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Expected my drywall to be repaired today.....

"Made an appointment this morning. Before finishing the process it said the time slot was no longer available. I made another selection for 1 to 3 today and 2 minutes ago (2:55 pm) they called and cancelled - giving some poor excuse about scheduling conflict and that the service technician was not aware of the appointment. They also advertise $59 an hour but the finer print is that there is a 2hr min. Would not recommend. Wasted 2 hours of my day waiting around for them. "

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Worst experience ever. Tampa Bay FL

"The main address for SERVIZ Inc. eems to be 15303 Ventura Blvd. Suite 1600, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403. I wealth with the company branch located in Tampa Bay, FL. It was a simple request to install roller blind on our patio. I requested a handyman. appointment made, handyman called day of appointment. He had no idea what the job was and asked me what he needed to bring. He asked to come an hour earlier.I agreed. He did not show up at 1pm as he requested nor did he call. By 215 pm lady called from company to see if he had come. I said no. She saI'd do you want to rebook. Haha. I am sure you get the picture. Totally unreliable and untrustworthy company. Look elsewhere."

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Never Hire them or use them

"worst experience
I had called to mount TV and i got hung up, second time I called them, they set an appointment from 1-3pm, just after 12:40 I get call from pro saying that he will make at 2, after 30 mins i get call again and says that he will be late and cant make it on the time frame.
Why do they give time frame, called the customer service and talked to Al, she was the worst person I have ever dealt with, she hung on me and then i called again and asked for Supervisor, said that she was busy and call was not transferred and hung on me!

Please people never ever hire them.

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No show

"I called for a handy person. I spent fifteen minutes on the phone giving my name, address, phone number and explanation of work needed. The woman at Serviz set up an appointment for 5-7 the same evening. She said I'd get a confirmation email and a text when the handy person was on their way. I got neither. My husband called to verify the person was coming. Serviz told him they had no record of the call. I wasted all that time on the phone. This company is awful!"

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2 appointments - 2 no shows

"@servizla: Morning appointment for planned service never showed or called. Second appointment was made and provider called at second appointment time and said he cannot make it. Wasted a whole day to be told "sorry" by SERVIZ customer service and not offered any further compensation for lost time. UNSAT CUSTOMER SERVICE. UNSAT RELIABILITY. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME"

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Formula no better than water

"If I could give you a -1.... I would. The carpet cleaning was very substandard. For a professional grade carpet treatment the stain should have come out. I was able to take a regular over-the-counter treatment and remove the stain on my own. They refused to refund me the additional charge for the stain treatment. In light of customer service, their so called money back guarantee is all lies. Clearly this company needs to upgrade their product....simple over-the-counter ones work better."

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"If it is possible, I would rate below a '1'. I will never use Serviz again nor recommend to anyone. I am also going on any and all social media sites that I can find an share how incompetent the Serviz service is and the horrible experience I encountered.

Original issue was that the washer would stop during the wash cycle and give an error code of "F 06". Seems pretty simple.

The service tech spent over 5 hours on two visits and was not able or in my opinion incapable of fixing the washer. He ordered an expensive (over $300.00) motor control board, installed it only to determine that was not the issue. He told us that when he installed the motor control board it caused other parts to break/stop working and that he would need to order the additional parts and would return the next day or day after. He told us there would be no charge for the additional parts. Instead of leaving the motor control board installed while he order the other parts he removed the motor control board and informed the Serviz office that he would not be coming back out because he was unable to diagnose the problem. He told the Serviz office that they should get a "more experienced appliance technician out that can actually help you with this". FYI, the service tech sent a text stating "problem is not from motor control board" Now the washing machine will not start up, the drum no longer rotates during the diagnostic program basically the washer is now a large piece of trash. Serviz did offer to send out a new tech and basically start the whole process from scratch, which we originally agreed to. When the new service tech called he sent a text asking is the "washer leaving the clothes wet". Really! How is it that there was no communication from Serviz to the tech of the issues we are encountering from the original service call? On top of all of this we have been told by Nicholas at Serviz that because a new tech is coming out, we will be responsible for a service/diagnostic call charge plus any part charges. Again, Really! the previous tech clearly told us that "when he installed the motor control board it caused other parts to break/stop working", now we have to be responsible for the cost of those parts.

Serviz has not and most probably is not going to take any responsibility for the action of their service technicians. Serviz should bear full cost of labor and parts and take responsibility to get our washer in working order. Since that is not going to happen based on what I was told by Nicholas at Serviz, I would never recommend or use Serviz.

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Awful! Lairs Cheats

"Paid these bums $345 to diagnose and repair 14 month old Samsung Range. Two days later the range was useless. They claim it was different issue. I say my range was sabotaged by these incompetent clowns in an effort to steal more money! Do Not use these scum! "

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Do NOT use them!!

"Where to start-
First guy never called or showed, company said they didn’t know where he was! 2nd never ordered part I needed and hung up on me! Customer service is a joke- the supervisor is ignoring my calls and won’t call me back

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No Show One Day to Cancellation The Next

"There is no service in Serviz. Similar experience to others, I scheduled an appointment 2 days prior, received text and email confirmations. Then my window of 12-2 happened and my handyman never showed. I called and "Lance" who was supposed to be my handyman did not respond to texts or voicemails according to the customer service people. As I blocked out this 2 hour window I was upset that 2 hours of my time were wasted. I stupidly re-scheduled for the next day and surprise surprise 25 minutes before the 2 hour arrival window I received a voicemail and email that they could not find a tech to come out.


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Will not keep your appointment

"Do not use Serviz! It is a scam! They constantly don't keep to the scheduled appointment.
I scheduled a Saturday carpet cleaning and they gave me a 2 hour window from 11-1pm. I received 2 texts and an email confirming my appointment. At 11:30 they called to tell me no techs were available. We rescheduled for 2-4pm the same day. I had to call in at 4pm because I hadn't heard from the dispatcher. Once again, no techs available, even though I had made my appointment 3 days prior.
My cleaning was time sensitive and I will now have to pay my landlord $300 because I wasn't able to get the carpets cleaned before the end of the lease. When I informed the customer service rep of this she stated that they don't give discounts to help make up for this. Don't use Serviz!

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Serviz San Jose/South bay

"Said they would be here between 8:30 to 10: 30. Nobody showed up. They said the repairman had trouble with his car. So rescheduled for next day same time. OK, they said, you are first on the list. Again nobody showed up. The repairman said he was 20 minutes away. The telephone operator aid it would be minutes. After one hour, nobody. My advice, dump this internet nonsense (they are a subsidiary of Groupon, i believe), find yourself a reliable local repairman and use him. I have never felt more disgusted by the shoddy treatment as I have with Serviz."

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"HORRIBLE. Sheduled app & got a call from the 10 min before my app time that the service guy couldn't make it due to a previous appointment whose emergency service ran over the expected time. Ok so I was irritated but let them reschedule me for the next day. Well guess what??? Got another call from the office shortly b4 my app time & was told that they couldn't service my area. Light bulb went off that they "lied" to me the day before about some emergency app running over. These idiots had my address up front & had ample enough time to let me know I was out of the area so at this point they've proved to be luntrustworthy. Please skip this joke of a company. I wasted 2 days fooling around with them when I could have went with someone else."

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