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Great bed that helped back and leg issues

"Combined we have back, leg and RA issues and our current SleepNumber was not helping at all, so we decided to find something else.

We did research in stores and didn’t like the beds and then did a ton of research for all the online beds. Narrowed it down and went with Novosbed for two reasons, the reviews and the options to choose soft, medium or firm and then the comfort+ choice to customize it even more. As you know, almost all competitors only offer a single firmness, which is scary when you can lay on the bed before buying.

Also, I have several herniated dics and fibromyalgia in my legs. So we bought a sleep number several years ago and since then, it only got worse in the mornings. I just blamed it on other things and didn’t want to blame the bed or buy a new one. After getting the Novosbed in, I instantly slept better (deeper sleep), which I haven’t been able to do for a long time. I also immediately noticed less pain in the mornings and after a month now, it has continued. The bed has been amazing for my leg and back pain. Thank you!

Helpful Cool


5 stars

"Great 5 star mattress and topper. Soft as we could get it and couldn't be happier with our purchase. Great for sleeping g and just laying in bed watching tv and reading. Definitely spend more time in the bedroom because of it."

Helpful Cool


We love our Novosbed!

"We purchased the Novosbed (firmness level: soft) in king size in November 2016. We had a full-sized bed previously and a pillow-top mattress that left both of us unable to sleep soundly through the night, mostly to space issues and lack of motion isolation. My wife and I are of two quite different sizes (~ 100 lb and ~200 lb) and we had two primary concerns regarding a mattress: overall comfort and movement isolation. We chose Novosbed after reading many reviews of the out of the box mattresses – Novosbed stood out because of their choice of firmness, offer of toppers to adjust firmness level after 30 days, and positive customer reviews online. We felt that the company offered the best selection of products to ensure we ended up with a mattress that was perfect for us. The Novosbed mattress arrived as expected and packaging adequately protecting it during shipment. After opening, the mattress ‘inflated’ to expected size and shape uniformly and within just a few minutes. All corners gained full shape and the mattress looked ready to use in less than 5 minutes. We were able to sleep on it the same night. We found the firmness level (we chose soft) to be perfect – although my wife took about a week of ‘breaking it in’ to where the mattress felt perfectly and didn’t feel like it pressed on her body when she was on her side. Movement isolation is quite remarkable - we cannot feel each other tossing and turning or leaving the bed in the middle of the night. We are extremely pleased with the mattress and enjoy restful nights on our new mattress. We considered getting the topper after 30 days, just in case, but the bed is so comfortable we keep forgetting to order it. The bed does sleep warmer than our previous mattress – a thin quilt-type will be a must in warmer months and even during cold nights the regular comforter felt too warm. We are pleased with the purchase and would recommend the mattress and the company."

Helpful Cool


These must all be fake reviews. Will update my review periodically.

"Every single reviewer here only has one review and that's a 5-star review for Novosbed. Every. Single. One (I only have one review too - oh well, take it or leave it)

Day 1: I understand that there is a break-in period; however, the quilted cover is my biggest issue right now. The cover is thick enough that it reduces the contouring and body-molding attributes -- attributes that I've been looking for in a mattress.

On their website they post a picture of a handprint on the high-density memory foam. The handprint is very detailed where even the individual fingers make a print. However, on my soft model Novosbed, when I press down with my hand in the same way, a large hole gets imprinted. Imagine pressing down on a trampoline. It is nothing like that picture.

These two sketchy issues really make me question the integrity of the company.

I will update this review periodically.

Helpful Cool's Avatar from has responded
Posted Feb-06-2017

“Hello Dr.Void,

Please feel free to refer to ResellerRatings' policy on review publication and removal ( We hope it will address your concerns regarding falsified reviews, we take pride in our feedback and work quickly to address customer issues.

We're sorry to hear that you are struggling with the mattress. However, it has only been open a few days and will be a bit stiff at first - its current state is not indicative of how it will feel once loosened up. The break in period for most people is 2-4 weeks, walking across the surface slowly and evenly can help speed up this phase by working in the lower layers more deeply compared to when you are sleeping on it. Also, try giving the cover a wash to help the materials lose their initial stiffness.

