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Product & services pricing 0.00/10
Chance of future purchase: 1.43/10
Shipping & packaging: 0.42/10
Customer service: 0.00/10
Return/Replacement policy: 0.36/10
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Order in Limbo

"Placed an order on 7/1/18 [today is 7/24/18]. All of the orders were in stock, but one item was back ordered. Since the order was not sent and was not expected to be shipped until 8/10/18, I requested size changes.

The size changes were not made. Why would it take a month and a half to deliver items, especially when all, but one was in stock?

Order was cancelled!

Helpful Cool


HUGE disappointment

"Don't waste your time. The price was so low that I really felt that I had to try this site. What a waste. I thought that I placed an order, then got a server error message that indicated that I had not placed the order. On a whim, I checked my bank account, only to discover that HerRoom managed to debit my bank account. I phoned HerRoom, and stupidly paid extra to have my product delivered faster. Today I waited, and waited, and waited. I got no messages. When I finally checked myself, I was told that I needed to contact HerRoom - that there was some "delivery error." I NEVER have had this problem with ANY other online order. EVER. When I contacted HerRoom, the rep. told me that I now have to follow up with the post office to find out where my package is. Are you kidding me? I don't have time for this. Nobody has time to become a junior sleuth to track something that with any other company would already be sitting on my porch or in my mailbox. Take it from me. This company is NOT, NOT, NOT worth any money that you save. The money you save you will end up spending on medical bills for high-blood pressure due to the hassles! Run, don't walk away, from ordering with HerRoom!"

Helpful Cool



"As many, many others on this site say - I SHOULD HAVE READ THE REVIEWS FIRST! I ordered 2 expensive bras from this company (after thoroughly reading the sizing information), and they both showed up WAY too small. Before returning, I spoke with one of their customer service associates and went over the problem - told her the size I had just been measured at (from a 15 year sizing veteran from Neiman Marcus), and she RUDELY assured me that the next size up would fit my US size. The next shipment's bras did not fit either! Way too small AGAIN!

At this point, I want to return the bras and get my money back AND BE DONE WITH THIS SUP-PAR COMPANY. This has been a horrible experience thus far - not ONLY because of my frustrations with the fitting, but because of the incredibly RUDE and offensive customer service... quite shocking actually. THEY ARE COMPLETE AND TOTAL **** - AND NO HELP AT ALL. EVEN THE "SUPERVISOR," COURTNEY WAS COMBATIVE AND OFFENSIVE. NOT ONE TIME did I hear from anybody that they apologize for any mixup or inconvenience! WTH!

After all this debacle, they are demanding I pay a fee to return this box of useless bras, totally adding insult to injury! I WILL NOT PAY OUT OF THE SHEER PRINCIPLE, AND I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY AGAIN!! Buyer beware!

Helpful Cool


Disgusting Business/Liars and Cheats

"Used this company for the first time and ordered a pair of pants. They arrived damaged so I called customer service. They said no problem! Send them right back and here is a return label. Sent them back and 3 weeks later, received the same damaged pants in the mail! They told me they couldn't be returned because their "returns department" found no evidence that they were defective, and in fact, they also said they were very WORN. Oh really? I had them for 3 days before they made it back to the mailbox to be returned. They were packaged up and send back in original packaging WITH the tags still on them! How would I wear a pair of pants with tags hanging off of them? Is this a new fashion trend? They would not give me a refund, exchange or credit. This company is a sham, and a bunch of liars. After reading reviews, it seems that this is common. They won't refund anything to anyone, even though they have a 30 day policy and these were a pair of unworn pants WITH tags attached."

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Cheats you out of returns

"I returned 2 bras from one order and they took back the cheap one, yet I didn't hear anything on the expensive bra ($100) for a week. When I called, I was told that it had been rejected for "excessive deodorant stains." I was baffled as to how trying on a bra for 3 seconds could result in such a thing, but they insisted. Fine, I guess. But then they mailed the bra back to me, and this bra does not have a mark or a white fleck or any stain on it. I even held it up and scoured it in the sunlight and there are no marks at all. It's a black bra and so it would be obvious if there are deodorant stains. When I called back, they said that once it's rejected there's no recourse -- even if their stated reason is false. I offered to send pictures or videos but got nowhere. They promised to have a supervisor call me, but they never did. I had to call back, and the supervisor refused to reconsider their decision. Clearly I should have googled them first and seen that this is a common practice for this scam retailer. "

Helpful Cool


My Money Thrown Down Toilet

"Wish I had read these reviews before buying from these “people.” I too returned a $150 swimsuit, tried on but never worn, perfect condition, and they would not accept it back and kept my money. When I called they said it was “damaged.” But couldn’t say how. Then they said it was “covered with hair(!)” Unbelievable. When the suit came back I checked it carefully. It looked (and smelled) perfect. The tag wasn’t even bent (another one of their possible grounds for refusal to refund). And then, I saw it. A single cat hair on the outside of suit. I recognized my cat’s hair. I picked it off, like they should have done. Too late...they have my money and I have an expensive swimsuit that doesn’t fit me. This vendor exploits its customers, in my opinion."

