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Product & services pricing 7.50/10
Chance of future purchase: 7.50/10
Shipping & packaging: 7.50/10
Customer service: 6.67/10
Return/Replacement policy: 7.50/10
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"First, if you are a seller PLEASE do to sell with this company. You will NEVER see your money. Groopdealz owes me nearly $1,000 for deals I have run and I have emailed everyone on their team that I possibly can. They will respond with a "we are looking into it" response, but then nothing after that. Emails will then go unanswered no matter how many you send. There are so many other professional deal/boutique sites out there to sell with who care about their vendors and the business you bring the them. ANY of them would be a better choice than Groopdealz.

Buyers, even if you find an item you like on their site please do not support a company that treats their sellers so terribly. Even if the seller sends your items with the intent of Groopdealz paying them what they are owed, sellers most likely will never see their money. Support websites and businesses who value their vendors, not ones who steal from them.

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"I ran 3 deals on Groopdealz in May and have not been paid on any of them. I have made 5 attempts to contact them over the past month about this and they have ignored every single email, or I get a response back that they are "doing their best to get an answer". Still no answer. If you can't pay someone, don't say in your contract that they will be paid in 2-3 days after a deal runs!

After doing some research, there's a LOT of dirt on this company on the internet! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM IN ANY WAY!,groopdealz-being-sued-assets-and-accounts-have-150-000-lien-utah-technology-blog.html

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Groopdealz is GREAT

"Everything I've ordered from Groopdealz (and I've ordered a lot) has been really awesome. The clothes fit and are more importantly, are cheap. "

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Great Products!

"LOVE Groopdealz!! Everything I ordered fits well and it came on time! "

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Great Products and Service

"The affordable products and excellent customer service is why I shop at Groopdealz! Keep up the good work! "

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Great Customer Service

"I'm a big fan of Groopdealz, especially the customer service department. When I run into an issue, they always help me out! "

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I am a buyer not a seller but it seems they **** for both

"I responded to an email from groopdealz offering personalized dog tags. I don't remember how much the tags were vs how much I paid for shipping, but the total amount paid represented about $10 per tag. This is not a stunning deal. I just needed new tags for my dogs since I had moved and wanted to get that crossed off the "to do" list.

When 2 weeks passed and I had not received them I contacted groopdealz. They sent an email to the company and copied me. In the email they said that they would be tracking the response, and if the company did not respond within 48 hours they might issue a refund.

Frankly, I do not want or expect to have to spend much time tracking a $20 purchase. By the time I decided I needed to follow up, 10 days had passed. There had been no response from the company, and groopdealz had not followed up. I had just filed a dispute with Paypal when they came in the mail. So far so good until I looked closer at them and saw that the phone number on one of them had an extra digit. There are few things more useless than a dog tag with the wrong phone number.

Groopdealz says I inserted the extra digit on the order. That's valid. However, I ordered 2 tags, and one of them was correct. Basically, groopdealz' response is that the company cannot be expected to notice a customer error and check the info on file for the order, which would show the correct number, which was entered for the other tag. They will only offer a groopdealz credit. I don't plan to ever do business with them again, so that's not satisfactory to me.

The company that was offering the tags is called Le Chic Monograms and they are located in VA. I attempted contacting them directly, and never received a response. Their cite offers no other way to contact them but email. The reviews on their site are edited to only show the good ones.

I do not recommend Groopdealz. They are a Groupon wannabe who seems to want to trade on their name similarity to Groupon. Watever you think of Groupon's deals, they are reliable, honest and responsive. Maybe someday I will finally learn to ALWAYS read reviews before purchasing anything online.

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"I have been selling with Groopdealz and they are very disorganized and always pay late I meant really late (like months...) For a deal I had on 2015 and finally got the last payment this year on July 18 -2016 after I finally got the email of the owner. I still have several deals from first months of 2016 and no payment and they don't answer your emails. If you want to sell and work with somebody professional do it with, the pay you right after yo ship the de orders, and all the money at once, very organize, very nice people, they do care about their sellers ."

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Sellers beware

"I have sold on Groopdealz for a few years now. They have always had problems with making payments on time. They use to mail out paper checks and that took forever to get paid but even now don't expect to be paid on time. They hold on to your $ as long as possible. Its not uncommon to have to email them to insist on payment being made. This aspect alone is a HUGE red flag. Unfortunately, I persisted and continued to sell even though they take forever to pay. They have made changes in the last year (to eleventh avenue). I suspect this was to clean up their image since there is so many bad reviews about purchasing on groodealz. These new changes bring really unfair practices and losses to their sellers. Each time a customer returns an item, the seller takes a loss on the shipping they paid to ship the item, the commission they paid to groopdealz , and potentially the item if GD deems it not necessary for the customer to return the goods to the seller. They will also issue a refund to a customer without even consulting the seller. I had an instance of a package being delivered and confirmed as delivered by the USPS. The customer said they never received it. So GD issued a full refund without even consulting with me. Then when I questioned them about it, I was told that as a seller "I need to expect these kinds of losses". They will lie to your face. They clearly don't value their sellers and believe that there plenty of other sellers around the corner if you walk away from them. I had a spotless record with them and delivered 1000's of packages to satisfied customers. I finally had to walk away when I couldn't take any more of there shady, dishonest ways. Sellers, Vendors do yourself a favor stay away, the sales might be tempting but in the long run they will screw you any way they can. There are other reputable selling sites that treat their sellers with respect."

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"I placed an order January 2015 and have still not received it. Contracted customer service and was told they would give the seller 48 hours to respond with an update of the package, 3 days goes by and no answer from the seller or groopdealz customer service (Shelby). I then sent another email requesting a refund since it had been over 3 months since placing the order and expected delivery and no product, then received a response from an Allison zwith groopdealz that she was giving the seller another 48 hours to respond. I had to contact groopdealz with another email because no responds from the seller or follow up from groopdealz. I was then told that Allison shows it was deliver to a post office in another city than where I live and show no other activity and that I should contact them. What customer service is that, I see that it was not delivered to you and now it's on you to contact a post office and find it( also a tracking number wasn't provided to me)
I had to respond yet again and state I need a refund. I was told yet again from Allison that I need to contact the post office because they need me to actually return the merchandise to get a refund. BEYOND RIDICULOUS!
Had to respond yet again and requested a manager. After two day I get a response from Allison not a manager, again no help and that her manager supposedly agreed with her.
Have made many purchases from them in the past, WILL NOT BE USING THEM AGAIN OR REFER THEM TO ANYONE!

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"Do not order from this company! I placed my order 6 weeks ago and still haven't received anything. When I send emails about my order, I get a canned reply saying they are trying as hard as they can to get their orders out to customers. When I threatened to go to the BBB, I got an email with a shipping date that has come and gone. When I threatened to contact my credit card company, I received a tracking number that was from 11 days earlier stating "the order will be picked up soon". In other words, STILL not shipped! Do a Google search and you will see that everyone is having delivery problems with this company! There are even complaints of resellers saying that Groopdealz steals their design ideas and then goes to China to have them made cheaper than the reseller can sell them to Groopdealz. This company is very unethical!! Stay away from them!"

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