The Soft mattress uses 2" of 3.7 lbs gel memory foam on top of 3" of a 4 lbs memory foam. Because of this, it is faster responding and easier to move on. In testing, using 5" of a 5.0 lbs foam resulted in a very quicksand feeling mattress that was excessively hot. The materials of the Soft are a balance of contouring pressure relief and ease of movement. We list all of the materials on our website and our customer support team is always willing to offer advice and suggestions. With that being said, we do know that with time, your mattress materials will relax and start responding more easily and more specifically to your body.

Novosbed Customer Care”


Novosbed - medium firmness

"Great bed, comfortable and quick delivery"

Helpful Cool


Finally, no more night terrors!

"I started researching memory foam mattresses after I had the opportunity to sleep on one. I didn't realize what a difference there was compared to sleeping on an inner-spring mattress. After two weeks of research and comparison I decided to purchase the Novosbed King medium firmness. This is why I chose Novosbed....Novosbed fell in the middle of the price range, not the highest or the lowest cost. Everything I read said there was no difference in sleep quality based on the higher cost. Customer service was a big one for me. I hate dealing with a company that doesn't want to solve your problem. The reviews I read on their website showed a company dedicated to making their customers happy. They responded quickly to problems or questions and offered to refund all money if the customer wasn't satisfied. The deciding factor was the Compfort + Kit that the company will send you if the firmness or softness needs to be adjusted. I liked the fact that if the mattress I ordered was too firm or soft for my liking I could adjust it without having to return or swap out mattresses. I ordered the bed online and it arrived in 2 days. After a month I decided to adjust the firmness level to soft so I contacted the company and they sent me the Comfort+ Kit and now its perfect. One of the added husband's night terrors have almost completely gone away. Who would have thought!! The only thing I can attribute it to is a comfortable nights sleep. I love my bed :) Renee6113"

Helpful Cool


Novosbed fans!

"We were looking to replace our two aging mattresses (queen size) for a couple of years but every time we went looking locally ( we live in a town of about 15,000 in Newfoundland and Labrador) we couldn’t decide what to buy. We wanted to try a memory foam mattress but they were so expensive. Then we found Novosbed online and there were no risks in buying from them…if the mattress did not suit us they would refund our money after a trial period. So on October 19, 2016 we ordered both the mattress (in medium firmness) and the foundation for the mattress (Order No. 26055). We received our new bed in about 12 days and when we opened the boxes the bed opened to its full size and the frame was assembled with ease (even for us who are seniors). From the first night, I found it perfect to sleep on. There was no adjustment period. We liked it from the start. We liked it so much that we ordered the second bed in the exact same firmness (medium) on December 5, 2016 (order No. 27567) along with the same foundation which has since been received. We bought two beds and foundations for what we would pay for one of the memory foam mattresses sold here locally. With this said… we are definitely Novosbed fans."

Helpful Cool


Simply amazing sleeps

"We decided to go with Novosbed after hearing from many friends how great it was. Also when reading that they will ship a softer topper should it be too firm ( all for free) and there sleep comfort guarantee, not to mention Canadian!! We couldn't say no. They were super fast at shipping and the bed is really the best bed we have ever had! Their customer service is fantastic as well. Great company, great mattress! "

Helpful Cool


Just awesome and so confortable!!

"After trying out so many different kind of mattresses, I ended up keeping Novosbed mattress. This is a true memory form and with very affordable price range. After sleeping on this mattress, I had great relief from my back pain. I no longer toss and turn during night and I wake up fresh. Also they have different firmness option also just in case you prefer one. I would recommend this mattress to anyone who is looking for great memory form mattress without spending a fortune. "

Helpful Cool


Severe Scoliosis Relief

"We bought this mattress for our 12 year old daughter who is physically and mentally disabled and cannot speak. She was recently diagnosed with severe scoliosis, kyphosis, and lordosis. We felt terrible that her fussing for hours at night for a few months was an indication that she was terribly uncomfortable even on her already new and semi-expensive Kingsdown mattress. It unfortunately took us a few months to realize what was happening to her body. After a bit of research l figured out memory foam is the route most recommended for unfused and mild to moderate-severe scoli backs. We are trying to avoid fusion surgery for her as its negative side effects far outweigh any real benefits for her at this time. At first I looked at tempurpedic mattresses but quickly came across review sites for other top brand memory foam companies like Novosbed. It was so a relief to know that helping reduce our childs discomfort and improve her quality of life wasn't going to bankrupt us. It didn't take long to settle on Novosbed through its impressive and consistently high reviews and impressive comfort guarantees! A company must be pretty confident in the quality of their product to back it up above and beyond the memory foam average guarantees. She has been really enjoying her new bed. We feel relieved that her level of discomfort has been reduced to zero removing the urgency we were feeling, pre-Novosbed, for high risk/low success medical treatments to resolve her issues. So now we can take our time to decide whats really the right plan for her spinal future while pursuing non invasive more natural solutions and with Novosbed help we are finally hopeful for a spinal-fusion-free future! We don't hear a peep from her anymore after bedtime and often she's so comfortable shes content to lay in bed in the mornings and wait for the morning chaos to pass before calling to be retrieved. I regularly find other family members taking their turns curled up in her bed and have made it clear they want one also.