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Wish there was option for 0 stars

"Horrible Horrible Customer Service! You will regret doing business with them.I placed an order of over $300 was suppose to receive a free lingerie bag with order..Did not receive and when I called them 4 times because I was put on hold for over 20 minutes each time.was told Lingerie bag did not apply to my order..It said 125.00 purchase or more..Over a 5.00 lingerie bag and 4 phone calls your arguing with a customer..Really??.Asked to speak with the manager was told she would call right back..Never received call..You will regret doing business with this company..Will not again.Will deal with reputable customer oriented companies when purchasing from now on.They treat customers horrible..FYI Customers are what keep your business going..You might want to consider treating them respectfully. Terrible Customer Service."

Helpful Cool


Would not accept never used item for return

"I was very happy with Her Room for a year. Until that is I experienced their return policy. I bought 2 swimming suits. One did not fit, so I returned it. I did this immediately, next day. I was careful when trying the suit on, left the protection pad in, and used my underwear. After 3 weeks, I did not get a refund, so I called them. They kept my return for 2 weeks, giving me a different excuse every time I called. Then, suddenly, I got a package from them with the returned suit and a generic note that my return did not meet their policy. Absolute lie! I could not believe it.
Please beware. Based on my and other reviewer's experience, you should assume that returns are not allowed.

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Return Refused - Do NOT Buy from Them

"I ordered a bra, tried it on and it did not fit. I returned it with tags within a couple of days. The return was refused and sent back to me. When I called customer service I was told that it did not meet their return standards. When I asked if there was anyone else I could share my complaint, I was told that I could speak to someone else but that they would tell me the same. I tried this bra on for 2 minutes. I now have a $60 bra that does not fit and that I cannot return. I believe they are running a scam. I would not recommend buying from them!"

Helpful Cool


Deceptive Sizing and NO cooperation in returning

"I ordered size 10 which in the normal world of sizing is about a medium. I have the same item on which 10 plainly printed. I received a size10/3XL. This is the way they size on the sizing chart. When ordering the sizing chart is to the side and you must go to that to see their SPECIAL sizing. So when a size 10 is ordered you automatically the size 10/3XL.
When I requested a return/exchange and a credit on the shipping it was FLATLY refused. There was no discussion just a canned speak about this is the acceptable sizing chart... basically Tough Luck Lady. We filled your order.. You pay shipping!


Helpful Cool


Happy customer until I wanted to return an inferior item

"Ordering from HerRoom was good---until my third time ordering from them. I got 2 items very inferior to what I'd received before. I expected Customer Service at HerRoom to understand and either replace or refund me, but their rep "Amanda" made it clear that while the company was very happy to take my money, they were not willing to stand behind their merchandise. I was informed that even though it was poor quality, they would not take it back. I was stuck with it. HerRoom is definitely not a company I plan to patronize again."

Helpful Cool


HerRoom.com Awful Customer Service

"I ordered 6 bras from them... giving them the current size and brand that I wore. All 6 bras came in several sizes too small. I return them - they charge a fee for that by the way- only to have then say I wore one... ummmm it gave me quad **** do you really think that I would wear a bra that gave me 4 ****???? I call them and speak with them and the response was "Oh well, we made are decision - nothing we can do about it but we gave you THIS time a store credit so you can buy another one". You mean you want me to buy another one that may or may not fit where I can then pay another $6 return fee? You can keep my $56 - no problem and I will just warn every other customer out there that i can... Funny thing - In reading the reviews posted in the last week alone apparently ALOT of people had the exact same issue.... interesting dont you think... All of the sudded we all had parties in them and then returned them... Sure that sounds legit. I understand the appeal of this size especially for us large chested ladies to try to get these for less money. There is a reason they are less. And they dont stand by their product."

Helpful Cool


Horrible Customer Service

"They refused my return, stating that I did not return it in an original condition. This is a lie. I did not even try the product, because I did not like the straps on the swimming suit. I returned the product exactly the same way I received it. The company's policies and customer service are terrible. Will never buy from them again. "

Helpful Cool


Terrible customer service cost me money

"Ordered bras online. they were shipped 30 days after I ordered them with no notification of reason for delays. In the meantime I went and bought bras elsewhere. Opened my package a few weeks after receiving them to go through the return process to find out that they have a 30 day return policy. 30 days from the date the items shipped! So even though I was asking for a refund within 30 days of receiving the items (30 days late) they wouldn't honor my return. They charged me a stocking fee and return postage. They stated that NOW that I know about their return policy they would accept the return with a restocking fee. I will never shop at this store again. Other companies are smarter and offer great online customer service otherwise shoppers go elsewhere! Terrible!"

Helpful Cool


Poor Customer Service

"My package was never delivered.
Customer Service advised me via email, to ask my neighbors if they had my package and to be sure to look in the bushes around the houses!
It took me four emails to get a phone number for the manager of Customer Service. She has directed me to file a complaint with the US Postal Service and to claim a stolen package.
I just want my money back or a new shipment.
Don't they care about their customers at all?
Terrible service, terrible responses!

Helpful Cool

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