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    Shipping & packaging: Rating 0.80/10 0.80/10
    Customer service: Rating 1.15/10 1.15/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 1.46/10 1.46/10
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Rating 2/10

Don't order from home depot .com

"Ordered a compressor from hd online Jan 6 said it would be here by the 12th didn't show up. Went to store in bend on the 12th after being told they had none In stock. Walked in there was 3 of them buy the frt door. Asked why I can't have 1 of them was told he. Com was a screwed up mess buy the service desk and mine would be here the 15th. Guess what it didn't come. Called home depot .com after dealing with automated help finally got a real person. He refunded my shipping and said it would be here the 18th on roadway. It's is now2 pm the 19th and still no compressor. Called home depot they said it was out for delivery today. I called roadway it won't be. Delivered today because the driver didn't come to work. Now they say monday between 1 and 4 bottom line shop at Lowe's I have never had a problem with them and it's always something with home depot"

Rating 2/10

bad service at Guelph Home Depot Store

"we bought a washer and dryer at HD on Nov 29/17 and the salesperson assured us that we would not have to do a thing.........full installation and we asked that the truck stop at the top of the driveway and not come down the 200 foot driveway lined with an old cedar hedge 25 feet tall. she said 'no problem.......i am writing it on the order'

the very large truck did come down the driveway and tore big branches off the trees and then attempted to turn around on our lawn.

the delivery men told us they were just delivery men and didn't install......they had no tools and were very unfriendly. we had to hire a local plumber to install the machines.

The truckers backed out at high speed and tore more limbs off our hedges and drove over the lawn on the side.

i immediately called the 800 number and the woman was most sympathetic......gave me the Managers number in Guelph and she was really sympathetic and said they would 'make it right' .......she sent an insurance adjuster from Ovation Logistics. the representative was not professional.......would not give us any contact information but did agree the $500 compensation for damages was more than fair. Did try to persuade us that it would have to come out of the drivers pay and that would be tragic etc. a week later we received a letter that denied the claim.

once again we called the Manager at Guelph........well more than once and she assured us they would 'make it right". they have not done so and we are at the end of January.

It has been more than frustrating and we will never shop at HD again..............terrible service


Rating 2/10

Impossible to contact anyone.

"Ordered a washer online. Did not arrive when stated on website. Was given 10 different phone numbers to call for help . . the delivery company, the warehouse, the online customer service, and several other numbers. All automated systems, wait on hold for hours & either get redirected to leave a message - or get hung up on. Super frustrating. When I did speak to an actual person, I found out that consumers cannot request a delivery window at all. They give the most inconvenient time spans ever and once u set the delivery date the first time, u are limited options when changing it. Can't alter delivery to a closer date, just a date that is farther out. That's if u can find someone to speak to about it. This is my first experience ordering frm Home Depot & I will never order anything frm Home Depot again. I spent $1k on a washer that I still do not have. Laundry is piling up all over the house. I have a child with special needs & a 6 no old baby. This is not the kind of difficulty I need in my life. I don't have words to adequately express how frustrating this is =( "

Rating 2/10

Home Depot-Samsung THIEVES.

"Home Depot-Samsung THIEVES. How I got robbed - bought a combo washer-dryer, after deliver (~1wk) noticed a noise when using the washer (see video). Called Home Depot-Samsung back and forth, a serviceman came out to take a look, but did not see anything. A week went by and the noise was there - serviceman this time moved the machine and noticed a large dent in back right corner (from or during delivery) and said only fix is a replacement. So, still waiting (by the way machines were delivered on Nov. 04, so 2 months and counting). Thank you and happy holidays to you as well Home Depot-Samsung THIEVES.
So negative 5 stars, nice service...sorry video is too large to upload.

