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Pure theft!

"This company requires you to pay in advance and never sends your order. Once they have your money, they do not answer the phone or respond to emails!

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These guys are thieves, and nothing short of that.

"I ordered an item from Sciencelab.com several months ago, nothing federally regulated or hazardous or comprised of chemicals or any of the such. Paid for it on credit card. Was immediately charged.

A week later, I was notified it was backordered. Fine, no big deal. Might take a bit longer to get to me.

Cut to now, I still have yet to receive anything and no solid confirmation of when it will arrive short of "It shouldn't be much longer" or "We're still waiting on our supplier"...

This is absolute BS, and they're doing nothing but stringing me along to the point of not being able to contest this with my credit card company because they intend on keeping my money without delivering, and then cite their "Terms of Use" as a reason to not take any further action. Phonecalls go unanswered, emails mostly ignored, and I am left empty-handed. These people, Rob Tyler and Stacy Tyler belong in jail, and all of their assets taken from them.

Do not do business with these people. They are two-faced and will lie to you in order to steal a dollar, or a few hundred dollars even. It's a wonder they

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I just cannot believe they are still in operation

"They are a scam.. pure and simple..

This is how they operate:

You order something from their website and they simply do not deliver because they ARE NOT A REAL COMPANY. They tell you it is in back order and they give you the run around. They never return you calls and they have a policy in their website that says that they do not give money back and the order cannot be canceled once placed (what respectable company has that policy).

This is how they make money:

Eventually, many people just gives up and they get to keep their money.

This is how they get away:

The few people that do not give up, call their credit card company and do a recall of the ordered product. Once they receive a recall, they do not contest it and refund the money. Since those who do not give up do get their money back, they do not pursue any further actions and so no crime has been committed.

In conclusion:

DO NOT ORDER from them! They ARE NOT a real company and they will not send you any of the products that you order. IF you get tired and give up they will keep you money. If you call your credit card company and request a recall, they will give you your money back, but you would have wasted your time.


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Bordering on Fraudulent

"Product that I ordered was backordered, or at least that was what they said when I called, Month after month. They took my money, and never delivered the product or any updates on the information. They don't return emails, and their phone service goes to a message, but they never call back. "

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What a bunch of thieves.

"They rented 150 of our crates and literally stole them. "

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"We placed a fairly large order with them and because of us being a " new customer" we had to pay up front, well it has now been all most 8 months and they have not sent one item, they won't return messages or calls and usually won't even answer the phone. These people a very dis-honest, their business is a scam. Pretty sad. Please save your money and do not order from them."

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My experience was fine

"I was worried to place an order due to the many poor reviews, but I spoke to Keely in customer service, who was very reassuring. I ordered a hard to find item (Quinine Sulfate), and she said it was in stock. It arrived in 3 days, perfect condition, exactly what I expected.

I hope whatever their problems had been are over, and I will be ordering from them again.

Helpful Cool


"Purchased some items via website in August 2014 months later had not received them. After making numerous attempts at contacting them finally got a hold of someone who informed me my items had not shipped due to them being on back order. They offered to replace the back ordered items with comparable items in stock to which I agreed. Nearly a year later I still have not received my items and but they certainly received my money via PayPal. Apparently my money was received by another company named Astrimay, Inc. which also apparently has issues with fraudulent business practices."

Helpful Cool


"They are a SCAM!!! Charged my account the day I place an order (three months ago), never sent the product, and won't return my emails or phone calls. All of this makes their sappy greeting message, and bible quotes disturbing. Just called my credit card co and PayPal to get a refund. PayPal already seems to know of this problem. "

Helpful Cool


"DO NOT BUY FROM THIS WEB SITE! They will take your money, in my case, PayPal. Then they string you along past the 45-day period you have to take action and get your money back from PayPal. Once it's past the 45 days, forget it. You lose. If you search the web for "Sciencelab.com Reviews" you will see quite a few indications that these folks are scammers. One thing that really gets me is that they quote scripture in their emails as if to make it look like they are good Christians. Yeah, good Christians alright. You have been warned. DO NOT attempt to conduct business with these guys."

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"Not sure what happened to this company. We previously ordered with no problems. Now we have a $200 order that hasn't shipped after we paid for it online and there are no answers to numerous emails.



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"Everytime I called after the order never came was the same thing ... "it just got in, we will ship tomorrow." After three calls like that I asked for a refund and to cancel the order. "All but one of the items is in and it will ship tomorrow" and "We can only give you a store credit if you cancel." Fortunately, over eight weeks had passed and my credit card company (well done VISA) took immediate action."

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"Better Business Bureau rating for this company as of 7/3/12 is an 'F'.

I ordered a product only to find out it was on back order. Canceled the order the next day and was promised a timely refund. It is now almost 14 months after the order was canceled and still no refund. I filed a complaint with Better Business Bureau and Federal Trade Commission as suggested by another review. Please take the time to do the same or save yourself the trouble and avoid doing business with ScienceLab.

I continue to call and email, so far to no avail. Same story from the customer service reps every time. Stacey Tyler is the only individual who is able to issue a refund and there is no way to contact her directly nor does she have a schedule for when she will be in the office.

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"I never received back ordered products, even though I was charged immediately. Luckily I reversed the credit card charges in time. Do not order from these dishonest people."

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