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Rating 2/10

"This company is the biggest SCAM I've ever dealt with. Their price on a Panasonic camcorder was the best I'd seen on the internet. (If it sounds too good to be true...) Several days after I ordered I received an email from their "verification department" asking me to call a 1-800 number. After over 20 unsuccessful attempts to reach a live person, I finally reached a salesman.

This salesman informed me that I should buy a $199 warranty package with the camera. If I didn't, they would accept NO RESPONSIBILITY for damaged or DOA shipments. This is unimaginable!!! He also informed me that I would have to purchase a $99 battery because the battery that came with the camcorder only lasts 10-15 minutes. Have you ever heard of such? (yeah, me neither...)

This company doesn't deserve your business - please go somewhere else where they treat you, the customer, fairly.

Rating 2/10

"Echoing the other comments: 100% SCAM OUTFIT!

You will place your order and receive email demanding that you call in to "confirm" your order. You then will be met with a smooth-talking salesperson who will almost "insist" that you order a warrantee (additional of course) as well as numerous accessories - some of which you may have thought were already included. Judging from the other responses, my experience was typical.

I added a battery to my CAMCorder purchase over the phone but did not buy the warrantee ... I'm suspecting this was non-US equipment.

Now, as I type, I have received a note from them cancelling my order (not at my request) and when I check the current product web page the price is $60 higher than it was when I ordered. I only hope that my credit card will not be abused ... rest assured I will watch closely.

Save yourself a big headache ... shop elsewhere.

Rating 2/10

"If you are thinking of buying from this company, PLEASE do not. They are the epitome of slime, deceit, and are a disreputable sinkhole that no consumer should ever have to fall inside. I ordered the Nikon D70 and also got the "call our verification department," where a man spent 10 minutes talking me into buying things because the camera wasn’t good enough the way I wanted it. That is known as bait and switch, and is illegal in my state. Then the order arrives. A summary:
--A European plug for the ONLY battery charger; no U.S. plug.
--An identical extra battery instead of an Extended Life Battery
--A cheap, flimsy camera case instead of the Professional Shock Proof Case for Digital Cameras
--32x Compact Flash cards instead of the promised 52x Compact Flash cards (512 and 256 mb)
--NO warranty card
--No USA software CD (only international)
--A reply from Nikon USA that the serial number was invalid and part of what they call the “grey market”
--Unable to download software updates because of this invalid serial number
--More expensive lens didn't even match the invoice description
--A compact flash reader I didn’t even order or need!
--All invoice items were $0.00 with the grand total only listed by the camera (aren't they clever?)
I sent them an email giving them two choices: Send the correct and paid-for products as listed above, including a UPS or Fedex call tag so I can return the wrong (cheap) products, or I dispute the charges with my credit card company (which will be quite easy to prove). I don’t think it’s possible to be any more disgusted as I am with this retailer. To anyone else: Stay away. If it's too late: Dispute, dispute, dispute. They just might learn the power of the consumer.

Rating 2/10

"Miserable experience. See other comments. "If it sounds too good to be true..." really applies here. The best thing you can do is to take this ad to a reputable online dealer and try to get them to match the low prices. Good luck, though."

Rating 2/10

"I ended up cancelling my order, as they were lying to me about the camera. they tried to tel me that the camera, a Nikon Coolpix 5700 was a foreign model, and did not come with a warranty, or cables or battery or software. This is total BS. Of course all of these things were available as added cost items, which would push up the cost of the camera. They are a complete rip-off and I will never do business with them ever again."

Rating 2/10

"BUYER-BE-AWARE!! It is clear that this is a fraudulent company. They are clearly operating under multiple names (i.e. Photo Nation). My experiences and problems are too similar (see review posted for Photo Nation). If you try to do business with them you will be called and pressured to buy additional items. They do not stock the item you will want to purchase. I placed a camera order and received a sales call that was completely unprofessional the same day. I was told I could have the camera the same day for additional charge. I declined. I called to find out why I had not received the camera six days later. Those answering the phone were rude and inconsiderate. I was asked it I ordered additional items, when I said no, they abruptly told me my order had been canceled and the camera was not available. When I told them I would report them, the person on the other end of the line mumbled an explicative and hung up!!!!"

Rating 2/10

"Since there has not been any activity on this store for a while, I thought I would take advantage of extremely competetively priced products. Everything stated in earlier evaluations remain the same. I received an E-mail six days after placing my order where I was given a hard sell of additional stuff for my Camcorder. Spent lots of time on hold and finally was told the camcorder was being shipped that day. After an additional ten days I called again and all they suggested was that I cancel my order. Very bad place to try to do business with. "

Rating 2/10

"THESE PEOPLE ARE CONARTIST AND CHARALATANS!!!!! Just like everyone else who has posted reviews about them, I called to check on my order the day it was suppose to be delivered, after I supposedly paid for FedEx express overnight delivery, having read about other's expriences at this point I was very suspicious. I had never recieved a shipping confirmation email or tracking number. When I called they couldn't find my order than we it was magically located it was on backorder for atleast six weeks. The sales clerk just laughed when he said they did not have it in stock. I promptly canceled it and called my credit card company to make sure they did not and would not process anything! When I ordered it the salesperson said it was in stock and would ship immediately, obviously this was just another lie. I wish some way existed to ban people like this from conducted commerce in any form. Any post that is positive regarding this company is surely a deception created by whoever owns VIP Camera. On a side note I did a reverse number lookup of the New York phone number they have posted and it is listed in the white pages under an individual's name...meaning this place is not a legitimate business of any nature and should be avoided."

