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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 9.50/10
Chance of future purchase: 10.00/10
Shipping & packaging: 9.17/10
Customer service: 8.75/10
Return/Replacement policy: 8.75/10
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Great customer service; outstanding product!

"At 58 years I have struggled with falling and staying asleep...I have searched and tried numerous products...but nothing seemed to help and I am not willing to take a high powered drug! My search has ended with Liftmode's oleamide (http://www.liftmode.com)
Not only do I fall asleep readily after taking it, but if I wake up during the night, I am able to fall back asleep...a true gift of life to me! This product has helped me wake rested, and made my training and job performance even better.

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Great company! Great products!

"I ordered the Phenibut HCL 300mg Capsules (70 count), and the order unfortunately got lost. Lost or stolen, either way it still hasn't been found. I informed their customer service that I had never received my order and they promptly made sure that it was reshipping immediately. My order arrived swiftly amd safely in a jar not some cheap plastic bag. I was highly satisfied with how their customer service operates. They are SUPER friendly and answer back faster than most companies. That alone gave me good vibes

I have anxiety and handling it by willpower alone is hard work. The Phenibut HCL helps so much with my issues! They come in an easy to swallow capsule along with the lab test results that ensured me that it was truly legit. I feel that's important when ordering supplements, the transparency of the what you are putting in your body. I felt not as stressed, I didn't dress being at work all day for once and it helped me get to sleep at night which is a good thing considering I have bouts of insomnia. I will always order from them now! As my headline says Great company, great product

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Great Company for Pure Bulk L-Theanine

"I use L-Theanine, along with some herbs, for insomnia. Liftmode ensures purity, and I can vouch that they sell excellent stuff. It really works. In my case, it has synergistic effects when combined with these herbs. I fall asleep a lot easier than I would otherwise. It also tempers the effects of coffee pretty well.

There are only a handful of companies that sell L-Theanine in bulk. One thing I love about Liftmode is that it doesn't come in a messy bag with a cheap and hard-to-use zip lock. The package is a plastic tub with a lid that screws on. It also comes with a spoon that measures a typical standard dose.

I've ordered a number of items from Liftmode, and they seem to make sure to ship the items quickly.

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Great customer service

"Liftmode has the best customer service. Love the products as well. I bought phenibut powder and it is a great product.

Extreamly great product works great for anxiety and sleep. Very relaxing and does everything it says it does. Liftmode is great I won't buy from anyone else. Also the Phenylethylamine worked great for depression.

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Always top notch

"I have never had any issues with liftmode.com products. I have always had great customer service with them. Even when I ordered the wrong product by mistake, they were beyond helpful.
Another bonus is that they have insanely fast shipping.
The phenibut is pure and comes with analysis data and always comes with suggested dosage scoop. I wouldn't dream of looking elsewhere for quality supplements.

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Phenibut HCL (Fine Crystals) - 40 Grams

"I've ordered from Liftmode a few times now and I can say without a doubt that the phenibut they carry is incredible! It works to relieve my anxiety and lift my mode. They have great customer service and respond to emails super quick. Definitely my go-to for phenibut at a great price."

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Baicalin (Chinese Skullcap)

"I'm reviewing Baicalin (Chinese Skullcap) directly ordered from liftmode.com. After doing some research on the internet, I was told it was supposed to produce a calm, tranquil feeling. Well, it did that for sure. I took the recommended dose once in the morning and once around 5 pm and I had no feelings of anxiety all day. It even helped me sleep. I just put a couple of scoops in my water and mixed it, and I couldn't even taste it. If you're stressed out or have anxiety, I recommend Baicalin. You could pair it with Liftmode's theanine and I bet it would be the perfect mixture for calm feelings. I may have to try that on my next order. I highly recommend any of Liftmode's products, but particularly Baicalin."

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Phenibut from LiftMode

"I've been struggling with anxiety and depression off and on for years and have just recently been getting into nootropics, herbs, dietary changes, and meditation. I decided to try Phenibut on account of it's use in the 1975 USSR cosmonauts' medical kit on the Apollo–Soyuz Test Project as an alternative to otherwise drowsy conventional tranquilizers for stress and anxiety. [citation and link to book page] Slava Lapin (30 July 2009). From the Inside. Luniver Press. p. 209. ISBN 978-1-905986-11-8. https://books.google.com/books?id=MFppbhSMygIC&pg=PA209#v=onepage&q&f=false

I've been using Phenibut on an emergency basis for particularly stressful times. I concretely attribute fast and long lasting anxiety relief to low doses of Phenibut. This stuff can last all day with just the minimum recommended dosage without feeling lethargic, cloudy, inebriated, or anything else other than your regular self minus the stress and anxiety. I'd use it sparingly as not to develop a tolerance to it's effects. I haven't noticed any adverse reactions at low infrequent doses.

I'm most pleased with LiftMode's business and customer support and has been a wonderful experience. They offer a nice customer loyalty discount program, discounts on orders for friend recommendations, and fast and friendly emails. They'll send you a lab tested purity certificate for your Phenibut and offer competitive prices on all their products. You can always call their customer support as well if you prefer to use the phone. But don't take my word for it, check them out at https://liftmode.com/ and see for yourself. You won't be disappointed!

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These guys rock!

