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"I've always bought HP computers and printers and had always sworn by them, but no longer. Bought a new HP desktop and in less than 30 days it stopped working properly (to make a very long story short!). Contacted tech support as it was still under warranty. After a whole day of being tied down to the phone and my computer while they tried to fix it remotely they then tell me it's not my computer, but a Microsoft windows issue. Two more days on the computer with remote access and phone with Microsoft, and it's still not working correctly. Back to HP to get help, and another two whole days of trying to fix it-- this time trying to reset it to factory default every which way they can and can't even get it to do that. So by the end of day SIX of me wasting my life, FINALLy a tech tells me they'll arrange for it to be sent in to service. He gets all my information, tells me how it works, and then puts me on hold. Comes back 5 min later and tells me his supervisor did not approve it being sent in to service and we need to try having them sending me a recovery link or new recovery disk. UMMMM, you already tried the link, so .. NO NO AND UM, NO!!!! I wasn't wasting another MINUTE Of my life let alone what would be another day and failed attempt to fix t his. They refused to let me send it in to service. So... I took it back to where I got it from, which was Staples, and thankfully the manager was AMAZING and within 10 minutes I was walking out of the store with a brand new one. Unfortunately, it's still the same HP, but hoping it doesn't have the same issues. I will say that the tech support guys were patient, nice, and very understanding. Unfortunately their hands are tied with the company's HORRIBLE customer service policies. So HP YOU ****!!!!!! This will absolutely be the LAST piece of technology I buy from your company. And Staples... YOU'RE THE BEST! You always have and will continue to have my business!"

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What a sneaky, dirty little company...

"I bought the top of the line HP printer that I could find for home use, spent about $350.00 or so. Ran about 40 copies initially. I ran about a dozen copies a year for the next 3 years or so, at the most. In the second of 4 years of owning it, the paper pickup mechanism began not functioning 75% of the time. I usually just emailed the item to myself and ran down the road to Kinko's and paid for the copies. I resolved to fix the problem and called customer service. Even though I had only run 50-75 total copies on my $350.00 printer/copier, it was obviously outside of the typical 12 month warranty, and I get that. Customer service told me they couldn't do anything about it, which I wasn't thrilled or even in agreement with but it was way beyond the warranty period, so I could understand that. They offered to give me a $75.00 coupon on a new one and gave me a few model numbers that I could apply it to. They said they had to email me the coupon...I reluctantly gave in and said ok, having to have some understanding about the reasonable boundaries of a warranty period.
I received the email, but did not look at it. The customer service rep called me to follow up, which I thought was great, but I was unavailable to pick up. Then he called again in 2 hours, I thought Wow! These guys are really on it. Then he called, again, and again, and again... Without consciously thinking about it, some alarms were going off. I thought, no one calls with this kind of tenacity to do a follow up call to make sure I saw a coupon...in an email. So I opened the email and saw the coupon offer, and also that I had 7 days to use it with ONLY their online store. They told me it would be $75 off of models that ranged from $129.00 or so to $80.00 or so. I wasn't crazy about downgrading from my $350 model to $130 model, but I thought maybe technology had made these lower level models as good as my $350 model. So I decided to pull the trigger and do it. When I called them back it turned out that the models they were quoting were the final price after the $75 coupon had been applied to it, and the final price was more than I could get it driving down the road to Best Buy, Staples, or Walmart. In addition they were aggressively pushing me even before I made the purchase to buy an extended month to month ink program. They were so pushy trying to get me to sign up for $20 a month on their end program I knew I needed to slow down and really look at what was going on. I got on YouTube to try to fix my $350 printer myself and saw that between three videos on that repair there was over 100,000 views, and they were another dozen videos at least talking about the same problem that I never bothered to look at. When I brought this up to the customer service reps they said those views are just people looking to learn about their printers… Which of course we all know is a ridiculous thing to try to propose, but they did it.
So to wrap up the story they tried to sell me another one of their products at a higher price then I could buy it in a store, along with an additional $20 a month to get into their Ink program and they said because I had problems they would give me a free 12 month warranty on the new product, which by the way already comes with the product.
All they did here was guarantee that I will never touch another Hewlett Packard product of any type. What a sneaky, dirty little company. Bye, bye HP.

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"Hewlett Packard is THE WORST tech product I have ever bought in my life, their products are horrible, and everything about Hewlett Packard is wrong. Please do not buy their products, you WILL BE DISAPPOINTED !!!!!!"