Rating 2/10


"I wholeheartedly regret going to Home Depot to order kitchen cabinets/counters. We thought we were super lucky the day we designed and placed the order. The young lady that helped us was great and knew what she was doing. We ordered a total of 13 cabinets. The rest from here has been horrendous. We placed our order on 11/11/17 and were told 4 weeks for the cabs to show up. We called on the day after what made 4 weeks for them to tell us cabinets were there and someone was suppose to call us. Strike 1. How hard is it to call when an order comes in? How long would they have sat there if we hadn't made the first move to call and check the status? So we go in to start picking up our order. We have a small truck so we had to make a couple trips. Once we got them home, we stored them in a garage and slowly started opening them up and checking them out. First one we looked at was what the dishwasher goes into. The back panel was cracked. Immediately we loaded it up and went back to HD where they gave us a white one they had in stock (we ordered dove gray), to use while we waited for a new one to come in. We go back home and continue to look over our order. To our surprise, we only had 12 cabinets. 1 was missing. And it was our biggest one (pantry cab). Back to HD we go.... Come to find out, this cabinet never got pulled into the invoice from the design due to a technical issue with the program they used. No biggy - we can wait for that it doesn't affect our counter top measurements. They ordered us one. Back home -- still looking at cabinets, at this point were looking at every single one, already a little frustrated.... 7 of the 12 cabinets we received were damaged. 6 of them were small/minor flaws. Small cracks, scratches, dried paint drips, messed up doors, etc. We had already scheduled our counter top measurement appointment once we knew the cabinets were in, so we were doing everything we could to avoid rescheduling and setting us behind. We settled for the minor flawed cabinets with the guarantee that any doors/face plates would be replaced for free. Most of the flaws could be hidden by the wall, the adjacent cabinets, or counter top. 1 of the cabinets were beyond being able to work with. It looked as though a fork lift had completely smashed the top of the box, and when we opened the box it was horrendous. We loaded it back onto the truck and to HD we went. They ordered us another with no ETA on when it would come in. So at this point we have re ordered countless doors, back dishwasher panel, 36" base cabinet(that were using for a small breakfast bar) and the pantry cabinet. The only one that would hold up the counter measurements was the 36" base. HD gave us a white one they had in stock so we could get the measurements done. When I say "gave" I mean they "gave" us the option and 20% off of it. We bought it -- just to get it set for the measurements and we planned on replacing it with the gray when it came back in. We also got a lousy 20% off any of the flawed/damaged cabinets we decided to keep. So here we are, with the cabinets/replacements for our counters to be measured. It was scheduled for December 26th. Christmas weekend rolls up and we started setting cabinets. Started at the top, and then started the bottom on Christmas morning. We ordered a corner sink base cabinet, anyone who knows about installing cabinets -- knows you start in the corner and work your way out so everything is aligned, level and flush. This corner cabinet was the only cabinet that came disassembled. We get 1/4 of the way to putting it together just to realize they gave us 2 right side panels rather than a left and a right. They run on a track and have a 90* cut out for the kick plate. Christmas day ruined. We're FUMING! Of course its Christmas so we can't call the store. We also can't call the counter top company and cancel/reschedule. Appt was scheduled for 2 hours before they even technically opened. Luckily they called my husband to let them know they were 20 minutes out so he could tell them not to waste their time because we weren't ready. They laughed and said they weren't surprised and it wasn't uncommon working with HD. My husband took off the 26th strictly for this. So there was a day of work, lost. HD apologized and ordered us a left side panel, for free, expedited. We got it a week later. And it was wrong. So here we are, January 2nd, 2018 when we placed our original cabinet order on November 11, 2017. We haven't had a kitchen for almost 2 months. We've surpassed 3 holidays without one, 1 of which we were suppose to host (Christmas). We tell HD it's wrong and we need another one. Expedited QUICKER THAN THE FIRST. It shouldn't take a whole week for an expedited panel. Kim in kitchen designs ordered the panel for us on Tuesday, January 2nd (expedited). And the store manager promised us a tracking number by Wednesday the 3rd. My husband calls to get the tracking -- got the run around. He got transferred 3 different times to 3 different departments by an "assistant manager" named Sean. I finally speak to Karen in KD just for her to tell me that there was no tracking, and that Kim hadn't expedited the order and there was no part# so they weren't even sure if the right panel was ordered. She assured me she cancelled that order and RE ordered the correct panel. Expedited. And promised I'd have a tracking number ASAP. About an hour or so goes by and I get a call from a young woman in Customer Service.... She got a little **** with me and had a slight attitude. Reassured me again that the panel had been ordered and rushed - 2 day shipping. But I wouldn't have a tracking number until Friday... Which means the panel wouldn't even show up until Monday or Tuesday. So another FULL WEEK for a lousy panel!??!?!?!?! Every day that something is wrong, or late, stretches us out even further from having our kitchen finished. We have spoke to countless managers to receive nothing but the run around. We contacted corporate, in hopes THEY could help us out. We were told we'd get a call within 24-48 hours. It has now been over a week. No one wants to help. No one wants to take accountability for the issues at hand. It's always another persons fault, and at times has been indirectly put on OUR shoulders. The one and only person this entire time that has seemed to care AT ALL about our situation is Karen. But even she can't fix everything and I understand that. That's when a manager should step in to resolve further issues. But they continue to drop it on HER. We have spent at least $12,000 at HD in the last 2 months. (And still have renovations to come that we will go to Lowes for.). We have missed work for appointments, and days orders will be in so we can get it done asap. Not to mention the time and gas over the last 2 months almost going back and forth to get this straightened out! The money we have spent on having to eat out almost every single day because we have no kitchen to cook in! We have to wash any dishes we DO use in the BATHTUB!!!! It is completely absurd, and no one in ALLLLLL of HD seems to care about their customers!! After this is resolved, we will never, EVER, step foot in another Home Depot. "

