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Product & services pricing 4.38/10
Chance of future purchase: 0.00/10
Shipping & packaging: 3.50/10
Customer service: 0.83/10
Return/Replacement policy: 1.00/10
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I placed my order for a light fixture they showed in stock on 5/212018, after i placed my order and paid with my PayPal I recieved a call from an agent stating the product was not in stock and would be shipped on 5/29/2018. I recieved another call on 5/24/2018 from a second agent asking to verify and validate my information. I found this odd because I paid with PayPal and all of the information is verified through PayPal (Agent said the address was wrong)

today (7/3/2018) I inquired about my order and the live chat agent said the product I ordered has finished production and will be in their warehouse next week and they will ship my item July 17th.

I would never ever order anything from them as I have came to realize they are misleading and provide false information

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You're on your own

"The concept of customer service has departed lumens.com, along with its original owner, who sold the company two years ago. Shortly before that time I bought $5K of lights from lumens. I have had trouble with two. I was doing a large renovation in my home, which did not finish on time (shocking!), and I did not remove a beautiful $1400 torchiere from its huge shipping container until the room was ready. It turned out that in shipping the torchiere had snapped in half. The warranty on it was a year. Yes, more than a year had passed--but the light had never been used. Isn't that the idea of a warranty, that it fails to work as promised? Lumens "could do nothing about it". I dealt with the manufacturer. The repair was costly, though less so than a replacement.

The second problem just occurred. A fire in a manhole caused a voltage surge to go through my building. One (but only one) of my lights went out, a $500 ceiling fixture. Was it under warranty? Well, yes and no. You see, the "lighting" part has a 5 year warranty, but the rest has a one year warranty. How does one know which part failed? Lumens told me to call the manufacturer to go through a diagnostic procedure and find out. The manufacturer offers no such service. Then how does one know, if one knows nothing about electronics? Hire an electrician to find out, lumens said. You mean, pay an electrician to make a house call, maybe $150, to find out what's wrong with a light fixture that might or might not be under warranty? Yes, exactly.

I ended up taking the fixture down myself. The ceiling is very high and this was unpleasant and rather scary. I found what I thought was the offending part, a transformer. This qualified as a non-covered part of the light. I called lumens and gave them the part number--I would buy a replacement. Lumens claimed there was no such part. I should contact the manufacturer (third time, now) and get the "real" number, not this bogus proprietary number. As it turns out, that is the one and only ID number on the part. I eventually found it from another lighting distributor.

In effect, lumens told me: Your LED went out? Prove to us that it's the part we cover, or **** off.

I spelled this out for them in a message, but no one bothered to reply. Which says it all.

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Terrible Company Policy

"I ordered 12 light fixtures for a project and after review cancelled the order realizing the original fixture would not work> when i contacted the company to cancel the order on the same day it was not a problem. I informed them I would be ordering a different fixture in the same quantity and asked if returning a few or all would be a problem as we were not sure they would fit our application. I was told that would not be a problem by the CSR. The order was placed online on 3/19. On 3/20 an email was sent from Lumens regarding their return policy of orders over 10 fixtures being non-returnable. Being the email was sent the following day and receiving hundreds of email throughout the day I overlooked it. We indeed need to return the fixtures (over $2000) to order a different one. I was informed that they would not return them, the CSR put me on hold for an extended period of time to go ask a manager at my request and came back stating they would not budge on their policy since an email was sent. When I asked to speak to someone in management I was informed they were in a "meeting" and they could have someone call me back. Needless to say we are now stuck with $2000 worth of lights we cannot use and will not be ordering from Lumens in the future."

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Canadians - Avoid this company

"Lumens knowingly sells product into Canada that is not authorized by CAA for use in Canada. Modern Fan has told them that their fans are not certified by CAA but Lumens continues to sell their product into Canada. I learned this the hard way when my electrician refused to instal the product. Other issues included late shipment and inadequate packing as the lamp lens was broken. The broken lamp lens was the "reason" that Lumens would not take the fan back.

So, approximately US$700 later, I have a fan that cannot be used.

This company must lack integrity from the top if this is how the CSRs and their managers are told how to operate. Lumens is part of Y Design Group and the CEO is Sean Callahan. Real leadership comes from the top!

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Terrible experience!

"Order over >8 weeks overdue and no delivery in site. Called customer service multiple times - with hold times exceeding 20 mins. When I did get a CSR on the phone, the response was "its not shipped yet" - no emails, calls or anything to let me know this.

In today's e-commerce world, 99% of firms are way better at this and consumers use the web for selection and speed as 2 primary reasons.

My suggestion to Lumens leadership: Get out of the commerce selling space! You need to go back to the pre 80s selling process with a storefront where its no goods = no sales. I just cancelled > $1,300 worth of goods. I've bought from them before and had the same issue. They apparently buy your goods from wholesalers after you place an order. Their "estimated delivery" is not an estimate - its a bogus hope + prayer.

So my room must remain dark for a while but not to worry - there are lots of good vendors out there to help with people who know what they are doing.

Consumers: steer clear of Lumens. I rate them a Zero in customer experience, poor response and no delivery. Take your money elsewhere as they have no clue what they are doing! With such high quality and priced products why bother with such aggravation!

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Don’t use Lumens. Horrible service.

"We purchased a very expensive light. Didn’t fit and reluctantly agreed to refund our money, provided we pay for $50 shipping. Fair enough. Unfortunately, they sold us over $100 worth of bulbs that were extremely overpriced and we can’t use them. Well, they won’t allow us to return them even for store credit. We’ve never even taken them out of the shipping box, let alone the light bulb box. I’ve spent thousands of dollars with this company and they just lost a customer over a $100. I will never use them again. "

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Got Patience?

