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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 2.50/10
Chance of future purchase: 1.88/10
Shipping & packaging: 4.17/10
Customer service: 5.00/10
Return/Replacement policy: 5.00/10
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"Nothing but a SCAM. I promise you that you will regret bidding on anything they have. I wish I had read all these opinions first. I thought I was pretty smart but was not smart enough to do my homework first I wish that I had never heard of them. Be smart and stay away."

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"very bad experience with this site. don't buy from this site.

everything is fake and junk.

print piece of paper and claim it is original and valuable art and put a $7000 list price (retail suggested price) for example and make you fool to bid high on those junk.

once you receive a piece of junk/trash in the post then you realize and wish you never visited this site. BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!

why this site after so many complain still functioning and no one doing anything about this.

more and more people falling in this trap and more complain day by day.!!!

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"Buyer beware if purchasing jewelry on this site. They show really large pictures that make you think you're getting a really nice piece of jewelry at a fantastic price. Then when it arrives, it's tiny! I recently bought 2 rings and a pair of earrings. If they had been photographed at actual size, I never would have bid on any of the 3. And nothing is returnable, so you just have to suck it up. Thank goodness the pieces I bought were really cheap!"

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"Be very careful when shopping at PropertyRoom.com. Some of their merchandise is misrepresented. I did receive a refund, but they insisted that the merchandise was not damaged even though there are photos to prove otherwise, and they put me through an annoying and time consuming hassle to get the return accepted. On another item, they blamed the damage on a PD when, again, photos proved otherwise. Customer Service is delightful for simple questions - but it quickly becomes hostile when there is a real issue. I did successfully buy a few things so you might get a bargain - or you might get misrepresented merchandise and a big hassle to get your money back."

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"There are some good buys at property room, but wouldn't buy jewlry or watches there. Property room has had negative reviews, unless I can see something in person to inspect it, I won't touch it.Any questions I had were returned quickly by customer service. Waiting for my latest purchases to arrive, so far satified with all my purchases."

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"Property room is a criminal enterprise. After some of their made in china "knock offs" at exorbitant shipping prices arrived at my house, I sent an email to them and pay pal directing them to STOP immediately and to never use my pay account again. Instead of honoring my request, they sent an email asking if I intended to close my account and warning me that closing my account would not stop charges in my credit card. That was Monday July 9th, 2012. When I responded immediately and said yes! Cancel and stop the charges, they waited until the next day to respond, and then said they did not know who I was. But they locked me out of property room and then proceeded to make another 57 charges to account, while sending absolute junk to my home. When I sent an email Wednesday saying I would go public with their scam, the director of marketing called me at home within an hour. But she refused to take her junk back and wanted a 17% restocking fee for each item returned. Further, she insisted there were no knocks offs when plainly there were. Also their computer falsifies bids to impose a high bid on every unsuspecting bidder. "

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"I have shopped at property room for years. The downside is that most of what they sell is outdated and they list the suggested retail price of the item sometimes a decade previous. I have purchased a few Coach pocket books that have been fake even though they were listed as authentic. They did take the pocketbooks back. In one instance I purchased a Coach pocketbook from one of their vendors Hot Deals on the site which never arrived, I contacted them 4 times only to be told that my email was being forwarded to Hot Deals. Hot Deals never contacted me and I never received the pocket book. I am going through my credit card company to try and get a refund. In addition their listing tend to have misleading and wrong information in it, for example I have purchased quite a few iPods which listed the wrong generation. Trying to contact Property Room is extremely difficult they only have an online form and email and no phone number. Finally, I would like to say that I really do think that their auctions are rigged because people bid outrageously for items which do not even come close to costing what they are bidding, "An iPod touch first generation for used going for more than $300", this might be due to the fact that property room is misleading them (Buyer Beware). I have personally stopped shopping at this site because their customer service is awful and they certainly do not have any bargains. Somebody really needs to shut them down or make them change their practices. Oh! Yes and watch out for their inflated shipping charges. I've purchased multiple items weighing in at less than 10 pounds and they shipped all of the items in one box and charged me shipping and handling separately for each item, the total shipping was more than $100 for what the Post Office charges $6. I get the handling fee but this is outrageous. An insider tip for you is they don't only sell items from Police auctions, they have several vendors mixed in. The ones that are from Police auctions are all mostly old items, because property seized from the Police stays in evidence for a very, very, very, long time. Most items are decades old, used and unclaimed."

