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Got a tow and supposedly repair.

"Horrible paid $149.00 for no work. Couldn't fix."

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Pep screw

"Pep **** will screw you. Dont bend over."

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Don't trust them.

"They couldn't find the tire I ordered after a blowout, so they tried to sell me another tire that didn't match."

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Fast Service in a Jam

"Git a flat tire a mile from my local Pep Boy's Store. I walked to that location and ordered a set of tires and explained what happened to my truck. The manager on duty, Mike, drove his wrecker to my car towed it back, installed the tires, and only charged me the cost of the tires.

I really do appreciate how much this store did for me when I know they are very busy. They earned my business and respect today.

Just wanted to take the time to reward excellent service.


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"It is unfortunate that there is no AutoZone store near me. The only auto store we have is Poop Boys. I CONSTANTLY run into advertised items that cost more than advertised. Today there was a special on Castrol Edge synthetic 5-qt. + Fram Extra Guard filter for $32.99. When I go to the register with EXACTLY those items, it comes up $33.49. I bitched. Turns out there's really fine print at the bottom that says the deal is based on filters costing $4.99 or less. Apparently their Fram Extra Guard filters are $5.49 -- $0.50 higher -- so the tally came up $33.49. I know it's only 50 cents, but if you advertise oil with a Fram Extra Guard filter for $32.99. . . it should cost $32.99.

What it comes down to is DO NOT TRUST ANY AD IN THEIR FLYERS. If you pick up EXACTLY what they advertised, go to the register and find out it ain't the price they advertised, leave it on the counter and walk out!

Helpful Cool


"I was very disappointed with the manager and staff at Pep Boys in Orange Beach, Alabama. My friends and I stopped for assistance after hearing a screeching sound coming from the right front tire on my vehicle. After being there for over four hours, I was given an estimate of around $600 for repairs. I was told they would need to replace the rotar, brake pads and possibly the caliper . The manager used very inappropriate foul language with us when trying to persuade me to let them do the repairs. My friends and I felt uneasy about the situation. We had a friend (certified mechanic) to come and see what he thought we should do. He realized that Pep Boys were trying to make unnecessary repairs. He then told the manager to put the tire/ wheel back on so he could take it for a second opinion. After doing this, the manager dropped a pebble on the counter and said, "This was your problem." After removing the tire/wheel, the pebble had fallen out. This was the cause of the screeching sound that we had heard. We drove around 400 miles home without any problems with the car. The next day I took my car to a local mechanic shop and had it checked out to see if the pebble had damaged it in any way. There was no damage at all. Pep Boys had just tried to take advantage of three ladies who were traveling and trying to return home. Please be aware of this business if you are in the Orange Beach area. "

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"walked in for oil change and the service agent try hard to sell me a new battery because my car for some reason just died there after I parked in, very suspicious, just to find out was not the battery that I needed but a new starter, so they put a new piece in, and with that I took the car home, did not use it until Thursday 07/23/2015 went to bohemia NY11716, once I parked the car and finish the job I went there for the car will not start again, because of my warranty on the new starter, pep boy did tow me to 993 middle country RD, Lake Grove, where they did a commanding job of not only replacing a new piece, but finding what the queens store did wrong in whirring ! so I command Nicholas R Multari and Rodwin Allicock! and your towing service have a very poor timing Called in around twelve o'clock promised to be there by 1:30 pm, but the tow truck arrived by 3:35pm!"

Helpful Cool


"Do not make any purchases from Pepboys.com. When you checkout and use site to store they will require you provide them not only your credit card number and security code they will also give you an incorrect total. Even though they also require you provide them your address and phone number, and they are fully aware of where the local store the purchase will be shipped to, the total they will give you will not include any applicable sales tax. The website obviously has lazy ITs who do not want to make the effort , or possibly do not know how to program the checkout procedure, to include applicable sale tax. It’s probably the later. Also, be prepared to get another surprise when you go into the local Pep Boys to pick up the purchase. You will find out that the credit card number and security code you provided them online was never used and they will want to run the card locally. Now you’re in two different databases, the national data base for Pepboys.com and the local data base. Wow, now you have a double chance of having your credit card defrauded. Go to a reputable website who have knowledgeable ITs to make your automotive purchases. Pepboys.com have nothing but incompetent idiots working for them."

