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RIP OFF!!! Don't Waste Your Money!!!!!

"This Company is a complete rip off. I get so many recycled leads, it's ridiculous. The ones that I do get are often ineligible, have multiple tickets or accidents, or incorrect contact information. I have had this software for 6 months and I average 4 leads a day. Out of all of those I have signed up 6 people. Around 500 leads. Six Households. There is really no reason to use this software honestly. When I have tried to return stuff, they DON'T EVEN HAVE A COMMENTS BOX ON THE RETURN SCREEN, So if my return reason isn't on their list, it is immediately denied. There have been multiple occasions where I have went to quote someone and they have switched companies a month or so ago. When I called them they said that they filled out their quote request months ago. Don't waste your time with this company. Such a lack of integrity, honesty, and professionalism. "

Helpful Cool


Terrible - Steer clear

"Every single lead was a bogus lead. Not one of our leads had indeed requested a quote. Makes you wonder if they hire a 3rd party to fill out their online quote forms with random people out of the phone book and then just make up a car. We spoke to several of these so called "leads" and they didn't even have the type of car that the quote was being requested on. STEER CLEAR"

Helpful (1) Cool


Terrible Lead Source!

"I have received 5 leads so far and they have all been inaccurate!! The information on the lead was wrong: age, home information or the quote was not requested. I have documentation on each lead and requested to return the lead. The returns were all denied!! When I called today to cancel the account, the representative said she could adjust the quality of my leads for better accuracy... my question, "wasn't that was I was paying for from the beginning?" They do not return money they will only give you credit for more leads. I said no thank you just cancel my account and I'll take the loss. Terrible leads and service!"

Helpful (1) Cool


Worst cheating leads company ever

"I arranged for free leads with them as an inventive to give their service a try. They charged me for leads, they sent me all horrible leads, bad numbers, didn't speak english, weren't looking for insurance, every issue you can think of. I literally think they just take a phone book and send you numbers. I tried to get reimbursed and tried to report the leads as bad and they wouldn't reimburse them. I've been charged over a hundred dollars so far for absolutely nothing. I am fighting these charges with my credit card and let Insurance Quotes know that I would fight these charges until I die. Totally thieving BS company. Not worth a moment of your time. "

Helpful Cool


From a Lead's POV

"I had been led to believe I could get a comparison list on a website that would at least sort out the types of medicare advantage/supplement insurance options I was researching before I qualify in the next few months. In fact, the ad stated that I would save time by not having to call individual agents/companies. It did NOT indicate to me that my phone line would be crammed with agents calling ME! (Real time savings there -- ha!) The only "list" that was given to me was a series of insurance company names. Really? THAT's the LIST I was promised? Anyway, the agents called. And called! I left clear instructions on my outgoing voice message for them to LEAVE A MESSAGE IDENTIFYING WHO THEY WERE AND THE NATURE OF THE CALL! There's a safety factor involved here! (Ever hear of Phone Phishing?) I also figured it was a great way to screen out callers who knew how to LISTEN. (I don't want to work with anyone who won't listen.) But INSTEAD of leaving a message, some of the agents would try time after time to reach me. Sorry, folks, but that method of contacting people has clearly passed, especially when an outgoing message lets you know how to reach the person you're wanting to introduce yourself to. ... So I tried to contact Sharon Webster, who signed her name to the email I received, along with a phone number. I called. The number goes to a call center, and there's no option to talk with Sharon to let her know how I (and I suspect many, many others) would prefer to be contacted. ... I feel badly for all you agents who are just trying to make a living in sales. But I hope these comments help you in your continued efforts. If you're being to told not to leave a message and you're experiencing difficulty getting through to your leads, try deleting the directive instead. See how that works? We won't all be interested, but at least your numbers won't get blocked! :-)"

Helpful Cool


99% Worthless!

