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Would not replace a printer under warranty

"I spent over 10 hrs on the phone with HP trying to get my LaserJet Pro M252 fixed after replacing the cartridges had caused cyan ink to bleed all over my printed pages. They asked me to buy all new cartridges again, and when that didn't work - after spending over $300! - they still refused to replace the printer. It's still under warranty! Now I have $300 of ink I can't use and have wasted hours of company time. I am very frustrated."

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Hp bad quality and warranty is nothing

"Hewlett-Packard(HP) Case ID : 5012333007

I have contacted HP malaysia.
As i found out the ANT inside my screen.
The problem is, lcd screen is sealed item. how can the ANT went into it?

So, i decided to call for support. First level support refuse and said is my fault by saying i may drop it. caused hole and let ant went it. or i put the bag and bang it.

Please have a look on my laptop.


As you can see, the laptop no bend. not even has scratches at all.
So, no choice/can't answer? she passed to superior then.
after few days, i got a called from malaysia support.
She said this is my fault and i dint take care well on my laptop. maybe sugar beside or coffee and bring ant comes.
From the start till the end converstation. She is using term or laws to put this case away.
But what i concern is.. QUALITY. how can a sealed lcd able to goes it? i pointed this out. but she didn't listen at all. saying on terms of use.

If i am running a hp business, i am sure will curious why does it happened? how to prevent this happen to my client? make my next product even more better. ( in fact, HP teaching staffs to use terms/law to void warranty. I wish i say was wrong, but this is happened at malaysia support) *i purchased 2 years warrantly but system capture 1 year only.
So, she asked engineer to check it. said it's was line problem. able to replace.
After few days, she called me refuse to replace.

In the end she sent an email asked me to pay to fix it. She said will call to technical dept to counter check about engineer case and give me a call back, eventually, NO call.

2 years warranty = nothing
laptop quality = your fault

( i wish quality dept can read this message and find out why the MAGIC ANT can went into it)
teach me how to remove.

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If I could go lower than 1,...I would.

"I have an HP Laptop, desktop and Envy 7640 all-in-one-printer. The desktop is fine but the laptop and printer are crap. More so, when I do have (frequent) technical issues, it is so damn hard to get help. Hey HP! Make better products or hire more damn technical support."

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HP Support- yea right!!

"All they do is try to sell you something so if you want your computer fixed make sure you have $200 cause that's the only way to fix it and nothing is covered under the warrantee. "

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0 stars! Disgusting customer 'service', horrible experience

"There is little wonder that the company has such a shockingly poor rating on trustpilot (1.7 out of 10 stars) and on here. I would give them 0 stars if I could. Truly horrible experience and I would encourage you to stay well away from this company and its products. In November 2016 I bought my HP laptop. In December 2016 HP contacted me to say I’d been sent the wrong model, and a month later they replaced it and gave me my correct, current laptop. This was the first mistake they made and it inconvenienced me greatly, but at least it was eventually resolved. Then on 4/5 November 2017 weekend I travelled with my laptop and charger stored securely in a laptop bag, but later noticed that it had sustained several scratches despite being stored responsibly. This obviously indicates poor quality paintwork on the laptop as its own charger was so easily able to scratch it. On 7th November I spoke to HP customer services and told them this story in detail, and they reassured me that my laptop’s chassis would be replaced free of charge under my warranty. I was actually impressed at how easy and professional this had been. I was very wrong! Laptop was taken away, and on 22nd November I got a receipt that it had been received in the repair centre. To my surprise, a few days later I was contacted by someone from HP, who claimed to be someone senior in the customer relations department but refused to provide his manager's details. This person demanded payment for the job despite acknowledging that HP had told me this would be free. I tried to question the ethics of this with him but he was rude and would not listen. He would not shift on the demand for payment, or honour the promise his previous colleague had made. Instead of addressing my point, he had the laptop sent back to me without being repaired, having wasted a lot of my time and compromised my productivity whilst I had been without my laptop. I should not be in any way responsible or have to bear the consequences for their customer services team not knowing what is and isn’t covered by the warranty and at what cost- once a promise has been made, it should be honoured, and this is what I have repeatedly tried to contact HP about. A free repair to a chassis means nothing to such a large company but means everything to a customer who has been treated so poorly, with continuous mistakes from them. I’ve tried to complain several times to people on online chat but no one is bothered or interested in helping. In fact, these people claim that a complaints department doesn't exist, and have offered me a 'discounted' repair at three times the price that the original email was demanding! Disgusting crooks, out to squeeze money from innocent people who have already spent large amounts on their products. "