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"This is an overall review of propertyroom.com. For the buyer, you must do your investigation before buying anything by auction. They also sell items that have nothing to do with the police or stolen property. THeir retail price is just like any other store. If you pay more than 30% of the suggested retail price, you may be paying too much. They currently are selling rings by a designer name of Foreli. One of their items had a suggested retail price of over $9,000. It sold for over $8,000. I feel bad for that person. Go on to the Foreli site and yes you will see the same suggessted retail price of 0ver $,9000 but they are selling the item for approx $3,000. Before buying always check on-line to see what the item truly sells for. "

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"I purchased an Ipod Touch through PropertyRoom and received a scratched up broken Ipod. The site claimed it had been tested and worked but the port to charge it was broken so was not possible to test it. I took it in to a repair shop and they said it would cost $100! That is what I paid for the 1st generation 16GB scratched up broken one I am complaining about! I will never use this site again!"

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"I purchased a bracelet 14kt muticolor stones which was extremely much smaller upon receipt. The item stated an apprasail of $3,750 but actually was around $500. I have had difficulty sending email to there address. I feel that the item was misrpresented and regret the machine. Besides, I do not believe that I did that high on the item. The price was $427.00 with shipping and I was do not aware of the 15% return fee. This is highway robbery."

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GET A GRIP!!!!!!

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"people please know this site is a huge scam. I bout a watch a Curruti 1881 a very nice looking watch, this brand is an upscale as i understood. but the truth that its a knockoff. all this this is high copy original watches that are being made in China. please im so angry because i traveled and saw the shocking truth after feeling i have the greatest source of finding good deals.. I dont understand how the U.S Police department would back up such a fraud and lying site. I hope i can sue them."

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"Bought a bicycle described as having a bunch of high end components. Bike had been in an accident, carbon parts were damaged an unusable, 1 pedal was broken, rear shifter broken, cables snapped, rear derailleur and hanger snapped off and gone (a worthless, incorrect part from a Walmart bike had been attached to look the part), grips worn through, tires bald, rust when the description said none, etc. Low quality photos were carefully taken to obscure issues.

Saw bikes being handled, they are stacked carelessly and get scratched up and bent in the process.

Contacted customer service about the obvious problems with the description and they made a small token credit. I spent almost as much money as I paid on lesser grade parts and a lot of shop time to get bike running.

I don't think my situation was unique. Saw some unhappy folks also picking up their stuff. One buyer was almost in tears as he was loading an incredibly trashed scooter.

Orlando pickup is pretty horrible: SR436 traffic is terrible around that area and if you arrive two minutes after 2pm, you get to head home and come back another day.

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"I ordered an aqua swiss watch for 50$. At first I googled the company having not heard of that manufacturer before. Turns out there is a website that offers that watch for 900$. Seems like a great deal right? Wrong. Its a scam. The watch is of the quality of something you would find in a gas station. It cant be worth more than 20$. Well then how would the police seeze all these watches? They arent seized and neither is 99% of the stuff that is sold on this website. It bothers me that US police departments would put there name on this. Very upset!!"

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"My first experience with Propertyroom.com was less than desirable. I purchased a gold bar from their site, and as soon as I received the invoice was confused. On top of the steep shipping & handling charge (for a 1 gram piece of metal) I was charged sales tax! Mind you they have no presence in the state for which I reside...strike one. Then it turns out that even though they state acceptance of PayPal, they do not seem to accept PayPal credit (which is my default payment type). For some reason the transaction went through to one of my other payment sources, which ended up not only costing NSF charges from the account I was not currently holding money in, but an hour of my time this morning attempting to sort the situation out...strike two. I then sent an email to their customer service department requesting a return number because I was not satisfied with the transaction so far, but was informed that they usually do not return items for these reasons, but they would in fact accept this one-time return as a courtesy minus a 15% restocking fee and shipping at my expense. I replied requesting that the 15% restocking fee be waved, as I felt misled in a number of areas, but of course agreed to pay for the return shipping. My reply was that they would not waive the restocking fee, and more or less take or leave the terms offered...strike three. I am a frequent patron of eBay and a couple of other small auction sites, and have never had a worse experience than that of Propertyroom.com. I urge caution to any considering making purchases here!"

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