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shockingly aweful

"Upon getting my new printer, I found out it does not connect wirelessly. Technical support with heavy Indian accent promised to "fix it immediately and make you very happy". He connected to my computer and started a series of tests. After an hour he said I needed to talk to a "senior consultant." The senior consultant (Vishu (?)) was just as clueless. After another hour, the "senior consultant" decided that it is my fault for not updating my operating system. Telling him that it is up-to-date (my company updates continuously and automatically) he said that I need to buy a $209 new operating system. When I refused he said "Thank you for wasting my time" and slammed the phone. Worse - he kept his entry into my computer live, going through my files until (about an hour later) I noticed it and shut him off (!)

I put some freezes on my financial accounts and changed passwords. I hope it helps.

The event took place on June 13th from 2:00pm EST through 4:10pm.

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Shocking development - great response

"Purchased an HP x360 Envy laptop for Christmas. Was thrilled to be getting a new laptop - the old one was WAY old! Started having problems w/it almost immediately. Cursor would jump randomly around on the screen. No control. THEN I started getting little twinges and shocks from it. The problems and complaints kept mounting until I finally contacted them and they agreed to repair it. The unit was sent to a repair location, which happened to be just a few miles from my home. When it was returned, SOME things were fixed, some were not, and there were some NEW issues besides. One of the biggest problems was with the electrical shock and that issue was not only not fixed it seemed to have gotten worse! I was working at the computer one afternoon and received a shock so severe that, not only did I scream out loud at the pain, but it left a burn mark on my arm for hours afterwards. That was it! I contacted the CEO's office about the issue.

Remarkably, I received a call from them two days later. The gentleman I spoke to was very courteous and listened to all of my issues. He asked if I had pictures of the burn I had sustained and asked for copies to send to Risk Management. Three days after forwarding copy of the photograph of my burned arm, I received another call from him advising me that they would be replacing the computer with a brand new upgraded one. The only condition was that I return the old one and complete a form giving them permission to dismantle it to determine the problem and subsequently destroy to old computer.

Three days later, I received a return label for the old computer. The next day, my brand new, upgraded replacement arrived and the next day, the return ship box arrived. Now, obviously, I should not have had to contact the company twice for the same issue. But I believe that problem is more with the company providing the repair service more than with HP. In that respect, they need to better monitor the contractors representing their brand. But... as far as HP fulfilling their responsibility to their customers? EXCELLENT!

They did a great job and I am more than pleased, at this point, with the end result.

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Extreme dissatisfaction

"I have had 2 HP laptops in the past 3 years. The first one would not power up. It was still under warranty. HP had me send it in to them to be “repaired”. Within a few weeks after having it returned to me, the problem recurred. That happened 2 more times, each with the same result. Each time, I was on the phone with HP for at least an hour then was without a computer for 2-3 weeks. After the 3rd time of having it returned to me, allegedly repaired, I had the same issue with it. I demanded a new computer; they refused instead offering me $200 toward another HP laptop. After additional calls, my case finally reached someone who offered me $400+ toward a new computer. I agreed to they, purchased another laptop, and paid the difference (just over $100). Now I am having the same problem with that laptop. It is still under warranty. After spending an hour on the phone last night, I have to send this laptop in to be “repaired”. My disgust with HP is beyond anything I can describe. "

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Horrible customer service

", has become the worst computer company, their customer service is probrably the worst, I was a loyal customer til my last purchase, I bought 2 laptops , first they couldn't take my order right, after they send the wrong laptops, as u all know u need to be home to sign for this merchandise , needless to say u need to take a day off from work n find out they have shipped you the wrong laptops, now u have to talk to customer service, which is probrably in another country n don't speak good English, set up a return label which takes about 3 hrs of trying to deal with customer service, then of course take it to FedEx to return, now you need to take another day off from work to receive the correct laptops, after again dealing with bad, terrible customer service to make sure it's the right one they will ship next, of course all of this is time consuming n and lost of pay at work, now you have paid almost more than double for your laptops with all the lost of income, I'm never again buying from HP , I'm very disappointed, N mad at this company, I don't recommend buying from HP, anymore to all, buy at your own risk, n believe me they won't compensate you the next time u might want to buy, there are to many great brands out there that have great customer service,
A dissatisfied ex loyal customer

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HP Envy TouchSmart m7 Sleekbook

"Absolutely loved my HP Pavilion Entertainment PC and never had a problem with it. I bought an HP ENVY TouchSmart m7 Sleekbook which from the start had problems, which I run my business through. First the touch and pen capability went out in the first year, then the right hinge does not click in when opened and the fan went out. Every time windows updated, it knocked out my iCloud on Outlook - to reinstall would scramble my contact folders into iCloud instead of leaving them grouped in contacts. Did the latest Windows 10 update and could not open office programs, internet, etc. - thought the computer had finally put it self out of it's misery. Luckily, an option to go back to an earlier version was accessible, but running slow. Very disappointed. "

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"your customer service is crap. i bought this printer from wal mart my computer had a problem it deleted the software that was installed by the disk. not only do i have a hp printer but also a hp computer and now this company wants me to buy the disk again what a scam. I am in college and need this printer going and all i am to you is dollar signs."

