I was somewhat skeptical after reading some reviews and this being my first ONLINE gun purchase. It could not have gone smoother. I had the gun in my hands from my FFL dealer in less than 5 days from order exactly as described, in perfect condition.

Once I dug a bit deeper into some of the bad reviews, most of them appeared self inflicted so to speak, with people either not checking the firearms or making assumptions without checking into legality or similar. I honesly could not have had a more positive experience from an online vendor. They were very responsive to ALL of my questions; in fact I was able to get most of my questions answered in real-time via their chat app on the website. They were also very upfront with me about expectations, any potential fees, etc.

My FFL dealer was a preferred dealer so the process was exceptionally fast. The gun actually arrived before the accessories I purchased along with it.

This is a legitimate company with good reviews from the BBB, they have a responsive customer service team and everything shipped quickly with no hassle.

Will absolutely be buying from again.

Helpful Cool


Never had a slow shipment

"I buy several guns at a time from grabagun every few months on average. Usually get great deals on sale and have never returned any firearm, or found any defects when picking up a firearm at my local FFL. Always receive my order within a week and they contact me when I order and when they ship. No surprises and a great deal everytime, and I do this often for all kinds of firearms. I hope that I never have a delivery problems as some others have stated in their reviews. I just placed an order on 8/4 and it's out for delivery today 8/7 half way across the country."

Helpful Cool



"About four months ago I attempted to order an item that was “out of stock” and asked to be notified when the product was back in stock. This is itself a bit misleading, as the item was new and had never be in stock before. It should have been labeled “unavailable.”

Within four minutes of receiving an email notice that the item was back in stock, I placed an order #100656432, my credit card was charged, and I received confirmation that the order was placed. I also received an acknowledgement of the order and notice that the FFL info was received.

Three days later I received another email that due to an error in inventory, my order has been closed and funds were being refunded.

I spoke to the manager, Aaron, who informed me that this is a common practice of on-line sores, and that they have no mechanism to fulfill my order when they receive their next shipment.

It has become very obvious to me that there is something to be said about skipping on-line shopping and visiting the mom-and-pop retailer around the corner.

Helpful Cool


They sell to non americans vs usa citizens.

"They wont ship to me. Because im a vet. Because i live in the usa. Because im legally allowed to own a gun. Usps. Fed ex. Ups. All deliver to me. I live in one of the 50 states. Yet they dont ship to me. Because im a vet ? Citizin of usa ? Live in a state ?

Worste company ever !!

American samoa - you ship to. Yet to a member of the 50 states you dont ?
You ship to virgin islands - yet not to your own 50 states ?
You ship to palau - yet not to american citizens living in your own country ?
You ship to northern mariana islands - yet not to alaska ? Your number one oil state?
You ship to marshall islands - yet not to a fellow american living in the usa with a valid ffl ?
You ship to the district of Columbia yet not to hawaii ? Your brothers ? Are you even a usa citizen?
You will ship yo federal states of micronesia. Yet not to me.

Wow just wow.

How are you a business ? It seems like you discriminate against american citizins living in amarica. You rather supply foreign countries that claim amerixan tax dollars and never help the american ppl? You call your self a store in texas ?

More like some one who doesn't believe in the 2nd amendment - and rather just sell weapons to illegal ppl then to his brother.

I bet you never served your country and i bet you dont like to help or sell pistols to vets

Helpful Cool



"After receiving a damaged delivery with missing items they refused to send replacements until UPS finished their investigation that going to take weeks. I'll never purchase from them again!"

Helpful Cool


great prices and service

"Had no trouble finding the Remington 783 in the caliber and with the stock I wanted with the help of the online chat function - beat everyone else's price - shipped the same day I ordered it, tracking was easy, and it arrived at the FFL dealer in 5 days"

Helpful Cool


Worst Online Experience

"I have been a customer both direct and online of GrabAGun for many years. Lately in the past two years the company has just deteriorated to a non-existent customer service and a no-care situation. My recent online experience resulted in me cancelling the order and not a small order at that. I placed the order online and shortly received a receipt. As I had requested to pick up the order in person at the Coppell store, I expected at least some kind of email stating a time-frame to come and pick up my order. There was no further communication. I attempted to call on 7 different occasions, listening to very bad music, from 15-20min each time, and then the call would be disconnected each time. I never managed to get hold of a representative on the phone. So I decided to drive to the store, just to be told my order was not in yet. Needless to say driving 30miles each way to hear that did not enchant me much. I cancelled the order. I have now placed the order for even less than GrabAGun, with another online retailer, and I do not have to pay tax and it costs me only $10 for my local FFL that is within walking distance of my house.
Sadly there might have been a time when GrabAGun cared, but that most certainly is not the case anymore...

Helpful Cool


Great service!!!!

"Ordered a Howa Hogue Panamax in 223 with a 4 - 16 scope and was told to expect it in 3 - 5 business days. Arrived early on 3rd day. Could not ask for better service. This was my 2nd firearms traction from GrabAGun. Thank you guys."

Helpful Cool


Mine was a good experience

"I haven't had the bad experiences that other folks here are talking about here. My first online gun purchase was from grabagun.com. I ordered a Ruger American 9mm. It works great. The gun was received at my FFL in nine days. (You shouldn't be in a hurry to buy a gun, that won't go well for you.) It was in perfect shape and all pricing was as expected. I understood the pricing and timeline. I'm sure I'll use it again in the future. I would like to still buy some via my local family run shop. I just don't see the reasons for the poor ratings. Hopefully I never have the need to complain."

