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Not a good fit

"We still have our novosbed, but I can't wait to return. I did ask for the comfort plus option, but due to backorder it hasn't arrived. I think the materials used to make the bed seem high quality. However, the FIRM novosbed is just too firm for us. I have contacted them and asked for a return, but they want me to wait to get the topper. One thing I found odd is the they had sent me a link to complete a review and even though I did complete one, it does not show up anywhere. I researched this bed extensively, but now I wonder if some of the ratings are skewed. I have seen on their site the company being very responsive; however, I am still sleeping on a bed that is not right for me. "

Helpful (1) Cool's Avatar from has responded
Posted Sep-29-2016

“I'm Andy Prochazka, co-founder of Novosbed. I am very sorry to read of your poor experience with our company. We work extremely hard to make experiences like yours as rare as possible. When they do happen, we take every effort to make things right. To this end, your concerns have been escalated to Sam, the CEO of Novosbed, and we have reached out to you directly.

In answer to your concerns:

- Because of the subjective nature of mattress firmness we invented Comfort+. In the event a customer finds our mattresses too firm or too soft, we ask that he or she try Comfort+ before returning the mattress for a full refund. In almost all cases, customers receive their Comfort+ kits within a day or two of making the request.

- We have had a much higher than expected order volume and have shipping delays on some products as a result. We are working hard to scale up production to meet demand, and expect it to be resolved within a week.

- Regarding reviews, we send out review requests 45-60 days after purchase. If a Comfort+ is ordered, we hold review publication until after the Comfort+ is received and tried. We feel this gives the best overall representation of the experience one can expect when buying a Novosbed.

I will continue to monitor your account personally. Please feel free to reach out to us anytime should you have any additional issues.”


Very happy - both for the bed and the buying experience.

"We went to the stores and tried out beds and it's a very overwhelming experience. I mean, how are you supposed to know if the bed is going to work out for the long term? So part of what attracted me to this bed (medium with added softening kit) was the long trial period.

My husband loved the bed from the first night. I was jealous. And scared that I wouldn't feel the same. So I gave it more time. Which I don't love doing, but I was willing to do. Turns out that I needed more time. It wasn't until after the softening kit + more time that I could finally let go and embrace the sleeping experience. I guess this means that I have control issues. lol Anyways ... this is the bed we're always so happy to come home to. Although I shouldn't, I not only sleep in bed, but I like to work in bed (editing and writing) and bed. So I ask lots of a bed.

What's useful to know? Hmm ... The bed is relatively easy to set up with two people. The cover does wash easily and well. I only wish the softening layer didn't need to be put back into position now and again. It slides down a few inches and then my pillows don't sit right, but it's easy enough to fix that. But this is only because I work in bed.

Our last bed was a spring + pillow top and we had it for 7 years when my body started to hate it. I'm so glad we gave this type of mattress a try because it worked out. But there is also peace of mind in knowing that you can "return it" (which means that it will be donated to charity). I like that practice and admit it was incentive to give the mattress a try too.


Helpful Cool


Like a King

"Ordered the king size Novosbed Medium over two months ago. Bed arrived in three days which is impressive considering the size of the mattress. Super easy to unpack and was ready to sleep on in a matter of hours. This bed is amazing! Unlike anything I've slept before, except for five-star hotels where the mattress cost an arm and a leg. I used to wake up numerous times throughout the night, tossing and turning but now I'm its only a handful of times. Like I said, I got the medium and it turned out to be perfect. Not to hard like I'm on a concrete slab and not to soft like I'm sinking. Would recommend this to others! "

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1st Foam Mattress

"First time purchaser of a Foam Mattress and was a bit skeptical. However Novosbed 120 night money back guarantee clinched the deal for us. We figured, what's there to lose? So it took a couple of weeks to get used to and even though we chose Medium firmness we opted for the free optional Soft Topper. It arrived within a few days and was simple to install. That made the bed significantly more to our liking. Now, I'm a hot sleeper regardless and my wife is a cold sleeper so this has always been a bit of a challenge. Novosbed is perfect for her temperature however for me in Summer I'm finding it a bit warm. Not unbearable but "throw the sheets off" kind of thing. Having said that I cant wait for fall-winter-spring when the warmness should actually make the bed even more comfortable. In conclusion, I highly recommend Novosbed. Delivery, assembly, the extra topper, communications everything has exceeded my expectations."

Helpful Cool


Finally, a product that lives up to the hype!

"Luckily, you don't have to buy a mattress too often... However, after waking up with constant back pain, we knew it was time for a change. Following the traditional route of going to our local B&M store, the experience was frustrating. No real details on materials used and cost of memory foam mattress was over $3000. After much research on the web and learning a lot more about memory foam, we settled on the Novosbed Queen Medium firm as the mattress for us. Ordering was easy online, and was confirmed with a phone call from Novosbed within 30 minutes to ensure the right firmness was selected. The mattress and foundation were delivered within 5 days and set-up took less than 30 minutes. I was doubtful that medium firmness was going to be enough but right from the first sleep, I knew we had made the right decision. After 30 days, Novosbed offers a Comfort+ topper is we want to increase/decrease firmness by 1 level. We decided to try firming up the mattress and the topper was delivered next day! The topper zips into the existing mattress meaning a great fit and now the bed is perfect! With a generous 120 trail, I see no reason why anybody should hesitate to give Novosbed a try if they are in the market for a memory foam mattress."

