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SCAM - FRAUD - Gift n Ideas / Pickupflowers

They accepted an order, in 2 days they asked for 30$ more to deliver and now they cancelled both orders without any email notification or refund confirmation.


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"Well, I will make it short. I ordered some flowers from my girlfriend who is in Russia on 07.03 for the International Women's Day. The payment was done and I received my invoice. I was told that the delivery will be made on 08.03. Below are details of the payment:

APPROVED - We have received your order and will deliver it as requested.
WED, 07/MAR/2018 17:12 (CST)

In the morning (Canadian time), on 08.03, I received an email informing me that they are waiting for me to receive my payment. I was shocked. I contacted them and sent them the copy of my invoice. Again, they apologized and promised me that the flowers' delivery will be made soon, and they will contact me.

In the evening of 08.03, nothing was done. I contacted them again (Horrible live chat). I think they must get a crash course on customer service. This time I was told that their supplier made a mistake. So, they have contacted another supplier to do the delivery. They again apologised and promised that the recipient will get the flowers on 09.03.

Again, on 09.03, I got in touch with them. They told me that they are waiting for an update from their new supplier. I waited till the evening for an update from pickupflowers. But as I expected, nothing was done and I was left without any update.

I contacted again in the evening. This time, Nikki told me that the delivery has been planned for 10.03. And I usual, they apologised again and promised to do the necessary and let me know.

Today is already the 10 of March, and the recipient is still waiting for the flowers. While contacting pickupflowers, no one is willing to answer. This is the message that I am getting when trying to get an update.

The chat has been closed due to long user inactivity.
Chat closed.

Right now, it's already evening in Russia, and the flowers are still on the way. It would have been better for me to buy a plane ticket and fly to Russia to deliver the flowers.

I believe it's useless to ask for a refund because they will not refund me.

PickupFlowres do not even deserve the 1 star.

Kepp away from this company and do not waste your money. There are other companies providing excellent services.

Honestly, I feel sorry for those guys answering the phone calls because I know how it is like working in a call centre. But the problem is with the owners who are just collecting money and doing nothing about the services: customer, supplier, etc. These types of f*****g should be put behind the bars.



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"I strongly urge you to read this because this is not a company but operates like other companies that promote their products by only using suppliers and depend on others to deliver services, and they to be honest they cannot and do not have control over them…and this company has staff that are rude, do not respect customers and will always blame you over the supplier so where are your rights???
So, I decided to book well in advance for some flowers for my fiance and have them delivered to her, I planned this whole thing out and every time I speak to them (which by the way their online support is the most useless ever!) they tell me “It will be delivered as ordered” and nothing more…to get that answer you would probably have to waster 30 – 45 minutes of your time from the time you say Hi.
Of course, the day when the flowers and chocolate was supposed to be delivered, spent a whole day trying to contact them but with no hope and the day ended and my Fiancé was left with no flowers or chocolate or an apology call for the failure to deliver. I finally managed to speak to a lady called Sheryl…This is a special one cause you see her idea of what a customer services agent is like she owns the joint and can say, do, interrupt, be rude and HANG UP THE PHONE in your face which I absolutely freaking love!!! NOTTT

Back to the story, this woman (Sheryl) Starting giving me the reasoning as to why they were not delivered as the supplier forgot to leave the fridge on and the flowers turned black… seems to me I was born yesterday for a florist to do that but alright…then the next excuse why they were not delivered was because they were mashed and didn’t look good.. oh and in the process this was an oversees call so it would have been much cheaper for me to fly there and personally deliver them myself! After days of battling today they told me the supplier has confirmed the delivery but is not sharing the signatory and she could not process a refund because the supplier is claiming it is delivered.
In the process of all this mess up, I have been hung on a dozen times, given false promises and mistreated as a paying customer. They are rude, rubbish people to deal with and I strongly recommend against using any of their services they will always find excuses to blame other people and they do not have any control on the suppliers what so ever which is the essential reason why you cannot use their services. Any company that cannot control their suppliers does not have credibility and should be used.
I hope this will help many of the people ordering online and some might say well I used them and they were perfect, my response is of course they will please a few otherwise how else will they scam an entire lot of people??

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Google , research before buying from this florist

"Call centre is useless n clueless .
Probably base out of Philipines .
Asked for early delivery , flowers came in late afternoon before she left to go home . It would of ruined Valentine's Day or any special event . Flower weren't that great either . Disappointing, I never will use this florist again .
I would Google and read their website before any purchases.

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Never, never order flowers from this place!

"On 4 Feb 2018, I ordered flowers and paid for it for nearly $100. The arrangement I expected was something that was based on their website - a basket full of pastel colored roses with hardly any leaves visible. I wanted it delivered on the 7th of Feb, and it arrived at the very end of the day, almost after the occassion where it is needed, and worse - the flowers delivered were so different from what was in the website. There were very few roses in the bouquet, no basket and they were only wrapped in colored paper. The cost of the flower delivered could have easily been merely $10, and looking like they were off from the street vendors of Manila! Check out the photos I posted below."

