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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 8.24/10
Chance of future purchase: 9.88/10
Shipping & packaging: 9.63/10
Customer service: 10.00/10
Return/Replacement policy: 9.62/10
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"Donald from HIDevolution was extremely helpful when I was deciding to purchase a Aorus X5 V8. I opted for the Gelid GC Extreme on CPU + GPU, and Fujipoly Extreme Thermal Pads on heat sensitive surfaces AND 2TB Seagate FireCuda Gaming 7mm SSHD (ST2000LX001). The laptop came within 21days and arrived in perfect condition. I absolutely love the machine and appreciate the near bumper-to-bumper guarantee HIDevolution offers. I highly recommend HIDevolution for any laptop purchase."

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Top quality service from start to finish, and and even post sales!

"Purchased a brand new razer gaming laptop from Hidevolution with a custom thermal paste solution. Ted from Hidevolution has been a huge help from the initial point of order with ensuring that the product would arrive on time, to doing a wonderful job with the custom thermal paste, to going out of their way to take care of a physical manufacturing defect shortly after delivery with an International warranty service.

This is my 2nd (overseas) purchase from them and have nothing but the best to say about them. Highly recommended!

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Great Site/Great Service

"Everything about my experience was flawless. This is my first time purchasing a laptop from Hidevoultion and I'm glad to say that I did. I loped at purchasing from sites such as XoticPC, but their website was so confusing compared to Hidevolution. Hidevoultion's site is so clean and simple, letting you know exactly what you're purchasing and with MANY different options and prices. The only hiccup was their account creation services were down at the time. All I did was email support about creating account and within the hour they had created me an account with my email and a generated password. From there I got in contact with Donald S. and he helped me throughout the entire process. I selected my laptop of choice and customized it. I'm fairly new at this so I don't know everything there is to know about laptops or parts. With my custom laptop in my cart, he reviewed it and suggested I change one of my warranties to a LOWER warranty. Doing some research after the fact, he was right. This saved me over $50 on cost. I had a feeling he was going to tell me I needed to upgrade parts and spend more money, but he actually helped me save. We got to emailing back and fourth and even asked if I was a full-time student. Since I am, I emailed him a picture of my student ID and he gave me a student discount as well as 2.5% cash back on my payment method. This led me to save upwards of over $100 on the original cost. The whole process of emailing took a few hours, as I was busy throughout the day, but he even helped me past the time of the store closing. I am on the east coast, putting their support 3 hours behind me. I emailed him well past midnight (9:00pm PST) and he kept getting back to me in a timely manner. All in all, I would definitely recommend purchasing a laptop from Hidevoultion. Their site is superb and their customer support is exquisite, even for someone who knows very little about upgrading parts. "

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They test before they ship!

"I ordered a new laptop (brand new barebones model) with a lot of customization. Fortunately for me, rather than just building it and shipping it out, they do full burn in testing to be sure it meets their standards (especially important for a brand new model, imho). Without going into details, this new model (no longer even being sold now) was not acceptable (and after hearing the numbers, I quite agree). So, I worked with Donald over the phone for a good while and came up with another choice. Given the problems so far, he put a rush order on it no charge and I have to say the week I've had the unit so far it's doing fantastic. I'm much happier with what I got than what I would have had (especially after seeing the reviews/reports of the original model from other resellers).

Given the customization options not found elsewhere and knowing that they do testing before sending it out means a little patience vs just getting a pre-packaged default model on a place like amazon is well worth it! Of course, if you're in a rush, be aware that this does add time to the order/build process (especially if you highly customize it, as I did), even if things do go well the first time.

As for me, I'll be using HIDevolution again, in the future.

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Great service, great value.

"My plan was to build a custom PC. I was going to buy all the parts separately from various retailers and painstakingly put it together myself. I've done that once before--it was stressful the first time, and I was REALLY not looking forward to putting together my own PC again.

During the shopping process, I remembered that my brother had recently purchased a custom laptop from HIDevolution. He had a good experience, so I figured I'd check it out. I expected to pay a huge premium for a custom built PC. I was surprised to find that I could get a pre-built custom PC, put together by seasoned professionals, with premium parts, for little more than had I bought all the parts separately.

Another plus was that they have a payment plan called "SplitIt" that allows you to make monthly payments at NO interest, using a reserve on your credit card. Sweet.

I called HIDevolution and a salesperson (Ted), answered all my questions and helped me pick out all the parts to suit my needs. He gave me honest advice and helped me pick the best options for my money. He was very patient and walked me through the entire process.

I finalized the purchase and waited. Soon after I placed the order, Ted informed me that one of the parts was back ordered for a long time (there is big demand for high-end graphics cards at the moment). He suggested an alternative build with his own recommendations, or said I could wait for the graphics card to become available. I decided to wait, and over the coming weeks Ted was always available to answer my questions, give me updates, and let me know what was going on. He would always answer my inquiries promptly. Despite having to wait to get the PC, it wasn't that painful, because HIDevolution was very communicative.