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"I was in today 4/19/15 and was very disappointed with the customer service checking out. This is a review on the older man not the female she was very friendly. The older man with the white beard was very rude, I asked a question about getting the advertised price on oil and was treated like I was trying to get one over on him . This is not ok. In my opinion he has no business being in customer service this location in wheat ridge CO needs a new leader. The female that was at check out before him was good but when he came over he ruined my experience and am considering not going back. "

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"Pep boys in West Chester has got to be one of the worst stores ever for management and customer service. As a frequent shopper at the store I've had several disappointing trips but I'm going to tell about our last 2 experiences. My wives battery died and left her stranded at work. Understandable batteries die, things happen. The battery was less than 1 year old. Having bought a new battery where she was stranded a replacement was unnecessary. I brought the battery in to Pep Boys, they put it on the charger for 30 minutes or so and said the battery is holding. If the battery didn't hold the charge I would be refunded. I told them the battery failed my wife once I do not want the battery. I asked the employee if they would put this battery back into their wives car? Nope. They told me too bad, I am going to have to eat it. So I went to get the core money back and was told I can't have the money for a reason I am still not certain of. While trying to clearly understand the reasoning the BOSS, as referred to by another employee, told me to "take the battery and leave." Seriously that's how it's handled? So the previous experience went like this. My wife had a flat tire so I changed it and put the donut on. She went into Pep Boys to have the tire repaired/changed earlier the next morning. The manager was at the service desk, she told them she needed a tire changed. She was told they do not do that here. Pep Boys doesn't change tires? She left and went to Pep Boys in Exton where they did it free of charge. Do we really have to drive an extra 10 minutes to go to the same store? So in conclusion I will not be a frequent shopper at Pep Boys in West Chester no longer. I would advise anyone who reads this the same."

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"I took my Honda Accord in for front break replacement. They told my I needed new rotors. Job cost $400 + tax. I declined and took it to Honda the next day. No new rotors total job was $250 + tax. My immediate thought was that I had been ripped off when I took my Nissan Maxima in for the same work a month prior. I had the rotors replaced, which was - I see now - probably not necessary. I'll never go back."

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"My husband took the car in for a flat tier and it turned out it was not fixable. We had to get a new set of tiers which cost almost $ 1000. We didn't have time to compare the price since the car needed to be fixed right away. The wait time was long, almost 3 hours. But the wait was comfortable, the store had WiFi available and people were nice. Since we didn't have appointment and it was an emergency service, I think it was not too bad. "

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"My wife took her car to Pep Boys in Amherst, NY for an oil change and they overfilled it by 1 quart. She returned for a NY State Auto Inspection where they insisted she needed a new serpentine belt. At about 36,000 miles it was pristine and they backed off. She drove the car about 3000 miles before the next years inspection. Miraculously a brake line started leaking so i got involved and they backed off. I took my car there for an inspection and somehow a front caliper was damaged by them. I asked for the part to inspect but they lost it. Next year I did a preliminary inspection and took it in. I told them I would wait for it. They had two cars ahead of me and I waited four hours until their manager approached me and demanded to know why I had been it their store so long. I told him I'm a customer waiting for the car that has been onthe rack for over three hours. They tried the serpentine belt approach or the vehical would fail. I told them to print it on the invoice but they decided it was immediately acceptable to pass. They were the only convenient shop then but happily not now. Bye Pep Boys. "

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"I advise anyone from Gulf Breeze Florida to avoid our local pep boys. They are in my opinion-crooks! They are highly overpriced and complete idiots. Went in to have a few things done and came out with a broken car!! Don't even bother complaining to the district manager he is just as shady. There are plenty of other reputable places in this town, I regret ever stepping foot in that place."

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"my local pep boys store had the worst service ever. they were slow, overpriced, unknowledgeable, and rude. I would recommend o'reillys, advance, carquest,or a junkyard, anybody but pep boys."

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