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"We ordered a glider for the back porch, however, after only a few days, one of the boards split. We told Hayneedle about it. They quickly sent a replacement with no extra charge.

And it's attractive, comfortable and a pleasure to sit in and watch the sunset.

Helpful Cool


Hayneedle is the dirtiest double crossing company on the internet

"I did not read up on any reviews of this company. I did see their name posted as third party marketplace sellers in a few other websites. So I thought it would be safe to order from them. I found sets of sheets for my bed I wanted. I placed an order via PayPal. I told a few other people about the sale. They ordered using a credit card. My order was held for two days pending. I called PayPal and they said it was on Hayneedle's end, not PayPal's delay. Then it cleared. It took another day for Hayneedle to tell me they sold out at that point. Their emails said they would be backordered a couple weeks, then a month, then two months! Today they sent an email cancelling my order. They actually have this same item and size and color in stock. They just did not want to sell it at the sale price. Unbelievable. Do not ever trust this flakey shady company. They will screw you over guaranteed. "

Helpful Cool



"So bummed to have received this desk chair that had a mark on the seat that clearly someone had attempted to clean before shipping to my client. Because my client put this box in her garage and went on vacation when she returned and discovered the stain it was 6 days past the 30-day return.

Hayneedle didn't have a replacement so she is stuck with either a dirty chair or a credit. Because Hayneedle cannot supply a replacement this is where I feel they should show that customer service they boast about and refund my client since she clearly has to go put new money out for a desk chair. Nobody would want to do this. What a waste.

Customer service rep Cassandra was so sweet and probably should give her supervisor a refresher course in how to treat customers and be a little flexible when you can't come through with the product. We didn't order a dirty chair and although I fully recognize and respect that you must have return policies I also know that when you can't deliver what was purchased you shouldn't stick it to the customer. As a designer, I will no longer be feeding Hayneedle any of my client orders, something I did on every project. Between my client and me we both tried to speak to the manager 3 times and he wouldn't even speak to us. Bad move, that's partly what you are there for Mr. Supervisor.

So, word of mouth happens now. Letting all my designer colleagues, and clients know- we are a pretty large group. In an age where there are so many options, and with Hayneedle being one of the smaller ones, it was a dumb move and one I can only imagine the founders, Mark, Doug, and Julie would probably want to be handled differently. All this over a cheap $150 chair.

Helpful Cool


Still waiting for replacement parts

"We ordered 2 desks from Hayneedle. The first one arrived early actually and in spite of a damaged shipping box no parts were affected or damaged. The second desk arrived several days later. I took multiple pictures of the box as it was delivered wrapped in 2 layers of bubble wrap - obviously was not originally shipped that way. Thought we had lucked out until we got to the very bottom of the box. 2 parts were cracked in half, took pics of them in the box just in case. I called customer service to report the damage. She said I could just repackage the desk and take it to UPS to be sent back to them. The box weighs 140 lbs. And has anyone tried to repack approximately 40 different sized pieces of wood into one of those boxes - never going to happen. The rep then told me they could just replace the 2 broken parts and it would take about 8 to 12 days. Well it is now over a month and I still have a bunch of loose parts all over the place and no desk. Called again and was told that the parts had to be imported and it would be another 3 weeks on top of the 3 weeks we have already waited before I could get the replacements. I have to say that there is no way I would ever use this company again. Already regretting not trying to ship them back the desk in the first place. My suggestion - don't use this company - based on the other reviews I have read, they don't deserve our business. so I will sit here and wait and pray they actually deliver on their promise - but I won't hold my breath."

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Recommend hayneedle

"Most items purchased through hayneedle have been good quality, look good, and can be assembled by one or two ppl"

Helpful Cool


Worst service ever.

"I ordered a bumble bee I received a purple flower. When I went to return it I was ask "if I was sure I received the wrong item" Yep I'm pretty sure at age 50 I know the difference between a purple flower and a yellow bee...lol.... I was told an issue wouldn't be issued until the flower was returned. The call tag was issued April 30th the item was shipped back on May 1st and received back at hayneedle on May 3rd. Here we are on July 17th, 3 calls later over a period of 6 weeks each time being told my refund was processed. Today I was told I would have the refund within 2-4 business days. I doubt it. I'll wait my 4 days and then head to Chase Bank and let them Handle it. I myself am an owner of a small business (20 years this October) so I know a consumer can dispute a transaction for up to 1 year from the date of purchase. There are way too many options these days for online shopping. No reason to use these people at all."

