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    Product & services pricing Rating 2.50/10 2.50/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 1.43/10 1.43/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 1.79/10 1.79/10
    Customer service: Rating 2.14/10 2.14/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 1.67/10 1.67/10
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Rating 2/10


"My Husband's nose piece came off his prescription sunglasses , I called to get a replacement since they are still under warranty, they told me they didn't have any nose pieces in stock ( really? ) so I went to local eyeglass stores but couldn't find any that carry oakley parts.
I called Oakley back and told them this is unacceptable, they need to honor their warranty so they said they would send a new pair of frames. They did not send a new pair of frames, they won't give me any answers when I call to inquire about the frame replacement. It's been 2 months since my Husband lost his nose piece and hasn't been able to wear his prescription sunglasses. Not a fan of Oakley anymore and their customer service is horrible.

Rating 2/10

Terrible service.

"Called 10 times, "press one for English..." What a PITA! It just **** that Luxottica destroyed this once great company."

Rating 2/10

Worst Online Service

"It's been over a week and a half and they still haven't shipped my jacket. I called customer service and the representative said that the oakley warehouse is completely backed up and are working as fast as they can to prepare my shipment. But it's been over two days since that phone call. I cannot even return my jacket because the customer service representative said "your item is too far into the processing stage.", which makes no sense since I thought the warehouse was backed up and they couldn't process my order... This is not how you run a business Oakley. DO NOT BUY FROM OAKLEY ONLINE!! "

Rating 2/10

Customer Disservice

"I’m spending the holiday season working in a region I shouldn’t easily be identified as US military, so I wanted a high-volume backpack with a measure of padding that doesn’t scream military, American fine, military no, that rules out my SOC bugout bag. Great OakleySI has a sale on accessories and I order a big kitchen on 05 DEC, get a confirmation email that the bag will ship in the next 48 hours, plenty of time before my departure date. That was the last I heard from OakleySI. On 11 DEC I called customer service and asked why the order still showed as pending when it should have shipped by 07 DEC. I was told it’s the holiday season and the shipping department is behind, and the bag would ship on 12 DEC, I accepted that answer even though that’s a horrible way to run a business. 13 DEC and the status hasn’t changed, I call customer service again and this time I’m told the bag was backordered on 06 DEC, but will ship out in 2-3 days, via ground shipping as originally designated, except now ground shipping misses my pack out date, I ask why I wasn’t notified of the backorder either by email or when I called on 11 DEC, no real answer, placed on long hold then told I can either wait for the bag to be delivered (I won’t be there to receive it) or cancel the order. I tell the customer disservice rep to cancel the order and send me confirmation of that cancellation, I’m told I will receive cancellation notice shortly. 14 DEC still no email, I call OakleySI customer disservice again, this time I finally get someone quasi honest who says they have been having an issue with their system and have no idea when they’ll get the bag shipped and ask if I still want to cancel the order (thought I did that the day before), of course I want it cancelled and my credit card credited, finally got a cancellation email 3 hours later. Now I’m stuck trying to find a suitable bag without enough time to actually get it delivered. I used to patronize this company, never again."

Rating 2/10

Worst Customer Service

"I wanted to gift a sunglass to my brother so ordered it with 2 business days shipping offer. Even with the 2 days shipping they did not provide me with the tracking# until next day and when I called the customer service they told me I will be receiving tracking number next week.
They sell expensive sunglasses and gears but do not provide even 1% better service to customers. To everyone, do not buy anything from here, they fool everyone.

Rating 2/10


"They make defective eye wear and refuse to start behind their product. Buyer beware! I had the sun glasses 5 months and was told they discontinued them so I can’t even pay to get them fixed. So sad, I will never purchase from them again!"

Rating 2/10

Shipment kept slipping day by day

"I ordered a ski helmet from Oakley. The initial order was expected to arrive on 11/28 then it kept on slipping every day. I contacted customer support, they said they escalate the order without identifying what is causing the delay. The shipment day kept on slipping day by day. It is now nearly month and still have not receive an update or the helmet. Customer support is totally unhelpful and useless."

Rating 2/10

Do yourselves a favor and go elsewhere. The worst company i've seen in a while. thieves.

"I ordered 2 pair of glasses, they said they shipped them (after a week) and sent them to my address. A crap pair of Prizm goggles showed up in a big box that would have been used for 2 pair of glasses. It's a scam. They are now scammers. I called and was told I had to ship these crap goggles back and they would send the others.....oh wait, we don't have those in stock now. oh gosh, we can refund, or send the others (after you send the goggles back)??

Unbelievable disappointment. Disgusting. I am done with them. Watch out.

