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Oh wow

"We came into a bit of extra money and decided to get a king sized mattress, so we looked at Sertas and other brands but they were really expensive and we'd have to deal with salespeople and just the usual stuff that makes shopping for beds ****.

We looked at reviews online and a lot of people said the fancy expensive foam mattress were no better than less expensive ones that people bought online, so we went for it and got a Novosbed mattress which was well under half the price of the ones for sale in a store.

Anyway after owning it for a few months my wife and I are super happy with it. My aches and pains from sleeping have gone away and we both have tons of room and aren't affected by each other flipping around to reduce the soreness.

I'm a big huge guy at 6'4" and 400+ pounds so I was worried about taking the gamble on a mattress that might not handle me, but the medium mattress was perfect, we didn't need to get a topper or anything, everything is supported nicely. It doesn't get hot or smell bad, it's been frikking awesome being able to sleep in again and not have to get up because of being sore.


Helpful Cool


Sleep never felt so good

"Amazing bed. So much more comfortable than I thought and well worth the price. It was much easier to assemble and was ready within 5 mins."

Helpful Cool


Outstanding Customer Care!

"We ordered our firm mattress from Novosbed on October 4th. It arrived super fast...just a couple days after ordering! My son and I took it out of the box and got it set up on the bed. It had a slight smell to it, but nothing overwhelming. The bed didn't take long at all to get to its shape, and was ready to sleep on that night. After sleeping on the mattress for a month, my husband and I did agree it was a bit too firm for us, so we contacted Novosbed for the Comfort+. Their customer service was awesome! The Comfort+ was out of stock, but they gave us a date that it should ship by...the Comfort+ arrived ahead of schedule and now we sleep amazing. I would definitely order from them again and again! The mattress is comfortable, well made, and easy to set up (with help because it's heavy)! Their customer care is 2nd to none! "

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Okay! It changed my life so far.

"It’s been past a month now and i’m asking myself why I didn’t change my mattress before. No more pain, I woke up like I had the body I used to have at 20 years old. I got the firm mattress even if i’m only 170 pounds and I absolutely love it. Next thing you got to do is get a good sheet set to fit the foam, I absolutely love my “liquid cotton 500 thread count”, and of course a really good pillow. "

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Sweet dreams!

"Since sleeping in our novosbed, all aches and pains have disappeared and sleep in once again blissful!"

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Very good

"I bought this a king size mattress from them. Very comfortable :)"

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Comfortable and well priced

"I have slept on a tempurpedic mattress in the past, but could not afford a new one. Doing online research I came across Novosbed and decided with their trial period it was worth a try. Happy I decided to order this mattress, very comfortable and price is much better than other foam mattresses. Website states they will send another layer of foam if you need mattress softer or more firm at no extra cost. I did order the soft after a few weeks and am very happy with it. "

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new to the foam experience

"I began waking up every morning stiff and sore from head to toe and realized it was time to toss the old spring mattress. After doing quite a bit of online research, I determined that a foam mattress would be my best option. I studied a comparison chart of the top names in foam mattresses and the Novosbed came out on top in nearly all the categories. Ordering was easy, shipping was quick (delivered within a week of ordering), setup was simple, and the sleep experiment was better than I could have hoped for. I ordered a King Medium firmness and, after the 30-day experiment, decided to order the Firm topper. That proved to be just what the doctor ordered! The chemical odor lingers for a couple of weeks so don't worry because that dissipates. I have now been sleeping on the Novosbed for 60 days and am no longer experiencing the morning backaches. Will definitely be ordering another Novosbed when it's time to replace the next mattress in my home. "

Helpful Cool


Great mattress, great sleep!

"We got medium firmness Queen size mattress from Novosbed earlier this year. The medium firmness is on the firm side of the scale, but we both have been enjoying the sleep on this mattress very much. We are still thinking of getting the Comfort+ soft cushion, but overall we are extremely satisfied with the mattress. We had purchased a competitor mattress prior to finding out about Novosbed, which was too soft and nothing like the memory foam, so we ended up using the 100 nights guarantee and replaced it with Novosbed. Never looking back again. "

Helpful Cool


Novosbed queen mattress (soft)

"I've had this mattress for a couple of months now and am really enjoying it. I tried the medium firmness and this is much more to my liking. That being said, I will be taking advantage of the comfort + kit"

Helpful Cool


Love life saver

"I love my Novosbed! I can share the bed with my husband! After years of horrible, sleepless nights' due to his twitching and tossing and therefore me leaving in the night to sleep in the spare room I have had the best rests ever. Too bad it doesn't solve his snoring issues. Sigh."

