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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 3.93/10
Chance of future purchase: 1.25/10
Shipping & packaging: 1.11/10
Customer service: 1.39/10
Return/Replacement policy: 1.88/10
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Super customer service

"I was in rual King in Niles Michigan, when I had a problem with a tent that I bought that did not have a canopy in the package. The ladies and customer service did everything they could 2 rectify the problem. And I'd like to give you their names if I can't when is Michelle she works in seasonal when is dawn she is a CSM and the manager is Jen. They were absolutely wonderful. I got it replacement tent within 20 minutes. And the ladies even help me to put it in my car. My name is Robert Stewart I'm 73 years old and the girls were fantastic. Thank you for allowing me to take this survey"

Helpful Cool


Delivery destruction.

"I ordered some traps from rural king. The packaging well there wasn’t any. They sent them unboxed. They were mangled most of witch could be repaired and since the animal invasion needed immediate attention I kept them. I called and spoke to a very nice representative who asked me to take pictures and send them. After doing so I was informed they would reimburse me the cost of shipping on my free shipping order !! When I asked for clarification they responded with a total that matched the tax total on the order. I informed them that they could keep my money as it was the last they would get from me. "

Helpful Cool


Poor delivery time

"I placed and order with Ruralking and had them ship it. They gave me a tracking # that never worked. I called their customer service and was told it was shipped. it wasn't. I called again. they said it was shipped. It wasn't. they finally gave me a delivery date. it never came. they told me to call fed ex, I did. Fed ex said they haven't rec'd it yet. so no shipping date so far. Ruralking does not know what they are doing !"

Helpful Cool


Bait and switch

"I ordered a Mossberg 308. Twice and both times they screwed up my orders. First one bought in stock and it took 2 weeks then they canceled my order and offered a discound on another gun but I didn't see one I wanted so they just said too bad. They did call me 1 month later to apologize for the issue and told be they had it back in stock with a scope, muzzle break and bipod with it and they would give me 10 dollars off. (woopie...) So I gave them amother shot. Well when it came to my ffl dealer I saw all the assesories including the opric was a different one and brand completely. I called them and they said it was an issue from the manufacturer so I sent it back. In the mean time im already upset this is twice its happened but then they offered me a 50.00 credit if I emailed them about it and I have 5 times with no response. Very disappointed with this company and I buy a lot of guns and parts and so do all of my friends and family and I have literally black listed this company because of the poor seevice ive received time and time again. So to anyone who reads this I would just stay away and look at a different company. "

Helpful Cool



"My order was placed on may 13th and it was in stock. It started processing on the 14th. After 8 "business days" i called to check on my order and they said its 7 to 10 business days. Ok. So i wait til today which is business day 11 and called. Its the 29th now and still processing. Now im told that they are waiting on a shipment form the parent company and dont know how long it will be. Bottom line if u have 2 months to wait on your purchase to save a few dollars go ahead. I myself will NEVER order from them again. No one can give me an idea or timeline. Thanks RK.."

Helpful Cool


Rv online gun ordering

" Memorial Day will be 3 months now since my order. After many emails and very slow responses did finally get my pistol. The extra magazine though paid $30 for has still not really come. Besides all the excuses on all of it that was back ordered, returned to store stock, and back ordered again. Went to the store where I picked it up, that the department manager told me, " if I don't receive in a timely manner, they would make good on it"' and even initialed it on. Well when arrived, then store manager said they could not do that, and they had three of them hanging on the rack. Next trying to get my refund from online ordering department. VERY DISSAPOINTED !"

Helpful Cool


Worst customer service ever.

