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Product & services pricing 2.69/10
Chance of future purchase: 1.18/10
Shipping & packaging: 1.96/10
Customer service: 0.74/10
Return/Replacement policy: 1.79/10
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We ordered 2 refrigerators from Home Depot through their 800 number, because the website was having problems. I verified on the phone that it will be delivered Saturday the 14th. On the 13, I found out I needed to host a business dinner, so instead of just relying on the automated system, on the 13th, at around 1 pm, I called to verify that it would be there Saturday, which Home Depot confirmed and gave me the number to text in case I have further questions.

At around 2 pm, I decided to check again, just to have it in writing. At 2:59 pm, George, the Home Depot representative assured me that they had double checked and it would be delivered as promised "Yes Sophia! I just checked and I see that it's scheduled for delivery tomorrow between 9:30-1:30!

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No military discount

"They say military discount. I look up a garage door opener and they had what I was looking for in stock. With the planned discount I drive the extra distance to Home Depot only to find I wasted my time and money.
The garage door opener was not eligible for discount even though it was re price/not on sale.

They do not identify products on the web site or in store as not eligible, you find out at the register.
Big disappointment.

Maybe Lowes still honors military.....

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Front Loading Washing Machine Delivery Botch-Up

"I wanted to provide you my impression of a recent online order I made for a Whirlpool Washer and Pedestal. I executed the order on Memorial Day (5/28/18) and was scheduled for delivery on 6/7/18. The delivery team did not have mounting bolts to install the washing machine and I did not accept delivery. There was no follow up by Home Depot, Whirlpool/Maytag or the delivery agent despite the promises of the delivery team. Each of the three parties were very careful not to take responsibility for the problem.

I had to step in a week later and expedite the process. There was no vendor follow-up process set up to resolve the problem. It ended up taking over 17 days before the next delivery date of 7/23/18. I requested compensation and all Home Depot would offer was a 10% discount. The Home Depot manager did not want to reveal amount of discount until after delivery. I forced her to declare discount amount before delivery because I was afraid that the compensation would be inadequate. I ended up rejecting transaction. I must of spent over two hours on hold during the five phone calls I spent dealing with Home Depot and Whirlpool trying to get this transaction straightened out. There was zero accountability by all parties involved in this transaction.

Home Depot does not have any system or process to deal with problem situations that come up with major appliances. They are merely acting as a broker. The delivery is contracted out to an outside agent. I suspect the delivery contractor is not compensated for fouled up transactions and does not want to make the follow-up trip. There is no incentive for any of the parties to follow up on the transaction.

It ultimately comes down to Home Depot to resolve situation and they are not set up to handle it. I originally called the online 800 number and they referred me to Whirlpool. Why would you have me call Whirlpool to handle an installation/delivery problem when the delivery is contracted by Home Depot? After two to three painstaking calls I find out that you have to call your local store and find one of the two on-site managers. There must be at least four different managers and it seems like you get a different manager each time you call. It is very to reach these people because they are extremely busy. Even if you have their direct phone extension, it is difficult to reach them because they are juggling so many issues - expect to be on hold for minimum of 20-30 minutes each time. It was also obvious to me that none of the managers really cared if they kept my business or not - the individual store does not really become involved with the transaction unless there is a problem. The system is set up without any incentive or accountability to make sure the transaction runs smoothly. There is really nowhere to go to complain. I am not used to that when spending over $1,000 for an item.

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Improper Front Door Installation

"On March 29th, 2012, we had our home front door replaced and installed by Home Depot. Everything seemed fine until 2017 when the door started to push out at the bottom of the frame. We met with Home Depot to see if there was anything they could do and they told us that the JELD WEN door frame was only warrantied for 1 year and that they couldn't help us. So we went and placed a claim with our insurance company at QBE. QBE came back and said that the door had been improperly installed and would not honor our claim. So we are stuck with a front door that is slowly pulling out at the bottom and have no option other than to hire a contractor. I would attach pictures if I could so you could better see what were describing here."