I do most of our shopping online due to how rural we live and the shipping with Novosbed was very quick compared to most of what I have shipped. I loved that shipping was included too. I hate having to search around for shipping prices to decide if a product is still worth the cost. Free shipping made the process of selection easy.

Customer service at Novosbed was also awesome and very understanding and seemed genuinely committed to their customers.

Helpful Cool


Relationship saver

"Absolutely love this bed. So comfortable. It's a dream:)! Finally can sleep uninterrupted with my significant other! Cool sleeping surface. Just the right firmness. I never want to leave this bed. "

Helpful Cool


Perfect for long/light side sleepers after adding the soft topper

"I bought the Novosbed Soft, California king size after trying out the Leesa mattress of the same size and finding it too firm. I am a side sleeper and I found that my arm would fall asleep from the shoulder down, and I would wake up with a sore back. I'm also quite tall, 6'3" or 189cm, and only way about 180 pounds / 72kg and I'm pretty sure I have a low muscle or bone density, because I don't seem to weigh a lot for how much volume I take up, so I think I was really just too long or too light for the Leesa mattress to be comfortable a side sleeper.

The Novosbed Soft was much better, although not perfect. I tried it for three weeks without a topper, but felt it was still just a bit too soft so I asked for the soft Comfort+ mattress topper, which they sent out immediately. Unfortunately the first Comfort+ topper arrived with some manufacturing defects (the aeration holes were not consistently punched into the foam), but after sending a couple of pictures of its condition and of the barcodes on the box, Novosbed immediately sent a replacement which arrived quickly. After adding the topper, which took about half an hour and was no more difficult changing sheets and a duvet cover, the bed is just right! I sleep more soundly and now when I wake up in the morning, instead of my back being stiffer and in more pain than when I went to bed, it's always better than the night before.

I thought a memory/gel foam also might get too hot, but that didn't prove to be the case at all, even with the topper and even though I sink into the mattress much more than most (as I prefer a soft bed). And even though there was that slight memory foam feel of sinking in comfortably and being "hugged", the soft mattress with the soft topper was actually quite responsive and I didn't feel like I got stuck in a rut – I can gently/slightly roll around without tending to roll back toward the spot where I was just lying.

Helpful Cool


Worth the money spent.

"A really good mattress for a reasonable price. Looking for the same size and quality you will have to pay much more out there on others stores. That is the one to take it."

Helpful Cool


Best of all worlds!

"Amazing service, super easy to order, customizable options, washable cover… And a super good quality comfortable mattress that both me and my partner love. His back no longer hurts in the am, and he is double my size!

Medium is a bit firm for me as a side sleeper, but I think the soft topper makes it perfect, with still more than enough support for him! Nothing but love here.

Helpful Cool


Best sleep I've had in a long time

"I have the queen soft with the comfort plus topper to add a bit of firmness . It is PERFECT. Probably the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in . Some great features that i LOVE: The mattress cover fits perfectly. The topper zips in so there is no sliding/moving and it is all one piece. I love the feel of the mattress cover and the look of it. The soft mattress felt just a bit too soft for me so adding the topper made it just right. I wanted comparable to the Temperpedic cloud supreme and this feels pretty close at a fraction of the price. Oh yes , that's the other feature i LOVE: the price! Even my husband,who is a great skeptic, about buying a mattress on line was and is impressed by this bed. One of the best purchases ever. One word of caution though when you first get it let it air out over night before you sleep in it. We slept in it the first night and woke up with major headaches. After that first night though no problems and no smell."

Helpful Cool

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