Helpful Cool


Your mattress search ends here!

"After trying a less expensive bed-in-a-box for their 90 day trial, I still never got a good night's sleep. At first it seemed firm enough, but in the ENDY, it was too soft. I debated giving any on-line purchased bed another shot, but then I discovered Novosbed and their Comfort+ option and extended sleep trial - and I figured I had nothing to lose. I am SO happy that I tried Novosbed. Instantly, I knew this bed was in a different league. It is heavier, feels more solid and give better support. No surprise really seeing as it is almost twice the price. But my philosophy is you get what you pay for, and a quality bed like this should be an investment. The price should not deter you from buying this bed, particularly given the fact that you could pay double that from a traditional retailer for a bed of this quality. The fact that you can choose various firmness levels and then adjust up or down with the Comfort + addition, and the free trial, eliminates any "risk" of making a bad decision. The order came in 3 days and I live in a rural area! The ordering process was smooth and efficient and my dealings with their customer service has been excellent. Do yourself the favour and buy this bed. You won't regret it. "

Helpful Cool


2 + Years in...

"This is an honest account of my wife/my experience after owning the mattress for a couple of years now.

First of all, let me just say that the company/customer service/information provided is honest, accurate, and very professional. We take no issues with the service as provided. The price is also very comparable to the market. The bed itself is as advertised in regards to firmness (not too hard, not too soft), and it's also not too hot like many memory foam mattresses can be. There is/was minimal off-gassing odor, and we both feel as though the bed is as durable today as it was when we bought it.

While my wife (33 years old) and I (36 years old) were excited to purchase this mattress (Queen/Med Firm) due to back and neck problems; we can honestly say that after 2 + years, our problems have gotten worse. In fact, we are now both going to the chiropractor for the 1st time in our lives. I am not necessarily attributing this to the bed itself (could just be age starting to set in), however by no means did the bed help to alleviate any back or neck pain in any way whatsoever (we are both side sleepers). Our main reason for purchasing this bed was to alleviate pain and get a more rested night of sleep, so in that regard this bed failed on both levels. I'd also like to note that the comfort+ option was not available when we first purchased the bed, maybe that would've helped our situation, though I am not sure.

In our experience, if you are looking to purchase a comfortable bed and have zero issues with neck/back pain, it's definitely worth the trying for the trial period. However, I would not recommend it for side sleepers with back/neck pain. We spent $900 (or so) dollars hoping to solve (or at least help a little) with our problem, and now are going to have to spend more $$ on a new mattress.

** Update 23 October 2016**

After posting our review, we were contacted by Novosbed and were very satisfied with the additional amount of customer service we received. This just tells me that if you are thinking of buying from this company, you have nothing to lose. They stand by their product. Thanks again for being a decent and honest company.

Helpful Cool's Avatar from has responded
Posted Oct-21-2016

“We're sorry to hear that you are having difficulties with your Novosbed, our team will reach out to you directly to see if we can offer any help. Thank you for taking the time to post.”


As if a mattress could get more comfortable...

"As strange as it may be to live in a mattress-in-a-box world, this is 2016 and the future is even more comfortable than the past. I was hesitant, but after reviewing other competitors and weighing my options, I decided to go with the Novosbed soft.

The mattress itself is like sleeping on a cloud, and I feel like it only gets more and more comfortable every night. The softness is consistent across the entire mattress and I don't find myself sinking in at the center more than the sides. It's the perfect level of comfort for a side and back sleeper like me, without too much depth that makes it tough getting out of bed.

Helpful Cool


great bed

"had a temperpedic for years and didn't want to spend another $3000 on a bed.I bought a novosbed and its great. I bought it because of the comfort topper option, but didn't need it in the end. It started out firmer than the 15 year old temperpedic, but got a little softer, or maybe I got used to it. either way, very happy with it."

Helpful Cool's Avatar from has responded
Posted Oct-02-2016

“Hello apex423, It's so great to learn that you are happy with Novosbed knowing you've experienced another leading brand. Thanks so much for your feedback!”

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