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Product & services pricing 3.27/10
Chance of future purchase: 1.25/10
Shipping & packaging: 2.50/10
Customer service: 1.39/10
Return/Replacement policy: 1.46/10
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Bait And Switch Sales Tatics.

"Was interested in 2 Chauvet P4 Gyser Foggers. Noted they had the word "restock" in the title and was about $30 cheaper. Called and spoke to a rep, Joanna Padilla, who told me "Well I have 2 brand new Chauvet P6 Gysers for the same price." Now I needed these overnight for a gig the following afternoon. Ordered on a Sunday and was told "Yes you will have them by 11AM" I asked her to repeat this order at least 5 times as I did not believe it. This was my first order and I gave them the benefit of the doubt..... WRONG! SO WRONG!! The first red flag was I never received any confirmation email, or receipt... the only email I received was reps contact info!!! next day came around and still no email. Called in AM for tracking number and asked if they left, was told yes. Checked fedex's site and shipping label was created but were NOT shipped. Called late afternoon at my gig and wanted to cancel order. Was told I couldn't as they were already shipped, which was bs. They finally shipped at end of day. received at 3PM on next day. Now still no receipt for what I purchased. Open boxes to find out they sent me the lesser features, Chauvet T6 Gysers. (CAN NOT BE MOUNTED UPSIDE DOWN) Sent email to Joanna.Padilla@musiciansfriend.com and of course received no response. Posted problem on BBB.org. In a day Chris Baker, alleged customer service manager replied. "Thank you for taking the time to notify us of the issues with your order. We're truly sorry and appreciate the opportunity to make this right. We are following up with the agents involved. It does look like the incorrect T6 foggers were delivered yesterday. I will send a pre-paid UPS return label to your email address so that you can send those back. We can do an exchange at no extra cost if you would like to get the restock P6 foggers. You can find more details on what a restock is here in our FAQ's section: https://www.musiciansfriend.com/faq/what-are-restocks
If you would like to get new P6's, we can honor the same 15% discount you received on your original order. Keep in mind we only have two of the new ones left, so if that is the route you want to go, please get back to us as soon as possible so we can ensure they are not sold out. Lastly, if you would like a refund, we can have that submitted as soon as we see tracking showing you have handed off the lights to UPS.
Again, we're truly sorry for the errors on your order and any inconvenience this has caused. If there is anything else we can help you with, please let me know. We appreciate you choosing Musician's Friend!
Chris Baker
Customer Service Manager"
If you check their site, restock WILL OR WILL NOT have manufacturers warranty. No definitive answer. I attempted to reply on BBB's site but encountered a posting issue with new version of Firefox and noted complaint was CLOSED! ****, I composed another message. This was their fault not mine, demanding shipping label and to be sent 2 new Chauvet P6's as that was what I purchased. Of course no response as he is on vacation, so I wanted to help their cause and make potential customers about their tactics. As you can see by their 1 rating, regardless of what your told or in print, avoid like the plague. This was my first and last transaction I will ever do with these clowns. I will be following up with State Attorney General on their sales tactics. 7 days later STILL DO NOT HAVE A RECEIPT!! DEAL WITH THESE CLOWNS AND YOU WILL PAY.

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Paid for 2 day shipping

" I recently purchased a guitar and paid for two day shipping on a friday.The item will not arrive until Thursday,5 days after the order. Musician's friend refuses to give me a refund for thebtwo day delivery charge.Going to shop at zzounds for future purchases"

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Fraudulent return policy

"Complaint Type: Refund / Exchange Issues
Description of Complaint: Ordered and received an item, but decided against it, and wished to return it unopened. I was assured by the business website that returns and exchanges were not a problem. I was also referred to a second page describing the rules for exchanges, again not stating shipping costs on the purchaser's part. There was a noteto indicate where a description of the specific details for exchange would be found. However, that click only resulted in a return to the same page wherenothing was mentioned about who pays for the return postage. I was told by the service rep that I would have to pay the return costs. This fact was deliberately concealed. The item costs $30; the shipping costs $60. This company's advertising deliberately misleads and conceals the actual costs of the return policy. I think this is a fraudulent business strategy, not informing the consumer about the actual costs for return.

Desired Settlement: Billing Adjustment
Desired Outcome Description: The firm should cover the shipping costs for the return of purchase.

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"Bought a bass case, when I received it my bass didn't fit in it, so emailed them to return it, got email with a return number and in the email it also stated if I got free shipping that would be deducted before I would get issued a refund and I had to pay the shipping cost to return it, so I paid 50, cost to ship back is 20, then they deduct their shipping cost, which has to be around the same amount I paid to return, so say 20.....so if I paid 50, they deduct 20, deduct my 20 for shipping it back, then I get 10 bucks back, they get the merchandise and make money off it...I have 10 bucks from a 50 purchase, I'm out 40 bucks on this deal, bad way to do business"

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Lacking customer service

"I ordered a guitar (supposedly in stock) yesterday through a Musician’s Friend rep on the phone, and following the order’s email confirmation came another email saying it was backordered. This was confusing to me, so I then called the same rep back, leaving a message. No call back. Then this morning I received another email saying the order was cancelled, with no explanation. ****! No guitar! No call back!"