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"The people who work at your repair shop know nothing about repairs of laptops that they are supposed to specialize in and your so-called "case managers" are the rudest people that I have ever talked to. The first time that I called my case manager, not only did he keep interrupting me when we were talking, he refused to tell me what HP is claiming that I did in order to make the damage to my laptop be considered out of warranty and instead he kept insisting that I take him up on his offer of $50 of the purchase of a new laptop (my laptop was less than 1 year old at the time and I did not wish to purchase a new one). I had to call Costco concierge, which then connected me to a separate case manager who told me after he pulled up my case that the repair warehouse had my laptop down as having a cracked screen, which came out to not be true, which I stated to multiple of your associates, who refused to listen. Because I was smart enough to purchase a square trade extra warranty from Costco that is valid for 3 years, when I finally got my laptop back a month after sending it to HP (also another reason I think that the customer service was absolutely TERRIBLE. When I first called I made sure to state that I need the laptop to study for my numerous exams, pharmacy school apps, and to work on my homework assignments, which was obviously ignored looking at the timeline of how long it took to get my laptop back, still unrepaired). I just received my laptop back from Square Trade, and found out, that as I stated, the screen was in fact not actually cracked, and that all that had to be done for repairs was to reload the OS. NOTHING was repaired or replaced and my laptop now works perfectly. How can people who work on these specific computers not know how to do a repair this simple and try to charge over $600 (almost close to the price that I had paid for the laptop in the first place) for something that is not even the problem in the first place. HP IS THE WORST COMPANY EVER and I have already contacted Costco to tell them about how they treat their customers. I will never be purchasing any products from HP again"

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They keep jerking me around.

"Horrible wait on the phone to speak to someone! I spent HOURS on the phone while they "TRIED" to fix the problem! I bought HP61 ink for my printer. When I put it in, I got an error message saying I need to add colored ink. I tried it again, same thing. I spent hours on the phone trying to get it resolved. They sent me a replacement printer. SAME PROBLEM. More hours on the phone trying to get it resolved! I had to send my old printer back using FEDEX. I was told to call Fedex to schedule a pick up. The label HP sent me was good ONLY if I find a FEDEX location to return it to. If I didn't get it back in 15 days, they would charge me for the printer!!! I drove 25 MILES RT to a PICK UP LOCATION!!! They sent me a 2nd printer which I just tried, SAME DAMN PROBLEM!!!! It says I need a tricolor cartridge. I said could it just be that your ink is NO GOOD? Rather than REPLACE THE INK, they sent me another PRINTER!!! WHICH ALSO DISPLAYS THE SAME ERROR MESSAGE! I have been on hold now for 75 minutes waiting for a supervisor. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING MARKED HP!!! THEY HAVE THE WORST SERVICE EVER. I WILL NEVER EVER BUY ANOTHER HP PRODUCT!"

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Computer issues

"Will NOT be buying from HP again. I recently bought my computer for college about 3 months ago and it is already having issues. The computer will not power on unless I press the escape key and the power button multiple times. I was on the phone with tech support for over 2.5 hours which is not quick and efficient. "

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Garbage products! Done wasting my money on this crap.