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Great value, better customer service

"I can't say enough about Novosbed customer service. They are second to none. I purchased my medium king size mattress on a Tuesday. Delivered on a Friday. There was a slight imperfection on the bottom of the mattress cover. I contacted Novosbed at 3 p.m. central about along with photos and a email. Less than 24 hours later I had a replacement bed and the other hauled away at no expense. Huge shout-out to Gail who handled everything perfectly.
This bed is wonderful. Slept on a Tempur Pedic for 15 Years. I think I'm going to like the Novosbed better after just 3 nights. Exactly as described on their website. Does not retain heat. No aches or pains. Great motion isolation. Excellent contour and support.
Ordering online was simple. Shipping was fast. If you're afraid of ordering a mattress online, don't be.Novosbed has a generous return policy.
I will definitely be purchasing four more for my home in Costa Rica with the money I save versus a store bought mattress.
Novosbed you have hit it out of the park, and have customer for life. I will recommend your company without hesitation.
Thank you for the overall experience!

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Sweet Dreams

"I highly recommend Novosbed. We had an old inner spring and I was waking up with lower back pain each morning for almost a year. Not anymore! I ordered the firm and I absolutely love it. My only complaint is that I cannot take it with me when I have to be away from home! Seriously, this bed is that amazing. "

Helpful Cool


Why didn't I buy a Novosbed sooner?!

"It was delivered promptly as promised. So easy to assemble the foundation; as soon as I'd assembled, the mattress was ready to go. Best night's sleep in years! When I move there will be another purchase, guaranteed. Thank you for such great customer service!!"

Helpful Cool


Really like my Novosbed medium queen mattress

"We were reluctant to order a mattress online from a company with which we were not familiar, but after doing some web research, seeing all the good reviews from external sites, and having the 120-day return policy, we decided to give it a try. We are glad we did as we love our new medium queen novosbed. My lower back loved it from the first night we slept on it. If I find my back aching when I get home from work, I lay down on the bed for 10 to 15 min to "decompress" and it really helps.

It took a bit of getting used to in terms of rolling from back to side and staying on my side of the bed because you settle into the mattress and its not "bouncy" like a mattress with springs. However, once I got the hang of it, things were great. I stopped waking up because some part of my body was numb or aching.

It took about 2 weeks for my husband to adjust to the feel of the mattress, but now he really likes it as well, especially for his shoulders which often became sore when lying on his side. We also both like that we cannot feel the other one get out of bed during the night.

Overall, we are very pleased with our mattress and have recommended it to family members.

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Like Sleeping on a Cloud

"We compared many online mattress companies but kept coming back to Novosbed because of the mattress design, the quality of the cover and the reviews. We are so happy we chose Novosbed!

When we first received the medium mattress it seemed slightly too firm when sleeping on our sides, causing a few pressure points but the mattress was immediately super comfortable for sleeping on our backs. It took about six weeks for both sleeping positions to feel wonderful.
We eventually tried the soft add-on comfort kit and although it did help with the firmness issue, we felt it made the mattress too high for our tastes. After a few weeks, we decided to try the mattress once more without the comfort kit and it turned out that all it needed was a bit more time for our bodies to adjust. The medium mattress is now perfect without the comfort kit for both sleep positions. We just needed to be more patient. We love our Novosbed mattress now and look forward to sleeping on it every night.
There is another thing regarding our Novosbed purchase that we can’t overlook and that is that we would have to write a book to say how wonderful the Novosbed Customer Service is. We are sure there's not another company on the planet as nice and pleasant to work with than Novosbed. We put them to the test with our indecisiveness, our repeated phone calls and endless questions and they were awesome every step of the way. We give them an A+ for knowledge, courtesy, helpfulness and caring!

We want to mention in closing just a few very minor issues we had that were nothing really but we want to be completely thorough in our review. First, we were missing a few slats for the frame but Novosbed shipped the missing slats right away. Second, the mattress shipping box came slightly damaged but the bed itself inside was protected with extra thick plastic and wrapped so tightly that there was absolutely no damage to the mattress itself.

The bottom line is that if you are in any way hesitant to buy a mattress online, don't be! The Novosbed Company is truly awesome! Their mattresses are every bit as comfortable as other high-end, expensive memory foam mattresses sold at those fancy, overpriced showrooms for a fraction of the price. We highly recommend Novosbed for their quality products, their extremely comfortable mattresses and their excellent customer service!