Eventually the graphics card became available and the PC was promptly delivered. It came very well packaged and sturdily built. It even came with a gaming keyboard and mouse, which I didn't realize was included!
Setup was incredibly easy--just plug it in and press the power button.

I had a couple of questions regarding the software that came installed so I messaged HIDevolution's customer service (Zoltan) and he answered my questions the same day and even offered extra help if I needed it.

Overall a pretty amazing experience, great value, and unless something changes, I'm fairly certain I'll buy my next laptop or desktop from HIDevolution.


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Great service from Donald at HIDevolution for Razer 15.6

"Donald from HIDevolution was extremely helpful and answered all of my questions when I was deciding to purchase a Razer Blade 15.6 (1070 version). I opted for the liquid meal re-paste, heat pads, and 1GB Samsung Evo SSD. The laptop came extremely quick and arrived in perfect condition. I absolutely love the machine and appreciate the near bumper-to-bumper guarantee HIDevolution offers. I highly recommend HIDevolution for any laptop purchase. "

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Timely and Professional Customer Service

"Our experience with Ted at HIDevolution Customer Service has been stellar!
Problem: We bought a Razer Blade 15 inch laptop from HIDevolution. Unfortunately, there was a defective port, and Razer asked us to return the laptop to them for replacement. 10 days after sending it we hadn't received a replacement so contacted Razer and were told that they didn't have any replacements in stock, and we were offered a store credit or to wait until the stock was replenished, with no indication of when that would be. We notified Razer that we wanted a refund and asked that the laptop be returned because we had purchased it from HIDevolution, and naturally they would require that the laptop be returned to them in order to process a refund. Shortcut to the punchline: 25 days after we sent the laptop to Razer, they said it had been shipped to an engineering team that was out of the country and they “can't guarantee if it can still be retrieved.”
Solution: We also had notified Ted with HIDevolution of the issues with Razer. Ted's interactions with us over these weeks was always authentic, courteous, professional, timely, and solution-focused--a real bright spot in this unfortunate situation. He even offered that Razer issue to the store credit directly to HIDevolution, and HIDevolution would issue our refund in order to lessen the time and impact to us. Wow!!!
I think we are near resolution with Razer, and Ted with HIDevolution continues to monitor the situation. He has earned our confidence and appreciation, and we definitely plan to buy our next laptop and future items from HIDevolution. Way to go! This is a perfect example of their focus on their customers' experience.

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Excellent Customer Service

"I heard about HIDevolution from notebookreview forums and support for them was pretty unanimous, so I decided to buy my laptop from there.
They responded well to my questions and doubts, payment was hassle free, shipping was inline with expectations and the laptop worked out of the box very well without hiccups.
(Donald was the person who helped with my order)
My order also included some modifications to the laptop and I can say that they have been done professionally, looks well done and performance was as they claimed.
They were kind enough to also provide with a travel socket since I'm an international customer. (I didn't ask for it, they just gave it) which was very thoughtful.


Helpful Cool (1)


Hidevolution is incredibly good

"I bought several of the gaming laptops, but for Machine Learning. In time, one of the laptops would not load the NVIDIA driver because ASUS had changed the interrupts. Hidevloution was tested by the circumstance and came out great. Zoltan and Ted went to bat for me and got me everything I wanted and needed. They could have turned their back on me because my order was 5 laptops, but they did not. They never complained and got me terrific 3rd tier support from NVIDIA. What's more, Hidevolution never complained and worked until the issue was resolved.

This type of care and support simply does not exist today, with the noted exception of these kind folks. I can think of nothing but good things and I will never buy a laptop except from them.

They are also nice and friendly people. They spent hours on my problem and never complained at the time it took. Incredible people and I wish the best for them.

Helpful Cool


Excellent Experience

"Was the first time I used a reseller for buying a laptop as I typically bought them off of newegg or something. Was a bit hesitant at first, but looked into various resellers I came across hidevolution which seemed to be fairly reputable. I decided to give them a shot, their sales representatives were knowledgeable and friendly. I ordered by computer and it was a bit of a wait compared to the 2 day deliveries of Amazon and the like but it was worth the wait as the computer works fantastically and runs cooler than other gaming laptops I've purchased before."

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HIDevolution Aorus x5 v8 review - BEST EXPERIENCE

"Just an amazing gaming laptop, so thin and premium, the chassis has zero flexibility.
I ordered this laptop on HID with a Liquid Metal repaste and the thermals are awesome ! Shipped in 48H TO EUROPE !!
The 144hz screen is just stunning, the performance are breathtaking thanks to the powerful i7 8th Gen 8850H and the Full Sized GTX 1070.
The Command Center is just perfect and you can overclock your beast in one click and without any issues.
Thermals are really great, without any noticeable throttling, and the sound card give you the most precise sound coupled with a great pair of Headphones.

