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Defective Part Recieved...

"This how this company treats people...

Darryl Cobble

1:59 PM (1 hour ago)

to me
On Friday, November 10, 2017, 11:04:39 AM EST, scootertronics wrote:

Please understand you are NOT my customer......with that said I would be have been happy to help....trying to bully people gets you nowhere.....your so called mechainic installed the caliper incorrectly and you rode the scooter making matters worse....and from what I see there is nothing wrong with caliper.....if its so hard to understand try to understand I am not there....the brake pistons not cylinders are collapsed so they are not locked up and not even engaged....the caliper was put on incorrectly and its easy to see that in picture...the incorrect one was ordered or the incorrect scooter....please recall a picture of your scooter in the woods not being cared for outside for years tells me why you have problems

have a nice day and do not contact me again...you are NOT my customer and you have not paid me anything and I did NOT ship you anything....trying to bully people will get you nowhere..FYI no such scooter as a Linhai Vog 260 scooter and is NOT the scooter you have.....understand I explained all this many times to your so called mechanic who BTW blamed you for everything...your Harley guy is also pulling your leg...not only do I sell parts and scooters they very one you have I ride the very one you have and own several and sold 100s plus I own ride and build Harleys as well as many other bikes

why even come to me if you have such great friends who could have helped...its not magic or anything special which makes you unbelievable and unreasonable...in case you do not know...you can not get a refund from someone you never bought something from

Like I said have a nice day and do not contact me again.....get some pads and install correctly which no one even showed me the brake pads which are most likely worn on the wrong side

Name: Darryl Cobble
E-Mail: bradshaw2288@yahoo.com
Subject: Defective Part
Message: Im not sure how it is you think I bullied you? then how is it from seeing a picture in a driveway you assume my bike is kept in the woods? lastly my so called mechanic has nothing but good reviews under his business reviews where as you Sir have many bad reviews and a history of taking peoples money and then not delivering parts, it's hard for me to believe you haven't seen these reviews for yourself, lastly just because my name wasn't on the invoice doesn't not make me the customer because it was my money and ultimately im the one whose money you took, if you think for 1 minute I wanted this to go sideways, your sadly mistaken, im an everyday rider, at the end of the day, I just want to ride with zero problems, you see it any way you choose but the part that was sent was defective your word and opinion means very little when you don't have a legitimate reputation to back it up... good day to you and trust me after this I have no reason to contact you again, why would I, your just another thief and a liar...
Also guys feel free to see the other complaints on his videos, he has a reason and a excuse always as to why nothing is ever his fault, this dude and his company is as shady as they come, but it's all good he got over on me and my mechanic on a 1 time sale instead of seeing us as an investment and what could have been a profitable relationship for him and a loyal customer but that's not how he views people or how he sees things in general he's a short sighted scam artist in my opinion, no matter how he tries to spin things, there's no way that every person that has a complaint is wrong and the almighty Thunder Mike is always right, dude needs to check himself!!! and no matter where you look Google, Google Plus, FB, You Tube his videos under Thunder Mike, Yelp, Scootdawgs, Etc., he has dissatisfied consumers and people he has wronged... bottom line DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY, BUYER BEWARE...
BBB CASE#: 36137861

Helpful Cool


"WELL orderd a part from this 1 guy and called 2 days in a row and 20 something calls later after getting no answer and a full voice mail box i get up with that 1 guy and he fusses me out.
VERY unprofessional.

Helpful Cool


"Ordered a carb from them because they had a good price. After talking to my local scooter shop I found out that the carb was not going to work for me. Called and got no answer. Emailed to try and cancel the order and got a reply in 3 days. They told me it had already shipped so the order could not be cancelled. Waited for it to show up, a week later got the message that it just now shipped, so why couldn't the order be cancelled? They just wanted to get it out and charge me because they have a 7 day return policy with an outrageous 20% restocking fee. Don't order anything from these scammers."

Helpful Cool


"Hello Scooter Folks, I order from this store because its in Maryland and offers shipping within 24 hours on certain parts, I figured if I place an in stock order on 9/18 I'd have my parts no later than 9/21 and be on the road again. Wrong. First off, I called on 9/21 and was told 'I cant get these out until Monday'. I asked if i could pickup that day in the Store because I REALLY needed the two Jets I ordered (for the main jet I ordered a 115). Was put on hold, never to be picked up again. Figured ok, screw it, next weekend. Now, Thursday 9/27. I got my part (which was sent out USPS on 9/24 not via FedEx which I paid for). Guess what, I got a size 120! The same that is in the scooter now! Dont even bother if you need the right part quick. Now I'll have to order the same part, from someone else, pay another postage and wait another week! "

Helpful Cool


"DON'T DO ANY BUSINESS WITH THIS MERCHANT. After reading some of the reviews, it is apparent that he is a fraudulent merchant. I ordered a mount for my scooter and thought I was getting the mount and a top box. Only the mount arrived and I installed it. That part was OK. When the top box did not arrive I called Michael and he explained I ordered a mount only. So now I had to order a top box for $250. When it arrived it did not fit the mount. I called and and told Michael that he set the wrong top box and I wanted him to call UPS and have them pickup the box and credit me back my money. He said he would but after a week and no pickup I called again and he agreed to call UPS again. After another week I filed a complaint with B of A, my credit card company, and spent 2 weeks complying to their requests only to have them say they can do nothing. It is now evident that he was delaying my sending the top box back, at my expense, as he has a 14 day return policy. All of the orders were drop shipped from the manufacturer so he shipped nothing. I have found out SCOOTERTONICS has 26 complaints from the Better Business Bureau. They give him an F rating. I also will not do any business with B of A any more."

