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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 2.50/10
Chance of future purchase: 1.88/10
Shipping & packaging: 4.17/10
Customer service: 5.00/10
Return/Replacement policy: 5.00/10
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Loose Diam

"Bought a loose diamond from Propertyroom. When it arrived late, I opened package and could not find diamond, that small. The size of a pin head. Threw it away, that bad and small. Look at site and review loose diamonds 1.3 x .85mm. Look at the prices people are bidding thinking there getting a REAL diamond. FRAUD and DECEITFUL."

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Mystery jewelry.

"I won an auction for a mystery designer jewelry with a value of $50 to $100. I should have checked what the shipping was before bidding!! Won the action for $7 and paid $16.95 for shipping!!! The WORST PART: For a total of $23.95, I got a small bubble envelope with two peices of junk jewelry that I wouldn't pay $1 for in a store. (How does it cost $17 to ship that? I could mail it for $1) Well, lesson learned on that fraudulent website. Sad part is, I was thinking well this is a website to help the police so I'm doing something good while also bidding on items that couldn't possibly be a scam seeing as it's the police.... bahaha think again! Y'all, don't buy from here... it's horrendous. Thanks for reading. "

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PropertyRoom commits fraud and theft against it's members

"This is a description of just one of the numerous bad experiences with this company. Please read in it's entirety before attempting to bid on an item of any value on their site, hopefully my time writing this will help others avoid headaches and save a lot of time going nowhere with their "customer service" department. I have I have been buying on PropertyRoom.com for a few years now, although I actually found it a few years before that. They're not a scam, however they DO commit fraud and illegal actions such as theft and extortion. Sounds crazy, right? Say you bid on a municipal or police vehicle with a reserve but don't meet the reserve. They may, days later, accept your bid, AUTOMATICALLY charge your credit card on file for the full amount of your bid plus a 10% or higher "buyer's premium", then give you only 3 days to come get the item before you start incurring storage fees from the impound lot where the vehicle has been kept for months prior, with nobody in a hurry to get it out of there shockingly enough. Then, you're charged $25 per day -not to mention, even though they may, but probably won't be open on weekends, because they have been in the past and MIGHT be in the future, you're charged for saturday and sunday even though no other business really treats them as business days of the week. Next, PropertyRoom.com also gives you 10 days from the day your bid is accepted, (they don't give you an option to purchase or decline if they accept your bid, they just charge you and then a day or two later, let you know that you're a day or two into your 10 days they give you to actually pick it up,) THEN, if you DON'T pick up the vehicle, they keep it...AND YOUR MONEY, and you have no recourse because it's in their T.O.S. I CALL BS!!! Taking money from someone and then not giving them anything for it, call me crazy, as far as I'm aware, is called STEALING! REGARDLESS OF SOME B.S. T.O.S.! If there were another auction site that sold NYC fleet vehicles like propertyroom, (not copart where you have to have a dealer's license, or pay almost 25-50% more than your bid in fees to take posession of the vehicle, another wonderfully honest site,) then I'd shop there, but PropertyRoom is contracted to be the only site that deals with NYC for fleet vehicle disposal, so it's basically a monopoly, you HAVE to use them if you want to purchase used NYC municipal vehicles, you don't HAVE a choice. I would think there would be regulations in place to protect consumers and limit unscrupulous business practices, but apparently not. You can try dealing with the BBB, but even in spite of 37 complaints in the last three years, they STILL have an A+ rating on the BBB site, as well as clearly states that businesses PAY the BBB for their rating anyway, (it's true, it says it right on the BBB.com site), 13 of which were in 2016 alone. Propertyroom has NUMEROUS bad reviews online on other sites, just type in PropertyRoom reviews. I don't know why any videos aren't on YouTube, but that's my next step to unmask these crooks. I just hope they don't have some sort of YouTube reach as a larger company when I'm just an angry consumer, to get my post taken down for some sort of "legal" "loophole", as I find it hard to believe many others haven't posted videos to date, (YouTube has a history of removing videos that review companies to alert people of shady practices siting all sorts of B.S. reasons). Coincidentally, every time I have a serious issue with PropertyRoom, once the issue is completed, (not always resolved, so I will say concluded instead), they almost IMMEDIATELY change their T.O.S. or add a covenant to the bid process, covering this particular issue in THEIR favor, rather than make their process more fair or safe for the buyer. Unless you can pay for and pick up a vehicle from them within two days of bidding, I do not recommend purchasing from them, they are deceptive, and unscrupulous and need class-action litigation brought against them."

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Don't fall for these defrauders. Suppose to be Police backed. What a joke !

