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Scam Company

"Stay well clear. Scam of a company. I bought a refurbished iphone which never arrived and they refused a refund. If it wasn't for the fact that I paid by Pay Pal I would have lost my money. Pay Pal investigated my complaint and found in my favour. I gave them a 1 star because there is no option to give none."

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Keep well clear of universalgadgets01

"I wish I had read this review page before I bought an IPhone 6 off them.
My phone worked well for a few weeks, but then failed. I sent it back. they said it would take 2-5 days to repair.
After 3 and 1/2 weeks I'm still waiting. I've been emailing them, but they just say it will be repaired asap.
I asked for a new phone, they didn't reply. I asked for speak to someone, they then started to ignore my emails.
They have just sent me a phone number which they say I will be able to speak to someone on. I just rang this, and they are SHUT for the next 3 days.

I have no other option than to try and claim a refund through Paypal


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Do not buy of this company

"Sent a phone that didn't work tried to contact them no chance tried to say it was how i charged the phone still waiting to get my money back had to resolve through ebay do not buy off this company "

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I agree they're a scam company. BUT paypal can get you a refund up to 180 days after purchase.

"We had similar experiences with Universal Gadgets. iPhone 6 S arrived faulty. The screen became unresponsive within days.
Sent it back at my own expense (they provided a return label but I wanted it insured)
Sent us the phone back and it became faulty again. Various intermittent faults including charging problems until finally it wouldn't charge at all.
They at first replied to emails, then didn't.
Finally got a response when I contacted them via ebay message but their response was just to say I had to send it back for repair again and they wouldn't refund me as outside of 30 day window.
Contacted ebay and guess what?! Paypal can get you a refund for anything you bought on ebay via paypal for up to 180 days!
I'm now getting Paypal to get all my money back and I suggest you do the same.

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Scam company

"I've had the same problem as others with this company. I bought a refurbished iPhone 5 with a 12 month warranty from them and had problems with the charger so they sent a new one. The phone then kept crashing so they said they would repair it. After a week without a phone, I finally got it back and it was still crashing! I told them to send me a replacement or a refund, and they promised to replace it. I said that they'd better ensure it worked or I would request a refund. They assured me that was fine (after A LOT of pestering!). After over 2 weeks without a phone, including 6 days where they had told me it was on its way, they finally sent it back when I chased them YET AGAIN and they gave me some lame excuse about some technical difficulties. I am almost 100% certain they were trying to stretch the time as long as possible because once I got the new phone, it wasn't crashing but the battery was absolutely dreadful, and I needed to charge it several times a day, barely use it, and keep it on the lowest brightness setting possible just to ensure I wouldn't be stranded with my two young children without a phone! When I contacted them to say I wanted a refund as promised, they told me I was outside of the refund period. This is despite the fact that I was never told there even was a refund period and I only discovered it was 30 days after A LOT of pestering them because I couldn't find the refund period written anywhere at all in our communications! They offered to fix the battery for a cost, but I no longer trust them to replace it (I'm 2/3 of the way into the 12 month warranty and I KNOW they will just keep fobbing me off until it's over) and I am most definitely not paying to replace a problem they caused! I am reporting them to Trading Standards and trying to get some advice from the Consumer Helpline on what to do next - I suggest you all do the same so we can try and get this company closed down so that they can no longer continue to scam people like this!"

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You buy, they Sue !!

"Universal Gadgets, Edigital Systems call them what you like, I see from the bad reviews its not just me at a loss with the disgraceful way they treat their customers. As Christmas is coming very soon I wanted to warn potential customers that you may end up with a writ against you if you order products on ebay from this seller. I ordered a item had it delivered signed for it and away went my son happy with his second hand product from Universal Gadgets. Some months later I was contacted by Universal Gadgets saying I was in illegal possession of the said phone. They then issued a Small Claims against me ? Quite clearly have no idea how ebay works or how to address their orders or financial payment systems. I urge you to take care when ordering, or better still chose a reputable supplier. Small note I do have my receipt and signed delivery note so hopefully the judge will find in my favour. I will post results in January 2017"

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Very Disappointed

"I bought 3 iphone's from this company for Santa presents they arrived in bubble wrap 1 small piece it was a miracle they were not broke in transit, they came without boxes and with charges or any headphones which you normally get with an iPhone, i contacted the company and explained Santa cannot bring phones without the boxes or accessories, they were uninterested and told me i would have to buy the boxes to go with the phones and any accessories would have to be bought as well, i think this is a CON to get more money out of people its just an absolute disgrace and it said nothing of this on the for sale advertisement for the phones.

I have bought the boxes but will not be buying the accessories from this company here's hoping the phones now work when my children get them at Christmas.


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Should be investigated for fraud.

"Sold me an iPhone 5C which arrived broken. I sent it back to be repaired and guess what - it came back broken.

Please can I have a refund?


Why not?

Your outside the return period

I'm only outside the return period because you made mw with your slow delaying tactics. Can I have a replacement phone as the one you sold me is garbage?

No, repair only.

Arghhhhh, but that will mean I'm without a phone for a couple of weeks again and no promise that the phone will work when it comes back.

This company are so bad that I am reporting them to trading standards. If you are reading this and feel the same, write to them to. If more and more people complain to trading standards they will have to be looked into.

