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"never shipped. Wont answer emails. Wont return phone calls. I filed a claim with PayPal"

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"I ordered a blue LED case for my Wii. One month later, the case had never shown up. Called twice, left messages. Emailed twice, no response. I never got a hold of anyone. Checked my bank, turns out after about 3 weeks my payment had been refunded. Total Console never bothered to contact me.

Extremely poor seller. I would never risk my money on anything on that site.

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"I wish I came here earlier and saw all this reviews. I Purchased $105.00 worth of items with express mail shipping....till this day I am still waiting for a response and also and email from them????this has got to be the worst website to purchase anything from.i get no call backs, no emails , no information at all???
I am currently in process of disputing the transaction with paypal and my bank account.
my advice don't buy from them....I think they are scamming people for money

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"Worst Service Ever.

I ordered an item with 3 days shipping. The funds HAVE BEEN DRAFTED from my account. That below reviewer who gave 5/5 and loves them sounds like a worker. If not they are the exception but it is either the owner or a worker. I mean. how do they know what workers they have and if/when funds are drafted. Sounds fake.

Ordered and paid for my item 6 days ago. My order does not even show in their system. My funds have been removed. I even called my bank. Transaction was complete same day as purchased.

DO NOT EXPECT THEM TO RESPOND TO EMAILS. I have sent numerous emails. They do not reply. Furthermore.. the item should have arrived and I know for a fact it has not even shipped.

POOR SERVICE. I Feel bad for those who ordered next day.

I have ordered from MOD CHIP CENTRAL and EXTREME MODS before and they seem to be on the ball. If not.. when replying to email they have responded for me and expedited shipping if there was a hold up. You at least get a tracking number next business day. I ordered here this time for price, what a mistake.

I think TOTAL CONSOLE is some dude working from home.. to cheap to hire extra labor.. and backlogged on everything. BUt who knows.

Either way I have an item paid and no item. No Tracking. No email response.

I wish I had come here first before ordering. Live and Learn

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"5/8/11- Totalconsole Inc, what a joke, I ordered over $100 of XBOX 360 controller on 21/7/11 and payment was taken via paypal instantly. I have not heard anything from them despite emailing three times and receiving their auto reply stating that they will get back within 2 business days.

I have escalated with Paypal for my money back and certainly would not put any future business their way.

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"Very poor customer service, I attempted a purchase from totalconsole.com because they are located near me, for faster shipping and supporting a local business. After a few days I had not received shipping information so i sent a email asking about shipping. Auto reply: "We will respond to your email within two business days."
2 days later still no reply, so I sent another email where I told them to ship my item or give me a refund, no reply.
The next day I opened a dispute in PayPal and sent a final email to totalconsole telling them I will close the dispute when I get a refund, I got my refund and a reply an hour later.
Another business on the other side of the country took my order that same day, shipped the item 2 hours after that and sent a personal email thanking me for shopping with them. And the price was a little lower than totalconsole anyway.
Do not use totalconsole.com, if you do intend to buy from them send them a email first asking about shipping time, then save their reply.

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"I placed an order for a Scorch. Witch is listed on their website as 'in stock.' 24 hours after my purchase totalconsole marked the order "completed" in paypal with no shipping information or tracking number.
I emailed totalconsole to find out what's going on. I never received a response. 3 days later totalconsole refunded my order with no explanation. They still list the scorch as in stock.
Don't buy from this company. I wouldn't trust them with your personal information. And it's imposable to talk to some one from the company.

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"I wouldn't recommend this merchant. An in-stock item has taken 10 days and counting to ship. An e-mail inquiry has take 3 days and counting to turn around. Obviously, I'm not ordering a dialysis machine from totalconsole.com, but instant-payment-indefinite-wait is unacceptable. The process of getting the money back will be more interactive, if not pleasant."

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"Parts missing from order. NO response from numerous emails..."

Helpful Cool


"I am currently in a paypal dispute with this seller. After reading many of the reviews here for this site and for divineo.cn/com, I fear I may be running into a similar scam. I made a large purchase, nearly $200 and I still haven't received any kind of communication from them that wasn't an automated service. I hope I can get my money back."

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"I purchased 3 XCM new chameleon case with HDMI port (BLACK) (one for me, the 2 others for my friends who don’t have credit cards). When the shipment arrives I find that there is only 2 of the three cases and a small note stating "sorry one of the cases is backordered and will not be shipped for a week." I was very displeased with this because I should have been notified before hand that they where only shipping 2 of the cases and that i was going to have to wait another week for the third. With seeing that I emailed Total Console Inc about this and they gave me the excuse that it was for warranty purposes. Now which is it, backordered cases or warranty purposes. That made me mad. They started lying to me, their customer. On top of that, within their emails they sent it to me as someone would a friend (not as a business to a customer). They are very unprofessional within their emails, and I would never purchase another item from them again. How ever I would recommend Divineo, which so far has been reliable."

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