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Took my money

"I made reservations through these ppl, they're not legitimate I called the number that was on my paperwork it took them forever to answer my call I wanted to change my reservation dates I was told that the property manger was very strict and he wasn't going to allow it. I can't get my money back, I called the hotel i supposedly had reservations and the nice young lady checked every way she knew how to see if I had reservations, to her checking I had no reservations there. Please ppl go straight to the hotel and make your reservations DO NOT GO THROUGH RED AWNING THEY ARE SCAMMERS."

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"We booked this property through and it wasn’t until we were at checkout that we found out RedAwning ended up being the ones who listed the property. We had booked directly through HomeAway before so to see another company take hold so suddenly was a bit jarring but regardless we still booked the property we wanted and were satisfied. That is until yesterday when RedAwning decided to email me and say that our reservation was cancelled due to the property we had booked being sold to someone who no longer wanted to rent out the house. This was never indicated to us when making the reservation and has now left us scrambling to find a new place to stay. At least they refunded every dollar of what we paid originally. What’s even worse is that they didn’t even offer to help us make new accommodations. They simply refunded the money and went silent. This company is a disgrace and I highly recommend you avoid them at all costs!! "

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Rented a Condo in Nashville, TN. After checking in we found ants in the kitchen. Ants were crawling on the counters. There were ant traps o

"Horrible Horrible and Horrible..."

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Company Is a scam!!

"I have spent so much time money and energy fighting this dishonest company that I can't spend time right now with the details. I will later. But I wanted potential renters to know that if you see their name affiliated with any rental RUN!"

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Confirmed Reservation cancelled

"RedAwning confirmed on Jan. 16 our reservation for four nights at 624 Goodrich Ave. Townhouse, Sarasota, FL, and charged my credit card $948.20. At the time I booked, I informed RedAwning we would have a dog with us. On Jan. 25, I was informed the pet fee was $150. I complained that the fee, on top of a $130 cleaning fee, was high and that it did not reflect well on the owner or RedAwning that I was told of the pet fee the day after cost-free reservation cancellations expired. I agreed, though, to pay the pet fee. On Feb. 19, I was informed our reservation was cancelled because of “overbooked.” This was over a month after my reservation had been confirmed and only 15 days before our arrival in Sarasota. I had to scramble to find unsatisfactory and expensive accommodations, and we were not able to bring the dog."

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"I wish I could give RedAwning no stars. I booked a condo for 6 of us over a month before a birthday vacation to Disney. Two weeks before the trip, I get an email saying that the condo is not available (Mind you, they've already charged me) and offer me 3 other properties. I am dismayed because the properties offered are not as nice as the one I had paid for, but I pick one and email back my choice.

Two days pass and no one confirms my change, so I start to worry. I call in and sure enough, that one has been booked too now. While Im on the phone I'm scanning other sites for similar places to stay at the same price and there's nothing available. I am panicking. The lady offers me another condo on the phone. I look it up and while, again, I don't particularly like it, it's a place to stay, so I agree. She signs me up for it and I get a confirmation email.

Two days pass and I get a cancellation email from RedAwning, but the name of the place cancelled is the first one, so I while I find it strange, I assume that means I'm still reserved for the third one I had picked. The next day I get an email stating I'm receiving a refund, and of course there I really worried because why would I be issued a refund if I'm still reserved for a property?

I go on their live chat, because at this point I want to be able to talk live to someone but still have proof. Sure enough, my third reservation has also been cancelled and I had not even been alerted. Here I am 5 days away from a birthday vacation to Disney with no place to stay. She assured me I'd get my refund in 3 to 5 days, but even if I get my money back, I now have no money to rent another place and if I did there's nothing available anywhere because it's 5 days before a long weekend.

They insisted they had no place else to offer me, and while they had nothing in my price range, they definitely had other places. You'd think after canceling on me THREE TIMES, they'd just offer my a place to stay even if it meant having to eat up some costs, but no. Screw the customer over.

STAY AWAY FROM RED AWNING. Look at the reviews!! I wish I had!

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Just Dont

"They are a scam, dishonest, no idea what they are doing. these are not there listings. Terrible all around. Many other ways of booking properties. Know what you are getting first! "

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Horrible Customer Service

" 775 530-1577
I have been attempting to get a refund for Valley Isle Resort #901 from November 25-Dec 2 – we never stayed one night as the unit was unsafe – the master slider to the balcony was broken and would not lock causing a loud whistling noise along with a foul odor and not the location that indicated on their website which I booked through. Hoping for your help – I do not intend to pay for an unsafe room we never even spent one night in.
Confirmation #8062199006297 - vended to RedAwning

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False Advertisement!

"False advertisement! They advertised that there was an indoor heated pool on location, needless to say it was almost a mile away at a recreation area that you had to be a member of to swim! I left a message for someone to call me back and no one called, I sent two emails and asked them to please respond, still no response! I will never use them again! I do not recommend to anyone!"

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I swore I wouldn't write a scathing review, but I'm still so mad

"Long story short, I booked one of their properties on VRBO. They happily charged my card and confirmed my reservation. Only my instinct - nothing more - told me that something wasn't quite right and wouldn't you know it, after a few calls found out the property I booked, and was charged for, had been booked for three months! Imagine if I had shown up after a ten hour drive to find that some happy group was in the place that I - and they - had paid for. Not an apology, nothing. Sure they refunded my money but that doesn't help me go back in time and erase the grief and wasted hours I spent sorting out a mess caused by RED AWNING. Avoid at all costs. You have been warned!"

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"Same problem as everyone else. No one answers the "customer service" line. No one responds to emails. Hotel room completely misrepresented online and far far smaller than promised. Basically blatant lying about what you are getting. Don't trust them! Charged my credit card immediately for full amount but would not respond to any questions about the room, the rate or the dates--which they got WRONG. This is a SCAM. Do not ever trust your precious vacation time to this shell game of a rental agency. They will take your hard earned money and RUN. You are left holding the bag"

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Too Bad they don't offer 0 Stars.....

"Both booking a weekend and Vail and then trying to cancel it due to emergency surgery were an enormous hassle.....waiting or over 45 minutes on hold, then no answer anyway, no answers to their phones - message keeps saying try back in 5 minutes - and now trying to cancel the reservation - same horrible hassle. It's almost like there is no human who works there - I got a response to an e-mail saying "thanks for your message" - that was it, no resolution, no timeframe given for when I'd hear anything back - UGH UGH UGH. Never again would I even go near this company - they are the antithesis of customer service. Don't use them.......

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Miserable experience

"This company is a joke.
Took me 3 weeks and 7 attempts to get a response from them. They finally responded to a text message but it was a blind conversation, no name, no title, just a phone number.
While I was thrilled to finally get a response, they were unwilling to assist with changing a reservation.
First and Last time. Buyers be ware... While this process may seem easy, I suggest going through a local rental company. Safer and accountable.

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unacceptable business practice

"and they hide behind contract noise.
i booked a condo in maui for next year 2017 may,i found a better condo and price,so within 20 minutes of booking i put in a cancellation.
the charged my credit card for 1946.06 may 24 2016,
on may 25th a get a credit back for 1871.06
difference 75.00 fee.,how so low can a corporation go?
there was never in the past working with booking .com that this happened until now,booking .com could not help.
i would expect a refund for this 75.00 robbery
joseph blum 805 492-5229

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