Helpful Cool


Worst company ever

"Hayneedle is the worst company that has ever existed. I'm going to make it very brief but beware DON'T EVER EVER EVER BUY FROM THEM. I purchased yesterday 8 items, as a first time user, and the the amount totalled to $2209. My debit card was charged for $2209 and I thought that's it. This morning I wake up and I start seeing charges on my account for 3 of those items again but this as 3 separate charges. I called hayneedle customer service and I asked them what is going on. So this is where they explained to me that first they hold $2209 (which came out of my account already the day before) and as each item gets shipped I am charged for that item and they release the money that they took yesterday with 4 business days, but they only release the money for items that got shipped. So pretty much in order for me to buy from them I would have needed in my account $4418, luckily I have the money so I didn't go in overdraft but this is the most ridiculous policy that I have ever seen. I buy online all the time and this is the first time that something like this happened to me. WORST COMPANY IN THE WORLD, I WANT PEOPLE TO BE AWARE ABOUT THIS POLICY. I KNOW I AM NEVER GOING TO BUY FROM THEM AGAIN. I WILL POST MY REVIEW ON EVERY POSSIBLE WEBSITE AFFILIATED WITH HAYNEEDLE. SCREW THEM ALL!!! "

Helpful (1) Cool


Update on my experience with them

"I had a bad start off with them, I bought something, and it was damaged when I received it. After a few corresponding, they finally took decisive action and addressed the issue.
They are reliable to order from them.


Helpful Cool


Port Service

"Hayneedle - Poor customer service and on-line ordering. I ordered bunk beds and mattresses twice and both times they were cancelled. I was asking to be shipped to Hawaii (my son is in the Army and stationed there) and I agreed to pay over $586 in shipping costs; however, when the order got to a certain stage, they cancelled. I called customer service the first time they cancelled and they said they do ship to Hawaii and they do delivery on-base. The second time the order was cancelled, same thing. So far I have wasted over a month in trying to get this bed ordered and delivered for my grandson's birthday (that's what he wanted and I was willing to do anything to make sure he got what he wanted -- even pay $586 in shipping costs). They wanted me to place an order a third time but I refused -- my credit card still shows two pending transactions each in the amount of over $1200 for a bed that they aren't shipping. They should have removed the pending transaction for the first order as soon as the second order was placed. Now I'm without my grandson's bed that he wanted. I will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER shop here again! I have ordered from them before but NEVER AGAIN!

Veronika D.

Helpful Cool


Poor Products and Poor Customer Service

"I bought a gas firepit from Hayneedle in April of 2017. Over the winter the firepit deteriorated to the point where it was crumbling to the touch. It did not like the -30 winter in Wisconsin. I discovered this when I took the cover off in May of 2018. I tried contacting Bond manufacturing who makes the firepit but never got a response. After several weeks of this I called Hayneedle Customer support and was told there was nothing they would do as it was over a year old. I sent pictures to their customer service department showing them the damage occured over winter. They did not care. I am disposing of a $600 gas firepit after 1 winter. Very poor service and very poor products."

Helpful Cool


Good job!

"My order came in on time and in perfect condition. Thank you so much!

Helpful Cool


Great service

"Shipment arrived on time and was easy to assemble."

Helpful Cool


Love it

"Great. The fire pit is excellent "

Helpful Cool


Worst online shopping experience ever!

"I ordered a loft bed, and the steps were damaged. I called while the delivery men were on site and the rep told me I can accept the undamaged pieces and they would send replacement steps. I called back a few days later to confirm delivery date and was told I would need to take delivery of the entire order, which means a whole bunch of additional pieces that I don't need and weigh over 350 pounds. I could not get them to understand that I only want the steps replaced and don't have the means to discard of all the extra pieces, especially since they would all be brought up to our 2nd story bedroom. When I suggested just cancelling the order to get a refund, they said it was my job to take apart the part of the loft bed that was already in the room and pack it up ourselves for return. I explained that I wouldn't have taken delivery of the bed if I knew I couldn't just get a replacement for the steps. They couldn't care less that one of their agents misled me. Just said "sorry, that's how it is". They did nothing to try and help the situation or contact the delivery company or manufacturer. No common sense, and totally rude. Will never shop there again."

Helpful Cool


Received broken umbrella

"Have contacted company twice and no response so Im probably stuck with a broken umbrella. Will not be buying from this site again. Lesson learned"

Helpful Cool

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