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Never received my item.

"Never got what I ordered (CD) and they're not responding to my messages which were all polite and friendly with the intent to find a good solution. Trying to get my money back through eBay but seem too much trouble.

Finally received a refund after contacting PayPal.

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"I accidentally bought a dvd from them on ebay, when I wanted a blu-ray. (I typed "blu-ray" into ebay's AWFUL search engine). I realized the mistake & attempted to cancel the order within 4 minutes. They refused 12 hours later, saying it was already shipped. I am not exaggerating re: 4 minutes. Amazon would have suspended them for that behavior; ebay also has awful Customer service."

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"Would not recomend them. Paypal added my old address on my order as I finalized sale, noticed immeadiately and sent them a message asking if they could change it - The address is changed at post office, the other seller handled it. This company is obviously to big to handle a problem without being condenscending and pompous.

Here's there idea of Customer Service - an email they sent to me:
Comparing a company shipping from a warehouse that ships thousands of orders worldwide on a daily basis using mainly automation and a person selling random goods from their home is not an equal comparison on any level. While I?m sure it?s simple for them to grab a new box for you, we can not simply waltz into our warehouse, dive onto the sorting machines, and find and pluck your item in a bin of bulk mail containing thousands of orders. I?m not going to apologize for what is entirely your mistake. You are more than capable of changing the address prior to completion of the order, and it is solely your responsibility to know where you live or want the package to go. We don?t have access to your accounts for obvious reasons, and we do not know whether or not you are conscious of the information you type into the order, but the fact remains that you had several opportunities to fix this before hitting that place order button. Being a ?slacker? has nothing to do with it; we receive hundreds of emails on a daily basis (especially this time of year) and answer them in the order they are received. Even now as you blame us for your mistake, you are capable of simply calling the USPS, letting them know you need a mail forward on a package, and having it rerouted to the correct address.


OddBanana Customer Service

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"Just like others, purchased CD from OddBanana. Received CD but it did not match description. Reading other feedback about OddBananna, found out this typical. Contacted them, very nice, told me return item, note return shipment postage and I would receive refund. Did as instructed, returned CD (unopened), got USPS confirmation of delivery. NEVER GOT REFUND. Contacted OddBananna several times, no response. Think he knows EBAY's resolution period is 45 days, then he's clear with ripping people off. Can't even give him bad feedback, past the deadline. What a POS. Don't buy from OddBananna. "

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"I returned a CD that skipped upon delivery and never heard back or got any money. Don't buy from OddBanana unless you like losing your money."

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"Received an inferior Chinese counterfeit/pirated CD set. When I contacted Oddbanana via email, I received a smart ass reply and I WILL NOT BUY FROM ODDBANANA AGAIN!!!"

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"This seller's treatment of customers borders on Fraud!

I ordered 4 CD's over a two day period and I only received 3 of the 4 CD's ordered and paid for. Similar to other postings/complaints here, the seller never responds to his voice mails or emails.

So, as I was robbed of my cash, I complained to the PayPal Resolution Center.

In this case, seller "OddBanana" provided PayPal with an unrelated Delivery Confirmation Number as proof of delivery. In fact, the Delivery Confirmation Number they provided PayPal was a Delivery Confirmation Number from a different/previous sale, transaction I had with the seller. So, the seller provided PayPal with a "FALSE DELIVERY CONFIRMATION," and PayPal accepted the False Delivery Confirmation Number and CLOSED MY COMPLAINT! PayPal assistance in the Resolution Center is worthless!

Unless you like to waste your time and money, don't ever buy multiple items from this seller during a 24 hour period, as he has poor tracking of orders processed and delivered. And, he will never return your emails and phone call voice messages. You will be out $$$$$.

Helpful Cool


"Frustrating to say the least. I've placed 4 separate orders with Odd Banana so far. 3 of those orders arrived quickly with no problems. You'd think they'd care about treating a repeat customer right, but no.

One recent order has yet to arrive even though a subsequent order has already arrived. I have no idea what the status on the order is because they don't respond to emails or phone calls. I have called 3 times and emailed 3 times, each time being very polite and to the point. Again, no response. I'm currently making a claim through Google checkout, which is how I paid for my order. Hopefully I will at least get my money back.

Bottom line is that Odd Banana has terrible customer service. You may get what you order, or you may not. Good luck getting them to send your order or give your money back in that case. It's not worth the hassle to save a few bucks. Buy elsewhere, from a reliable store that actually cares about its customers.

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"The CD purchased was not what it was claimed to be but, instead, a poorly bootlegged copy from China. Information on CD when opened on my computer was all in Chinese, not even English.
Would not purchase again from this seller.

Only way to communicate with seller is by email. Contacted seller and email was refused.

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"Arrived January 5th Damaged.
E-Mails for a exchange or refund have been ignored.

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"The checkout that I am forced to use for ebay items displays errors. Customer service tells me they can't locate my order when I have provided all item numbers, links to the items and the checkout provided and all personal contact information. They have filed unpaid item claims but will not respond to my replies to help with the checkout. Customer service is automated and puts you in a loop of automated replies requesting you fill out the same form for help over and over. Looks like this store relies on a large volume of sales so they can ignore customers that do have problems. Pay attention to the 20 - 30 negative feedback comments per month this store gets on ebay before buying from them."

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