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Warranty Department is Terrible

"I had to have surgery a month ago and my school ring had to be cut off, I contacted them, they messaged back asking for pictures, I sent them, and was told it couldn't be fixed and if I had ordered one of the Gold rings there would have been some form of compensation on ordering a new ring. Well the reasonings they told me it couldn't be fixed, I have visited several local jewelers who said their reasonings were bogus, they could fix it, but for far more than I could afford (do to me being off work from surgery)
It wasn't the fact that they refused to fix the ring that bothers me, but telling me in the email, "Rings that are damaged beyond repair that are manufactured of 10k, 14k or 18k gold do still offer a trade in value towards the purchase of a new class ring, but based on your original order, your ring is listed as white Ultrium which is jewelers grade stainless steel." That is rude, it shows me that the company ONLY cares if you payed high dollar gaudy and doesn't even care to attempt to assist anyone else.
Am I upset, yes, I have seen MANY posts about Herff Jones and the BBB, maybe that's worth looking into as well.

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WORST Customer service in the industry

"I phoned and emailed HJ numerous times in an attempt to obtain assistance ordering a Doctoral set of regalia. Since I was going to have it customized I knew it would be over $1,000.00 Still I was prepared to do so as it was for my husband whose educational career has him wear their regalia once or twice a year. So prepared to spend that much money, I wanted to speak to someone in order to ask a few questions. I though this was a reasonable expectation. Wrong.
I was told on the phone (703) 368-9550 that they are just "too busy to help. You should go to the website".... then when I emailed requesting to speak to someone, I received the same response. I have copied the email below.
This was after numerous attempts at obtaining information.
Bottom line is this... there are other outlets and such that you can obtain regalia from. I am not listing names as I do not want anyone to think i am advertising... just, what ever you do, don't trust these people to fill your orders or provide you with any customer service at all. They have customer NO-Service.
This was the emailed response I got when trying to get someone to call me:

Thank you for your inquiry.

You may visit our website at https://collegegrad.herffjones.com to place an order for your Cap & Gown. Your University has it set up for your order to be shipped
to the address you place online at the time of ordering. Please let me know if you need any further assistance.

Thank you,


Customer Service
Herff Jones, A Varsity ACHIEVEMENT Brand
Graduation | Class Rings & Jewelry | Yearbooks | Motivation & Recognition

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Schools Need To get away from HJ!

"We ordered my son's class ring for almost $500 in Oct 2017 for it to be delivered at their ceremony. He gets his ring and it's not the right size. He was more than disappointed that he had to give them the ring back. Of course, all through Chrustmas break he was without it while his friends had theirs. That was Dec 7. When it had been a month, Jan 7, I called. The rep in the S GA office said we'd have it by Jan 15 and it would be delivered to sxhool. I called on the 16th (the 15th was a holiday) when that did not happen. This time, the SAME REP told me no, the ring is still in "processing" in Rhode Island! That's where their "plant" is. It may go out this week. Well, we received it today, the 17th. I texted my son to head home. He came in so excited. Imagine his disappointment when it was like it had never been touched! It fell off. He is devastated AGAIN! I called them and left a voicemail asking that the actual account rep call me. I also asked in message if I can just take it to the local jeweler I use and pay for sizing so he doesn't have to send it out of state again. I'll bet they say it will void their warraznty, which is insane. Worst company ever. "

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"I ordered a year book for my granddaughter, the order confirmation had her name spelled incorrectly so I replied it was not correct. Their response was it had been corrected. She received her annual and of course her name was spelled WRONG. Their solution is to refund $5.00 and I found that out after a month of trying to get it resolved. Pick a different company and save your parents the grief from incompetence. "

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Ordered cap and gown months ago and still dont have it

"I ordered a cap and gown months ago and still haven't received it. Now Graduation is right around the corner and I'm told by a representative that it was returned to there office. Why wasn't I then notified. No call nothing. Horrible Customer service. Because of this situation I missed out on my family Graduation pictures. I will never recommend this company to anyone you may order yours and have to attend Graduation in street clothes if you don't hunt your product down like I had to."

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Over priced monoply

"Herff Jones charged us $70 for a cap and gown that could have been ordered for about half that price from another vendor but my son's school insisted on Herff Jones ONLY. When my daughter graduated from college a year ago, the cap and gown package from Herff Jones cost her over $200. Many of the students at her college no longer choose to 'walk' at the graduation ceremony due to the expense. Ridiculous! It's a monopoly that students and parents pay to subsidize. The yearbooks are just as bad and over priced as well.