Rating 2/10

Don't EVER believe the delivery dates they promise you

"Many months ago, we ordered some vertical blinds for our windows. Way before they were to be delivered, they had promised us a delivery date. And guess what? They didn't deliver on that date. We had to make multiple calls and spent at least an hour of the phone with them, and then the blinds were still at least a week late.

Six days ago, we ordered a Whirlpool electric range because Home Depot promised us that it would be delivered *today*. Well, yesterday, we spent over an hour on the phone with them to try to confirm the delivery, and they finally told us it was on schedule. Then earlier today, they also confirmed it was still going to be delivered. Our delivery window was supposedly about 2 – 6 p.m. But it was about 5 p.m., and nobody had shown up or called, so we gave them a call. After spending about 15 minutes on the phone with them to see what was going on, they gave us some shocking news—it wasn't going to be delivered today at all!! They suddenly pushed the delivery date back a whole week, and probably would've never even bothered to inform us if we hadn't called up to see what was going on. So, being completely fed up, I just canceled the entire order tonight and decided to order from another company instead, who will be delivering the appliance to us 3 days sooner than Home Depot would have.

Home Depot is a complete nightmare. Whenever you call, it's almost impossible to speak to an agent. You get disconnected, transferred to the wrong department, and then when you actually do get to talk to someone, they usually don't have a clue and give you the wrong information. And sometimes the agents can't even speak English.

Please avoid Home Depot like the plague. If I can help it, I don't ever plan to make a major purchase from them in the future.

Rating 2/10

They wont ship out of state!

"I wanted an item that wasn't available locally because it was sold out. I found the item out of state and offered to pay for shipping. All they had to do was take my C.Card info, address and ship it to me but this apparently is to hard for Home Depot to do. I contacted the store that had the item, chatted with a Home Depot Rep and even called into Home Depot customer service and they all said NO. I work retail for Chevrolet and if a customer wants something and is willing to pay for it we will ship it overseas. Home Depot took a simple transaction and turned it into a complete fu#king disaster. I will never to business with them again."

Rating 2/10

Deceptive and discriminatory business practices.

"Saw an item online, went to order it and it said that a store 50 miles away had them in stock. Travelled 50 miles to find out that the price was double. Instead of $41 they were $81. Same upc. I could have stayed home and had them delivered to the local store, free shipping, for the $41. Customer “no” service stated that in Raleigh they are listed for $41 but in Fayetteville, a military town, they are double. It looks like Home Depot is trying to gouge our Soldiers.

Someone needs to look into these deceptive and discriminatory business practices.

