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Rating 2/10

"Bought an Xbox from them and after receiving it decided that I'd rather have a PS2. A guy named Michael agreeded to trade it back in plus an additional $139 for a new PS2. That would be a total of $309. To date,almost 3 months. nothing was sent for my $309 and all e-mails are met with really smart replys.Requested my $309 back and have not recieved it.Just crazy excuses!?"

Rating 2/10


I ordered a Pre-modified Slim Pstwo on 4-6 by electronic check from Getiitrepaired for approx $234. By 4-8 the check had cleared with my bank and the money was in Getitrepaired hands according to my bank. All testimonials and reviews stated that orders were received within a week’s time or in a very timely fashion. I later tried to post negative reviews on my situation and they were always deleted.

After 8 days, I decided to send an email on 4-13 to see when my order would ship, it was very cordial and to the point. I was responded to in a very demeaning and aggressive manner, VDO even DEMANDING I apologize. They even threatened to sue for libel after my first email because Mr. Walker claims it is illegal to say almost 10 days instead of 8 days. After giving them the names of people to talk to at my bank w/numbers, they still failed to verify my payment. Michael Walker proceeded to call me at my house and verbally assault me and my attorney here in MI.

I threatened to cancel my order if he kept mistreating me after a simple inquiry into when my product would ship. He then threatened to sue me and has since filed suit, but I have not been served yet. I only posted my experience and copies of the emails we sent to eachother on public forums to warn other consumers. He constantly threatened me with the fact he has a point and click TOS that he believes is legally binding, yet when accessed from getitrepaired.com, there is no tangible link to that TOS. This violates both the UETA and ESIGN definitions of an electronic signature. I only asked he ship my product or refund me in full.

I would never do business with these shysters unless you feel like waiting ages and being treated like a second rate citizen. Now they want a 50% restocking fee due to the fact their customer service has been insulting and aggressive.

Rating 2/10

"WORST person to deal with EVER. Mike Walker is the biggest FRAUD on the internet. He uses subversive tactics, his HUGE EGO, to bully people, and his business is a SCAM!!! Do your research, and NEVER do business with this guy, who has filed bankruptcy so many times, and cant even spell! Look at RIPOFFREPORT for more goodies on him. Aplane owners UNITE!!!

Rating 2/10

"As this company repairs PS2 consoles, I sent them an e-mail asking if they had any PS2 v9 motherboards for sale. Instead of telling me that they did not, they treated me incredibly rudely and explained that 'people were unbelievable nowadays'. This company's policy is that you send in your unit, and for a $59 flat rate, they will fix it, which is not bad. However, if they do NOT fix it, they charge a $35 diagnostic fee plus you pay shipping both ways, which is still $60 or better. I explained to them that as I had attempted to fix it myself, I wasn't sure if the board was repairable, and rather than spend $60 for the possibility of a fix, I was willing to pay up to $100 for a new mainboard, so that I could be sure it would work. When I informed them of my intent to post their incredibly rude correspondence to the PS2 forums I am member of, they threatened to call my internet provider and my place of business to try to get me fired and kicked offline. The correspondence in it's entirety can be viewed at http://forums.afterdawn.com/thread_view.cfm/117129"

Rating 2/10

"Dont know how but cant some USA Goverment investigate this Michael and his VDO company! I order Mercury VHS cases for $96 dollar, that i have payed him with a check ( he recived the check 3 days after the order was made).He refuse to ship my order because he suspect me of fraud??...phuu...this guy is to mutch.and all his respond answers on email is straigh up RUDE! I offerd him to send check back to me...well he wants $20 for the trouble an $20 for shipping cost... Michael(Asshole)Walker must have been droped hard to the floor just after birth, the only way i figure!"

Rating 2/10

"After purchasing a PS2 with a supposed Messiah 2 chip, it took over 2 months to receive the unit. The system has a clone chip (although the website claims it is a real Messiah chip) and because of this and the poor wiring and incorrect fan placement, the PS2 overheats and locks up, leading me to a short-lived power supply on my PS2.

The emails during the waiting period were laughable as far as 'customer service' goes. When questioned about the lengthy wait time, the entire response was 'It takes time...'.

Do yourself and your pocketbook a favor. Avoid this business at all costs. The phone number listed is disconnected, he does not return emails and the website is currently down. Hopefully it will stay down to prevent others from losing money and time from dealing with this rip-off artist.