"I tried using InsuranceQuote.com for Life insurance leads for four months. I got only a handful of legitimate leads who were willing to talk to me and I have yet to do business with any of them. I was unable to contact many of the others, which hurt my ten day time limit to return the leads for account credit. Most of the time I was grateful to talk to someone and have them tell me that they weren't interested or had never done an online search of a quote on life insurance. At least then I was able to provide a legitimate reason to return the lead. When I did reach people I frequently explained the process of how I got their information. They responded to me by saying all they did was fill out a survey they found while using the internet. Though the insurance company I worked for reimbursed me for half of my expenses, it still hurt me financially to buy these leads. The turn-around time for receiving credit for my returned leads was not fast enough to offset the frequency of charges to my account.

Buy plain lead lists and do some mailings and cold calling. At the very least you'll have spent less money and have better luck reaching a new a prospect than you would have using InsuranceQuotes.com.

To any consumers out there who might read this, know that any legitimate insurance company would be happy to give you a quote for free, either over the phone or in person during fact-finding. Never give something like credit card information to anyone just to get a quote on insurance of some kind. On behalf of my industry colleagues, I apologize if we bothered you, but a company like InsuranceQuotes.com has us believe that you are sincerely looking for our products.

Helpful Cool


These Guys ****!

"Insurancequotes.com **** hard! We received leads for about a month from them and only one was a true lead from someone who wanted insurance. Many had disconnected numbers, wrong people answering, leads were stale and people had bought insurance days and even weeks before. In the end, they charged us over $600 for leads and we sold one policy for $599.30. Run from these crooks as fast as you can. I sent back 11 leads that had bad phone numbers or people who had bought days before we contacted them and they refunded nothing. THIEFS!"

Helpful Cool


Crappy Company---STEER CLEAR OF THEM!!!!!!

"I used them. They ****. To sign on was a piece of cake. But after a few weeks, I got nothing but fake leads and ended up paying for it even though I was able to PROVE it was a fake lead. Then all of a sudden I get a notice that they took 30 something dollars out of my account and of course, canceling was impossible. But when I finally was able to speak to someone to cancel, the first thing that came out of her mouth is that NO REFUNDS are given...PERIOD. The only resolution they gave me was for me to use them again and they would offer me "credit" towards more FAKE leads, not my money back! Why would I want to continue to use a company that tells me I have to go through several bad leads to get a good one? DO NOT USE THEM!
They make up their own leads and make you pay for it.

Helpful Cool


good luck!

"I been trying to contact them several times a day for last 2 weeks.
always on voicemail or hold until phone disconnects.
they keep charging account more and at a point, their app with lead pause doesn't work anymore.
had to call bank to reverse all charges and turn them in for fraud.

not only their leads are garbage, they simply don't work.
their standard lead had wrong info on 100% of time.
their premium lead isn't anything different than standard leads
what **** me most is their qualified lead, which is supposed to be screened before handing over to me. when contacted, they are like that's not me or i never requested or had bogus information just like other 2 lead types above.

stay the **** away.

Helpful Cool


Can't Reach them if you want to cancel!

"I contacted them 3 times to cancel my contract. All 3 times I waited on hold for 30 minutes and then was told to leave a voicemail that would be promptly returned. I left 3 voicemails starting April 5 and then another each week or 2 afterwards. I also sent an email request to be contact on the same days I left a voicemail. Meanwhile their app does not work anymore which is how I was notified I had leads. I got a recharge for more leads while I was waiting for a call back to cancel. I finally got a response by email today after I turned them in for fraud with my credit card company. This was 1 month after my first attempted contact with them. Their response (quoted from their email to me) "good luck with your fraud claim". And by the way...the leads are crap."

Helpful (1) Cool


"Tried the business insurance lead program for a little over a month. The leads were bad. They have not given back credit for all of them.

When I inquired about how they qualified these things that they called leads, I was told that they do not qualify them. They simply take information from "third party" websites and pass them off as leads.

It is a total ripoff.

Helpful (2) Cool


"This is one of several companies I WAS using for my insurance leads. Unfortunately they will NOT give credit on an obvious bad lead. I received a request that wanted a home lead and the phone number and email were incorrect and the property address actually belonged to someone other than the person who requested the quoted and they refused to give credit. I have since deleted this company as a lead source."

Helpful Cool

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