Rating 2/10

Discarded Customer After Years of Loyalty

""Thanks for being a loyal cardmember" was an email I received on October 6. On October 29, I made a purchase of $21.37. The amount was due on December 4. The payment was made on December 10 - a first ever late payment - in full with the late fee for a total of $44.74. On December 11, Home Depot decided to decrease the available credit from $4000 to $500. On December 26, I called to close the account, stating that this was an extreme measure to a first time late payment. "Okay, you will have to reapply if you choose to open a Home Depot card in the future." No worries, Home Depot. I won't even shop there in the future. "

Rating 2/10

Just can't get what I paid for.

" We ordered 3500 dollars worth of tools and bamboo flooring. The first shipment of the flooring wasn't secured to the pallet and had fallen off it and gotten damaged in the delivery truck. We refused that shipment, had to pay for another because they don't issue refunds until they feel like it and they took the damaged flooring back. Apparently, all they did was let that same damaged flooring sit there for a week and then they dropped it off without notice in the middle of my driveway. Same flooring. Damaged. All over the pallet with some very loose, half-done straps on it. It's clear it was the same exact damaged flooring they tried to deliver the first time. So now we're out two orders. What's more, they say they wont be able to pick this flooring up until next week. That means we can't even use our garages anymore. What's more than that, we will have to wait until whenever they feel like picking it up before we're issued any credit at all. Beyond that even is that it's 30 degrees outside, so the flooring is already completely ruined. I have a very bad feeling this is going to turn into a court case. We've already notified the credit card company and taken photos."

Rating 2/10

Unable to contact

"I have called several numbers including the main phone number 800 HOMEDEPOT and the customer service number plus numbers on my tracking info and can never get a person on line to tell them that they are sending my item to the wrong place. The number they give to text them is 38698 which is not a phone number. None of their automated systems address my problem, and it is all totally automated. "

Rating 2/10

Well I can build a campfire in our new house so that my ill mother will have warm food for two months!!!

"I purchased 6 appliance from Home Depot on 11/29/2017. My order number is H3103-37304. I spent alot of money, as we just bought my mom a new house and I am taking care of her since she became so ill. They told me they would be delivered to the store on Dec. 6. That day came and went. I called and I am now informed that we will not get them until January 30. How am i suppose to feed and clothe my mom in clean clothes....? I bought all the appliance from them because they assured me we would have them by the 20th of December. One would think, if I give you 7k for a product, you would make sure your customer gets it. I am at a loss, not sure what to do. Probably a hot plate and a ice chest. It's about all I can afford as Home Depot has my cash. Between the selling our old house, my mom being ill, trying to get our stuff to new house, I am truly overwhelmed. And this, there is no excuse for this. None ... hmm I think I'm angry.
I am a very unhappy customer.

Rating 6/10

Send a $200 heated jacket. No box no wrap sitting on porch!

"Home Depot sent a $200 heated jacket with no wrapping, no box or anything on the outside. They used just the manufacturer's box to ship with. So, 1) shipping damage to the box kind of ruins the nice new present look, and 2) WTF? it's a $200 heated jacket and it is just dropped on my front porch where everyone passing can see it sitting there!!! Not to mention the delivery person didn't even lay the box down flat. They stood it up with the largest description panel facing out toward the street! "

Rating 2/10

Appliance Installation Services

"Dont buy an major appliance from Home Depot if you need them to install it. First, they distance themselves from this service by three layers. The installation services is an arm of Home Depot, not Home Depot. The last layer is a 3rd party installation company named Linn Star Transfer, and they are horrendous. They dont show up for appointments and then they dont call you and they dont answer the phone. Do not buy a major appliance from Home Depot until they take some responsibility and do it themselves or fire LInn Star and hire a better company. "

Rating 2/10

Shipping delay is not acceptable. I will no longer buy items from Home Depot

"I bought a lown tractor from home Depot On November 25 ,2017. They were going to deliver it in 4 days. Today December 1, 2017, the tracking number indicate that my lown tractor will be delivered to Stafford , Virginia on December 8, 2017. Statfford , Virginia is about 40 miles from my home and I paid for home del648ivery. What is going on? The service is horible. I will no longer buy anything from home Depot. My tracking number is #063-0480648"

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