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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 3.75/10
Chance of future purchase: 5.63/10
Shipping & packaging: 5.00/10
Customer service: 7.50/10
Return/Replacement policy: 5.00/10
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Mad aunt

"I placed an order for my nieces birthday the delivery date was suppose to be 3/28/17. That day passed with out said items arriving. I looked up the tracking number now it says it will be delivered 4/3/17. Her party is on 3/31/17. I called customer service and they told me oh well can't do anything about. So I will never ship with this crappy Company again."

Helpful Cool


shipping nightmare

"Just spent 2 hours on the phone with toyrus costumer service secondary to picking 2-5 day shipping and them sending ground from west coast to east coast. The projected delivery day is in lines with there economy shipping (7-9 days). I paid extra for the shipping and they did nothing to help me. Will cancel order and order through amazon. What a joke. "

Helpful Cool



"I ordered a charging station that was over $20, so I am supposed to receive free shipping. Any orders over 19 are free shipping. I had to cancel the order because I forgot to input my apartment number. I tried to have them input the order and they said that I now had to pay $5 for shipping BC my gift card was not reading as a payment. I was not able to ship to a store near me as well, only to a store 40 minutes from my home. They did not try to help in anyway, they only tried to change me for a service that they clearly advertise as free. I will never shop with them again. "

Helpful Cool


Horrible Customer Service! Headaches and Aggravation R Us

"I tried to order some baby clothes online from Toys R Us and they sent me the wrong item. To rectify the situation, I had to call them back and wait on the line for hours. Their chat "help" line does not accomplish anything. Finally they sent the right item, and I returned the other wrong one, but they threatened to charge me for it if it wasn't returned within a certain time frame. I would advise anyone not to do business with this place!"

Helpful Cool


They ship through Ontac not a normal shipping companies!

"They ship through ONTRAC not a regular shipping company like UPS, USPS, or FEDEX. The tracking number they gave me for my package stated is out for delivery for 4 days before items were delivered and when they finally delivered them it was 11:30 AT NIGHT. DO NOT order online, I will never make that mistake again..."

Helpful Cool


Let them die!

"Interested in a product. The TRU website reflected availability. Placed order. Received confirmation along with anticipated delivery date. Got email today saying order had been cancelled. Called 800 #. After being placed on hold for nearly 10 minutes, Associate came back on the phone to inform me the order was cancelled because the item was out of stock. Needless to say I am not a happy camper. No wonder this Company struggles. They will certainly never be an option for me again. Unfortunately the scale will not allow a zero. They certainly are not a 1. Let them die!"

Helpful Cool


Ordering from Toys "R" Us stinks and their customer service does too!!!!!!

"My niece has her baby shower registry on Toys "R" Us, so I ordered something from it on Sept. 11. It came with free shipping and once the order was placed, I received an email from them stating that it should be received between 9/16 and 9/20.
I never received an email when it was shipped, and I had it shipped to my sister's, as she is hosting the shower on Sept 24th
I went into the order and it is stating that if did not get shipped until Sept 16th, and will not be received until Sept 27th!!
I have called and chatted with customer service and was pretty much told "Oh it is coming from CA so it is going to take a while".
I requested that they send another one at their expense with the 2 day shipping and they would not.
I will never ever shop with this company again, and will be sharing this with everyone I know.
What a lousy company

Helpful Cool


Never again!

"I have purchased a pregnancy pillow on this website and I have chosen a home delivery option. For 2 weeks I have had a terrible experience with receiving my order, I've been calling maybe 10 times in total to Toyrus customer service as well as Purolator. Basically Purolator did not want to delivery my order to my home, instead they have left the item at their depot and sent me few voice mail that my item is available for a pick up at Etobicoke while I live in downtown Toronto! I am so frustrated, since every time I called a different person in Purolator advised that yes it is a mistake and you should be getting your order and your home address. The next day the same story a receive an auto mail that I have to pick up my item myself and that is it.

Regarding Toyrus they were not helpful at all. All they told me in their customer service is that I need to contact Purolator.

This is a horrrible experience, horrible company... As of now I am still waiting my order. 10th customer service operator advised that it should come to me tomorrow! I have no hope for this already, I cannot get my money back as well! I lost $100 and nobody can do anything about it!

Please advise anyone how can I sue this company??!!


Helpful Cool


Just Frustrating

"I placed an order online on 5/20 and paid for my items to be shipped in 2 - 5 days vs the standard shipping of 7-9 days. I reasonably expected the items to arrive on or before 5/28. At the time that I placed my order - which included 6 items and I did not know that each piece would be shipped separately - so a book here a book there - ridiculous. I'll take the blame, perhaps that is written in the fine print. What I am most frustrated about is that as of today 5/26 three of my items HAVEN'T EVEN BEEN SHIPPED - A WEEK AND NO ONE HAS AN ANSWER - useless customer service - USELESS - the items all showed IN STOCK AND AVAILABLE - what is going on? Now the birthday gift will not arrive in time for the party - I hate paying for something and get nothing but confusion. I order online almost exclusively and I have never experienced this - My children are now grown and presently I have no grandchildren - the day I do -trust me, I will exhaust all options for those treasured gifts before coming back to TRU - I sympathize with parents who find themselves at the mercy of this toy store."