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A nightmare to start with but they did deliver

"I ordered some gifts to be delivered to Spain. They weren't delivered on the Saturday when they should have been and they called me to tell me this but what aroused suspicion that they weren't genuine was that they asked for a copy of my Visa card, which of course i said no to, to confirm the order as it was high value and without it the order wouldn't go through. I said no and the order did go through. This got me thinking and of course i googled them and saw these reviews and almost died as the order value was just short of £300!
I rang them and told them i had read the reviews. The csr Marc (apparently) was very helpful and said that they will be delivered Monday and theyre aware of the reviews. I rang the bank to stop the transaction but was unable to. They werent delivered Monday! So i called them again and again and again to reiterate that they are proving their reviews right by taking peoples money and not delivering. At this point I was believing the reviews and though the money was lost. However today, Tuesday, they have delivered and the products are as ordered and i am very relieved and happy. I feel very sorry for the people answering the phone there and whilst i wouldn't suggest or ever recommend ordering from these guys. Keep on their back until you get the good delivered or a refund

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Flowers NOT delivered, sloppy customer service, still no refund or resolution

"I ordered flowers for my mom's birthday, the day before her birthday. The website confirmed that the flowers would arrive on her birthday. Her birthday was yesterday, and the flowers still haven't arrived. I tried the chat function on their website to ask about it, and no one has responded. I emailed their customer service and got a very lazily written (i.e., unprofessional, grammatically sloppy) response, saying that they have to check with their local supplier. I've written back that their supplier relations are something they need to manage internally, not something with which they should inconvenience their customers. Still no response -- no resolution or refund.

Now I'm regretting not checking reviews before using this crappy company. One star, one star, one star, horror stories all over. No wonder their Facebook page doesn't have space for reviews.

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"I ordered birthday flowers to my daughter worth $53 and unluckily they did not deliver and I want to refund my money but until now no reply from them this is not trusted company . Don't hire their services it's not worth it. It's fake"

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"I ordered a wreath for the funeral of my wife's grandmother that cost $85. What was delivered was a small vase of flowers with a card that read "Merry Christmas" and the invoice total of $33. This company offered a $20 refund and stated that " they felt they did the best that they could in the location delivered to and in the budget allotted". I ordered a specific item at a set cost as advertised on their web site and it was not delivered, clear case of false advertising. This along with their ignoring their stated promise of :
" Satisfaction Guarantee
On time delivery
No Hidden Costs
Refund or replace, if not satisfied"

clearly makes this a company best avoided at all cost.


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Delivered flowers and cake for this company and never got paid for it!

"We have delivered flowers and cakes for this company and never ever got paid!
Untrustfull and greedy people behind this company.

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Huge scam

"I got charged three times... Never got the refund from them despite several emails from customer services that the refund payment had been issued... just avoid this website.... it is a big fraud... Customer service is useless... they just play around to waste your time... Very annoying.."

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Horrible. Terrible

"They are scam. Dont even respond. They steal money and never deliver anything. Now i am just waiting for my money and i cant contact anyone. Terrible terrible service.please dont buy people from here"

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"Do not use this website,company or whatever they are.JUST STAY AWAY.
They told me at 4 o'clock ,PM,that the delivery will be made until 7 pm and when I called them just before 7 o'clock they were already sorry but the delivery will be made in 48 hours.
Speechless.It was my daughter birthday overseas.I never imagined something like this.I placed the order 2 days in advance.

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I ordered flowers online June 30. On July 1 was told they were not available and asked to switch. I said no ( substitute wasn't even close to what was ordered) and asked to cancel order per their website representation "Refund or replace, if not satisfied". Followed up July 2 and was told in an on-line chat that order had been cancelled and refund issued. In fact they charged me on July 4 (credit card payment to "Gifting Inc - Pickup Flo, Wilmington DE") and haven't issued a refund. Followed up July 18 (telephone call with 415-315-9697 which is CA not DE) and was told there were "technical issues with payment gateway". Have since researched and found that this company may be scamming lots of people. See the reviews on trustpilot, sitejabber and complaintsboard. (I can't post the links on this site).

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Crappy service and crappy delivery

"Flower were eventually delivered, but a really bad experience overall.

The first issue was paying for the bouqet that I ordered. There was an error message popping up every time I paid, only to find out that my payment had gone through THRICE. I contacted the customer service immediately, though didn't find them much helpful. About a week afterwards I was e-mailed by a company official saying that a refund is on its way. I only received ONE refund out of TWO.

On top of that, the bouqet I ordered was to be delivered on Valentine's Day. I received a confirmation that the order has been placed and that the bouqet had been delivered. However it was not delivered until exactly a week after Valentine's. A big disappointment for me, and a ruining of a Valentine's surprise.

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