"Bought yet another printer from them (another mistake). I've been trying to scan one page for three days now. My other HP printer (2 mo. old) failed every time, so I threw it out the window, and went to office depot to buy a new but different one. It prints fine, and scanned to the computer once, but as an image, not as a PDF like my other HP printer did. Now (although nothing changed) when I try to scan to computer, it keeps popping up a bull **** message saying to install the software (which is) and select "manage scan to computer" which does not **** exist. I don't understand how these **** hole companies can legally sell these products that only work intermittently and not as advertised. I've wasted tens of thousands of dollars on newer technology since 2014-2015 and I can say not one piece of this "technology" has worked without some kind of problem. "

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The Worst Customer Service Ever!

"Do not both buying anything from HP! If you ever have an issue, you will not be able to contact anyone to sort it out so it's pointless!
So a couple of months ago I purchased a HP Notebook. Since it arrived, the M button hasn't been stuck down and occasionally doesn't work. I decided to check my warranty to get it repaired. I only purchased this laptop in May 2017 and it says my warranty expires in October 2017, not even 6 months?! So I acted quickly to get this repaired before the warranty runs out.
I spent hours on HPs website to try and find someone to contact. Their online web chat service just doesn't work at all, it constantly says it's down for maintenance. I wasn't able to raise a ticket because apparently my machine didn't exist according to their website! I then contacted HP via facebook just to be told they cannot help me as my computer is a "business" machine and gave me a link to their **** site with no contact information. I wasn't happy with this so I messaged back to explain that I cannot raise a query on their website as they don't believe my laptop exists. I just got told again they cannot help me and then they gave me an American number to call to fix it.. I live in the UK so that isn't going to help me in anyway!
I finally found a number on their website for "Customer Service Technical Support" which was 0207 660 0596. I called this number twice, the first time I was on hold for 15 minutes and just gave up and the 2nd time I was on hold for nearly 40 minutes and then gave up.
All I want is for my laptop to be repaired when it arrived faulty anyway! You cannot seem to contact this company!! They are **** useless and I am extremely **** off that I am just being fobbed off constantly!!

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No Notice To Be Picked Up For Deliver

"I ordered the Hp Laptop Bundle for 799$ on Aug 4th 2017 from The Shopping Channel (TSC) . It was the showstopper for the 5th so was being aired on the 4th at 10pm. I placed my order at 10:40pm on the 4th. I waited for 3 weeks to get it. Never ever got it. Kept checking the tracking info and all it said was "shipping label electronically created". Call TSC and asked when it would be arriving as it had been 3 weeks of waiting at that time. They said they wouldn't be surprised if I received it by the end of that week as shipping was completed and it was on its way.
Woke up on the Monday to an email saying my purchase has been refunded. Let me state that I NEVER even received a slip saying it would be available for pick up at so and so time and place. Called TSC and they said they didn't understand why it was returned seeing as I never received it. Called Canada Post who was the one to be delivering it and they said they never received notice to EVEN GO PICK IT UP! This means IT NEVER LEFT THE DAMN WAREHOUSE! So called TSC and they said it ships directly from HP and they don't know what happened. So HP never authorized my order to be sent out. TERRIBLE customer service. So they reordered it for me. Well its been a week since it was reordered and it still hadn't shipped checking the status today. At around 4:30pm TODAY I get a phone call from TSC saying that HP is out of stock AND THAT I WILL NOT BE RECEIVING MY ORDER! Let me make this clear, I ordered it the very same night in under an hour of it being broadcasted on tv and an error was made somewhere on HP's end. So now, people who have ordered it after me will be receiving theirs but I, who was one of the first to order will not be receiving it at all.
WTF?! I am beyond livid. I needed it for school which starts next week btw. I've been waiting for a month only to find out I won't be getting my laptop. I also missed all the back to school computer deals at other stores because I was waiting on this one. I've waited an entire month and got nothing.
Beyond livid.

