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Remarkable !!

"I have purchased five computers at J&n. I live in Annapolis, MD. They obviously are in upstate NY. Every time the process of building the machines was perfect. Recently I had some scary noises coming from one of my hard drives. I sent the entire computer up to j&n. They replaced two hard drives and cloned the one containing the operating system (Windows 7). They returned the computer in a bomb proof box. When I booted up the desktop looked just like it did when I sent it up. They are the best the best. Go there. Let them help you. You will not be disappointed."

Helpful Cool


Motherboard replacement

"Ordered Motherboard, fan, cpu, RAM. Came when expected and was up and running in no time. I am very pleased
Recommended to friend for his wife's computer.

Helpful Cool



"Good customer service and hardware works great. "

Helpful Cool


Purchased a new CPU - Amazon sent me a previously returned product

"I purchased an Intel Xeon E3-1225V5 CPU from JNCS, fulfilled by Amazon, that was supposed to be new. I received what looks like a previously returned package. The product box was damaged, the CPU was not packaged properly and the factory seal was already opened. I have pictures to back this up.

UPDATE 2/27/17: I spoke to Jerry at JNCS and I now know that this was Amazon's fault. JNCS ships Amazon only brand new units. Amazon Fulfillment is not supposed to ship out previously returned packages - so Amazon screwed up. Although I've been inconvenienced, I know that this was NOT JNCS's fault, and I trust them as a reseller. Once I get my credit from Amazon, I will be ordering from JNCS again.

Helpful Cool


"Great service, good people! I will refer, if necessary, only here!"

Helpful Cool


"I've been buying custom-made computers from JNCS for my whole family for more than ten years, and they're spectacularly good at fast service, smart tech support, and perfect packing and shipping. It's a small thing, but every time I open up one of their computers, I'm impressed by the way they've arranged cables, etc., for efficiency and appearance.

I'm posting this review because I recently needed a custom machine built and shipped in a very few days (so that I could help set it up for my son when visiting him in another city). JNCS came through perfectly, substituting one or two better parts for the ones I originally ordered because the ones I ordered would have taken a day extra to obtain. They've gone the extra mile many times.

Helpful Cool


"I've been buying custom, high-end graphics workstations from JNCS for a couple of decades now and once again they steered me towards exactly what I needed (and a bit more!) for less than I expected to spend. If anyone is tempted to try one of those PCIe storage devices, take my advice and GO FOR IT. It's "holy crap!" fast. Most apps open in about the time it takes the click sound to get from the mouse to my ears.

Many thanks to all the good folks at JNCS for the excellent advice and service all these years!

Helpful Cool


"Simply outstanding. I recently had a horrible experience with HP, and went to JNCS (which I knew of when I was a prof at the U of Rochester) to build a computer for me geared to mathematical needs.

Jerry, the owner, got an overall sense of what I was seeking; there was no "over sell". I told him the cpu, amount of RAM, and the particular drive I wanted, and within a short time we worked out the appropriate case (stunning), power supply, etc.

It was a truly great deal. The computer absolutely screams for my applications (many of which really exploit all available cores at my discretion). E.g., if you use Julia or Python with certain packages, it absolutely rocks.

Out of curiosity, I popped open the case to check out the wiring. (I'm a Stanford PhD nerd). It is simply fantastic.

I highly recommend them, and am spreading the word to others who do heavy computations.

Helpful Cool


"After several seeming successful purchases by my extended family, they convinced me to purchase a computer from JNCS. I am now regretting that decision.

When the computer arrived, I got it set up but experienced what I would consider excessive noise. I sent an email and they told me at first that it should be no more noisy than the wife's computer which was received a few months before. They later said it could be more noisy since mine has more fans.

Since one fan seemed to produce the most noise, they sent out replacements and I changed out one myself. It decreased the issue, but I then realized the power supply was creating quite a racket by itself. They agreed to send out a replacement if I was willing to put it in. I agreed, and waited. A month later, with no power supply in sight, I asked for a status. It was never sent due to "misinterpreting" what I wanted. I wanted to save myself time without a computer and JNCS the shipping cost of sending the computer back.

About this time I discovered the card reader did not work after the computer was put to sleep. I went to my wife's computer, and hers did not work either! She mentioned the JNCS computers at her work had card reader issues, and had to be rebooted to work. They would then stop working once the computer was put to sleep and woken up again.

