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Slow, Slow, Slow

"Bought a pair of pants and returned them the next day because they were too big. It took three weeks for the return to hit their system and the replacement which I requested will not be processed for at least another week I am told. It took them seconds to process my payment but a month to fix a problem. Unacceptable customer service"

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Frauds, steer clear

"As another reviewer noted, they are perfectly happy with one-time customers. My first order, no problem. Second order was a fiasco. I ordered over 2dz items (shoes, clothes, and jewelry) which were damaged, of such poor quality, and in some cases not at all what was advertised, that it was impossible to believe they were sent "mistakenly". There was clearly deliberate fraud, esp. with the jewelry (not sterling or gold). After returning everything, it was a runaround getting the refund, apparently a persistent pattern with them. Hopefully, FTC will investigate, and shut down the bait & switch fraud going on with their jewelry. In the meantime, best to take your business to more reputable, ethical, and fairly priced merchants who you can be sure are actually operating transparently with their "Fair-Trade" partners. I make no such assumption with Sundance now, given how they're doing business and treating their customers. Regarding WWRR do? in this case, sell his name & reputation for a boatload of money to private equity funders. Though in fairness to him in the 2018 catalog mission statements (next to his photo) he does close with this line: "Here we move forward, we leave the norm behind". Indeed. Forewarned folks."

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They Must Want One-time Customers ONLY

"Worst customer service ever!!! You pay for shipping, both ways + they keep your money for returns until, apparently, they feel like returning it. A far cry from the company they used to be. I feel like an idiot for doing business with them more than once (fool me once...). Part of the problem with this catalog company is that they carry some items exclusive to Sundance; otherwise, you should be able to go to the artist's site and buy directly from the artist; and avoid the headache and surreal confusion of dealing with this company's CS "clerks;" and I do mean that in a derogatory way. These people, as a department, are not helpful (how helpful is it to have someone lie to you?). If you are a masochist, you will probably enjoy your potential, many conversations with them--not me--I'll spend my $$ elsewhere. Robert Redford: Please disassociate yourself from this company--they have tainted your causes, and I will no longer donate to them. Some of us have tried to do what we think RRWD, and thought that by supporting your company, that was what we were, in part doing. Guess not."

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Rude, Unresponsive, Lame Excuses, Long Wait Times, Snail mail return labels, Main Office talks with Elite Disdain to Customers. Floats ur $$

"They don't care about You! Stay Away! Spend your High End Dollars on a Store that cares about Customer Loyalty. I never shop where I am mistreated Their prices are highway robbery. They float your money to make interest on it for as long as possible while your own purchasing power is neutralized. The CS reps can be nice but ineffectual. You can tell they all are afraid to get real answers because this catalog does not care what the customer thinks about them. Thank goodness for online reviews. I called at least 12 times over 3 weeks and still waiting for the return which they claim was processed. Their website still does not show any return pending...only an exchange I did not order. Completely disorganized in accounting and CS help. A consumer affairs attorney could find a lot of unhappy refund customers. Class action lawsuit anyone. f them just short, and one was making guttural drinking sounds the entire time I was trying to resolve a problem with a slow motion return. Lots of fake answers and fake results, even lies about what would take place....Never coming back. Too many great places to buy clothing from companies like Zappos. They treat you like a queen on that site. Never again. The catalog gives airs that it is High End Merchandise with High End Service. The merchandise was fine, except all the sizes were one size larger in clothing hanging off my shoulders, and 1/2 size too small in shoes. Dealing with CS will give you bad memories and nightmares. Don't even try calling the main office. They will spit on you because they are so Elite. They are horrible. I could say that 100 times and it wouldn't be enough to rid them from my memory banks. That is the only way. BAD MEMORIES BEWARE!"

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do not waste your time or money with Sundance

"Horrible excuse for customer service. I received a gift I had to return and on their label asked for a gift card as to not offend the gift giver. They credited the givers credit card anyway and could care less about their mistake. There are other companies doing a great job that want your business. It's not this one! "

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"Shipping costs are absurd. Charging me $9.95 for shipping and an additional $6.50 for handling (what is this the 80's?) for one set of braclets is highway robbery. They should be ashamed of themselves. I was going to order 2 pieces of clothing for my wife for xmas, but they wanted to charge me $17.95 for it. Not shopping here again, even if my wife begs me. "

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"I've purchased a tunic from Sundance and when it got here the color was not as vivid as the one showed on the website. I wrote a review questioning the fact that all the reviews I had read were praising the item and alerting other consumers for the color difference. My review was censored and not published because, according to them, it did not meet their review guidelines, meaning it was a NEGATIVE review. Now I know why such expensive and low quality problems have such great reviews..."

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"Our order included a snow globe. It arrived frozen solid. There are multiple warnings on the globe to not allow it to get extremely warm or cold. After 10 hours the globe melted, but now contained a large air bubble.

I contacted customer service and was told to return the item for an exchange using their label. I asked about the directions that say we will be charged shipping if we use their label. She said yes we would be. I asked if she was serious we would be charged return shipping on an exchange of a product that is defective and she said yes because it has to be insured. When I said that was absolutely ridiculous she said as a one time courtesy they would waive the charge this time. Wow, how generous.

We are now returning the rest of the items ordered from them. They can charge us the return shipping. Unfortunately they are the only ones with this snow globe so we are doing an exchange on that.

Their customer service agent couldn't have cared less that the globe was frozen & damaged. They win on charging us return shipping on the rest of the order, but they lost a sale & we will certainly never do business with them again.

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"I had to return a ring I purchased for my wife from Sundance for poor fit. I shipped the returned ring on March the 13th using the return label which is for 2nd day FedEx. I called today April 10th and the customer service associate said they received the ring but had not completed the refund. I said wow! that's rather slow and she said "it takes 2-3 weeks to issue a refund - it's not quite complete yet."
Yikes! It's been almost a month now - that's ridiculously slow!
They didn't have any problem taking my money out of my account the same day I placed the order. Why the month delay to return the money?

Also standard shipping charges of $12.95 to ship the tiny ring seems exorbitant - but I did agree to that when I placed the order so maybe I shouldn't complain. And to return the item I was charged an additional $7.95 shipping. So I will be out $20.90 on this $68 ring purchase that didn't work out for my wife.
I hope this helps you if you are considering purchasing from Sundance.

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