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Shipping & packaging: 0.63/10
Customer service: 0.00/10
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HORRIBLE and expensive experience

"The took my money right away. They were impossible to get ahold of. They sent me something different from what I ordered with our letting "

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Same Problem as Everyone Else

"I ordered some prescription flea medicine from Vet Depot. They took my money right away, of course. After a week of not hearing from them I contacted my vet who told me the refill had been declined because my dog hadn't been seen within the past year. Annoying, but I could live with that. I then attempted to contact Vet Depot by phone and by email but got no response. I called again this morning and got voicemail again but this time the mailbox was full and I couldn't leave a voicemail. Not a good sign. I then filed a dispute with my bank and we'll see if I get my money back. This was not my first purchase from them and I'd had good luck prior to this one.

I think they're going out of business and I'd be surprised if my bank was able to resolve the issue. Don't buy anything from them, you'll never see your purchase and be luck to get your money back.


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Stay Away!

"I ordered a heartworm preventive on May 15th, 2018, and I communicated to my vet that VetDepot would be contacting them about a prescription. TWO WEEKS go bye and VetDepot never once reached out to my vet, my vet reached out to them THREE separate times and could not get ahold of them! It takes less than 5 minutes for VetDepot to receive and confirm a faxed prescription, this is inexcusable. They never reached out to me about my order until May 29th when I received an automated email saying that their “current processing time is delayed and to cancel my order if I need my medicine soon”. Obviously I need my medicine soon because it’s been 3 weeks now, so I call them several times to figure out how to cancel my order because you can’t simply cancel it online. They will never answer your phonecall it just goes straight to voicemail each time. They were able to process my payment as soon as I purchased my item but never even tried to get my item to me. This is a scam, after reading multiple reviews of people not ever hearing from VetDepot or receiving their products, I can only assume that they hope you will purchase something and forget about it. So after not being able to reach them by phone multiple times, I sent them an email and two days later, JUNE 4th (now 4 weeks since I ordered from them) they emailed me saying they cancelled my order. Never once called me back. MEANWHILE, the same day they cancelled my order, I found Allivet to order from and my prescription was processed the same day and they shipped it to me that night. This is why VetDepot is a scam and after all of these terrible, very similar review experiences, how are they still in business?! "

Helpful Cool



"Ordered a month ago. In the transition of moving. The Payment processed, vet didn’t give me a fax number and I made note of being contacted via phone for this vet. No one contacted me about the issue on the order until reached out.
Yes I should of gotten a fax number but why couldn’t anyone contact me sooner? So I could resolve it for my dogs to get there PX sooner.
Lack of organizational skills. Customer Service is an joke with their phone tag calls. (Call then hang up as you’re answering) Take your business to your local vet or another company who can actually provide you with customer care for you and your pet.
0/10 for sure!

Helpful Cool


Great Price

"I read many negative reviews about vetdepot. But the price was so good I figured I'd give it a chance. One of the reoccuring complaints I've read was lack of customer service, I emailed the company after hours and receive a reply the very next day. Once my vet finally faxed my prescription over I received my product in 5 days. I will definitely be buying all of my dogs perscriptions from Vet Depot."

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customer service

"If they have a customer service I'd like to know about it! It takes them for ever to call you back and they're not very nice! I had to cancel the charge from my credit card. will never use them again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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Why are these people even in business?

"I placed an order that had issues which were resolved over the phone after consulting my vet. I had not given the correct weight for my dog's medication so I spoke to someone and updated the order. All seemed fine. I was waiting on the order to arrive when it was inexplicably cancelled. The vet told me they had heard nothing from vetdepot so I called the customer service line - which oddly only allows you to leave voicemail. I received a return call with quite possibly the most rude representative I have ever dealt with - she said the order had been cancelled because they had done what they could. I told her my vet hadn't heard from them, which she refuted, and then made some bogus claim that the order was past the 31 day limit. For what? I am not sure. "Oh, actually, it's 21 days but still, it's been cancelled and you'll be refunded." And then she hung up. Okay? So, I have no idea why they cancelled the order. The whole transaction took place within 2 weeks and I have used the same vet for over five years - they are professional and responsive. I have been trying to call to speak with a manager, but of course, only get the voicemail recording and surprise, no one is calling back. The experience has been really bizarre and disturbing. Lots of red flags. "

Helpful Cool


Worst customer service ever!

"Placed an order yesterday and called today to follow up called their customer service number and it's just an answering machine so I emailed them and got one of the rudest customer service people ever who lied about the prescription being sent to the vet yesterday even though I checked with the vet. Avoid this scam company at all cost!"

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Sends old, expiring products. Never answers phone.