"If you're going to give your money to these trolls, be smart and spend as little as possible. Shipping is going to set you back $13. The watches are scratched up and half don't work. If you're bidding and win electronics, figure on 1/3 working and having any value at all. Jewelry marked 14K is usually 10K at least half the time. Huge caution is cell phones and computers. These people should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. 90% either don't work, or are locked out. This company was okay at one point. but during the last year or so, they are in the business of defrauding people ! Go to ebay, or amazon, Epsy and several others are so much safer than PROPERTYROOM.COM. Dump these thieves !"

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"Come on people wake up! These people are scammers..Do your homework check prices on Ebay first and compare it. The shipping options WOW! ridiculous..These people are thiefs!"

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Please don't jump into anything here!

"I have purchased a few paintings from property room. These are not original signed paintings like they claim that they are. Instead they are mass produced by a copier that uses paint instead of ink. While I don't think they are worth much and won't go up in value, I do prefer them to a print. As far as the Property Room selling these as originals, hand painted and signed by artist, well this is less then accurate. One of the paintings which I purchased two weeks ago is for sale on their site again. Buyer Beware!!"

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"I regularly shop the PropertyRoom, mostly for jewelry. The one thing I know well is jewelry! What I HAVE noticed is the people bidding on the diamond/gold jewelry run the prices up outrageously! You can go to a pawn shop, where diamond jewelry IS guaranteed, & buy something really spectacular for what you pay for something on PR. When you bid on something that you CAN'T handle or see in person, you DO run a risk. If an item has a "reserve", its NOT worth bidding for! I LOVE this site and have had no real problems with anything I've won, tho I will NOT buy any type of clothing or electronics from this site. The clothing runs small & the electronics aren't guaranteed to work. Do your homework & you'll do better on the site. "

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"These scammers listed what I won as 14k white gold and its not it 10k. The other I won was a necklace marked as 14k gold and its GOLD FILLED!!!! DONT SHOP HERE!!!!"

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"Selling items on here for $1.00, then charging $7.95 or higher for shipping. Can buy the same stuff on ebay way cheaper with free shipping. I noticed on one listing a picture of higher end wristwatch walkie talkies (ebay selling for around $30.00), but after clicking on the "shop now" button, the photo was of a lower end pair (ebay selling for around $7.95). I inquired as to which photo was of the item someone would receive & got a response that they had changed the photo, but when I looked again, it was still the same two photos. Also, my questions didn't show up under the "questions asked" tab on the auction. Some poor schmuck paid over $50.00 for these + the shipping costs. This website is deceitful & sneaky. Be very careful if you do decide to buy anything. Look at similar items on other websites before purchasing anything from here. More often than not, you'll find it cheaper somewhere else."

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"Absolutely horrible customer support. It takes several days to get a response, even after they respond to inquiry, they do not read the inquires.
I will not do business with them, absolutely waste of time. Horrible website to deal with

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"If you see that an item is carried by Quality Products, rest assured it is not quality and will not be delivered in 2-3 days as promised. This is the second time I used this site and yes I was overcharged and yes the product was late in delivery and yes it could have been purchased cheaper elsewhere. I "won" the bid on the January 18th and still waiting on delivery as of January 28th"

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"This site is beyond a joke. Not only do they charge outrageous prices for shipping on items that don't even weight a pound but almost every single item they sell is WAY overpriced. NOW they are selling new/refurbished items.

The refurbished items are more expensive then buying one brand new from a big box retailer. Back in the day this site was somewhat of a gem. Today I'm disgusted that they are still in business.

I wish them nothing but failure.

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"Very deceptive. Jewelry is photographed to look better than it is. I had to look at what I bought because it looked so different. Bought 3 pieces of jewelry, paid only a $1 for two of the items, but then $12 shipping for each. The other paid $20 plus $15 shipping. This auction took over 3 minutes to end when there was 15 seconds left, causing me to increase my bid each time. i thought it was strange because it kept reseting the end time by about 35 seconds. i think now it was rigged. Junky jewelry. Glad I'm only out $60. My art still waiting for. Bought the same time. No info on their site other than it should have shipped days ago. I really like the print, didn't pay too much for it, but I'm curious to see if its really a serigraph like it stated. BUYER BEWARE. Most stuff isn't police seziure."

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"I feel that I learned a lesson. Although it cost me a couple hundred dollars. Stay as far away from this company as possible. It is a scam. Take clise up pictures to make everything seem big or normal and when I received it, it was very, very tiny. Maybe fit for a child. The jewelry was so tiny and the perfume I bought was a miniature when I thought I was bidding on a reg size. Not good descriptions. Not really from police property rooms. I will never order or bid on anything again. Hard lesson to learn. Wish I had done my research first."

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"There is more than an ethical
and moral delima here,
what of the people whom were
arrested by the police,
jailed and imprisoned over this
where the owners are unknown?
How then were they convicted
for having possession of said such?

is it poetry

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