Rating 2/10

Horrible Customer Service

"Mistakenly clicked polished, instead of matte frame, on a pair of custom Fuel Cell sunglasses. Called store before they were shipped. They told me that it was too late to correct order. The agent said they might possibly let me exchange, once they were shipped to me. Called back when they arrived, only to be told it was final sale, because they were custom glasses & couldn't resell. I would have thought that it would have been easy to pop out a couple of lenses & icons, and place them into matte frames. A two-minute fix. If a loyal customer, of many years, is not worth two minutes of your time, "Oakley, you are not worth my business, ever again!""

Rating 10/10

Returned and refunded within 8 days

"Ordered the wrong custom glasses, realised my mistake same day and emailed the support team who notified me that it was to late to change my order as it had already shipped and they told me to re order the correct specification and send back the original order. Done and received my refund plus they sent back my original order to keep. Always had excellent service from Oakley. Excellent service and an excellent product, I value my eyes and your product is the best, keep up the good work. "

Rating 4/10

Read Terms and Conditions!!!

"So my recent experience is with Oakley SI. I placed an order for non custom eyewear that was in stock. PLaced my order the morning of the 29th of September. I later reviewed my order because I had requested and paid extra for 2 business day shipping. The order status on the 4th of October still read in process. After looking up the shipping details Oakley did say up to 48 hours to process order after which time your item will ship if in stock. I called customer service and explained my issue, to which she replied you need to read the terms and conditions. It reads "All orders take up to 7 business days for warehouse processing to ensure order accuracy." What I don't understand is why in the shipping details it says 24-48 hours but the terms and conditions read something completely different. So no real issue, I ask the "customer service rep" to change my shipping method because it does me no good. She informs me that she cannot change the shipping method even if the order is still in process. So I demanded that she just cancel the order. I refuse to pay extra money for shipping when they can't give me a straight answer on their processing times. I am also done with Oakley SI, it's not work the discount when they just want to hassle you. I will still buy Oakley but at a local store."

Rating 2/10

OAKLEY Corporate Clowns who don't care...

"FWIW - ordered something *IN STOCK due to lack of availability elsewhere and called 3 days later asking for a status update after being told 24-48 hrs before ship and was given the run around and told "well you just ordered it yesterday"... WTF? For something any schmuck can just take off a shelf and put in a box. Is their shipping dept. 1 person or something? I have made other orders the same week from large companies that were all filled and shipped next business day. Oakley doesn't care about you unless you have a large order for company or vendor. They used to. My past experiences were always good but NOT ANY MORE. Their service and customer satisfaction has gone to hell with the quickness. A shame. "

Rating 2/10


"Ordered a pair of sunglasses from oakley expecting good service from such a sizeable company... unfortuantely after hearing nothing after two days I phoned up to find what was happening and was told they weren't in stock and wouldn't be for a further month. So I said I'd take a refund and therefore ordered the same sunglasses from another shop.
Following day 2 pairs of sunglasses turned up!!! Oakley had obviously suddenly found a pair... and still charged me too even though they said they would process a refund... sent them back and still waiting :(

Rating 2/10

Custom Order

"I purchased a pair of custom sunglasses from Oakley. They arrived with the wrong lenses and missing an icon. I returned them which they recieved on July 8. Ten days later no refund yet! Come on 2017 it doesn't take that long for a refund especially when they screwed up!! Be careful ordering custom glasses I explained twice they screwed up my order because if their website. If you make a selection and scroll down it will change your selection. This time I picked regular size lenses and when I chose the color at the end of the color there is an Xl which changes your lenses from regular to Xl! I was going to try again but after this I'm done with Oakley!"

Rating 2/10

Customer service ****

"My son ordered a pair of shorts on clearance at a decent price online. He put the charge on my debit card. Oakley sent him an email saying they would arrive in 10 business days and charged my account as a pending item. Then the charge fell off. No notice was sent explaining why the charge dropped off. My son tried to find out what the problem was, no answer. We suspected maybe the shorts no longer available. A week later, another charge from Oakley and another email saying 10 days delivery. A couple days later the charge fell off, no notice. And then a week later, same thing happened, charge on my bank account-no shorts. So I called Oakley and cancelled the order and asked why we were not informed of the lack of shorts. The stupid girl at "customer service" didn't know why we didn't get a notice or why I keep getting charged. But she told me the order has been cancelled. Well, guess what? Then charged my account again! So I called again, and after being on hold for 20 minutes, another stupid girl says she didn't see notes that my order was previously cancelled. But "for sure" my order is cancelled now. WHAT THE HELL KIND OF COMPANY IS THIS? DO NOT EVER ORDER ANYTHING FROM OAKLEY."

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