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Express Delivery

"I ordered 2 items for express delivery and waited at home all day for them to arrive. They did not. I checked status and it showed that the product had been delivered—it even showed a signature—not mine!
I then spent 1 hour and 30 minutes on the phone with Home Depot. I spoke with Representative #1 who said he would contact the store on status. After 15 mins, I was disconnected. I called back and spoke to Representative #2. To be fair, she was completely helpful and called the store on status and was apparently also put on hold! After an hour and 15 mins on the phone with Representative #2, it had been arranged that I would receive my shipment the following day.
It is now the following day and the delivery window is gone. I never heard from Home Depot nor received my delivery. Very disappointed as the entire reason I used the express delivery service was for same day delivery.

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No veterans discount

"They say they honor all veterans with a 10% discount, well you have to dig deep into the policy to find out it is in stores only not at The store only stock the bare minimum. The store manager got upset with me when I ask him if the "online" store was located in China because I can't figure out why I'm thanked for my service in the store but forgotten at the dot com.
Angry Veteran

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Kitchen cabinets not going to happen!

"Well today my wife and I went to Madison Home Depot to look at getting a new cabinets for new house.
The lady did not have anyone that she was working with and told us that she couldn’t do cabinet layout until house was framed up.
We were trying to get idea on a cost for our kitchen but we were told she wouldn’t do it until house was framed.
We explained we were looking to get price before starting so we had idea how much to budget.
We were very surprised she would not help us. Told us it was a lot of work.

I had to laugh as house bidding and planning isn’t. We left and went to Menards who not only did a plan but helped with ideas.
Home-depot! Won’t be back! And will tell everyone how rude the lady in cabinet department was.

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Worst online experience I've had in many years.

"Worst online experience I've had in many years. Ordered an item from them on 4/26, got a shipped update on 4/27. Received no link to carrier site, had to figure that out myself from cryptic information, and the provided tracking # doesn't work there. No updates since 4/27, it is 5/10. E-Mailed "customer care," they asked me to call. WTH... this isn't 1995. There is absolutely zero reason for me to call and spend my time listening to someone pound keys. That can be accomplished via an e-mail. So I'll probably have to waste my time to unscrew this order.... 0/5"

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"I was looking for a shower attachment and CASEY promptly came forward and guided me in my search. He was friendly, professional and very helpful. I was able to quickly get exactly what I was looking for due to Casey's help. What a life saver. 5 stars to Casey. He deserves a raise. I will look for him next time I need any help!!!"

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Horrible customer service

"Went in the Home Depot on Hwy 280 in Hoover looking for some material in flooring, four associates sitting at their station just looking at me never offered to help, the minute an older couple comes around the corner they jump to their feet pleading to help them, i just looked at tgem and they looked at me and i turned around and just left, pretty typical in this area they dont want many brown people in their stores smh"

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Home Depot what you really Need to know about your credit card as far back as 2005