Helpful Cool


Ridiculously Slow Shipping

"I placed an order online April 10, 2016 for a stroller, to be shipped to Toys R Us. The status took 3 Days to advise "Order Processing". It also said that item was located in stock to be shipped to store. It is April 22 and no email advising it has been shipped or if its ready for pickup. I called the store and they don't have it. 12 days later, the status of my order is showing "Order Received"! Really?? If it says its in stock why does it take the maximum number of days to be shipped to the store and just 1 item? Not to my house! Will never order from them again. I have already turned 3 people away from ordering from them and I will continue to do so."

Helpful Cool


Bad Customer Representatives and Service!-

"I placed an order online and was given an incorrect address from my sister. So I called immediately shortly after I placed the order online. As I was speaking with the first two representatives to have the address changed or cancel my order, they told me oh well, too bad, it's already being processed for shipping so I have to call FedEx myself to have it returned. They WOULDN'T do anything to help me! Instead, they kept saying we'll send this complaint to the back office and they might not even cancel it. Then, today, I get an email that my order Jas been shipped!!! So not only did they charged my account and NOT refunded me, they went ahead and shipped out my package. Then, when I called back they tell me that there's nothing we can do about that. You're going to have to call FedEx yourself and cancel the shipment and until then, we're not refunding you! Not only do they keep our money and see frauds, they don't care about doing everything they can to help us paying customers who help make their paychecks! They don't care so long they have our money. They kept telling me, oh I completely understand your frustration. NO THEY DON'T! I told them unless you are actually in my shoes and have to deal with your bad customer service and representatives, you have no rights to say you completely understand. And if they actually cared for their customers, they would do everything to refund my money and cancel the shipment when I, as the paying customer, called to cancel it.
They didn't do anything to help. They don't care because they have our money and even though they're the incompetent ones and should listen to we paying customers, so long they get their money, that's all that matters. No, help. Just left a frequent high paying customer IRATE, FRUSTRATED, AND DISAPPOINTED IN THEM AND THEIR SERVICES. Grant it, we purchased over $500 plus at ToysRUs abd couldn't even do one simple thing to help us. How sad. What ashame. I called Carter's/Oshkosh to cancel my order because of the same reasons shortly after I was mistreated by ToysRUs representatives, and you know what???? They were kind and cancelled my order immediately unlike ToysRUs who just wanted my money and cared less about doing everything they could to cancel my orders. And sadly, I had called within minutes of placing that order and even as I was on the phone with them, that's when they sent me the order confirmation!!! So there is no way, they couldn't cancel my order and they wouldn't refund my money! What ashame to know how bad their representatives are and how bad their services are. They didn't even give me the discount offer as they promised for their inconvenience! Aren't the customers who make the purchases be respected and our complaints taken seriously, especially when we asked them to cancel and refund our orders but they tell you there's nothing they can do and you call FedEx yourself! That's precisely why I specifically called within minutes of placing that order just so t they wouldn't ship it out!!! Then, they didn't do anything to help but mocked me. They wouldn't even take fault for their negligence. How sad and unjust we customers get treated. I'm so glad Carter's and Oshkosh and Target have better representatives. I had to order from them and spent a good amount of money just so my niece can receive her birthday presents in time and at the right address.
What ashame to wasted my time and money on ToysRUs only to be mistreated, left more irate, and wouldn't get refunded.

Helpful Cool


"I ordered a bicycle online when I received it, it was missing a piece. So I called the company and they said that I had to send back the bike and they would send me a new one. They expected us to have kept the box. When I asked if they would provide a box they said no that I would have to buy one. They also said it would take 24 to 48 hours for me to get the return label. It took me calling them 2 times to get the label. When we got the new bike we took it up to the store to see if they could put it together and the cashier asked "what do you want?" we told her she called the manager and they said it would be ready on Sunday. We said no thank you because it only takes a few minutes to put together. Every time I buy something from Toys R Us I have had issues with the product."

Helpful Cool


"Ordered a Duncan metal yoyo for a Christmas present on the 13th - plenty of time to get for a Christmas present. Got an email that it was shipped on the 14th. Today is the 18th and there is no tracking information. I have been on hold waiting for a live person for an hour, there is no chat nor email options - and I can tell already that noone is there to answer the phones. So so unhappy, this was a very special present for a very special person :( Here is the email tracking information they sent me on Dec 14, 2015: http://www.fedex.com/Tracking?action=track&language=english&cntry%5Fcode=us&initial=x&tracknumbers=9200190135711717766502"

Helpful Cool


"I purchased a toy on the 8th of December. The normal price was $42, but there was a sign advertising it for $30. When I got home, I checked my receipt and noticed I was charged the regular price. I called the store and they said I could bring my receipt in to get the difference refunded.
I came in today to get the refund and I was told that I could not have it refunded because the sale ended on the 6th. When I said the sign was still up that advertised it at the lower price, one of the employees (a man with a beard) said in a really snotty tone, "You can't prove it," like he just foiled my master plan to steal twelve dollars. They refused to give me my refund.
I have been shopping here for years, but I will take my business elsewhere from now on.

Helpful Cool


"Their support call center leaves a lot to be desired. I placed an order on 12/6/2015. Part of the order shipped on 12/8, and I received a ship notification for the other part on 12/14. Never was I notified that there would be a delay.

Problem Part 2: the second part of the order actually never shipped. There is no activity on the tracking number. After spending nearly an hour on hold, I was told that someone would get back to me in 3 to 5 business days. Their agent wasn't even sorry and said there was no way for me to speak to someone above the low level support staff.

Thanks for wrecking a Christmas gift and not even seeming to care!

Helpful Cool

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