Helpful Cool


Shocking and shameful

"Bought an iPhone 5s from these scammers. Phone was scuffed, but at least it worked, but then after two months the screen stopped responding, but this was on August 19th and I still haven't seen my phone seven weeks later. The only response I hear from them is that 'the management are looking into it'. This company is an absolute joke, do not order from them under any circumstances."

Helpful Cool



"I bought a refurb iPhone 5s. This phone started to have many different issues such as very bad battery life, malfunctioning sim card slot etc within a month or so. i contacted them and they told me to send it in for repair and I did. By the time I received it back some of the issues seemed to be fixed however this time around the Touch ID had stopped working. So I had to send it back again in less than a month after i got it back. When i received it back, the phone was unfixed and still had the same issues!! I couldn't contact them right away because I went on holiday right after, but I contacted them as soon as I came back and they asked me to send it back to the for the THIRD time, I explained to them how frustrating I found this whole process and that I think I should get a replacement as it seemed like they couldnt fix the problems and it was just going back and forth with no progress. They said that, a replacement is unlikely but they will investigate it once they receive the phone. So i sent it to them and a few days later i got an email saying that, my warranty is void and they're going to send the phone back to me because they could see that the phone has been externally damaged (small bit of glass broken near the camera). I found this very unacceptable because even the camera which is the closest to the "external damage" works perfectly fine and they know that the problems with the phone is far beyond external damage. In addition to this the glass has been broken for months and it was even broken the second time that i sent it to them, however they didn't say anything back then. Now that it has been more than 6 months since purchase and i can't use the PAYPAL/EBAY protection they want to tell me that it is my fault and they can't do anything about it. I feel like they're running a very shady business which takes your money for faulty goods. And they're very polite and assistive within the first 6 months (where you have paypal protection) but once that period is gone they won't give a s*** anymore, and they will be rude and blatantly tell you that they can't help you. I have never felt so cheated out of my money before, its like I've given them free money for a device that has been faulty from day one. I am now looking into ways of taking this further!!"

Helpful Cool


SCAM !!!

"Never buy on Universal Gadgets, they sell items with "warranty". If your device has a problem, they'll ask to send it back, they'll lie by saying the device has been fixed and they'll send back the item without any change..
I'm not the first one in this situation.

Helpful Cool


Dishonest and failed to honour warranty

"I purchased a used iPhone 5s. Within the first week the screen failed. I sent it back to UG at my own expense, and it was returned and stated to be "fixed". Shortly after it was "fixed" it began to randomly crash and fail to boot past the apple logo screen. I returned it again and was informed I had violated the warranty by attempting to disassemble the device myself. This was not true - I had tried nothing of the sort, but UG would not budge. I'm now left with a useless iPhone, £138 out of pocket plus return postage charges.

I'm sure others have had successful experiences with UG - just be aware of the risk you're taking in buying second hand products from them. Their “warranty” is worth nothing.

Helpful Cool



"I bought a refurbished iPhone 4S via eBay from this company. It came with a 12 month warranty and it was described as excellent working condition. When it arrived the battery was terrible and power off randomly, it last for 20 - 30 minutes. When I complained they ask me to send it back for an investigation. I sent the phone back they had it for two weeks for investigation and repairing. It came back with same fault again they denies refund as money back guarantee was over, and offer to send it back again for repairing. I’m tired sending back. A total of 6th time they have repaired it and all the time they failed to repair. They just simply returned it with the same fault?? Shame on them Liars!! This took the time frame over seven months so eBay/PayPal couldn't care either. This company (universalgadgets01 on eBay) is a scam a total fraud, cheap counterfeit products, the worst company I have ever purchased something on eBay. Their customer services people are bunch of idiots just copy and paste the same message every time. I lost my money and waste my valuable time dealing with them “YOU DON’T DO THE SAME” take my advice please avoid buying from this seller."

Helpful Cool


"This company is an absolute joke there customer service astounds me its disgusting!!i bought a Samsung galaxy through these worst mistake of my life.Quick enough to take your money, twice i have sent it back to get repaired and twice it comes back the exact same.Nothing fixed at all!!First I've got no internet the mobile data doesn't work never has done its meant to be a smartphone! now the phone speaker is on its way out Problem after problem Literally!! I've tried to speak to numerous people by email and its like they have a template already saved to send to you because they don't reply back to any queries or concerns you have and as for calling them OMG i have been on the phone for 45 minutes and still holding!! they just keep fobbing me off saying i am not entitled to a refund that all they can do is fix it don't make me laugh!!if you want to throw your money down the drain by all means buy with this company on the other hand if you don't like to waste money avoid this company like the plague because that's exactly what they are cancerous!!"

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"Ordered a refurbished Galaxy S4 mini. Arrives with scratches, scuffs, chipped frame and paint finished fallen off. They take advantage of the public who would settle over priced 2nd hand stuff with 6 month warranty not worth the paper it's printed on. They keep sending random 2nd hand replacements that I didn't ask for, Had to ask ebay to step in for refund. Wasted money on shipping their stuff back with tracking. Refund not in their flow chart. They have only 2 after sales responses. Send image of defective item or hand pick another 2nd rubbish and mail it to you."

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