Rating 2/10

"I knew it was too good to be true, but I ordered it anyway. Sure enough I got the 'call us' email, which resulted in a pitch for the accessories, no warranty, and no battery, cables or software. I immediately cancelled my order. Total scam artists."

Rating 2/10

"Ordered a DSC-P100 from the site on October 3rd, 2004. Called the next day to "expedite" the order. After getting the "you need the accessories" pitch, I still declined and was told it would ship in 21 days. None of my email was ever answered. 22 days later I received an email stating my order was cancelled. Calling about the order, they flat out lied to me and told me that I had called and cancelled the order.

Well, I should have left it at that and ordered from someplace more reputable. But being tempted like an idiot by the low price, I gave in to the accessory package. This raised the price of the camera over $100, but supposedly included an extra battery (in addition to the included battery), a case, a cleaning kit, and lcd screen protectors.

Surprise, surprise, the camera arrived 5 days later, but the supposed extra battery was missing.

I buy probably 90% of my major purchases on the internet, and this is the worse experience ever. It's ten times worse than the run arounds you sometimes get on ebay. I can't even consider this a 'business'. It's a scam. I'm filing a formal report to the BBB of NY.

Rating 2/10

""There's a reason their prices are the lowest... they don't include a warranty or batteries! I placed an online order for a Sony hc- 20 camcorder, after noting on their 'about us' page in tiny print it said 'some products may not include USA warranty'. The product page made no mention, however, so I went through with the order. 5 days later I'd had no contact, and wanted to see when it had shipped. I was told 'We're glad you called! I noticed you didn't order any accessories' I told them I didn't need any. After a minute of trying to assure them I wouldn't be ordering anything additional from them, I was told "Well, I'm required by law to at least tell you the camera does not include batteries or a warranty" "It didn't say that on your web site" "Yes it does, on the about us page" "Well, can we go ahead and cancel this order then?" "Yes" CLICK, they hung up on me! The next day they called to confirm my order. Idiots. Don't even bother. They are deceitful and rude. Even though they have the lowest price you'll end up spending less elsewhere, once you pay for the battery.""

Rating 2/10

""Your Search for 'refurbished' returned no results."

I placed on online order for their Dimage A2 camera, and instead of a printable receipt they left me with a vague message with just my order number on it. This made me uneasy, so I immediately called their 1-800 number to ask about a receipt.

The service rep was polite for exactly as long as it took to establish that I really did not want any accessories. Then, when 'confirming' my final order he 'accidentally' let it slip that I was ordering a REFURBISHED camera. I cancelled.

I then double checked the product page, ran a page-search on their Home, About Us and product pages, then used THEIR search function to look up "refurbished". Nothing. Nada. Zip.

In conclusion, either these creeps are trying to sell used products as 'new' to unsuspecting customers, or they drop that word to get rid of customers who won't spring for accessories.

Either way VIPcamera comes across as totally scummy and disreputable, and I am more than a little sorry that my credit card information was ever even exposed to them.

Rating 2/10

"Wow, what a scam company. I wish I had seen this page before ordering.

I ordered on the 24th. Called and asked all the right questions, got a super friendly sales person. Done. Digital Rebel for half price....I should have known better.

When I did not buy all of the accesories I was told that it would be 10-14 days before it was shipped. In the meantime I found this page. I called back to check on the "order status", got another sales pitch, declined and was told that it would be 5-9 weeks before it was shipped. I promptly canceled my order.

Rating 2/10

"I took time to find this place just to say that VIP camera is a scam company. I think the most important conclusion is to avoid such places at all costs. No matter what!

The only thing I am sorry is the search engine "Froogle" is simply fooled by these scammers! How can you tell if a company is such a piece of sh*t?

You get a few places with attractive pricing
and it is really difficult to tell which one is a right place to go shopping. Personally I tried few places to buy Sony Cybershot DSC-F828.
I am disgusted after calling 10 online stores playing these games with me. They shouldn't even be listed here in a first place!

I wasted 2 days and maybe 2 weeks of waiting!
I have a feeling I should go to Best Buys after all. Internet shopping is a waste of my time.

Rating 2/10

"I have never in my 44 years of doing business for my personal family or the organizations I have worked for (I am responsible for approximately $250,000 of spending annually) come accross as disrespectful and deceptive a "business" as this!"

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