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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 7.5/10
Chance of future purchase: 9.63/10
Shipping & packaging: 9.29/10
Customer service: 9.73/10
Return/Replacement policy: 9.55/10
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Monster Truck PC

"The computer Puget Systems built for me is a beautiful monster. The customer service has been impeccable even a year after my purchase. I am now adding two more Titan GPUs and Puget Systems is sending me another custom GPU brace for the expansion which they had already pre-wired for me in the original build. After building PCs on my own in the past, it was a great experience to have professionals give me advice and help build out a beautiful, solid, fast and reliable machine. Even under the hood, the cable management is efficient and clean.

I depend on my computer everyday for my work and choosing Puget Systems has been a pleasure and worth while investment.

Helpful Cool


Amazing Quality and Customer Experience

"I have purchased many computers, both for myself and for companies that I worked for. I have also built a few computers with parts from Fry's and other places. The experience I had with Puget Systems was so far above and beyond my previous experience it is like Puget Systems is in another league.
My experience starting with initial contact with Jeff Stubbers, all the way to final delivery of the system exceeded all my hopes. The quality of service was amazing. As I ordered the system, Jeff Stubbers helped me to optimize my order and I settled on a Spirit computer with some components selected based upon my planned use. After I placed the order, I had a few more questions, which Jeff Stubbers answered quickly via e-mail. I planned to add a 1TB HD and an SSD to the system after I received it, and Jeff gave me good support for that approach by explaining exactly how the drive trays would be configured in the Spirit Computer
The Spirit computer that I received was excellent. Clearly it was made with care with the best components. I am very impressed with the quality of the entire system. In addition, I received all the test reports and Bios images necessary to confirm that everything was working well and I could roll the system back to starting conditions if necessary.
I highly recommend Puget Systems for any PC purchase anyone is considering.

Helpful Cool


Best Computer Buying Experience in 30 Years

"I had been in the market for a new desktop for over a year. After bad experiences with HP and Dell, I wanted something to my specs but without the extra stuff that the major builders always put in their systems. I found Puget through a web search and I am glad I did. Their website is intuitive and helps you pick out the right components for your needs. Then when I'd saved a possible build, I received a personal email from Jeff, one of their customer support folks, saying that he had reviewed my build and had some recommendations to make it better. After two phone calls where Jeff and his staff patiently answered all of my questions, I placed my order. Following up through the website, I watched my computer go from a pile of parts to a finished product. The testing Puget did was superb. I have bought lemon computers in the past, and after seeing Puget's process, I know that they will do everything in their power to prevent you from getting one. Within weeks of placing my order, I received my computer. It does exactly what I want it to do. Puget Computers has made a customer for life out of me with this order. Their customer service, technical advice, and follow up are second to none in anything I have ever encountered. Bear in mind my first computer was a Tandy 1000. If I need something cheap and crappy, I'll buy from the big names. For the rest of the time, Puget is my choice."

Helpful Cool


Continued Excellence

"I have been a repeat customer of Puget Systems for 10 years now and they never disappoint. From discussing requirements and how best they can support me to discussion about the build, including photos, they are a top notch outfit. Wilson has been a great source of guidance and suggestions, ensuring that I get the best product that does all that I need it to do. I will never go anywhere else."

Helpful Cool


Molecular Dynamics Workstation

"Puget Systems is a group of currently practicing experts in the field of applied high performance computing. I shopped around with other vendors while developing an invoice with Puget, but no one came close. Puget Systems had Ph.D level computer scientists who had used exactly the software I wanted to run on my computer, took the time to explain the latest in hardware to me, and was able to provide me with a performance benchmark with that software on a configuration very similar to the one I ordered. I like their spirit and they are technically excellent."

Helpful Cool


Puget's system rock!

"Puget's system rock! Really am enjoying the system... really was minimum headache to purchase and no issues to report... :)"

Helpful Cool


So far, so good.

"I think the title speaks for itself. Up to this point the computer has been working great - no real problems - and the assistance has been really helpful. Hopefully it stays this way. "

Helpful Cool


Good Stuff

"Their attention to detail was outstanding"

Helpful Cool


Awesome service

"Ordered a new PC from them. PC is very professionally built, and got updates the whole way! When I got it and put it together, I was amazed at how quiet it is, even under load! Do recommend "

Helpful Cool


Fantastic Service and Quality Products

"Puget has a great knowledge base and their PC builds are fantastic. Customer services is extremely fast and the builds are completed quickly as well."