"I buy lots of things online. I live in a rural area, and I've also been a computer guy for decades, so I'm a very experienced online shopper. Ebay, corporate sites and small sites, individual merchants, you name it, I've shopped there.
The vast majority of the time, I've had a positive experience, or else I wouldn't keep doing it. But there's some online merchants that stand out. And LiftMode is one of them.
Their website is full of useful information, without hype. Their products are top quality, hard to find elsewhere, and fairly priced. Their shipping is sudden. And their customer service (at least via email, which is how I've dealt with them) is prompt and informative.
I've tried a few of their products, including Icariin, Phenylethalimine, and Hordenine. (Did I spell those right?) They were delivered in professional fashion, in exact quantities (if not a little more) according to my milligram scale.
If you're interested in supplements and nootropics, LiftMode is a great place to go. Highly recommended!

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Best prices best customer service

"LiftMode has the best prices and if anything goes wrong they have fast and great customer service.

I bought Phenylethylamine and it worked great. Fast and free shipping can't b beat!

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Liftmode L-Theanine is Superb Quality! Here is my Experience.

"These are all my own honest opinions and feedback regarding Liftmode located at: http://www.liftmode.com and a product I heard a lot about but had never tried from them. I thought it only fair my experience with others who might benefit from my experience.

This is my first purchase from Liftmode and I must say I am thoroughly impressed by both the quality of the product and the price. I purchased the 100 Gram L Theanine Powder and this is the first time I have EVER had L-Theanine actually work! Here were my results.

I noticed a very calming effect come over my body and a general sense of well being. I also noticed it really helped my work related stress and anxiety. I took it before bed and I slept much deeper and quicker. The best part is that it isn't habit forming. I thought L-Theanine was just a farce and then I tried Liftmode's brand and I am amazed at the difference.

I heard about liftmode through a few places but never anticipated such a significant difference in the excellent quality of their product. The price was right and when I asked them a question their customer service was very quick to respond professionally. The Product was processed, shipped and arrived in a timely manner and I was updated via email.

I purchased my item directly from http://www.liftmode.com and liked selection of items and their prices.

I placed another order for a different product from Liftmode at http://www.liftmode.com and can't wait to try it. I am glad I found them and tried their L-Theanine. I had almost given up hope on L-theanine until now. I'm in hopes all their products are as good as this one.

Helpful Cool


My Experience with LiftMode

"I am a long time customer of LiftMode but this is my first review, long overdue. I recently purchased their Phenibut HCL, and I am extremely pleased, as always. Not only am I happy with the product, but I am also very happy/ impressed with their customer service. My shipment was delayed; which was very unusual. I called customer support and they were able to give me an immediate update. There was hardly a wait time, and their representative was well spoken, professional, and polite. After my shipment arrived, they sent me a follow up email to confirm my receipt. Turns out there were severe weather conditions in the Midwest causing the delay. If taken responsibly, by following the directions they provide, Phenibut can have a positive impact in your life, like it has in my own. It has helped me overcome social anxiety; I have more confidence, and I have an improved sense of well-being. The price, quality of the product, and support they offer, is bar none- you will not find a better vendor. Whether you are a first time buyer or looking for a new vendor I highly recommend giving LiftMode a shot: http://www.liftmode.com.

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Phenibut from Liftmode is simply the best

"After long research on the online market finally I have found Liftmode with phenibut which is the simply the best- very pure, no side effects. And delivery is very fast too. So 5 stars without doubt. :)"

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Liftmode phenibut F.A.A. review and comparison

"I have been a long time user of the previous HCL version of this product. Having experience with both I have come to prefer the FAA version. (Both sourced from Liftmode)

My primary use is for the anxiolytic and relaxing properties. It does a superb job at alleviating my GAD as well as providing the best sleep I have ever known. Additionally I have found that it can exhibit prosocial properties. Not only does this dissolve social anxiety but it actually makes me desire to go out and socialize.

I have come to use the FAA over the HCL version for a few reasons. First the close to neutral Ph of this form is much more agreeable to my sensitive stomach. It can be used sublingually to achieve a faster onset than the HCL with a large reduction in the strong taste of the previous version. The effect profile maintains the same between the two while the FAA seems to be slightly more potent.

Altogether a innovative products that have exceed my expectations and a company that has never let me down. Deliveries and communication is always prompt and responsive. You cannot go wrong with this product or supplier.

A link to their website:

Helpful Cool


My LiftMode experience.

"Hello readers, :)

After doing some research and watching several youtube reviews about phenibut and it's great users and how to get the most out of phenibut. I finally purchased some phenibut HCL capsules that come with 300 MG in them. I was tracking my package waiting for it to come and in a matter of a few short days it arrived. I unboxed it and voila there it was. The highly anticipated phenibut in all of its glory. Straight from LiftMode! I was pretty excited at first, then I took my first dose ever.
I waited a couple hours and to clarify I took a low dose (600) MG just to put my feet in the water. After waiting I didn't feel anything and found it weird. Maybe it was the low dose. So I waited a couple days and dosed again this time I took 1.2 grams the but this time I broke the capsules carefully so none of the powder would spill out and poured it in some water and drank it first thing in the morning. Skipped out on breakfast and all. Waited a couple hours and again I didn't feel much. I messaged the customer service and they were very kind to help me out so I'll give them that. I didn't have a great experience with the product but I had a nice experience with the customer service and I'm very impressed with the delivery speed.
The phenibut HCL capsules 300 MG is on the popular front page on the site
Here's a link http://www.liftmode.com/

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