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Would not replace a printer under warranty

"I spent over 10 hrs on the phone with HP trying to get my LaserJet Pro M252 fixed after replacing the cartridges had caused cyan ink to bleed all over my printed pages. They asked me to buy all new cartridges again, and when that didn't work - after spending over $300! - they still refused to replace the printer. It's still under warranty! Now I have $300 of ink I can't use and have wasted hours of company time. I am very frustrated."

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Hp bad quality and warranty is nothing

"Hewlett-Packard(HP) Case ID : 5012333007

I have contacted HP malaysia.
As i found out the ANT inside my screen.
The problem is, lcd screen is sealed item. how can the ANT went into it?

So, i decided to call for support. First level support refuse and said is my fault by saying i may drop it. caused hole and let ant went it. or i put the bag and bang it.

Please have a look on my laptop.


As you can see, the laptop no bend. not even has scratches at all.
So, no choice/can't answer? she passed to superior then.
after few days, i got a called from malaysia support.
She said this is my fault and i dint take care well on my laptop. maybe sugar beside or coffee and bring ant comes.
From the start till the end converstation. She is using term or laws to put this case away.
But what i concern is.. QUALITY. how can a sealed lcd able to goes it? i pointed this out. but she didn't listen at all. saying on terms of use.

If i am running a hp business, i am sure will curious why does it happened? how to prevent this happen to my client? make my next product even more better. ( in fact, HP teaching staffs to use terms/law to void warranty. I wish i say was wrong, but this is happened at malaysia support) *i purchased 2 years warrantly but system capture 1 year only.
So, she asked engineer to check it. said it's was line problem. able to replace.
After few days, she called me refuse to replace.

In the end she sent an email asked me to pay to fix it. She said will call to technical dept to counter check about engineer case and give me a call back, eventually, NO call.

2 years warranty = nothing
laptop quality = your fault

( i wish quality dept can read this message and find out why the MAGIC ANT can went into it)
teach me how to remove.

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If I could go lower than 1,...I would.

"I have an HP Laptop, desktop and Envy 7640 all-in-one-printer. The desktop is fine but the laptop and printer are crap. More so, when I do have (frequent) technical issues, it is so damn hard to get help. Hey HP! Make better products or hire more damn technical support."

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HP Support- yea right!!

"All they do is try to sell you something so if you want your computer fixed make sure you have $200 cause that's the only way to fix it and nothing is covered under the warrantee. "

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0 stars! Disgusting customer 'service', horrible experience

"There is little wonder that the company has such a shockingly poor rating on trustpilot (1.7 out of 10 stars) and on here. I would give them 0 stars if I could. Truly horrible experience and I would encourage you to stay well away from this company and its products. In November 2016 I bought my HP laptop. In December 2016 HP contacted me to say I’d been sent the wrong model, and a month later they replaced it and gave me my correct, current laptop. This was the first mistake they made and it inconvenienced me greatly, but at least it was eventually resolved. Then on 4/5 November 2017 weekend I travelled with my laptop and charger stored securely in a laptop bag, but later noticed that it had sustained several scratches despite being stored responsibly. This obviously indicates poor quality paintwork on the laptop as its own charger was so easily able to scratch it. On 7th November I spoke to HP customer services and told them this story in detail, and they reassured me that my laptop’s chassis would be replaced free of charge under my warranty. I was actually impressed at how easy and professional this had been. I was very wrong! Laptop was taken away, and on 22nd November I got a receipt that it had been received in the repair centre. To my surprise, a few days later I was contacted by someone from HP, who claimed to be someone senior in the customer relations department but refused to provide his manager's details. This person demanded payment for the job despite acknowledging that HP had told me this would be free. I tried to question the ethics of this with him but he was rude and would not listen. He would not shift on the demand for payment, or honour the promise his previous colleague had made. Instead of addressing my point, he had the laptop sent back to me without being repaired, having wasted a lot of my time and compromised my productivity whilst I had been without my laptop. I should not be in any way responsible or have to bear the consequences for their customer services team not knowing what is and isn’t covered by the warranty and at what cost- once a promise has been made, it should be honoured, and this is what I have repeatedly tried to contact HP about. A free repair to a chassis means nothing to such a large company but means everything to a customer who has been treated so poorly, with continuous mistakes from them. I’ve tried to complain several times to people on online chat but no one is bothered or interested in helping. In fact, these people claim that a complaints department doesn't exist, and have offered me a 'discounted' repair at three times the price that the original email was demanding! Disgusting crooks, out to squeeze money from innocent people who have already spent large amounts on their products. "

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