Just two little cons : The brightness could have been way better, and the fan are quite loud when on Gaming Mod (for watching videos for example).

HID was at is best to deliver this laptop, thanks again to Ted K, and I recommend a lot the Liquid Metal Re-paste.

To conclude : if you want the best gaming laptop yet, go for the Aorus x5 v8 without any hesitations.

Helpful Cool


My first and best experience

"First of all I have to thank Ted for his wonderful support and assistance. Thank you Ted. I am from India and since this is the first time I am ordering a product in the USA, I was quite indecisive. I looked into several platforms and sellers like Bestbuy, Amazon etc,. Either they didn't have stocks, or they charged higher. The shipping time was also very long. I came to know HIDevolution from forums and decided to try them. I was skeptical, but everything turned out really well. Right from payments, to discounts and shipping. Ted returned my mails and calls promptly. They made my overall experience smooth and also promised to ship the product the same day itself. I would recommend HIDevolution to anyone who is willing to buy a laptop. Their service is prompt and HIDevolution is fortunate to have such an energetic, talented person like Ted on its staff. They have inspired alot of confidence in me. You should definitely try them once before opting for anyone else. "

Helpful Cool


the BEST service and build, and an amazing Aero 15x V8

"The people @ HID really are amazing. I had looked at several other reseller/customizers and landed here based on reviews and initial live chat contact with Ted K. from sales. Ted K was super helpful fine-tuning my build choices, and making suggestions that made sense and ALSO saved me some $$$. He wasn't your typical sales-person trying to up-sell as much as possible. The order process was clearly outlined, and HID was very responsive with any questions throughout. They'll tell you if and what parts need to be ordered (which there were in my case) and approx. ETA of said parts. Ordered parts were turned around in about a day, and the build/burn-in/ship took about 2 days with rush once they had the parts. So all told they were able to aquire parts, build/test and ship out in 4 days. Thanks to Ted, Nikki, Rosa and Vivian!!

Definitely recommend HID!

I've been running my new Aero 15X through its paces the past week or so, and so far am very happy with it. I customized my Aero with 32G 2666 RAM and 2x Evo 960 1TB NVME drives. It was not cheap, but man this thing fast. I write custom graphics and WebGL applications that run windows native and also on the linux sub-system. Switched over from Mac about a year ago b/c they just weren't keeping up with my spec needs in terms of Ram and GPU. My last laptop was an Acer Nitro 15, which was laready about a season or so old, and that was already a step up from my then Macbook Pro. The Aero is a big step up from the Acer.

And the Aero is light, thin, and pretty ****. A lot of reviewers say the design is plain and boring, but I don't agree at all. It reminds me of the Yamaha RX-15 Drum machine from the late 80's, which perfectly fits with my aesthetic, and my RX-15 :D I only wish they'd go with the Gigabyte logo on the lid instead of the whole word. But, I guess the logo would be easily confused with the Logitech logo, which is very similar.

I'm running a 4k monitor from the HDMI w/o any noticeable strain on the GPU at all. THe fans are super quiet unless I'm gaming, in which case they are loud, but no louder than other small laptops. When gaming, the Aero does get hotter than my old Acer, but then, it IS much smaller, so it's to be expected. I'm not a huge gamer anyway, so I'm not hitting 4+ hr sessions. If I were I might have gone with a different laptop. That said, The Division, WIldlands, Far Cry all play very smooth. Reviwers also seems to complain about the lack of G-sync, but since the monitor has a 144 refresh rate, I have not experienced any tearing whatsoever.

For me, the most important thing was how it runs my own software. By my estimations, it totally is on par with my Kabylake 6700K 4.4 OCed dekstop build for churning through graphix rendering w/o the fans even amping up. And it powers through all my Web/GL work as well. This thing is beasty, I love it.


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superb customer service!

"HIDevolution has some of the best service out there related to both customer service as well as the technical work they perform on machines they sell. Top notch business with top notch people. great communication throughout the process.
All modifications they made are covered by their warranty and everything is stress tested before shipping.
Excellent company, highly recommended. will do business with them again

Helpful Cool


Excellent Experience

"I was looking to buy a new laptop and came across HIDevolution which also send overseas. I had a few queries & badget limitations so I contacted them. Donald from HIDevolution responded very quickly and was so nice & helpful, went well & beyond to help me. I had some upgrades done and recieved updates every step of the way. Everything went smoothly from support to ordering to shipping. laptop was very well packaged and I'm very pleased with my purchase.
I would highly recommend them!

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