JNCS wanted me to return the computer, but I would have to pay for shipping one way. To properly diagnose, they would need to hard drive to remain with the computer, and I have a real issue with that. Encrypt the drive they said; however, from what I have read, the encrypted drive or folders will be viewable by anyone who logs in with the Windows password, so that will give them access to my files. I'm also unwilling to spend $50 to ship a computer back to them to diagnose a $20 card reader, be without a computer for several weeks, and give them access to my files. I'd rather spend $10 to buy an external unit and write off the one installed. I am still willing to save them the shipping cost and replace the power supply myself, but curiously they are now unwilling to send it.

This has been a continuous source of frustration. I went with this brand based on input from my family, but for the extra cost in money and time, this has been the most trouble I have ever had with a computer. It's sad that the Dell I bought five years ago was quieter, half the cost, and had a functioning card reader. I'll never by JNCS again.

Edit 10/9/14. Still no word from JNCS regarding the card reader not working. They either haven't found the cause or don't care to tell me if they did. I finally bought an external card reader. It would be nice if they could at least reimburse me for that.

Helpful Cool


"J and N has been meeting my computer needs for over 10 years. As far as I'm concerned, they are the only place to purchase a computer. You can get exactly what you want, nothing more, nothing less and with none of the bloatware that's inflicted on you from mass marketers. If you know what you want, they'll build it, if you need advice, they give objective options for you to consider. When I first went to J and N, I intended to purchase components and build it myself, but with the warranty and tech support they include, why bother!
The only thing you don't get from J and N is the instant gratification of bringing home a system from the store on the same day you purchase it, but given how often that experience is rapidly followed by buyer's remorse, it's simply another benefit.
Purchasing is one thing, but what about when there is a problem. I had to return the first system I purchased from J and N years ago, as a result of a manufacturer, not a J and N issue. The process was handled expeditiously and professionally and made a long-term return customer out of me. On those occasions when I have encountered technical problem or wanted to consult on an issue, their team has always been ready, willing and able to assist. The entire process from sales to delivery is handled a by knowledgeable, customer focused team who rapidly respond to queries and don't make you feel you are imposing on them.

Helpful Cool


"I have been a happy customer of J&N for over 10 years, and my most recent experience with them exemplifies exactly why I keep coming back.

I had a computer which they had built 2 years ago recently die on me, and it was no longer covered by the warranty I had chosen. I was all ready to buy a whole new system from them, but, when I called, they helped me troubleshoot the problem instead (motherboard fail). Then, they talked me out of buying a new system, and rather just buying new components.

I shipped them my motherboard, CPU, and memory, and they tested to see if anything could be reused. The board and CPU were dead, but they were able to replace the latter free of charge by processing an RMA with Intel (it was under manufacturers warranty). They then installed the new CPU on a replacement motherboard with my existing RAM, and shipped it back (charging me only for the board, the assembly, and the shipping). I installed the bundle in my case, and am back up and running as good as new (and for a lot less money than I was originally expecting to pay).

I have never had a company talk me out of spending an extra thousand dollars with them I didn't have to, and that is exactly the kind of thing that makes me want to do business with them over and over. Despite living in CA (they are in NY), I never want to buy a computer, or internal components, from any other company.

Helpful Cool


"I recently ordered an Intel dz87klt-75k extreme build out from J and N. I have to say, I was extremely impressed with the professional way they stayed in touch with me through every step of the process, from notifying me of receipt of the initial order, to keeping me informed of build progress, follow up after shipping, and bailing me out of a couple of issues running Windows 7 in dual boot mode with XP. They do a terrific packing job, and the internal assembly and tie offs are superlative. I've been building PCs since an Altair in the early '70s. This is the first pre-assembled system I've ever purchased, and I'm very pleased with this transaction. The guys (and gals) at J and N pay conscientious attention to detail, customer satisfaction, and do highly accurate and diligent work.

You can buy from J and N with confidence that you'll get a fair price, and terrific customer satisfaction!

Helpful Cool


"I have been using J&N computers for years and just purchased another bundle. These guys are great! They know their stuff, they stand behind their work and support is excellent! To top it off, the prices are amazing. I priced this bundle at Newegg and the price difference was $13. So instead of a box of parts from Newegg I get an assembled motherboard that has been fully tested and I can drive there (I live in Rochester) and pick it up and save the shipping. You can't beat it! Never had an issue with their boxes but I know I could drop it off and likely pick it up the next day. If you are in the Rochester area this is the only place to get your computer."

Helpful Cool


"Excellent Business. They set up the component you select then test each item so that it works perfect when it arrives. Their Tech Service is also excellent. They'll talk you through any problem you might have and respond very quickly."

Helpful Cool


"Great service for beginning to the end. I liked the personal commitment toward their clients with professional recommendations and expertise.

We will definitely work with them again and highly recommend to others.

Helpful Cool

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