Rating 2/10

"I ordered some parts from VDO Specialties after some long research for the products and decided to go with the company which was in my state.Too bad I didnt research the actual business. The product I was looking for were Messiah 2 pro modchips and I saw them @ VDO specialties for a good price so I decided to buy 2 of them. I placed my order and paid for 2nd day air shipping on an item which was available.The following day after I placed my order, I recieved a call from Mike and he told me that if I wanted to recieve the items in a timely manner that I would have to pay with a credit card instead of a check. I gave him all my credit card info and the order was processed. I waited and waited and my chips never came. I emailed him back and he told me that the delay was due to some wires which were back ordered so I told him to send them without the wires. Again I waited it was about a week which had past when I was becoming frustrated and instead of just cancelling I decided to order two more and pay next day shipping after I confirmed with Mike via email that I would recieve them the next day. BIG MISTAKE. I did recieve my second order on time but happend to notice that the chips charasteristics were different from the ones I was told I was buying. I emailed him to ask him if the Mods were Messiah clones and he told me that they were original Messiah 2 pro chips. I then asked him to send me a wiring diagram so that I may install them and then he replied that I needed to sign a letter saying that I cant recieve my money for my products back for any reason whatsoever and that he would not give me the diagrams until I signed and scanned my signature with the statement. I decided to search via the net for the diagrams and happend to find the exact chips that I was told were Messiahs and to my surprise they were clones. I recieved my other 2 about a week later and by that time it was too late. I gave Mike a call at the number which appeared on my caller ID to ask him a couple of questions about the authenciticy of the chips and why I was charged for second day air on my first order if I recieved it almost 2 weeks later, and he threatened me as to how I got the number etc. telling me never to call there again and that he was going to get lawyers on me etc. I am so pissed off that I got ripped off, I know I signed the statement but then again I was told I was getting a product that was different from the one I got. Is there anything I can do now?"

Rating 2/10

"Never buy from this store or Michael Walker! Don't believe a word he says; all these complaints about him are unique, and I can assure you that we are not kids. Search the web and ripoffreports.com. Look at his ebay feedback under vdo-specialties. He lost his membership because he received wwwaaaayyy too much negative feedback. When I dealt with him, he would not respond to any of my questions (he flat out ignored them), he sent me the incorrect part...very late might I add, and he was very rude and moronic when I tried to cancel my order with him. He claimed to be an attorney, and threatened to sue me immediately. Once again, this was a lie! Mike is no attorney!...he's a blowhard that sits in his basement thinking of what scam he can pull next. He has no friends, can't manage money nor life, and needs to be thrown in jail for fraud! Do yourself a favor and avoid VDO and Mike Walker like dog poop."

Rating 2/10

"THis could also be the worst company I have dealt with. After one successful repair I reccomended VDO to all of my friends. Now I have shipped a PS2 back to them beacuse they "forgot" to MOD it after the repair. Now I have recieved an email saying that I am RUDE and that he is sending my UNIT back soley because I asked when I would recieve the PS2 back. This company is a ripoff. Here are a view excerps from the Emails I have recieved.

This is a privileged business, we expect that kind of courtesy,

Modding PS2’s is not a Right for you, it is a privilege.

Next time please make your mind up before hand as it just adds to much confusion.



"People! Just search google and ebay for vdo-specialties. Don't believe me and do yourself a favor and just do a quick little search. Research this company first and you will realize that they are just a mistake."

Rating 2/10

"After requesting for my PS2 repair and shipping my console to this company, it has taken nearly 3 mos simply to get a response stating that they were unsuccessful. Along with this wait comes a series of stressful mail correspondense, where they will come back with a response such as "Don't tell us what to do" or "We do not like to be rushed" when all that is being asked is the repair order status (They never come back with a clear response to this). Given an option of replacing it with a new PS2 console, I took it and they have sent me one, but it lacked the 3 video games they promised and now after shipping and taking the money, they states that these games are not an option with exchanges.... Dealing with this company is nothing but a problem. Also refer to http://www.vdo-specialties.cc/ as it seems I am not the only one with complaints..."

Rating 2/10

"My wife purchaced a PS2 game from the company using an e check on paypal.
The company said there would be a hold on the check and said if she paid with funds transfer from her bank it would ship out quicker and they would return her check. They cashed her check and the sent a check from a frozen account. Their check caused my bank to add fees to my account. I have sent many emails to the company. They told me to dispute the trans- action through Paypal and they would refund my money. I did a dispute throught Paypal and told the truth. Paypal informed me that since I did receive the item thre was nothing they could do. I called the law in theie home town and found out there any many complaints about VDO.

Rating 2/10

"Attention DJTito... Dispute the charge with your credit card company ASAP! Just because you signed something does not give Walker the right to breach his contract with you and your credit card company will agree. If he told you they are real when in fact they are clones, that is breach of contract - period!! And Walker, stop using names like PSSMAniac or Flashoser. Do you honestly believe people think you run a reputable business? I'm surprised this board has not blacklisted you yet!"

Rating 2/10

"WORST person I have ever delt with, he threatned me to get a lawter, so I got mine on him. Worst person/comapny ever, BEWARE!"

Rating 2/10

"I registered for an account here just so I could warn others of the bad business practices of this company. Be very aware when dealing with them. They have bad reviews all over the internet and many better business beareau complaints. BE-WARE!"

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