Helpful Cool


Buyer beware

"Buyer beware when dealing with Grab a Gun. Sale pricing does not match actual pricing. Shipping is a joke because of their computer system or employees not sure of which. Customer service does not exist. Tried to buy a pistol based on a promotional email. Could not get the correct price to show up when I placed the pistol in the cart on their web site. Gave them a call the next day. Was informed that the email had the wrong price and that they would not honor their mistake, (no retraction for the wrong price was sent out). After a quick search found that their price was 8 dollars cheaper than the other sites I buy from. My mistake, I went ahead and ordered the pistol while on the phone. Was informed that their computer system sends out random emails stating that your order is not complete, and you need to provide FFL transfer info. I was instructed to disregard these emails. So, I disregarded the first 3 emails. Finally, on the 4th email and 1 week later I called. They had no record of the FFL transfer info I had given their sales rep and I even had him repeat it back to me ensuring that it was correct. Talked to a manager who could have cared less about the problem. I asked for the pistol to be overnighted after waiting a week because of their mistake. Was informed that Grab a Gun does not offer overnight shipping. So, after being mislead by their email, sales reps that fill out their own order forms incorrectly, waiting a week to find out they had made a mistake, spending 45 minutes on the phone and a manager who doesn’t care about customers I canceled the order. Saving 8 dollars is not worth dealing with these guys. "

Helpful Cool


no integrity and sleezy

"I buy from my local dealer unless there is an item that they do not sell. I searched for a gun on the internet and discovered that GrabAGun had the gun that I was looking for. I ordered the gun and immediately received a purchase confirmation indicating that my order was 'shipping soon'. Days later, I called GrabAGun to inquire about the status of my order, since I had not received a shipping confirmation. GrabAGun told me that it was 'shipping soon'...'within the next 5-10 days'. I told them that they either needed to ship it that same day, or cancel the order and refund the charge. I also told GrabAGun that if they did neither that I would file a fraudulent charge claim. They issued a credit, and I left it at that. A few months later I thought I would try them again, so I ordered some magazines. They accepted my order, charged my credit card and emailed me a purchase confirmation. The next day GrabAGun canceled my order, and indicated a credit would appear within the next 5 days. I contacted them to ask why my order was canceled. GrabAGun told me that they did not want to do business with me because I had threatened to file a fraudulent charge claim. Funny thing is, that they never told me that I was blacklisted, they kept sending me promotional emails, and they did nothing to delete my account. While I thought I was giving them a second chance, they were actually angry because I expected to get something for my money. Once I learned of this, I googled the magazine part numbers that I was looking for and found them at other sites for 20% less. If seller integrity is important to you, don't buy from GrabAGun....turns out there a many places with better prices too. "

Helpful Cool



"Received an email that stated the Smith & Wesson Shield EZ 380 that I wanted for my wife had a new low price of $335 down from $415. I clicked on it as soon as I got it, it ended up being $355 not $335 and I don’t know where they got the $415 price as MSRP is $399.

Helpful Cool


The cheapest prices available.

"I ordered an h&k vp9 from them Monday 4/16, They shipped it 4/19 and got to my FFL 4/20.
The same gun was $60 to $100 more at all my local gun stores. The gun came in new in box condition and looks beautiful. Took it to the range right after I picked it and fired 100 rounds with no problem. I will be reordering from them again in the future.

Helpful Cool


First on-line handgun purchase

"Did a lot of shopping before buying a Ruger Mark IV Competition. Grab a Gun's price was $50 better than next higher. The local licensed dealer who transferred the pistol inspected it upon arrival at his gun shop. There is no question it is new, and factory-perfect. Would I have liked to received it sooner? Damn straight! However, 5 days from order to receipt of purchase is not unreasonable.
I have recommended these good old Texas boys to everyone who will listen.
If and when I buy another, Grab a Gun is where I'll start looking.

Helpful Cool


Con artists

"DO NOT buy a gun from these people. I bought a Ruger GP100 advertised as new, but it turned out to be used. This is my first firearm purchase and so I didn't notice the signs when I inspected it at the FFL prior to transfer. There was a lot of black build up in and around the barrel where the cylinder is. I had read that all firearms are test fired by the manufacturer for quality control, but thought it was really odd that there was no dirt or build up inside the entire barrel, just near the cylinder, as if someone tried to clean it in a hurry and did a half **** job of it.
But the most tell tale sign was that the pin that holds the rear sight in place was "peened" into place. I read that it's a common issue for GP100's to have the rear sight pin come loose, and apparently a lot of people just "peen" it to hold it in place. And that's exactly what the previous owner of this gun did. I went to Cabelas to inspect an actual brand new GP100 looks like. And sure enough, the rear sight pin is smooth and inside the gun, whereas mine is peened and has a slightly rough edge where it was peened. It catches my finger if I rub on it. I paid $600 for it, which is cheaper than Cabelas, but I was expecting a brand new gun like their website advertised. I read a lot of bad reviews about grabagun but I thought I'd give them a shot anyway. I truly regret that decision. Don't give your hard earned money to these con artists.

Helpful Cool

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