"Sent old, almost expired meds. Does not use original packaging. Manufacturer confirmed and advised NOT to use. Customer service department doesn't answer phones. Only responds when you file a credit card or bank dispute. Does very little to actually solve your problem or treat you like a valued customer. Use your local vet or a more reputable online company. "

Helpful Cool (1)



"Had a very large order, in excess of $1000 before discount. So I called to place order. A pleasant person took my order. I explicitly explained the horrible experience I had with Allivet and how I would never deal with them again. Was promised free overnight delivery due to the size of my order. Reviewed order with the customer rep. Received an email shortly after from “vet depot” stating it was their pharmacy and my order was wrong. I replied and was told it had been corrected.
Once they received my hard copy prescriptions I received another so called vet depot email that my order was shipped. Overnight delivery took 5 DAYS, and imagine my anger to see it came from Allivet. I was never told even after my discussion about Allivet that they outsource to them. My emails since the delivery have been ignored.

Helpful (1) Cool


Worst customer service that I ever had!

"I have ordered products in many web sites but this one is the worse! After you place your order there is not information on the website about the status of your order, they don't communicate if they received the prescription from your vet, they don't inform when your order will be shipped or if has issues with your order, the fastest thing that they do is charge you, my order was delayed for 2 weeks and I decided to call the customer service and because was missing my city information my order was never shipped because they are not capable to find out the city name looking at the state and zip code informed !! I guess technology didn't get there yet ! So basically if I didn't have called I would never be contacted by them about the issue and never receive my order since they had being paid already they didn't care ! Worst place that I ever order products !! Bad and low customer service after your place your order !! Don't buy anything there because if happens to you have an issue will you never know !!"

Helpful Cool


If you like following up with online orders shop here

"Is it worth the cheap price to do extra work? Maybe.
I'm still waiting on a package that was allegedly delayed due to a back up in the pharmacy. Lucky for me that back-up ended when I emailed to find out why my order hadn't been shipped for 2 weeks.
Now I sent an email and that took about 5 minutes and I saved a bunch on the price. I have yet to receive my order so I don't know the condition (beaten up, expired, brand new etc.) so I cannot speak for that. but I do understand the value for overpriced medication and this saves a bunch. When they did respond they were very apologetic (even though they blamed something that probably wasn't the cause and said it was already processed and shipped) they sent it out in a casual manner the next day (not already shipped when email was sent).

End result so far- it was worth the extra time it took to save $50-100 whatever the difference was and it's still snowing so no fleas or ticks should be attacking my dogs before the medication gets here. Still dissatisfying to have to do this and be lied to. But most likely i would buy again and just set a calendar reminder to follow up with these clowns.

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Poor delivery time

"I ordered much needed medicine for my dog ten business days ago and the tracker says it's still 1200 miles away. The website says 1-7 business days after prescription received. I called Vetdepot to inquire and the phone went immediately to a message. I'm sure they will blame it on the vet not providing the prescription but I know my vet is very responsive and I don't think a prescription is needed for this medicine. I don't recommend Vetdepot due to sluggish service."

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Like slow service - pick VetDepot!

"I ordered 3 different medications for my pets from 3 different online businesses. All 3 had to contact my vet for a prescription before shipping it out. VetDepot took a week longer than the other 2. I ordered the medicine on 12/6 and it was delivered on 12/19, nearly 2 weeks later. I live in Maryland and the product came from Florida. I had something shipped from California that arrived 6 days later.
The price on Comfortis was the best, but I would rather pay more for the medicine than deal with the slow service.

Helpful Cool


Great price, POOR SERVICE

"The price for Advantage Multi is THE BEST PRICE ever! Gave them only 2 stars because the service was horrible. I knew it would take a few days with contacting my vet, but what I experienced was ridiculous. I made 3 calls to my vet (to verify what Vet Depot said), 2 calls to Vet Depot, and 10 emails between me, my vet and Vet Depot to finally get my order shipoed.

My vet sent the paperwork SIGNED to their pharmacy as requested AFTER VET DEPOT SAID THEY FAXED 3 REQUESTS TO MY VET...must have been the wrong number because the only 2 people at my vet received NO FAX from them. I called and was given the pharmacy phone and email addresd and gave it to my vet to speed things up after that.

They sent an email with attachment, yet. Vet Depot emailed the NEXT DAY saying they received nothing and to contact my vet. The vet then received a phone call from the pharmavy after sending the paperwork/prescription as tbey were told to do, AND THEY WANTED A VERBAL OK AS WELL!??! Huh??! The clincher was 20 minutes after they called my vet AND DID GET THE VERBAL OK AS WELL, I received yet another email saying THEY DID CALL MY,VET AND MY VET SAID THEY HAD TO SPEAK TO ME FIRST!??! Huh?! THAT NEVER HAPPENED! The pharnacy spome to the vet and received the verbal ok SO AGAIN, TBEY LIED. Notbsure WHY they would do that other than tney didn't know how to respond THEY WERE TAKING FOREVER DRAGGING IT OUT AND I ATILL DON'T KNOW WHY THEY GAD TO GET A VERBAL OK AFTER RECEIVING THE SIGNED PRESCRIPTION!??!

I will NOT order from Vet Depot again...my vet will PRICE MATCH from now on for me because of the lies and dealings with Vet Depot.

Anyone who had no problem, I am very happy for you and wish my experience was the same. Taking a long time to ship wpuld be understandable and acceptable for the low price, BUT LYING TO ME 3 TIMES IS INEXCUSABLE! (Saved the emails just in case!)

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