Helpful Cool


"I ordered an exhaust gasket and oversized studs for a Chinese 150cc scooter. After waiting a month i called. The guy that answered said it was an unusual order because of the oversized studs but, after he thought about it for a minute decided he'd be able to fulfill the order. A week later I got an email from the USPS saying a shipping label had been printed and they had issued a tracking number. I thought, "yeah, finally i'll be able to repair my scooter." Today I called 6 - 7 times and finally got someone to answer. He made an excuse about how he'd missplaced my information. I cancelled the order on the spot. He claimed he'd send me a money order. After reading the reviews here i don't expect anything. I'm going to try and get the money from my Credit Card Company."

Helpful Cool


"This was absolutely the worst experience I have ever had in dealing with a company. I dropped off my scooter for a simple repair in the summer of 2011 and in January of 2012 still had not heard anything, so I began calling the shop only to find that the mailbox was consistently full. Once I finally got in touch, I got the standard "Just a few more days" response from a very rude man. Finally, we went and just picked up the scooter and saw that absolutely NO WORK had been done on it in 7 months. We demanded a full refund of the $400 we paid up front and have been waiting for that refund for 6 weeks now. When we call, the owner hangs up on us or completely ignores us.

I have no idea how this place is still in business. 25 BBB complaints filed against them.


Helpful Cool


"they never answer there phones or emails. what a crappy place to get stuff from. i better get my parts! 2 weeks and still waiting! might have to go and visit!"

Helpful Cool


"Tried to do business with Michael, anyways he is an idiot. Do not order from this company. No worth wasting anymore time to explain."

Helpful Cool


"Yeah wish I would have read all these reviews before I ordered. I waited over 2 weeks to get some slider weights. I emailed them and asked what was going on since no one answers the phone there and they sent me a rude email. Pretty much saying I was the reason for it taking so long. I followed there websites guide lines for the size weights I needed. Lets just say my scooter was slower instead of faster! I will not be dealng with these guys again"

Helpful Cool


"Owner Mike Milstead is a Liar And a Horriable Person to deal with..I ordered a Part and it look almost a Month to get to me!!! Everyday I would call he would tell a different story and would say its been shipped But couldnt give me a Tracking Number!!! He was nasty with me many Times and lack in life and it shows...

Helpful Cool


"DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS RIPOFF ARTIST!! Everything that was posted above it absolutely true! I ordered $600.00 worth of parts and got nothing but excuses and broken promises from Michael Milstead for over a month. They never answer their "business" phones, never sent out ANY of my parts and now I am 6 weeks into trying to get my parts and then my money back through my credit card company. Don't let his fancy website fool you! He does not have any employees, always talks about his great shipping team and tells you that your parts will be shipped out tomorrow (which NEVER HAPPENS). Worst business I have had the displeasure of dealing with in my entire life. I only wish I had read his reviews prior to placing my order. LIES, LIES and more LIES is all I ever got from Michael Milstead. He is a SCAM ARTIST!

Here are a few of the lies I received from him:
6/23/11 - I am expanding like crazy which has gotten me extremely busy so until I get some more help it will be hard on phones

I moved this week and just got set up with computers and phone lines. I will be with you Friday with shipping info.

7/2/11 - Yeap, I do have the parts in MD which I am on my way back to after the foruth, I will box up and contact you with extra shipping and send off

I am in FL opening my new warehouse, but back in MD cleaning up next week - Michael

7/13/11 - Yes I had excepted to get it Monday, the pallet with your parts is arriving Thursday to new warehouse, then I can ship. Please remind me what scooter you have - Michael

7/14/11 - Perfect thanks, yes I will let you know but will not hold shipping up, as of today I will be unloading the pallet with ZXR pipes Thur/Fri and shipping at that time - Thanks Michael

7/19/11 - (I asked for a refund) Wow thats too bad because I have sent emails and updated you the whole and your parts are waiting for shipping label, you order and I responded right away, if you had not ordered by pay pal I would nopt have any of your money nor would have charged before I shipped, pay pal send me cash

Yes when you do business as long as I have for the thousands of customers I have had yes you get people who complain

Reach me by phone, yes I can not answer when I am on the phone because I get hundreds of calls a day. Told you I was moving just updated your shipping. Please reconsider, it will be 3-10 business days before I can refund any money.

7/19/11 - If you dont want the products I will put them back in inventory. Michael

7/20/11 - Ok everything is in shipping to ship to you, I personally dont do shipping anymore but have a great team.... etc etc etc

NOTE: I kept telling him that I had 2 Matrix 50's but he kept saying he was shipping parts out for my "Bennelli" (what a loser).

You get the point, don't order anything from scootertronics.com or scootertronics unless you want nothing but lies and hassles.

Helpful Cool


"bad bad bad ...supre bad service the guy is a real jerk doesent know how to talk to people and gives out defective parts .and to get your money back is a very hard mission.DONT BUY FROM THIS PLACE"

Helpful Cool


"Do not order anything from Scootertronics, they are a bunch of nasty crooks. They sent me a broken exhaust system and haven't returned emails, telephone calls...nothing.

Heed this warning!

Helpful Cool


"I'm a scooter mechanic in orlando FL. I would like to say that it was an enjoyable experience but it just wasn't I'm glad that I have not ordered anything from these ppl I called over a period of a few days and could not get any1 on the phone but today I did and now wishing I didn't lol the guy I talked to was very rude and spoke to me as if I were retarded but whatever he didn't have what I was looking 4 and I was about to tell him to send me 10 of his 52mm kits 4 gy6 50cc but he hung up on me lol his loss (I like MRP better anyway)

I would not recommend ordering anything from these ppl.


Helpful Cool

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