Helpful Cool


No nonsense, just a superior product!

"I love dealing with Puget. No nonsense, just good products and service!"

Helpful Cool


Excellent and unique computer!

"So far So good! It has only been a week and the new computer has been quietly and smoothly whirring along, non-stop. Graphics are excellent hd content, but other than that, this system appears to be longsuffering through most anything. and tasks seem to be done easily without much strain on the system. The cooling fans will spool up a tad when watching some Thanks for building a powerful system with many options of hardware. I will use this machine for TV & general entertainment, arcade/simulators, office, art & photography and other useful tasks. Basically it will serve as my main source of entertainment and or work (for the next decade hopefully). Thanks again. Yes, as it says on your site, there are so many low quality parts and products flooding the market nowadays. I am glad that there is a company that still takes product reliability & quality more seriously than profits and tons of simple attractive gimmicks.

Thanks again,
Chad C.

Helpful Cool


Their desktop systems are amazing, customer service is the best.

"I own three Puget Systems custom desktop computers, ranging from $4000 to $10,000 per machine. They are quiet, fast, and beautiful creations that last for years much like a Mac product would. I'll never buy a computer from one of the big companies again because I don't feel like the big companies have my best interests or quality in mind.

What I like the most about Puget is that they research each component heavily, and they are honest about them. I wanted to go with a certain hard drive, but they filled me in on their research and provided a much better hard drive. These guys care about what they are building very deeply, which is something you simply won't find when you buy a machine from a big box store.

Big thumbs up for the best looking cases. They're very quiet.

Another big thumbs up for not installing Bloatware.

Another big thumbs up for having the best possible website ordering system. You get to customize every component, and see what the prices are to add that component. It's transparent and strait forward. After you design it, they will contact you and make helpful recommendations about your choices. I found them to be extremely honest, and not trying to upsell components that you don't need. In fact there was no sales going on at all -- these guys are truly honest about what you need in a system and what might be overkill.... and this is coming from a guy with a $10k desktop computer.

They have the best customer service in the industry. I email them and get a response back from an intelligent person in Washington state lickety-split. Try getting that from one of the big industry players. You'll get routed to some lowly paid rep in another country after being on hold for 20 minutes. No thanks!

If you care about your computer, and you should because its something you use everyday, Puget is worth it. These guys are the Rolls Royce of the computer world, and you'll be treated as such.


Helpful Cool


Not to little, not too much, getting the machine I'd be happy with.

"Called for help in selecting a system that gave me the performance I needed without over-specing and trying to get it at a reasonable price point. Spent a solid hour trying to squeeze price out of a slightly over-spec'd machine and then trying to build up from a slightly under-speced machine to meet my price target and desired performance. We found the sweet spot building up from the under-spec machine. They were very patient with me as I carefully looked at each trade-off and answered all my questions about what I was gaining or loosing. I even did a second and third look at some items.

I was very impressed with their knowledge and their willingness to walk me through all my questions.

I highly recommend them to people when the topic of getting a new machine comes up.


Helpful Cool


Puget Obsidian 2018

"I've been ordering computers from Puget for just over 10 years, they've always met or exceeded my expectations. When I opened my shop 5 years ago I thought I'd save a few dollars by buying Dell systems for basic office needs. I did purchase a system from Puget for my graphics person. As we've grown I purchased a Dell system in January 2018, it's so much slower than the Puget system I purchase in July 2014. I did a complete windows 10 reinstall on the 2018 Dell, getting rid of all the bloat ware (about 6-hours of rebooting and installing windows 10) and yet my Puget 2014 system boots up in about 20 seconds, the Dell about 2-3 minutes.
My new obsidian is even faster, and quieter. It arrived without any bloatware. I reinstalled all the applications I use and have my new system up and running for work on Monday. SSD drives make installing so very much faster.
In short pay a bit more upfront so you and your staff can spend more time working on projects than waiting for you computer to boot/catch up to you.
I submitted my order on a Friday afternoon and had it the following week, after a 2-day ship to my location. So within 5-working days I had a custom built working system.

Helpful Cool

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