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"Ordered in stock item with 2 day delivery. Week later item is back-ordered for a week. Now almost month later no shipment. Really poor customer service. Never ordering again from this place."

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Galactically careless people, who had several chances to correct a bad situation.

"I have never used this company before, and decided to buy a $25 practice pad. They sent the wrong pad. When asking for the correct pad, they sent it to an address that was 8yrs old. When calling for the 3rd time, they sent it to the wrong address AGAIN after confirming it was the wrong address. I'm leaving the reps name/extension out of it, because at this point, I think management shouldn't contacted me with a better offer (which is what I requested with this many fundamental screw-ups). This is text-book bib-box music store garbage. They can't handle a $25 purchase, they damn-sure can't handle a $2500 purchase. Never again. When calling the 4th time explaining that I want my product, as an incentive to remain a customer. This is what they sent:

"Sorry it's getting ridiculous. What I can do is get the order again, and I'll ship it a different postal service, and give you expedited shipping.

If you haven't already signed up for the Backstage Pass Loyalty Program, learn more by clicking the link below. Earn 8% back in rewards points, get VIP Phone Support, and much more!

"Customer Service"


800-449-9128 Option 4 Ext -"

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Bait and switch

"I placed an order for the Marshall Origin amp and a 1x12 VHT cabinet with a promotional code and 36 month financing. When they switched the date I would receive the Marshall to about 3 weeks later than originally expected I decided to switch it out with a DSL20HR head. They let me do this, but told me I couldn't have the promotion with the financing, which wasn't a problem with the initial order and had been applied to the VHT cabinet already according to Synchrony. We talked it over and it was all in motion to go through when Synchrony denied the card because they hadn't cancelled the preorder so I had to call back verification the next day. When I call back they tell me they don't even see the promotion in the order, which was BS because it was right in front of me. Eventually they gave me the promotion but fought on the financing. I sent the cab back and went elsewhere after hours of horrible hold music. Will not be buying anything from them anymore. The original person I talked to was helpful, the rest were intent on not giving me what I was supposed to get originally.

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Excellent prices and customer service

"I have been purchasing from Musicians Friend since the early 1990s - back when it was just a catalog company. Prices have always been competitive, and the shipping has always been reasonably quick.

Last week, I bought myself a new drum set via their website. The next day, Mitch from customer service called to thank me for my purchase and asked me to check back in after I had it set up, just to make sure everything was perfect. I've purchased a lot of things online, and have never received such great customer service.

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Tried to sell me a used keyboard for double the price of a brand new model on Amazon...

"Wanna buy a used and outdated midi keyboard for double the price of a brand new current generation model on Amazon? Well this is the place for you. Seriously, if you're going to waste your time with these people at least compare products on Amazon. This company wont last for too much longer, to say the very least."

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Bad product and bad customer support.

"I bought a $60 set of strings through Musician's Friend, and right out of the package two of the strings were unraveling (and unplayable). I know that it's not their fault, but the close to useless customer support that I received was. They offered me a measly $5 off of a new set of strings.

When I did a review on their site I explained both problems: the bad strings and the bad customer support. When my review was posted the whole section about bad customer support was missing. Shady.

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Worse customer support

"Missing part, 30 days later they act like it takes time to get part, ride not caring! Go to Sweetwater, i have bought allot from musicians friends and has gotten allot worse in the last year. Seems like everyone i get on the phone they don't care if you have issues or not. "

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Rudest Customer Service EVER

""Cheyenne" could not have been ruder to me when the site messed up my order and login. She spoke super fast, and when I told her I couldn't understand her, she snapped at me, "I can't yell into the phone." She also used very insulting language to me. Nice customer service, folks. "

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Garbage company with **** poor customer service.

"Place order for birthday gift. Confirmed with customer service that item would arrive in time for birthday. Two days check to see item was shipped yet and was informed by customer service the item was on hold. Useless person in Customer service could not even explain what that meant. Nice going MF. "

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Absolutely terrible company!

"This company is absolutely awful. I placed an order for a sound system in November, with a check sent to them on January 4th. It is now 2 months later, and I have not received my order yet. I have been emailing them, with no one replying, UNTIL I threatened to file a complaint with the BBB. Finally someone replied, and she did not seem to know how to read an email. She kept asking me for the check #, which was plain as day in the email, then repeatedly told me in 2 more emails that it just was not in my email. She finally got it, after 3 emails. I have never worked with a company this unorganized in my 20 year career. Their lack of proper customer service is evident, and their terrible online reviews are certainly reflective of that. Save yourself some trouble, and do not use this company. Ever. I cannot emphasize enough, just how terrible this company is."

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