"Carol Tome
You should be fired
You Could and should-have stopped the 2014 hacking Of 56 million customers. When I filed my lawsuit in 2007 in federal court in Green Bay Wisconsin Parent v Home Depot and Citibank. You knew from my case and depositions that your employees can go on the POS system and run off whatever credit cards they want,one right after the other doesn’t matter if it’s Visa, MasterCard, Home Depot card....... In my lawsuit we found out that “ you Carol” new Home Depot keeps two files on your credit card. One with your full credit card information date,time etc..... The other one shows The same. But like you’re supposed to it’s XXXXX4367 That’s the one they give you, they don’t tell you that they keep all your information Stored on the POS system.And your Home Depot employees can go in the POS system and run off credit cards even six months after these people put it on There credit card. Imagine how many times this must have happened throughout all the Home Depot stores in all the states. And I can go back as far as 2005. Now Carol I want to read what BusinessWeek reported that they give you a C level security and that Management states that it would be too expensive and would disrupt business. These former employees Disclosed That when they attempted to strengthen security, they were rebuffed by home depot executives,including information – security chief Jeff Mitchell. Also the New York Times states. The newspaper revealed that Home Depot’s employees knew the company was at risk, even before the breach,Some members of a security team left as managers dismiss their concerns. Others wondered how Home Depot met industry standards for protecting customers data. One went so far as to warn friends to use cash, rather than credit cards, at the company stores. Again Carol if you would have done the right thing in my case instead of me having to fight it in court, you could’ve stopped all this. But customers in the long run mean nothing to you or your corporate people. In life sometimes you need to think of your customers and not your greedy pocketbook.Carol you’ve gotten letters from me.As far back as 2007,I’ve told you how much is all costed me, and now I have no retirement, no savings, and now because of you Carol,I will have to work till I either die or I can’t work no more. I feel sorry for you.In the end the judge threw out my case because my lawyer Brian Pagle of Madison Wisconsin suit under the Wisconsin consumer act, and then let Citibank off and told us that we can sue Home Depot. Wrong wrong wrong. The judge after years throughout my case because Home Depot does not issue a credit card And is not a Debt collector. To this day I can’t believe that Brian could’ve been that dumb I feel that someone got in the way of my case. Not only did we not get the cover letter sent from the Green Bay Home Depot store at 6:22 in the morning being faxed to Citibank with my hand written credit card number on top and lots of other peoples credit card information. Also my lawyer would not get copies of time cards on that day, again at 6:22 AM how many employees can really be there. I also deposition Home Depot employees, but I never found out about one employee name Susan until after my case was over. It was in my lawyers files and the letter shows that Susan was interacting with who’s credit card they transferred Over to my account. I showed The federal courts that information and they told me that’s what they were looking for, also in court the judge kept telling Brian to put up or shut up, and also that he didn’t understand federal law. Also In Rockland Texas in 2013 A employee Realized he could put a thumb drive to the side of the computer and he ran off 36,000 credit cards and sold 10,000 before he got caught. So after all of this I think Carol Tomé should be fired why should she make 5 million a year and I live week by week now until I die. I can’t tell you the stress, my health, my Family, and the Tens of thousands of dollars this all costed me, and the hell that you put me through. Thanks Tim Parent if you want to look up this case go to the United States District Court Eastern District of Wisconsin Tim Parent v Citi Bank and Home Depot case number 09 – C – 951 and look at what I sent That’s on file after my case was thrown out. And then you decide if my lawyer Brian was??? I wouldn’t be surprised

Sent from my iPad

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Purchasing a pice of wood

"On Saturday April 21, while shopping at the Home Depot in Mcdonough, GA, located on Jonesboro RD.. I asked a rep name David to assist me in trying to purchase a piece of wood for a patio project that I was working on. I clearly explained what I needed and he assured me that he understood, however he asked another older rep to assist by saying "help help, she needs some help with what ever she is working on" this point, I repeated the same words that I had explained to (David) rep and this gentleman truly was understanding and was helpful..After the older rep had finished helping me David walks up..the older rep instructs David to cut the wood and proceeds to go and help another customer. David says "ugh, after this I need to go to a movie, I'm so tired" and mumbles something..first of all he didn't do anything to help and second, why start talking this nonsense about going to see a movie after all this is his job..if he don't want to work, then allow this position to go to someone else who will probably do a much better job..I needed to do more shopping, but I was so frustrated by the way he acted I decided to leave and while paying for my items, the cashier was so busy flirting with another employee that she was about to double ring some of my items until I stopped her...customer service skills for the majority of the employees is not professionalism..they need more training on people skills...some of them act like barbarians.. "

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"I was there yesterday and saw a bathroom vanity I liked. Long story short Joe gave me a great discount I repaired the vanity and installed it happy wife happy life. Thank you Joe a true professional. Home depot should be proud of your service. Thank you again."

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"Disgusting company to order your money if you have no choice but to cancel they will charge you a 15% restocking fee! Transferred a million times disconnected twice. Explained my circumstances workers have no ability to do anything.mi walk away with no appliance and down a 100$ wtf just happened..and 3 hours of my life ill never get back. SHAME ON YOU HONE DEPOT!!!!"

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Beware, home depot is a scam!

"Home depot is scamming people of their rental stuff. They said I returned their machine 4 mins late and charged me $50 for it. And next time I returned the mashine they said its 5 mins late and took $80 out $150 deposit. Wow what a scammers!!! Will never buy or rent from them again!"

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