"Here are the reasons to consider buying from Lumens: You're in no hurry & would appreciate having the extra time to wait 3 weeks for delivery. You also have the time to make 4 or 5 phone calls to Lumens & several to your credit card company to try to figure out why Lumens says you never made the purchase, but the charge is showing on your credit card statement. And, you're grateful for the opportunity to help customer service representatives understand that if they type your email incorrectly you won't receive that message. You may also be afforded the rare occasion to explain that when you told them that a fixture was damaged it did not mean that there were missing parts so it probably won't help much to send parts you don't need. So, have fun, have patience and good luck!"

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“Easy Returns” is a lie...

"Purchased a $300 light that didn’t work for space intended. It was mounted for 5 minutes and in perfect condition. Lumens won’t accept any open box returns. Glad I didn’t purchase anything else in my cart, a net $900 loss for this backwards company."

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Terrible website, great products

"Lumens has an excellent lighting selection for attractive, modern light fixtures. In that regard, it's been a perfect site for finding lighting for our home renovation project. The website isn't good, however, and I stumbled upon some really stupid errors while trying to return an item.

Note that if you've already installed a light fixture, they will not take it back. Thankfully, we hadn't installed ours. But it took Lumens 1 week to provide a return shipping label after approving my return request. Then they informed me that I only have 10 days to use the label, and also, that once they receive the item, it will take 14 to 21 days to process my refund. I've never heard of any business keeping your money an extra 2 to 3 weeks after receiving a return.

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Zero rating if that was an option

"I ordered a fixture that misled me by the claim that it had 3000k. I needed that quality of light for a new bathroom to match the other light sources. The only way to determine if it works to your liking is to install it. It was installed and the light casts a yellow light rather than bright white. I called customer service and explained my dissapointment and requested a refund of the $250 . They replied saying that because it had been installed they would not refund my money. I asked her how was I to accept a purchase without seeing it in the location turned on and she still insisted that it would not be refunded. I have purchased many items from lights to toilets from build .com and they refunded without question . What kind of business is Lumens without good customer relations? I warn anyone not to purchase any item from this unreasonable so -called business."

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Buyer Beware!

"I ordered one $400 outdoor wall lamp and it was too large so I contacted Lumens to exchange it for 3 of the size smaller and they told me the manufacture did not allow returns (Hinkley). I called the manufacturer at recommendation of another lighting vendor and they told me they absolutely do take returns with a restocking fee as long as the item was not mounted (mine was not). After I had placed my order and received the order confirmation I received a separate e-mail saying it was not returnable. Bait and switch. There was nothing that said the item was not exchangable for a larger purchase. Now I am out $400 and I still need to order the 3 lights. But certainly not from this company."

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"Order a lamp as a Christmas gift, it was supposed to arrive within 3 to 5 business days.
Few days later I received an e-mail stating that it would ship at the end of January! what???? i bought it as a Christmas gift.
After that I send several emails to customer service and never received an answer.
I contacted them over the phone, nobody was willing to help.
This is unbelievable and the worst customer service I have ever received.

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"Never Again!! I really wish that I had read the reviews before losing over $700 here.

Purchased two Gubi lamps. I opened one box to find that one of the legs of the lamp were dented. I also noticed that the on/off switch was so far down the cord, that I would actually have to get out of bed to switch it off (as I purchased them as bedside lamps).

Tried to fill out the return form online and got a denial message. Also got trapped into checking that a lamp had been installed simply because I took one of them out of the box.

Called customer service to try to make a return and got the run around from Cecilia, who also informed me in a warning email message that as I took the lamp out of the box (thus installed it by Lumens standards), that it is not eligible for a return. The most absurd and dishonest business tactic ever. She also promised she would get back to me regarding the return, but never did.

I have spent hours trying to reach someone in customer service and can never get through.

Eventually got through to someone in sales who assured me that a manager, Amanda, would call me back. I never heard back from her either.

When Lumen's claims "easy returns" on their website, that is completely false and misleading.

I am now in the process of taking legal action.

You shop at your own peril at Lumens!

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Responsive communication

"When I decided to purchase floor lamps on line, I was hesitant to use Lumens due to the bad reviews that have been made on different rating sites. As I thought that those bad experiences can happen with the best companies, I decided to take a chance and I am happy I did!
Customer Service does read the additional comments that you can add on your order. They did call us back to clarify certain points and did their best to deliver before the promised date. Lamps came in perfect conditions. I would have preferred to know that the 4 boxes we were waiting for would be delivered over 2 days, but overall the experience was very good.

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Horrible customer service from a company that sells very expensive products

"I expected a lot more from a company that sells such expensive products. I purchased a pendant that was discounted because it was an open box item - it was non-returnable but I was willing to take the risk for the discount. After a few weeks I received a survey by email asking me how I liked the product - since I had not received it I called Lumens and they discovered it was lost by the shipping company. They told me I could have a refund but then I don't get the item I purchased or I could pay twice as much for a new one - what a scam! I told them to make the shipping company pay for the lost item and the rep told me they will file a claim with them to collect - so basically they want to screw me out of the bargain price I purchased at my risk of no return and then also collect from the shipping company for the product I purchased. WHAT CROOKS! I told the customer service person they should not use some crappy shipping company and she got an attitude with me telling me the retailer has a right to choose whatever delivery company they want. I have news for you Lumens - the customer has the right to purchase from any company they want and I STORNGLY advise anyone reading this to take your thousands of dollars to a reputable dealer, this one is literally highway robbery"

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