Helpful Cool


Heartless Pieces of Feces CSR people.

"I bought HP Pavilion 17 New thru Amazon 6/26/17 , it has a 1 year warranty I would think that would cover ALL EVERYTHING. I have a friend visiting me knows very little about laptops computers how to treat things. He only walked by my laptop with coffee stepped on something and spilled a tiny bit of coffee suddenly letters G and H don't type laptop keeps shutting OFF after I leave 10 minutes. I call support in India, I get told NOT COVERED AT ALL cost to repair $299.99 it only cost me $439 and was new I had it 48 DAYS. I said we can't afford this then offered a 10% off wow amazing. I explained I would need 6 months to save $300 so would my friend and I live on disability it took 6 months to save for new laptop. Them to me SORRY we did all we could do REALLY!!! On the other hand it appears Amazon will issue me a FULL $439 credit but not replace, and IF I wanted the HP same one reorder but thing is will I, likely not, it's a great laptop no doubt but having to worry about a very useless warranty of 1 year and lousy mean, hateful unfeeling CSR Support in India or whatever middle eastern country the support is in scares me a LOT. "

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Poor customer service

"HP keep blaming Microsoft for the ongoing issues I am having. When I approached HP to do at a minimum a hardware diagnostics , they keep saying it's not hardware and that Microsoft need to delete some registry keys to fix the problem. Now after 6 months and finally contacting Customer relations on both sides before the warranty runs out, HP are finally going to run their Hardware Diagnostics. How ironic that the last HP tech support rep recently says the problem most likely is the Nvidia video adaptor and they may have to change the mother board. But this information never showed up in the case number. And all Customer Relations keeps saying is ..... well you need to schedule the laptop to be sent to their depot and diagnosed as it's never been in for testing. Well maybe if their technicians would do this and stop blaming Microsoft then we could move forward. Terrible service and each rep keeps passing the buck and saying they can't help and provides another phone number to call. I must have 20 phone numbers and they are always the wrong departments. Joke. And lastly, with a week to go before the warranty runs out, they have told me that I can't buy a 2 year Care Pack because it will take too long to register it. My response is if the motherboard dies one day before the warranty runs out, the still have to fix it. And if it takes two weeks to repair it due to backlog, I still get 90 days warranty. So I don't get it. What's the difference between this and the Care Pack and registering it. If it's on the books / data base, who cares how long it takes to register it. "

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HP doesn't seem to be the problem!I

" I was investigating the "Smart Friend" support offered by HP when I came across the reseller reviews. I agree with some comments reviewers here have made about the "Smart Friend" support. It does NOT seem like a good deal at all!!! I spoke to a regular HP customer support person yesterday about my forgotten MASTER PASSWORD for Windows 10. She immediately responded that if we couldn't resolve it, we'd "have to WIPE IT" (YES, she meant wipe my computer...resetting it back to factory settings). I was relieved that my laptop was no longer under warranty!
That being said, I have to say to the people that are switching "back to Dell" (someone would have to SHOOT me first) and the others that are blaming Hewlett Packard, you are purchasing a USED computer from a RESELLER! I have a BBA in MIS...in other words a Bachelor degree in the Business side of Computer Programming. I have worked for companies that made me grab a laptop before leaving because I was on call 24/7. I ALWAYS had problems with these "USED" computers that were serviced by the "BEST". I used to be able to take apart desktop computers, and I could do ANYTHING with hardware as well as software. Now, things are VERY different.
I am SO SORRY for the horrible experiences I have read about in these comments. I hope things have improved for everyone. I, personally, would NOT advise purchasing a used computer unless I got a lifetime warranty and/or replacement. It's just NOT worth the small amount of money you save buying a refurbished or used computer. It's just my opinion, but after buying new computers from DELL, and having a horrible time getting support. My experience buying NEW products from HP with lifetime warranties (from a 3rd party) has been an absolute pleasure!

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