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Can't do anything right.

"Everything was wrong. Literally."

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"Wish that high schools would make better choices in whom they pick for high school grad stuff. Herff Jones is a RIP OFF !!!!! Very unprofessional also! Company keep giving you the run around & charging for items you didn't even order."

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Go shop Balfour!

"Had to give one star to write a review, my choice would be none. Ordered a ring for my daughter, after she designed the ring she desired. set up monthly automatic debit for the ring. then I receive a notice in the mail that i MUST make the last payment (ahead of their scheduled draft). so we did, we were told her ring would be available at school for her to pick up just before Christmas break. She was so thrilled, and excited that she would have her class ring to show everyone at Christmas. The ring however had the wrong stone! we contacted Herff Jones and they were more concerned about informing me their offices would be closed until Jan 2017. received conflicting information as to the process and timetable to rectify their error. I received an email from "corporate" who only forwarded my email inquiry (as no one was available via phone or in person) to the "Sales Rep". it is Christmas morning, and I write this as my daughter is forced to recount to all our relatives why she does not have her class ring. a wall of silence from Herff Jones and nothing. $454.00 and no attempt to contact and make good on their screw up. A miserable experience and I cannot emphasize enough... Look for someone else to fulfill this purchase. it is a shame my daughters memories of what should be a exciting and defining time, is soured by poor customer service and complete lack of respect. today is 12/28/2016 and still not a single word or reply from them! "

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Wish the schools would use someone else...

"I wish our high school would switch to someone else. The prices are outrageous. Upon receiving our supplies at the end of April there was an error on our address labels. Ok called immediately and was told they would be sent out right away.. wrong I called today and was told they never talked to me and the soonest I could get them would be the end of next week.. Really graduation is June 3rd that would give me lest then 5 days to get invitations out. Thank God I hand wrote the ones that went over seas to family. PLEASE SWITCH!!! "

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Buyer Beware

"Buyer BEWARE!!! DO NOT use this company if you are ordering graduation invitations (or anything else from this company). They are absolutely HORRIBLE and a NIGHTMARE to deal with. I ordered graduations invitations for my daughter's college graduation. Not only did I NOT receive the invitations, but I kept getting the run around about when I would receive them....which I never did!! When I asked for a full refund, I really got the run around...from having to call different people to being transferred only to go to a voicemail (which I NEVER received a returned phone call). To date, I am still fighting this company to get my money back. I plan to call the BBB and report this company for their unethical practices. This has been a TERRIBLE experience. Do yourself a favor and move on to another company!!!"

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"I have never paid so much money to any one company with such horrible results in my life. My sons entire 2016 graduation order ( cap, gown, tassel, notifications, thank you notes), none of the order was submitted. I wasn't informed that they were cashing my checks and had not even placed the order with the printers. I never received a call or a letter and was later told there was no contact information even though my address and phone number are on my checks. I had a small balance due and was told these things even though four weeks before graduation could not be expedited until payment was made in full. Four weeks before graduation. This was not my only grievance with them. two year prior I had to wait over a year for my daughters class ring because they could not and would not get it right. if you have another printer use them they are high priced and rude"

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I would have never use Herff Jones if I knew then what I know now

"I went to pick up my class ring January 26 2016 when I ordered it September 14 2015, and there was a huge crack in my ring. I was told it would take 3 to 4 weeks for it to be fixed and sent to my house and I was also told that there would be a rush-order placed on my ring, because all the inconveniences I have had to deal with in the process of getting this ring. Like it not being ready the first two times I was told it would be, then it finally comes in, so we went to pick it up on January 26 2016 instead of waiting for it to be at the school on February 12th when we were told we were supposed to be receiving our class rings at my High School before Christmas break December 18 2015. The company allowed me to walk out of their office with a cracked ring that I paid $700 for. Which makes me question the quality of the ring it's self!
Still have not received my ring or herd anything from the company, i email them trying to get information on my ring and if (IF) they do email me back it's to tell me to contact a different deportment and when I do i hear nothing back. I have called several time and always end up on hold until I finally hang up 30 minutes to an hour later.

VERY DISPLEASE with Herff Jones if it wasn't to late I would order my class ring from Jostens!

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