Helpful Cool


I'd like to upgrade to King soon

"I was actually about to copy and paste the review I left at Amazon but figured I'd write this review based on the questions asked when leaving it on this site (My name shows up as Alex R on Amazon if you'd like to see that review).

So, first question is about the cost of Novosbed products. I bought the queen sized firm mattress, which is several thousand dollars less than comparable mattresses I researched when looking for a new bed. I think that covers cost.

As far as shopping at in the future, there's not much more I need but when it's time to upgrade to a King sized bed from Queen, I'll definitely be revisiting their site. Though they do have a duvet and some nice looking memory foam pillows, so I'll probably be back sooner.

Customer service, is becoming a more important thing all the time it seems cause it's getting harder to find good support. I contacted customer service at Novosbed only a few times, and with quick questions but they always got back with me quickly and with the response I was looking for. Including a no hassle contact about getting the Comfort+ for my mattress, at no charge!

Shipping is free...I mean, you can't really complain about that. Unless your package arrives somewhere else...which didn't happen, so it's great.

I've never been to this site before btw, so I'm not sure if they show this little box saying Novosbed asked me to write this review. They did, but I'd also like to point out I left a review before they contacted me about leaving another...and guess what, that also had 5 stars.

I think that sums it up nicely.

Helpful (1) Cool


Best $1200 we spent in years!

"I spent weeks researching foam mattresses, read hundreds of reviews...agonized over making a decision. Armed with information overload. I knew I did not want one made in China and would prefer buying from a Canadian supplier. Deciding on which firmness to chose was difficult because of the differences in our weights (220 & 150 lbs) but Novosbed's no strings 120 night trial helped on that front. As it turned out, the medium firmness is perfect: firm but not hard. We have both had the best nights' sleeps in years since getting this mattress and I think it is for 2 reasons. Firstly, no soreness from pressure points meaning reduced tossing and turning. And secondly, less disturbed sleep from the other person getting up in the middle of the night because there is very little movement transferred through the mattress. Previously, with the other mattress, I would wake 100% of the time because it was like an earthquake hit when my husband got back into bed. Seriously, no exaggeration. Among the many reviews I read for many other brands, I noted some of the same issues would arise: the mattress is too warm to sleep on, it releases a chemical odour, the edge sags when sitting on it, and it's too hard. Neither my husband nor I have any issues with these 4 oft complained about characteristics with our Novosbed. We were pleased with the mattress right from the very first night."

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Research pays off!

"I did my research. 90 days worth of scouring the web for every morsel of data I could find. I hit the major YouTube channels like SleepSherpa and Sleepopolis. I used the Novosbed as a comparison for every other online company. The pluses that the Novosbed had always outweighed anything the other companies could offer. So, all hear say was compared and Novosbed won out and we ordered.

We ordered the king in medium density. My wife was 7 months pregnant when the mattress arrived. She had to sleep with multiple pillows in order to support herself on our old inner spring mattress. The Novosbed mattress supported her so well that she stopped using all the pillows! We both love that support this mattress provides and we absolutely love our memory foam mattress.

Neither of us had ever slept on a memory foam mattress before and we both were a little unsure about the idea. I am so happy we made the choice! It sleeps cool (and we are both furnaces), it doesn't bottom out, Novosbed customer service is top notch, the warranty and trial period beat any other company on the web for the price, and finally the price. You will be hard pressed to find a better mattress with all of the aforementioned things that the Novosbed can provide.

Brand loyalty is huge for companies trying to make their way through todays saturated market, I am here to say that Novosbed brand has created a loyal customer here! Thanks Novosbed!!

Helpful Cool


Waterbed NO More!!

"I have had my Novosbed now for a year and am so happy I finally dropped my waterbeds I have been sleeping on for 40 years. I bought the Harmony which was the soft bed since I was used to a waterbed.
I did love my waterbeds but love my new bed even more. More comfortable and much easier to take care of. The dog loves it too of course, haha.
I was a bit scared about ordering a bed online but I am so glad I took the chance, it has worked out great. Good job guys and great customer service from Gaille. She talked me through it all and helped me confirm the right choice of which bed to get.

Helpful Cool


Every Single Night We're Happy

"It took some convincing, and a little gamble on my part, to get my wife to agree to buy a new mattress online, untested. She's not the one to test new things willingly and if this didn't work out, I'd hear about it over and over again. Now that we've slept on our Novosbed nearly every together night since late Aug 2015, I can honestly report my wife and I say every night - seriously EVERY night - "I love our mattress". Is it too hot? No. Is it too firm or too soft? No. Is it good for that thing couples do? Yes. I don't know about claims of miraculous health benefits or being so much more rested than before. Maybe, but those were never big issues for either my wife or I. All I can say is that if you want to climb into bed every night and say "I love our mattress" like some little kid with a new toy, then order one right now and have the pleasure of owning a real world product that lives up to it's advertisements. Like Goldilocks said, "This bed is just RIGHT! "

Helpful Cool

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