"I saw a gun case in the newspaper flyer and stopped by to pick one up. The guy behind the counter said “I haven’t even looked at the flyer yet, not even sure if we have that. Our cases are in the next isle over if you want to go look.” When I went to look, none of the cases had prices on them and were scattered around. I only go to this place when I have no other choice. Terrible customer service and terrible attitude from employees. "

Helpful Cool



"DO NOT and I stress DO NOT order from this company online. Hell I will never even go into their store again. Ordered a picnic table online received no confirmation email or tracking info, ordered thru pay pal paid 35.00 shipping and handling so when a week went by I got concerned that I paid that much shipping and no table. Sent them several emails, no reply. Called a number she said she had to get in touch with warehouse to see and she would call me back. She never called back. Wrote a nasty email, finally a return call which she left me a voicemail. She stated that in order for them to ship I would have to pay a freight charge on top of what I had already paid. They hadn't even shipped it. There I would have been still waiting and right after I ordered they didnt call to say this???They are frauds and crooks and this is not how u do business. They are so stupid because people order online now for convenience. I will never deal with them AGAIN!!!!! I also will tell all my friends and family to not go in the Clearfield, Pa store anymore. I will stick to Tractor supply."

Helpful Cool


Very poor customer service, wrong item sent.

"I placed an order for one item and received the wrong item and said item was missing a part. When I called customer service the woman informed me that I was incorrect, I ordered the item I received. She also, in a scolding tone informed me that I was giving her the incorrect order number (which clearly is on my packing slip, I will take pictures of this and also spread the word.) She also stated that should I return the item I would be responsible for return shipping and restocking fees. She did offer to send the missing part. In the consumer world the customer should be right (under many circumstances and mine certainly did apply). Rural King however has the reverse policy. Absolutely, will never order from them again and will inform everyone I know in the chicken business (which are plentiful) of their inept and irresponsible customer service. "

Helpful Cool


They have no idea what customer service is..

"They are rude, they have no idea how to treat people. They don't care about your time, rk guns is even worse. They charge you $10 for shipping and they don't ship for 7-10 business days.. is this 1995? Get it together, I'd rather drive farther and spend more some where else then be treated like a trash at rural King..."

Helpful Cool


Shipment and customer service

"place an order over 4 days ago and still at the Waterhouse waiting to be shipped. I asked for my money back and she said no. I have to wait until I receive the item to send it back and ask for a refund."

Helpful Cool


Poor customer service

"I ordered some coffee from Rural King and received confirmation of the order immediately. I waited over a week and a half and the item still hadn't shipped. I called customer service and they recited company policy about shipping policies and basically didn't seem to care. I finally got the shipping notification 2 days later. A large shipping company sent me confirmation also. I watched the shipment over the next week travel from Wi down to my local city in south Texas and then get returned to the shipping address due to the wrong mailing address being put on package. I called them again and asked them to refund my money. They still didn't seemed the least bit concerned about making me an unhappy customer. It took almost another week before the charge was returned to my account. Needles to say I would pay twice the price before ordering anything from Rural King again."

Helpful Cool


Rural King orders/customer service is terrible

"I recently ordered a winch from their website. The winch was located at a store 30 miles from my house. Due to my work schedule, it would have been an inconvenience for me to go out there and pick it up. I ordered it on a Monday (with 2 day shipping) and they sent confirmation instantaneously. It has not been over a week and they have still not shipped my order. I have 2 day shipped other things from out of the country and got it on time, the transit isn't the issue. It's the shipper. Calling customer service won't matter either, each one tells you a different "processing" policy. As long as I live, they won't get a dime from me. I'll pay more to get it anywhere else "

Helpful Cool


Worst customer service ever!!! Didn't even end up getting what I waited 2 weeks for!!

"Ordered a gun online that was to be shipped to a ffl dealer did everything I was supposed to on my end and so did my ffl dealer, never got anything after the initial emails of order confirmation, called customer service once after a week and then again yesterday and no one could tell me any info on my order, now today 2 weeks since my order I called again for the 3rd time and was told they don't have the gun I ordered even though there was two in stock when I ordered it. So now i've wasted 2 weeks I could have been looking elsewhere and probably already had it because their customer service is terrible and couldn't tell me what was happening with my order. Will never order from them again and wouldn't recommend them to anyone!!"

Helpful Cool


Exactly right

"Couldn’t be happier, received Easy Pour Spout Kits 30051 quickly, top quality, Easy instructions, perfect fit, no leaks!"

Helpful Cool

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